Dude! You are bit asking for acceptance, you are demanding conformity. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pushing liberal agenda

Mr. Ortiz, You are confusing climate with weather. Weather fluctuates from day to day such as daily temperatures and precipitation variances. Climate is weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period such as the tropical monsoons of central and east Asia. This is not a liberal or conservation issue. It's one of science. ...(full comment)

Letter: Climate change vs. global warming

Exxon knew about this, and validated this, decades ago: which means that every single administration has known about this for decades, and delayed and delayed, and delayed, while repealing Glass Steagall and developing policies that mobilize wealth into the hands of a very, very few individuals in mind-numbing numbers, off shore. In case you can't put it together, the term "grabbing the lifeboats" is a good metaphor: Unless voters wake up and stop being divided, deluded and conquered, our children are not going to be on the survival list. In elite circles, population control (elimination) is a topic. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Climate needs commitment

Mr. Clarke, while you are busy pointing fingers, perhaps you can explain how most of our nation's wealth came to be concentrated in the hands of very few individuals, who are hoarding it offshore. It is the generations that followed "the greatest" and especially the "I'm getting mine" "greed is good" and those who print the kind of hate and blame that you seem to be selling who have most profoundly betrayed our nation: you are enabling the divide and conquer that is mobilizing wealth to the top .01%, and it pays well to do so. ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation

I agree with the two previous comments and would like to add: if you feel the efforts of college students to recognize and fight racism are so wrong-headed, how do you propose to fight racial inequality and the systemic murder of unarmed African Americans? Or is your approach to simply pay no attention to it? ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation

"particularly if Styrofoam containers cost less..." The problem is the retail cost of Styrofoam doesn't reflect its true cost - which is born by all of us with a trashed environment. Same with oil. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Education right direction on plastics

Let's not forget that the Greatest Generation, and the Boomers, raised these Millennials into what they are today. And let's not forget that the Boomers pulled out the rug from their own children in terms of support for public education, housing, etc., once they had theirs, delaying Millennials' ability to get on their own feet (thus the basement dwellers). I agree about the over-sensitivity but it's not the fault or doing or just one generation, it's an expression of society at large. ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation

Wow. Yes, the greatest generation rose to the challenges of the times with courage and sacrifice. And there are myriad "millenials" working hard, sacrificing and doing good in the world today: I know quite a number of them, and they don't deserve your sweeping condemnation. Hyper-generalization isn't good reasoning, whatever the matter at hand. ...(full comment)

Clarke/My Turn: Our ungrateful generation

The town pays for the electricity for the Congregational Church clock? I believe the state stopped supporting churches just after the Revolutionary War, even before the First Amendment of the US Constitution prohibited it. How quaint of Greenfield. Maybe we should dress in period costume. It might attract business to Downtown. Burn a witch now and then. Of course in keeping with current belief, it should be a global-warming skeptic. ...(full comment)

High notes: Second Congregational Church to add music to daily bell ringing

The leadership that the Clarks have taken has been, and continues to be amazing. They also help others of us speaking out in countless little supporting roles. Ben's testimony this past week in Boston on the taking of conservation land and the effect of agricultural conservation on helping new generations remain in farming was great. Their commitment and outreach to community is a lesson in good citizenship. ...(full comment)

Letter: Stand with the Clarks

Goodbye, Northfield. ...(full comment)

Northfield Board of Health abolishes cease-and-desist order

The Clarks are stellar folks and their informed stance against this corporate theft and wanton destruction of precious land is admirable, and courageous. This is why so many people go out of their way to support their farm, and will continue to do so: not only is the fruit of their labor delicious: it comes with a hefty side helping of integrity, service and principles. ...(full comment)

Letter: Stand with the Clarks

Good luck getting any sort of reply from Kinder Morgan regarding any matters concerning public safety, which is a matter of perfect indifference to them. ...(full comment)

Northfield Board of Health abolishes cease-and-desist order