‘We’re ready to pave our paths’: Frontier graduates 97

  • Students process into graduation at Frontier Regional School on Friday night in South Deerfield. Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

  • Emily Laus, Class of 2019 president, addresses those gathered for Frontier Regional School’s graduation on Friday evening in South Deerfield Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

  • Students process into graduation at Frontier Regional School on Friday night in South Deerfield. Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

  • Students walk to graduation at Frontier Regional School on Friday night in South Deerfield. Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

  • Ashley Telega and Sarah Zoly take a selfie before graduation at Frontier Regional School on Friday night in South Deerfield. Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

  • Graduates take group photos with friends before the ceremony at Frontier Regional School on Friday night in South Deerfield. Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

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Published: 6/7/2019 10:04:31 PM
Modified: 6/7/2019 10:04:18 PM

SOUTH DEERFIELD — Retired history teacher Thomas Prew told graduating seniors Friday night to always incorporate four things into everything they do in life: perseverance, imagination, humility and kindness. Then, he gave them a final history lesson.

“Be determined,” Prew said. “Foster your imagination. Imagine what might be. Be modest, respectful and humble, not arrogant.”

He told the 97 graduating seniors that kindness does not equate to weakness, but rather, strength.

The graduates had marched onto the football field just minutes before. Some had decorated their caps and some struggled to keep step as parents, friends, relatives, teachers and underclassmen watched. But, within an hour, the first of the Class of 2019 was receiving his diploma.

Class of 2019 President Emily Laus told her classmates it was a long journey, but they did it together.

“We’ve matured physically, mentally and emotionally,” she said. “We made our mark.”

Laus told the soon-to-be graduates to look back on the great memories, but also look forward.

“We are newly born,” she said. “Life will not be easy, but we can face the challenges.”

National Honor Society representative Madison Esposito told her classmates that she will miss them, but also wishes them the very best.

“We’re ready to pave our paths,” she said. “Ready to write our stories. But tonight, sit back, smile and take it all in. Cling to the memories. This is hardly the end.”


*National Honor Society members

Edwin J. Acevedo, *Marisela Jean Ackerman, Nathaniel S. Austin, Kody Lee Avery, Connor J. Bagdon, Samuel Richard Balcanoff, *George John Balis, Cameron J. Baranoski, Timothy J. Barrington, Madalyn J. Bastian, Melissa Ann Binette, Peter W. Bronke, *Carsten Jaan Carey, Dakota Carey, Kelsey L. Carey, Natalie Dean Chamutka, David D. Chevalier Jr., Carleigh Marie Clark, Theo Conway, Johnathan Creque, Madison Aline Crocker, *Lauren Jeanne Davenport, *Daniel Cole Dejnak, *Caitlynn R. Devine, Ashley Jordan Downey, *Paige M. Eddy, Matthew Esch, *Madison Ruby Esposito, Kalen Evans, Austin J. Everett, Michael Andrew Falandes, *Fiona Rose Ferry, Samual Jacob Finch, Kiernan P. Freeman, *Elizabeth Anne Fuqua, Brooke I. Griswold, Grayson Dolph Gudell, Aaron E. Halbach, Benjamin J. Hamer, Alicia Mae Hancock, Douglas M. Hanieski, Ava Simone Harper, Matthew Tyler Hildreth, Noah M. Jacques, *Eleanor Isabelle Klitzke, *Phaelon L. Koski, Kara Nicole LaRochelle, Kayla Elizabeth LaRochelle, *Emily M. Laus, Ariana Christine Lilly, Kyle Baldwin Llamas, Ryan E. Loveland, Jenna N. Martin, Benjamin H. Mazzola, Charis Thelma Moeckel-Cole, *Caroline Marie Moreau, Paige Riley Moriarty, *Kipling D. Newman, Colby Nourse, *Zachary Nuerminger, Hailey A. Orloski, Isabel Priscilla Pacheco, Tyler E. Pariseau, *Samuel J. Parsons, Marcel P. Pattavina, William Patten, *Isaac Perreault, Jeffery J. Pike, Fatima Daniela Pineda Amaya, Dillon Polan, Sebastian Gabriel Avery Richards, *Benjamin D. Roberts, Grace L. Rossi, *Jason Rybczyk-Potorski, Xavier F. Santiago, *Alex David Zoller Sharp, *Ivy E. Shattuck, Zackery M. Sisson, Rachel Taylor Skribiski, Ashley G. Telega, Johnathan Thomas, Justin Thomas, Shelby Claire Tippett, William J. Trosin, Eric Gerald Trueswell, Mark Tutelya, *Arrayan Chia Vanegas, Haleyjade Nicole Viens, *Meghan Marie Waldron, *Ariana Elizabeth Walker, Noah Walls, Gabriel John Williams, Roseline Wilson, Emma Tippett Wood, Ahad Emirhan Yildiz and Sarah May Zoly.

Class Night Awards

University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Gabriel Jones-Thomson.

Smith Book Award — Franklin County Chapter Award: Lia Vichi.

Student Sage Award: Corriann Delaney and Lily Spencer.

Dartmouth Book Award: Emmett McGranaghan.

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Marie Diemand.

Bay Path College Book Award: Madison Fifield.

Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Scholarship and Service: Ryan Huit and Victoria Speth.

University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Kai Nieto-Gonzalez.

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leader’s Award: Mackenzie Pitittieri.

Elmira College Key Award: Adrienne Josephs and Samuel Mackin.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Ethan DeMaio.

Western New England Book Award: Noah Babb.

Assumption College Book Award: Owen Walkowicz.

Suffolk University Book Award: Porter Clancy.

Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement: James Morgan.

Charles Mark Foreign Language Study Award: Marie Diemand.

National Latin Exam Award: Emmett McGranaghan.

Medusa Mythology Exam Award: Isabelle Brown.

Superintendent’s Award: Emily Laus.

Outstanding Excellence in the Visual Arts Award: Ava Harper and Madalyn Bastian.

Medusa Mythology Exam Award: William Patten.

Audio-Visual Technology Service Award: Benjamin Roberts.

Excellence in Computer Science Award: Noah Walls, Colby Nourse, Benjamin Roberts, Daniel Dejnak and Haleyjade Viens.

Frontier Community Access Television Volunteer Award: Matthew Esch, Samual Finch, Benjamin Roberts, Carsten Carey and Alex Sharp.

Outstanding Video Production Effort Award: Kalen Evans, Natalie Chamutka, Benjamin Mazzola, Jack Trosin and Samual Finch.

Director’s Award for Band: Emily Laus.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Sebastian Richards.

Patrick S. Gilmore Award: Eleanor Klitzke.

John Philip Sousa Award: Phaelon Koski.

Director’s Award for Chorus: Kayla LaRochelle.

Excellence in Chorus Award: Kara LaRochelle.

National School Choral Award: Brooke Griswold.

Leonard Bernstein Award: Madalyn Bastian.

Director’s Award for Orchestra: Meghan Waldron.

Outstanding Orchestra Award: Grace Rossi.

Senior English Award: Madison Esposito.

English As A Second Language (ESL) Award: Fatima Pineda Amaya.

Frontier Community Enrichment Partnership (FCEP) Coffee House Award: Benjamin Roberts, Fiona Ferry, Eric Trueswell and Phaelon Koski.

Foreign Language Award for Excellence in Languages: Arrayan Vanegas Farrara.

French Senior Award: Noah Jacques.

Senior Latin Award: Carsten Carey, Madison Esposito and William Patten.

Excellence in Spanish Award: Alex Sharp.

Mathematics Achievement Award: Connor Bagdon, Carsten Carey, Caitlynn Devine, William Patten and Ariana Walker.

Excellence in Physical Education Award: Madalyn Bastian and Jeffery Pike.

Chemistry of Life Award: Ariana Walker.

Physics “Phenom” Award: Emily Laus.

Civic Engagement Award in Social Studies: Ariana Walker.

Global Issues Awareness Award in Social Studies: Eric Trueswell.

Historical Curiosity Award in Social Studies: Meghan Waldron.

Humanity Award in Social Studies: Ashley Telega.

United States Significant Citizen Award in Social Studies: Arrayan Vanegas Farrara.

Ruth Bohrer Award: Melissa Binette and David Chevalier.

Silver F Award: Marisela Ackerman, Connor Bagdon, Carsten Carey, Carleigh Clark, Caitlynn Devine, Paige Eddy, Fiona Ferry, Elizabeth Fuqua, Matthew Hildreth, Eleanor Klitzke, Phaelon Koski, Emily Laus, Caroline Moreau, Benjamin Roberts, Ivy Shattuck, Eric Trueswell, Ariana Walker, Roseline Wilson and Emma Wood.


Alber Hearing Scholarship: Madison Crocker, Phaelon Koski, Sarah Zoly.

Marshall Aronstam Memorial Scholarship Award: Paige Eddy.

Barbara Banas Memorial Award: Marisela Ackerman.

Stephen M. and Martha H. Barrett Scholarship: Phaelon Koski.

Courtney Bartos Memorial Scholarship: Marisela Ackerman.

Jeffrey C. Bednarski Memorial Scholarship: Johnathan Creque, Dakota Carey.

Sgt. Gregory Belanger Memorial Award: Eric Trueswell.

George E. Bell Jr. and Louise S. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Noah Walls.

Greg Bielski Memorial Award: Meghan Waldron.

Michael G. Cavanaugh Award: Nathaniel Austin.

Conway Festival of the Hills: Kipling Newman, Samuel Parsons.

Conway Sportsman’s Club Scholarship: Noah Walls.

Conway Sportsman’s Club — Aaron Staelens Memorial Scholarship: Ariana Walker.

Thomas Cosenzi Scholarship: Lauren Davenport.

Deerfield Chapter Future Farmers of America: Natalie Chumutka.

Deerfield Lion’s Club Memorial Award: Paige Eddy, Fiona Ferry, Matthew Hildreth.

Deerfield Police Relief Association Walter Dacyczyn Memorial Award: Marisela Ackerman, Meghan Waldron.

Deerfield Recreation Department Scholarship: Daniel Dejnak, Sarah Zoly.

Franklin County Bar Association Thomas W. Merrigan Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Fuqua.

John T. Frigard Memorial Award: Benjamin Hamer.

FRS Character in Athletics Award: Daniel Dejnak.

Frontier Regional School Committee Award: Emily Laus.

FRS Teachers’ Association Edna Beattie Award: Marisela Ackerman.

FRS Teachers’ Association Memorial Award: Emma Wood.

FRS Teachers’ Association Stephen Sanicki Memorial Award: Elizabeth Fuqua.

FRS Teachers’ Association William Steinecke Memorial Award: Phaelon Koski.

Daniel Gilmore Memorial Scholarship: Arrayan Vanegas Farrara.

Vi Goodnow Memorial Award: Lauren Davenport.

Greenfield Lodge of Elks 1296 Scholarship: Eleanor Klitzke.

Attorney George P. Gromacki, Class of 1950 Memorial Award: Alex Sharp.

Leonard T. Grybko Sr. Scholarship: Kalen Evans.

Hale Clapp Post 3295 VFW Scholarship: George Balis, Eric Trueswell.

Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society Three County Fair Scholarship: Ivy Shattuck.

Matthew Herman Scholarship: Kelsey Carey.

Caleb Charles Kinney Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Chamutka, Ariana Walker.

Charles Mark Foreign Language Scholarship: Arrayan Vanegas Farrara.

Timothy Patrick Merritt Scholarship: Ariana Walker.

Kathy Moser Memorial Award: Brooke Griswold.

Nancy Olszewski Memorial Scholarship: Meghan Waldron.

Margaret Parsons Memorial Award: Carleigh Clark.

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund: Carleigh Clark.

Charles A. Pielock Memorial Award: Colby Nourse.

Polish American Citizen’s Club Award: Cameron Baranoski, Natalie Chamutka, Carleigh Clark, Daniel Dejnak, Aaron Halbach, Matthew Hildreth, Sarah Zoly.

The Recorder Scholarship: Madison Crocker.

Anthony Reynolds Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Caitlynn Devine.

Laurie Ann Richards Memorial Scholarship: Marisela Ackerman.

Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship: Melissa Binette.

Myron “Rocky” Rokoszac Memorial Award: Carsten Carey.

Mary Ryan Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Roberts.

David L. Scott Memorial Scholarship: Natalie Chamutka, Arianna Walker.

Roger Dean Scudder Memorial Scholarship: Colby Nourse.

Michael R. Skibiski Memorial Award: Benjamin Mazzola.

John F. Skroski Memorial Scholarship: Kalen Evans, Arianna Walker.

South Deerfield Women’s Club Scholarship: Marisela Ackerman, Caitlyn Devine, Elizabeth Fuqua, Ivy Shattuck, Eric Trueswell.

Alice Spindler Award for Excellence in English: Noah Jacques.

Sunderland Men’s Club — Lillian Dill Award: Elizabeth Fuqua.

Sunderland Men’s Club — George Pomeroy Award: William Trosin.

Sunderland Volunteer Fireman’s Association Award: Caitlynn Devine.

Sunderland Women’s Club Frances M. Clark Fine Arts Award: Eric Trueswell.

Sunderland Women’s Club Mildred Goodyear Math, Science and Technology Award: Madison Esposito.

Sunderland Women’s Club Kimberly Zewski Community Service Award: Elizabeth Fuqua.

Union 38 Teachers’ Association Scholarship: Elizabeth Fuqua, Emma Wood.

Mary A. Valiton Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Telega.

A.K. Warner Fund: Ariana Walker.

Fred Wells Scholarship: Melissa Binette, Lauren Davenport, Paige Eddy, Matthew Hildreth, Noah Jacques, Phaelon Koski, Emma Laus, Kipling Newman, Hailey Orloski, Samuel Parsons, Isaac Perreault, Ivy Shattuck, Emma Wood, Sarah Zoly; Whately Grange, Natalie Chamutka, Caitlynn Devine.

Whately PTO Award: William Patten.

Yankee Candle Scholarships: Marisela Ackerman, Natalie Chamutka, Carleigh Clark, Caitlynn Devine, Madison Esposito, Elizabeth Fuqua, Matthew Hildreth, Emily Laus, Eleanor Klitzke, Phaelon Koski, Caroline Moreau, Zachary Nuerminger, Benjamin Roberts, Rachel Skribiski, Meaghan Waldron, Ariana Walker.

Jenie Brozowski Zarimba Memorial Award: Fiona Ferry.

Daniela Zinn Memorial Scholarship: Ivy Shattuck.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: Marisela Ackerman, Connor Bagdon, Cameron Baranoski, Peter Bronke, Carsten Carey, Carleigh Clark, Johnathan Creque, Daniel Dejnak, Caitlynn Devine, Madison Esposito, Samual Finch, Aaron Halbach, Douglas Hanieski, Ava Harper, Noah Jacques, Eleanor Klitzke, Phaelon Koski, Emily Laus, Benjamin Mazzola, Kipling Newman, William Patten, Dillon Polan, Sebastian Richards, Benjamin Roberts, Jason Rybczyk-Potorski, Alex Sharp, Rachel Skribiski, Justin Thomas, Eric Trueswell, Mark Tutelya, Arrayan Vanegas Farrara, Ariana Walker.

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