Indians, other schools deal with SAT conflicts

Despite concerns from both teams in this morning’s Western Mass. Division IV Baseball Tournament championship at 10:30 regarding conflicts with the SATs, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association will not move the game to a later date.

Turners Falls High School had four players scheduled to take the SATs, while Hopkins Academy had six, and both schools looked into getting the game pushed back until at least Sunday to allow conflicted players to both take the SATs and play in the championship game. Issues came up around the state on Friday about the conflicts, including a rumor that Chelmsford High School might boycott the game. There was even a rumor floating around the area that the Turners-Hopkins game had been moved to Tuesday, but that wound up being untrue. Western Mass. Baseball Tournament Director Dave King said the MIAA has language written into the 2014 tournament formats on the MIAA website and Article X of the seven-page directive states just that.

There shall be no postponements of games because of conflict with College Board Examinations. Schools that feel they have a chance of making the playoffs should encourage their students to take the examination on a date that will not conflict with tournament play.

King pointed to the fact that the SATs are offered seven times throughout the school year. Beginning in October, the SATs are offered every month through June, except for February and April. He also pointed to the fact that the SATs conflicted with Super Bowl Saturday during the high school football season, and games were not moved.

“It’s a difficult issue,” he explained. “I think it’s just about being consistent for every single sport. We are user friendly as much as we can. We look at school’s proms and graduation dates and we consider them and try to work around them, but when we factor in the SATs, there are numerous opportunities for students to take them throughout the year.”

According to Turners Falls baseball coach Jay Liimatainen, the four players affected were all able to move the date of the SATs to next fall. According to the website, the cost to change a date is $27.50, although students can appeal to try and get that fee waived. Liimatainen said he understood the MIAAs decision, and was just happy that he will have his entire team on the field this morning.

“I understand, especially since there are seven dates to pick from,” he said. “It’s a tough one. As long as the SAT people are able to work with the families, it should all work out.”

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