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Jaywalking: Mixed reaction to fight that fell short of hype

It’s Monday morning and I’m still being reminded of just how hyped up Saturday night’s welterweight title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao was. I walked into the office just before noon and sitting on my desk was Sports Illustrated, complete with its special double cover, one side featuring Mayweather, the other Pacquiao. One final bit of hype for a fight that had taken place about 36 hours earlier. Problem was that the most hyped boxing match in recent memory wound up being 0

Keeping Score: Louisville Upstart

Good morning! Railbirds who are betting their vacation money that either American Pharoah or Dortmund will be wearing the blanket of roses at Churchill Downs today might be staying home this summer. “My first look if somebody told me you gotta pick now or you’re going to the gallows, it would be hard to see past those two,” said Greenfield handicapper John Dobrydnio. “But in 25 years I’ve never seen so many interesting horses at a Kentucky Derby.” American Pharoah comes in with four straight 0

On The Trail: Turkey talk and housecleaning

The Full Corn-Planting Moon is building as the landscape greens, turkeys gobble and shotguns roar from distant hills. Yes, it’s spring turkey season, a fine time of year for a man so inclined. And, word out of Montville, Maine, indicates the time is ripe. But first a brief diversion — the first of two little housecleaning chores from last week, thanks to longtime reader Wild Bill the forester, who did well to catch an inaccuracy he suspected to be a slip of pen, which it 0

Jaywalking: Merritt Field: A worthy community project

When former Sunderland Elementary School principal Tim Merritt died unexpectedly at 51 in September of 2013, the Frontier Regional School district lost a beloved educator. Martha Barrett, Union 38 superintendent, summed up what many in the community were feeling at that time. “He was very warm and extremely caring about the community,” she said. “He was energetic and had a terrific sense of humor. His death is going to touch so many people.” What Barrett and many others may not have realized at that time 0

Keeping Score: Sports sampler

Good morning! Either get the yard work done early or pray for rain next Saturday. Nice weather or not it’ll be the one spring day to be inside watching the Red Sox versus the Yankees, the Kentucky Derby, the NHL and NBA playoffs, and the “Fight of the Century” on the eve of the Full Flower Moon. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (47-0) and Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2) will fight for an estimated $300 million with Mayweather taking 60 percent of the cut regardless of the outcome. “That’s 0

On The Trail: Splashback

Do rivers speak? Well, if you listen. Cool, sunny Sunday morning, 10-ish, variable wind gusting to stir small, random oak-leave tornados out in the open along the north wood line of a closed, two-acre meadow. A splendid day for a walk with the dogs — nose-dominant beasts that rely on winds to deliver information that can quickly accelerate their pace. Descending the earthen ramp down into Sunken Meadow’s north end after finishing the top loop, the swollen Green River below — displaying that trademark, clay-based, 0

Jaywalking: Distinguished

Current Greenfield High School students may know Donna Woodcock only as a principal, but before serving in that capacity she was one of the most successful varsity coaches in Franklin County and even the Pioneer Valley. Woodcock coached her last game in 2005 but has remained involved in sports for the past decade, serving in a many capacities. For all that she has done for high school sports both at GHS as well as in the Pioneer Valley, Woodcock was named the 2015 recipient of 0

Keeping Score: Staying Power

Good morning! Dave Whalen is an intrinsically upbeat sort who works for Bay State Reference Labs in Turners Falls drawing blood for Connecticut River Internists. Seeing him in his white smock with his full head of brown hair and trimmed goatee, a person wouldn’t think he’s endured 15 trips to the operating room. His remarkable resilience to adversity began in 1983 when he had a bone marrow transplant. “I was in isolation for 67 days,” said the 59-year-old phlebotomist. “Nowadays, it’s a week or two 0

On The Trail: Springtime buzz

Illuminated in a high, bright morning sun, it and a refreshing south breeze in my face, there it lay, clear as day: my trodden trail carved into a short March-brown hayfield, the thin, angled depression still easily discernible after a long, cold, snowy winter freeze, no foot-traffic I’m aware of in quite a while. I myself hadn’t taken that familiar route for months, probably last walking it in mid-January, before the fields iced over with treacherous ice that promptly left me with broken ribs and 0

Jaywalking: Decision time

Tonight is a big night for future Greenfield High School’s athletic fields. I say that as though the fate has not already been decided, even if I have a feeling that it already has. While the GHS building committee has not officially decided what to do with the fields behind the school, it does appear that a decision has been made. Not much has changed since I wrote a column back in January highlighting the options the committee had as to fields. There will be 0