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On the Trail: Sales jobs

Why not traipse back this week to that old, familiar topic of salmon? Yes, salmon, specifically Connecticut River Atlantic salmon, which I once spent a lot of time and energy on before wandering off to other subjects that tickled my fancy. But now, briefly back to the fish fit for kings and noblemen. Who knows how long before I’ll revisit it again, if ever? For that matter, who cares? The impetus for this step back in time is twofold — 1.) a recent rereading of 0

Jaywalking: Cup visit

I didn’t think I’d be late when I arrived at Collins-Moylan Arena in Greenfield at about 10:20 a.m. Sunday. When I spoke to Franklin County Hockey Association president Sean Lavoine last week in advance of Sunday’s visit to the rink by Los Angeles Kings head trainer Chris Kingsley and the Stanley Cup that he helped his team win this season, Lavoine admitted that he didn’t know what kind of turnout to expect. Sure, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for area hockey fans 0

Keeping Score: Bottom’s up

Good morning! The long slog up Crittenden Hill is the closest that today’s Bridge of Flowers runners will come to what a local quartet accomplished on June 21 when they completed the 54th annual Mt. Washington Road Race. Leverett’s Ethan Nedeau, 41, was the fastest to the top of the highest peak in the Northeast, covering the 7.6-mile climb in one hour, 19 minutes and 49 seconds, good for 55th place in a field of 1,060 finishers. Not far behind was Amy Rusiecki, 34, of 0

On the Trail: A teaching moment

This subject’s been sitting handy on my desk for three weeks now, printed and pushed aside at least twice to allow for bear banter that came my way the same way most things seem to find me: by email, phone or personal conversation. So, having now put the bear discussion to rest for a while, let’s take a few steps back to that lingering subject, the genesis of which was mention right here in this space of a hen turkey my spry, 10-year-old springer spaniel 0

Jaywalking: Trade diary

Boston Red Sox fans have now had five days to absorb their team’s demolition that occurred this past Thursday during the MLB Trade Deadline. Over the past two weeks, the Sox have traded away or released eight players from their 25-man roster. That’s quite the overhaul, although it should have come at no surprise given the fact that the team is in last place in the American League East and is among the worst teams in all of baseball. Perhaps some people have even begun 0

Keeping Score: Fade to Green

Good morning! Former Deerfield Academy teacher, administrator, coach and Mr. Everything Bob Merriam passed away last week at age 90. Merriam was interred at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Deerfield, a pastoral burial ground that holds the remains of many of the school’s iconic figures, including legendary headmaster Frank L. Boyden. The eulogy was delivered by Peter Ives, the retired senior pastor of the First Churches of Northampton and a Deerfield graduate. He told of how Merriam nurtured him from being a scared kid on a 0

On the Trail: Close encounter

Although there’s other stuff I could get into, interesting topics I’m confident readers would enjoy, it’s back to black bears — specifically a big Wendell bruin that may be attempting to befriend a dear old friend of mine, himself a large, bearded, bear-like man and gentle giant. Who knows? Maybe the burly four-legged creature thought my buddy, Big R, was his long-lost brother or half-cousin. Stranger things have happened, I suppose. And remember, my buddy’s great-grandfather was a full-blooded Algonquian of the Ottawa tribe. So 0

Jaywalking: Tight team

There are lots of things to do on a summer evening in our area. Cooking on the grill, sitting around the campfire or on a patio, or going for a walk or a run as the sun sets are some ways to enjoy the evening and relax. Another activity that screams summer evenings is taking in a baseball game, and that’s something I’ve been able to do in recent weeks, following the Greenfield Post 81 American Legion Baseball team during its run to the Western 0

Keeping Score: Road rage

Good morning! There’s nothing like an old fashioned rhubarb to liven up the dog days of summer at Monadnock Speedway, where Mini-Stock driver Mike Stebbins’ six wins in two months had his fellow competitors conspiring to snatch the checkered flag from him before the light could turn green. Stebbins drives a Honda CRX with a four-cylinder Honda engine that’s superior to the Ford engines that other drivers use to barrel around the quarter-mile bullring. Whether it’s legal is the question, and Stebbins steadfastly maintains his 0

On the Trail: Photo finish

I can’t claim shock because I had an idea a neighbor or random passerby had probably seen that bear my dogs and I recently jumped out of a narrow strip of wetland before it tore up five plastic-covered hay bales nestled along an adjacent tree line above. In fact, I was confident additional information would come my way. Hey, maybe even a photo — definitely not out of the question these days when most people carry cell phones and are thus camera-ready. That’s one good 0