Savoring the Seasons

Savoring the Seasons: Sooner-than-later pickles


My friend, Margo Townley, is a skillful, creative cook. So, when Margo posts on her Facebook page about something she’s cooking, I pay attention. Recently, she mentioned making refrigerator pickles, and I thought, “Ahhh ... almost-instant-gratification pickles! I hope she’ll share her recipe.”

We’re in luck! Margo was happy to share, and the recipe follows below. Enjoy!

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This week we’re eating. . .


By Margo Townley, Greenfield

Enough for 2 quarts

Slice about 2 pounds of small cukes and 1 medium or large onion about 1∕8 inch thick and place in large bowl with about 2 T. of kosher, sea, or other non-iodized salt. Leave on kitchen counter for 11∕2 to 2 hours covered with tea towel. This draws out water and makes pickles/onions crunchy. Go do something useful or entertaining. Come back when time is up. Drain water out of cukes and onions (be amazed at how much there is) and rinse them thoroughly in colander. Put colander over bowl so they don’t drip everywhere and move them out of the way.

Make brine by heating 2 C. cider vinegar and 1 C. white vinegar with 1 C. of sugar (brown or raw work well). Add 1∕2 tsp. turmeric (turns them yellow) and 1∕4 tsp. ground yellow mustard powder. Heat over medium low until sugar is all dissolved, 3-6 minutes. Cooking vinegar will be smelly and can make you cough. Let this cool a bit while you prep jars. Into each sanitized (by boiling water) quart jar put 1 tsp. whole mustard seeds and 1∕2 tsp. celery seeds. Fill jars with cukes and onions. Pour brine over the top until it overflows and put lid on tightly. Shake well. Place in fridge. They will be ready to eat in 24 hours, but they get better with age. Onions are great by about day 3-4. We like the onions on burgers, in tuna or egg salad, so I always put in extra onions. If you like them hot, add red pepper flakes, black peppercorns, or cayenne. If you like it sweeter, add more sugar. I haven’t tried honey instead of sugar, but I plan to.

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