My Turn: ‘This is what Susannah Whipps does every single day’

Published: 10/18/2020 2:59:23 PM

During the recent debate between Will LaRose and Susannah Whipps, I took issue with Mr. LaRose’s comment that Ms. Whipps “doesn’t show up.” I find that a difficult comment to consume.

Ms. Whipps has served her district with grace and honor. She has done so selflessly — often at her own personal expense. I have been aside her in the community for almost 20 years.

As a former 1st Lt., U.S. Army, Mr. LaRose has been in charge of soldiers under his command. Suannah Whipps is a woman who has never seen service, yet she works tirelessly to lead her constituents. Leadership is leadership. Military or nonmilitary, I would follow Susannah into war. She always thinks about everyone other than herself, and I know if the stakes got high, she would sacrifice herself in whatever way was necessary for our collective community. As a commanding officer, that’s what you do.

Public office is not for the weak. That’s how Susannah has persisted and leads our communities through these difficult times. Sometimes, the best leadership is unseen — a private conversation with a senior or a child. A Zoom call with a parent who can’t make ends meet. Hours upon hours of meetings over the budget. Bringing a shut-in some food. This is what Susannah Whipps does every single day.

This year, I was tasked (by my loving wife) to deliver fruit to Rep. Whipps once a week from her store, Quabbin Harvest. I didn’t need the gym! I moved and she distributed, along with her nieces, 10,400 pounds of fresh fruit to communities in the district. Tell me she “doesn’t show up,” Mr. LaRose. At her expense. With no fanfare. Because she cares.

The Whipps family have been a pillar of this community for my entire generation. The funny thing is, Susannah serves at her own will. She learned from her parents, gone too soon, how to legislate and serve out of conscience, not ego or benefit. She does so because it is her calling to do so, and she honors those before her by doing so. In honesty, it’s an act of love and godliness.

You can make a campaign pledge, sir, and I will always be the first man to stand and appreciate your service. But don’t presume to defame this woman by saying she “doesn’t show up.”

You are incorrect on the most basic of levels, which is why I am and will continue to support Susannah Whipps for her continued Office of State Representative of the 2nd Franklin District of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Patrick Davis is a resident of Orange.

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