‘The world needs you’: GCC celebrates 135 graduates


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Published: 06-05-2023 4:25 PM

GREENFIELD — While it was a gloomy Saturday afternoon, no amount of cloud cover could block out the bright futures of the 135 Greenfield Community College graduates.

Speaking to the graduates in front of their loved ones under a tent on the school’s lawn, GCC President Michelle Schutt encouraged those receiving degrees to go out and make the world a brighter place, even if it’s one small step at a time. Alongside the graduates, 64 people also earned certificates in various fields.

“Remember, a small act of kindness can have a profound impact on someone else’s life,” Schutt said. “I am immensely proud of each and every one of you. You have worked tirelessly to reach this moment and you have the power to shape the future — a future that is brighter, kinder and more inclusive. Go forth with courage and determination, and make your mark on the world.”

Following Schutt was GCC Vice President of Information Technology and Library Services Laura Garcia, who is retiring after joining the college in 2018 with two decades of expertise at other Pioneer Valley schools. Garcia said her life and career path have gone through significant changes over the years, with her first role being as a technical manual and marketing materials writer for software companies. Reflecting on her life experiences, which include a battle with cancer, numerous jobs and at one point operating a small business, Garcia said “life is what happens while you’re making plans,” so it’s important to focus on the things you learn on the journey to your destination and to not let failure keep you down.

“If you are someone with an interest in many things, someone who is never quite sure of precisely where you’re going but nonetheless excited to get there, I’m here to encourage you to embrace that and see where it takes you,” Garcia said. “There are many routes to and definitions of success. Find your own and make it own. It might not match others, and that’s OK.”

Closing out her speech, which also focused on how technology is simultaneously a wonderful tool and a potential source of danger for society, Garcia said it is up to the graduates to bring their abilities to the world.

“Go forth from here on your many different journeys,” she said. “Remember to do good, help others, give the world your gifts and talents. The world needs you, each and every one of you.”


Joshua Joseph Abbott, Lauren M. Abend, Katrina K. Aiken, Ember M. Arthen-Cheyne, Natasha Barahona, Christie A. Shot-C Beaumier, Abigail Belden, Jamie Marigold Biagiarelli, Emily Ribeiro Bilodeau, Raphaela Carmela Bolivar, Mikayla Bompastore, Heather Rose Boudreau, Daniel R. Boulanger, Helena May Bowse, Gavin K. Brayton, Emelia L. Brennan, Megan Nicole Breton, Charles Richard Brewer, Maggie Ella Brisbois, Rogue Brock, Adam M. Burdick, Zachary Joseph Bussiere, Lisa Marie Butinsky, Brad Chow, Neal David Colburn, Audrey Lynne Collins, Elida Dos Santos Soares Correia, Emanoil Cotet, Elijah John Cronk, Taylor E. Croteau, Kayleigh Cummings, Samantha Hainey Cycz, Noah Burke de Ruiter, Kyra L. DeCarlo, Jocelyn Rose Dennett, Emmalee Catherine Dobosz, Leela Mousumi Dolan, Kyle Patrick Dragon, Nicole M. DuCharme, Olivia Anne Virginia Dubrule, Jadyn Alea Dumas, Jolene Marie Dunbar, Jenalyn C. Duval, Laurel Melissa Eddins, Dante Amadeus Fernandez, Manuel Carter Ferrer, Whitney L. Ferrera Portillo, Emily Marie Fess, Maya H. Fitzgerald, Jonathan A. Flynn, Clara Ashleigh Jordan Fritz, Allith Ghaibah, Meghan Renee Gildea, Cooper Alleyne Gilkes IV, Kellie Ann Girouard, Willow Lupa Lucille Glenn, Margaret Glenowicz, Amy Elaine Gloeckner, Nicholas Pierce Gordon, Amy Lynn Grant, Russell Griffin, Aubree Lourdes Guilbault, James D. Hairston, Tyler Michael Hallock, Tabitha M. Hamilton, Thomas F. Hammond, Lauren R. Heim, Samantha Taylor Hervieux, Se Hwa Hong, Sierra Lyn Jobst, Stephanie Joerke, Abigail Eleanor Johnson, Anneka Rae Johnson, Gavin W. M. Johnson, Sierra Johnson, Vega Marie Rose Johnson-Bouchard, Shelby E. Jordan, Gabriel E. Josephs, Jada Elizabeth Jurek, Donovan Tyler Kasuba, Cirdan Liam Kearns, Robin Kearns, Julie Krista Kelley, Katharine Kopczynski, Salomon Kvitin, Aimee A. Lachapelle, Nicholas G. LaCoy, William Lewis LaPlante, Ashley Lynn Lambert, Roshan Lamichhane, Rebekah D. Lane, Sarah E. Lazuk, Sushmita Limbu, Alexander William Londraville, Mary Catherine Longto, Ali Mae Lundgren, Rowan Henri-Sage Lupinwood, Nathan M. Machnacz, Killian R. Major, Elsa E. Manning Ross, Nathan A. Marean, Dalymar Enid Cuevas Roman, Leah Belle Martin, Kiana Hope Matakanski, Joshua B. Matthews, Catherine Elise McKeown-Kindahl, Luis Miguel Mendez Moreno, Ambermae Mercier, Allyson L. Michal, Rebecca R. Mokey, Jennifer Molina, Caitlyn Ann Moore, Mercedes Marie Morales, Leon P. Morin, Gaelen Murray, Tabish Nabeel, Kevin T. Nally, Nicole Elizabeth Nartowicz, Ehsan Nourelahi, Stefan Nikolaus Heinrich Nuesslein, Jacklyn O’Brien, Jonathan Michael O’Connell, Andrew Oks, Jenezy Marie Ortiz, Daisy Osowsk, Nathaniel Thomas Paige, Madeline Pajerowski, Maya Juliana Parker, Rebekah Edin Patnode, Nicholas Robert Patterson, Peter P. Pavone, Nina Pereira, Destiny Mariah Perez, Nicholas Scott Pettit, Ludmila Placinta, Callie Elizabeth Poissot, Geena Poretti, Sasha Joette Rasid, Elaine Mae Kozlosky Raskevitz, Lindsay Elizabeth Reed, Cameron Anthony Rice, Jagyaseeni Hannah Riesz, Jesenia M. Rivera, Madeleine Susi Roberts, Alivia Robinson, Michael David Robinson, Lillian Alexandra Rogers, Tatiyana Rosario, Antonio Vincenzo Rubinaccio, Jeremy Dexter Ruggle, Abigail Rose Sampson, Abigail Elizabeth Sanders, Saliim A. B. Saulsberry, Caitlin Lee Scanlon, Samuel T. Schreiber, Zachary Michael Senez, Peter Noel Shadbegian, Tenzin Kalden Shawa, Joseph Shim, Manpreet Singh, Joanna Kathleen Sullivan, Trevor Svonkin, Mandy Lyn Sweet-Antes, Erik Alexander Tancrati, Shelby Lynn Terounzo, Rathana Thann, Supriya Thapa, Calvin Thatcher, Jaclyn Rene Thibeault, Bernadette M. Thomas, Ryan Tisdell, Shelby Samantha Trombley, Anastasia Lei Trudel, Vaughn Michael Tucci, James D. Wages Jr., Kathryn Elizabeth Wickline, Colleen Rebecca Wiles, Samantha L. Williams, Taylor Noelle Williams, Krista Esther Tomika Farley, Leah A. Wilson, Garrett Alan Winchester, Savannah Wojcik, Cameron D. Wrisley, Sarah Kate Wyngowski, Ahad Emirhan Yildiz and Jung Yoo.


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