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Dear Anita, Thanks for this great article on Quabbin Trails and your new Walk About column. Have you heard of Ashfield Trails? Ashfield Trails is a volunteer collaborative which for several years has been working to establish a community network of trails and footpaths in and around the Town of Ashfield. So far we have built over 17 miles of trails. There's the 2 mile Two Bridges Trail from The Trustee's of Reservations Bullitt Reservation to their Chapel Falls Reservation which connects to a 3 mile trail to DAR SF. There's a 4 mile trail from Sanderson Academy to Bear Swamp Reservation. The Overlook Trail is about 3 miles and ends at Rt 112. The Ridge Trail starts on 112 and heads 2 miles to Bailey Rd. We have a new trail from Bailey Rd to the Mary Lyon birthplace and will be working this spring to open a new section from Mary Lyon's to Edge Hill Golf Course. In honor of Ashfield's 250th Anniversary, we will be hosting a hike on Sat., June 6 (National Trails Day) from Bullitt to Chapel Falls. For more info, please check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AshfieldTrails Thanks, Phil Pless ...(full comment)

Life & Times: Walking the Quabbin

Good catch! Please see The Recorder's follow-up story where this information is corrected and more information is provided about both types of frogs. A link has been attached to this story. ...(full comment)

Spring peepers awake in western Massachusetts

Just in case you missed it, I would like to share a link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3042347/George-Lucas-unveils-plans-build-biggest-affordable-housing-complex-county-s-irked-neighbors-it.html Lucas strikes back - against his neighbors! Film director to build hundreds of affordable homes in millionaire neighborhood after they blocked him from building a studio I say good for him. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3042347/George-Lucas-unveils-plans-build-biggest-affordable-housing-complex-county-s-irked-neighbors-it.html#ixzz3XVqAuxGb ...(full comment)

Greenfield councilor dismayed by ‘classism’ he heard in residents’ comments on accessory apartment proposal

Well said. ...(full comment)

Letter: The toothless NRC

Fourth-graders should NOT be placed in a middle school. This is a good decision, and it's rather unsettling to me to think that at some point, someone thought it was a good idea to put these children in a population of kids at a significantly different developmental stage. What still worries me a lot is that the Newton Street School serves, arguably, the greatest population of at-risk students; by that, I mean the pupils coming in from the nearby homeless hotels, who are already suffering from transience and disruptions in, or absence of, what most of us would consider to be a normal childhood. If this town is going to continue to house this large homeless population, we need to take a much savvier approach to placing at-risk children. Those hotels are forcing kids to grow up too fast, and not in a good way. Placing them in middle school too early is just asking for trouble. ...(full comment)

Committee OKs moving Greenfield 4th grades to elementary schools

Which committee members voted yes and which voted no? ...(full comment)

Committee OKs moving Greenfield 4th grades to elementary schools

Put the matter on the ballot. Let voters decide if they want a department store. Entities will use the courts forever. Put it on the ballot in November. People will show up in droves because they are sick of spending top dollar downtown. I spend thousands of dollars online because we don't have a discount retail store. I bought my computer, two X Box Ones, one PlayStation 4, clothes and jewelry. I paid zero state or federal taxes. Greenfield lost all those dollars. If I do it so does other Greenfield residences. ...(full comment)

Abutters of French King Highway project file appeal

I don't know who is calculating these bills and usage but my bill did not increase by 30%,35%, or 38% it increased by 100%. ...(full comment)

Conway lawyer to AG: Investigate electric cost hike

Very interesting. We must remember that our MA DPU approved the hikes for both Ntional Grid (38%) and Eversource (26%) before the actually experienced any losses from "energy shortages". More interesting is that National Grid recently announced that they are reducing prices by 26% in May. Likely because they did not experience the anticipated hike in natural gas prices. My point is that much of the blame should fall on the MA Dept. of Public Utilities. ...(full comment)

Conway lawyer to AG: Investigate electric cost hike

I am extremely proud of my granddaughter Emma Laster and the rest of her fifth grade team , I feel that they should have had their pictures and names in this article as well! ...(full comment)

Gill Elementary sends two Destination Imagination teams to the state finals

Western Mass. hockey: Coaches' All-League selections Masslive reported on March 19th that the following area hockey players were named to the coaches all league selections: Tim Atkins, Senior ,Turners Falls Brandon Bryant, Junior, Turners Falls Clay Richardson, Junior, Greenfield thanks ...(full comment)

Bulletin Board: Local players make HL, TCL hoops all-star teams

I hope the gas station has environmental insurance. I can put up with a lot. Gas going into the Green River ticks me off. Irving Gas Station should come up with disaster plans that would keep in mind our local ecosystem. ...(full comment)

Gas tanker spill leaks into Greenfield brook

Thank you very much for publishing my response. ...(full comment)

Letter: Answers from the source