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Letter: This is America

I’m responding to Rev. Grant’s letter regarding “Real Americans.” Rev. Grant I, too, am a Real American. I have worked and paid taxes for over 40 years. I have voted in every major election since 1972.

The people I vote for are Real Americans, too. They are and have been men and women who wish to serve the people and work for our country which they love.

Our Moldavian neighbors are Real Americans, too.

Our Hispanic neighbors are Real Americans, too.

Our Buddhist and Jewish neighbors are Real Americans, too.

Our Muslim and Hindu neighbors are Real Americans, too.

Even our atheist neighbors are Real Americans, too.

You know why? Because we all love this country as much as you do.

America is not a religion. America is not a race. America is a nation whose citizens living here make up Real Americans. It doesn’t matter what we look like, who we worship or who we love.

Or Founding Father’s motto was E pluribus unum, not “In God We Trust.” For you to suggest you are the “Real American” while others aren’t is wrong.

Thinking America has “died” is unpatriotic. This great nation has survived the weight of wars, depression, recessions, dust bowls, hurricanes, assassinations, riots, unrest, divisiveness, and it will survive the challenging times we live in today. Why? Because this is America.

I suspect the “proverbial last train to the coast” took you out of this country since you think so poorly of it.

I’m not sure what sort of “reverend” you are, but you can’t be a representative of Jesus Christ. As I understand it, Christ advocated Love, Compassion, Understanding, inclusiveness and non-judgment; none of those characteristics are found in your letter.

I wish you peace and life experiences, which will help open your heart.




I'm not sure what MS. Gouch is so upset about, I found very little about Re. Grants letter that seemed inflamatory. Other than the notion that reak americans vote for A. lincoln. During the civil war he may well have been "the man of the hour", in the context of any other time he may have been the worst choice. Nuf said. As for the rest of the response, it seems much more was read into Rev. Grants letter that was put into it. For my part I will say to you that "E ploribus unum" means one out of many, that means there is no such thing as Moldavian, Hispanic, black white or plaid in America. I am of German descent, not german, or German-American, I am only American as anyone should be if they are in this country as a citizen. I too have lived, worked and paid taxes since I was 17, 30 years ago, my only complaint is paying those taxes to that number of people who come to America, not to be American, but for the free ride that is so easy to get now.

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