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Said and Done

Said & Done: Our New Hampshire hostel

Sunday, January 31, 2016

On April Fool’s Day in 1942 New Hampshire went to bed under a blanket of snow three feet deep. The next day spring reasserted itself. Residents who had taken to the outdoors for last-chance winter play lost pounds in perspiration under a revitalized sun. Within 48 hours the snow was gone. Robins were abroad playing king of the hill. In New England this kind of meteorological tomfoolery never comes as … 0

Said & Done: Birding on Bald Mountain and beyond

Sunday, January 3, 2016

When old Lawrence Gale owned a working farm on Bald Mountain Road in Bernardston, you could get up mornings to hear bobwhites whistling to each other in the weeds. Interstate 91 had not come at that time to cut up the valley and annihilate the ground cover that hid these birds from interested … 0

Said & Done: Paul's 'troika' Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nobody in these parts has ever seen a “troika.” New Englanders with memories can conjure up pictures of horse teams of two: Harry and Tom in harness hauling a wagon or a sled. Even today, in these rural parts we occasionally see teams in action along our country roads. But a troika, three horses abreast, is a Russian thing, never seen in our … 0