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Why bother to replace an authentic heritage structure with a replica? A cipher? This is New England and we're supposed to value our heritage more than other parts of the nation. But if it doesn't date to the Revolutionary War, all bets are off apparently. Like the destruction of the Jack Kerouac ( Textile Memorial ) Bridge in Lowell last year and the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge ( a rare lost National Trust for Historic Preservation listee ) in Portsmouth, NH Better no bridge than a replica. A replica only serve to remind future generations of our poor stewardship of our culture's resources. ---SWL ...(full comment)

Schell Bridge replacement gets one step closer

not easy to read your code letters ...(full comment)

JM Farm’s Patient Group questions state DPH selection process

Good Point! Mr. Mass also feels that big box stores will help the local economy: right, close local businesses and buy from China while contributing to an entity that pays nearly nothing in taxes, and whose employees are paid so poorly that we subsidize their healthcare and food stamps. Way to go Mr. Mass . . . about as much of a poorly infomred fossil as could be imagined. God, look at Holyoke . . . they are attracting clean energy businesses and redeveloping their city with creative use of green energy. that's the kind of thinking we should be seeing from leadership in Greenfield. ...(full comment)

Mass/My Turn: Case for the pipeline

look at Reno, Nevada. See how many casinos have closed there. Nevada does not have a state income tax, the money from casinos are the reason for that. Every time a casino opens in California it takes away from the casinos in Nevada. Most of the Indian casinos are managed by the casinos in Nevada. So the casinos are not hurting as much as the state. However the casinos in California are not all doing very well. When government dabbles in business there are unintended results The idea of a train running up through Springfield, Greenfield to Canada seems to be another boondoggle. Amtrak dose not make money, it costs money. As with health care and energy the government has shown it does and is not competent to do business. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Casino catastrophe

To EDITOR: The previous comment not yet approved by Peter Pan...please verify if copy is printable through Michael Cruise, MCruise@PeterPanBus.com Thank you. Peter Pan Driver ...(full comment)

Letter: To Peter Pan Bus Lines

First, in response to this letter writer, let me say that we offer our condolences in this difficult time. We certainly like to hear from our passengers on any improvements we can make in our transportation services. We, like the writer, have families that travel, and do not know the terrain, and need tender loving care when transferring from airport to bus and so on. I, as a bus driver, try to help the public whenever I can, and I assure you the vast majority of the Peter Pan team does likewise. Having said that, I must point out to the letter writer and reader that the only bus that leaves Logan International Airport and ends up in a "subterranean level beneath South Station" is the MBTA Silver Line, Not a Peter Pan motorcoach (bus). The Silver Line is an articulated transit bus that travels on streets but goes beneath the South Station train station in a tunnel station. It is also a free fare when travelling from Logan to South Station according to what I have heard. In addition, it has a rather convenient ADA wheelchair lift as compared to the ADA wheelchair lifts that we use on a Peter Pan Bus. On the other hand, Peter Pan Bus Lines offers motorcoach service between Logan Airport and South Station, where the traveler can change to another Peter Pan bus to Springfield. The schedule times are available at www.peterpanbus.com or by calling (800) 343-9999 during regular business hours. Please note, all Peter Pan busses have a wheelchair lift, although many of our customers with wheelchairs choose to call ahead 48 hours (this is optional) to assure a more seamless transportation experience. (It helps our operations personnel.) The Peter Pan bus picks up at the outer lane in front of all Logan terminals, however, the schedule is not as frequent as the Silver Line. If the letter writer had chosen the Peter Pan bus from Logan to South Station Bus Terminal, the bus driver would likely have called ahead to personnel at the terminal for assistance if a transfer was needed to the Springfield bus. All readers of this letter should be aware that South Station bus terminal is in the vicinity, but not directly on top of the South Station Train station/Subway/Silver Line station. It is approximately a block away, and on the 3rd floor. There are elevators and walkways connecting the two facilities, but, certainly if you are travelling with luggage, children, and so on, you should allow at least 20 minutes to make your way from one building to the other. The final point about the wrong (800) information number ( this is a phone number for a different bus company, Greyhound, which is headquartered in Dallas,Tx ) on the ticket "jacket" is warranted, and should be looked into. The letter writer does not say where the ticket/ticket jacket was purchased. In closing, I say the letter writer should again contact Peter Pan customer service again as no letter we receive should be left unanswered. Thank you for your input. ...(full comment)

Letter: To Peter Pan Bus Lines

Congratulations to my two sons, Adam Hufnagel, who placed 2nd overall in the International Competition of the Greenfield Triathlon, and Seth Hatch, who placed 4th overall in the same !!! WAY to go, guys !!! ...(full comment)

Skidmore dominant at Lightlife Triathlon

This isn't that difficult of an issue for Sen. Rosenberg to be pondering. The other legislators haven't "jumped the bandwagon," it's just that bad of a project at face value. Why should his constituents pay for a corporate infrastructure project that they are unlikely to benefit from, and may actually end up raising their electric/gas rates (due to exports)? Why invest billions (and Kinder Morgan keeps raising the cost estimates) in fossil fuels when we know they are not the energy of the future? How long will those gas wells in New York/PA last anyway? Then what? Why sign up his constituents for a project where the *only* guarantee is that their bills WILL go up due to the tariff, but there is no guarantee for anything else to their benefit? Not that hard to figure out, Stan. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Kudos to Sen. Stan Rosenberg

My husband and I had dinner a couple of nights after they opened. They are FANTASTIC!! A step up from Bill's and Greenfield Grille, which were both good, but the new iteration of this old establishment is really great. My husband had 4 of the appetizers, and he loved every one of them. I had the old favorite, Bill's lobster casserole. I always loved it at Bill's, but Jim Sands kicked it up a notch, and it is better than ever. I didn't think you could improve perfection, but he managed to. Its nice to have an establishment that offers you familiar comfort food, as well as exotic choices, without getting a bit too eclectic and strange. We'll be back often. ...(full comment)

New Greenfield restaurant serving fresh and exotic fish

After 19 months the neighbors of Hoosac Wind are finally vindicated. Only some of us are crazy! GE is not telling that 43 dbA is compared to 27 dbA is relatively NOISY and is more than 2X! Then we have low frequency sounds which adds to the disturbance. If it's not enough to get up more then a few mornings not sleeping well, there are other intrusions into our homes and lives because of the project. We went from quiet rural neighborhood to industrial zone. What was once a large forested habitat with scenic opportunities and solitude became a blasted area devoid of trees and swamps and filled in with crushed rock with huge industrial wind turbines. It was the "Enchanted Forest" and now that's gone... ...(full comment)

Study: Monroe turbines too noisy

Lots of folks in Springfield and all over the state think it's a horrible idea. It will directly compete with the State's lottery, which at least raises money for state programs. It will bring dead end jobs to an area that is already suffering from the 22 Billion dollar debt incurred by the "Big Dig" investor grab, which we'll be paying for til 2038. Casinos seem constructed to deprive the working poor and the disenfranchised of even more money while bringing in a host of other problems: and the city is already overburdened with far more than its share of problems. This has been discussed now for decades. Casinos around the nation are increasingly neglected, unprofitable and seedy. Las Vegas loses money like a sieve and is scrambling to come up with its own alternatives to increase revenue. Why our state is considering this as any kind of "economic development" plan is mystery: its an idea that has already proven worthless. Investors: they make money whether something works or doesn't work, by encouraging "investment" in gambling centers. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Casino catastrophe

Thank you for the excellent citation of personality disorder in this context. These companies have broken faith with the country that gave them opportunities for advancement and success. This is not healthy capitalism: its cannibal capitalism, where the goal is to destroy opportunities for others, and to insure that poverty increases. Sadly, small businesses, and those that remain in our nation providing jobs and supporting communities have been lead to identify with the policies and demands of these entities, who work against the interests of businesses within our shores. In this manner, loyal and centered businesses within the U.S. are voting themselves out of business, by supporting the .01%. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Patriotic psychopaths?

We live in Clarksburg on the Bakke Mountain side of Hoosac Wind and none of the neighbors on this side of the mountain received any invitation from Iberdrola despite complaints from our neighborhood. It wasn't until after I inquired to MassDEP after recieving the report from another source any notice the study had been performed or published 3 months after the report was done. We were also informed MassDEP has no intention of testing on this side, despite complaints. My question is, how is Hoosac Wind going to be known if Hoosac Wind is out of compliance if the state doesn't require sound monitoring? Testing done on this side in Spring 2013, had equipment behind trees and in the woods when open areas were nearby and no sampling in the conditions which wake us up and keep us from sleeping. We are loosing more than sleep here as a result of Hoosac Wind. ...(full comment)

Study: Monroe turbines too noisy