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Wood boilers are a significant in Europe because it is considered carbon-neutral and thereby contributes to attempts to reduce green house gas emissions, even though it doesn't. And Europe gets its wood from the US, Canada and Russia. Southeastern US is being clear cut and wood is being sent to Europe, and there is a more on for GMO trees, turning forest into crop land--all to be burned. If history repeats itself, we will burn too many of out trees. And only when it's too late will people get upset about it. You don't have to ne a rocket scientist to see where we are headed. The Monamet study ended up agreeing with local activists about a number of things. We were ahead of the curve then. I would suggest that we are in this case as well. We hope that people care more about our forests and our environment than about platitudes about "green energy" that make us feel good about ourselves. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Boiler switch puts heat on Mohawk

President Clinton pardoned Wall Street rip off artists, and the legislation enacted on his watch promoted: monopoly ownership of the media, the first "investor state trade disputes" where corporate tribunals trump U.S. Law under NAFTA which began the leak of U.S. jobs; gutted Wall St. oversight and handed the financial sector abject rule of government, draconian prison measures leading to 1/3 of People of color imprisoned in private profit prisons with "quotas"; and drastic cuts based on "welfare queens" arguments which were never substantiated by statistics. So his inaction on Mr. Pelletier is unsurprising. And the media theme of him as a great president is only supported by the media he aided in becoming a monopoly. Mr. Pelletier has been an advocate for First Nations who have been under constant assault from land grabs and violated agreements for centuries. We are seeing people attempting to protect their homes, their family's health, and the safety of their children everywhere these days, and in doing so, they are treated like criminals by the forces of greed and conquest. Mr. Pelletier has not been treated fairly, and neither have his people. ...(full comment)

Mark/My Turn: Pardon Leonard Peltier

In this day and age, and especially when seniors are usually the most vocal about taxes, it seems irresponsible to build a building with town money that is restricted to only one segment of the population while others go without. This is a bunch of hubbub about nothing. A senior center is a building with rooms, and ramps....pretty much the same thing a youth center would include. Youth are at school during the day, seniors are not - there are lots of ways to stagger the uses. Programming can be creative to make the best and most harmonious use of one community center. Seniors are after all still part of the "community." ...(full comment)

Letter: A senior center only

Did not read the letter, but Joe McCarthy was right about a lot of reds in the government. The facts back it up. ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Loosen fear’s grip

Mr. Trump has hired more women to higher positions than any other person. He has also paid them more then men in the same positions. How can you say he does not care for women? He seems to treat them and pay them better than others (HRC). Muslims are letting a small part of all the Muslims speak out for them. If they continue to let that small group speak them they have nothing to complain about. The house forced Clinton to get our finances in order, he also took the social security money out of the lock box to balance the budgets. So please do me a favor, do not vote. The people who voted for hope and change are responsible for the current mess. Government can only do so much and most they do poorly. If you were spending money that was not yours and you did not have to account for it and could get more even if you wasted it, would you care how good a job you did. THAT IS GOVERNMENT, how much money does the GAO say is wasted every year due to duplicate payments, money given to dead people or money to unqualified recipients ...(full comment)

Letter: Trump unworthy

What qualifications do these groups have to "educate"? They have canned degrees in theoretical topics, organizing in a circle to pat each other on the back to congratulate themselves on saving the themselves. Perhaps they should get out in the real world - deal with the real people out there, not just in quaint meditation groups. Sad part is that groups like this hold governments hostage by making these kind of demands. According to one of their own, a significant part of the community feels that Sgt. McCarthy did nothing wrong. End. of. Story. ...(full comment)

Commission: Police need sensitivity training

It's pretty clear that Charlie Baker is hell bent on knee-capping solar in this state, and fostering the proliferation of massive, unnecessary fossil fuel infrastructure on behalf of obscene greed. We are still struggling to pay off the Big Dig, which mushroomed into billions off of our backs until 2038: here we go again. And our taxes are forced to fund advertising and astro-turfing along with a lot of bribery on Beacon Hill to effect the swindle. Solar has brought tens of thousands of jobs to the Commonwealth, and made our state a leader. Climate Change is real, and Charlie is choosing the path of genocide. ...(full comment)

Letter: Eliminate the solar cap

For the millionth time, WalMart is not going to bring in a lot of tax revenues to town. Remember that there are costs to having a giant big-box store, too, including stormwater infrastructure, traffic/road improvements, police patrols. Studies have shown that these types of developments are a wash at best in terms of tax revenue, and they hollow out downtowns in the meantime, as is the aim of their business model. Ask Hadley and Holyoke how all those big box stores are enriching their bottom lines... ...(full comment)

Letter: The Wal-Mart ‘issue’

F D R.." We have nothing to fear but fear itself" ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Loosen fear’s grip

So much for small town politics. ...(full comment)

Editorial: New council, same old divisions

These actions show why the Federal government has independent regulatory agencies for many important activities. Nuclear/atomic energy, aviation, communications, energy (electric power and gas) etc. These agencies prevent decisions being made based on local political pressures, fear and misinformation. The possible effect of the used fuel and activated and contaminated machinery plant decreases hourly. Now that a year has passed since the last operation the effect is low enough that the emergency planning zone has shrunk to the area inside the plant fence. This is based on science, not politics. ...(full comment)

Deadline near to join Vt. Yankee challenge

It's a sensible step in the right direction. ...(full comment)

Sheriff Donelan: Allow former drug offenders to drive

What time Saturday, do they draw the number ? ...(full comment)

Powerful draw: Local snap up tickets as Powerball jackpot soars to record $800M