Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration money might be better spent policing the pipeline system than paying consultants to sell and endorse pipelines: and aquiesence. He made a number of statements that should alert FRCOG: locating further from homes, and the conditions awaiting those forced to live near compressor stations. Has anyone in this situation been approached by their FRCOG elected "representatives" about their concerns? ...(full comment)

Experts offer legal, technical advice to communities in pipeline’s path

Beautifully written Samantha Wood , thank you! This series is great, a little bird's eye peek into someone new to gardening trying it out. I confess, that even after over 40 years, I am still thrilled with those first fruits! Gardening is one of those things I think everyone should do, even if it is just a pot of chives on the counter. Cheering from the sidelines! Devorah ...(full comment)

Room to grow: Digging that first arrival at the garden

Sounds lovely. Too bad you forgot to mention the constant police and ambulance trips up and down Leyden Road accompanied by lights and sirens throughout the entire "fun" festival. Or the nonstop traffic from Thursday until late Monday night. But wait, let's not forget the trash that gets thrown out car windows all over the stretch of Leyden Road intimately ending up on taxpayers lawns and property. I am grateful that you mentioned the after hours music going on all night long in the cabins and at various campfires from Thursday night till Monday night. It's enough to keep local residents awake all night and that is exactly what happens. And lest we forget, there is also the plethora of drugs brought in to this festival that smacks of arrogance and is counterintuitive to the hard work of the Franklin County and local police departments in the area efforts to banish this part of Massachusetts of drugs in general. There are two sides to this travesty that occurs twice a year at Camp Kee-Wanee. It would be beneficial to all that read this warm and fuzzy story of Worm-Town that the taxpayers that are within hearing distance of this music festival (which extends to the Leyden and Colrain hills) are not happy that this travesty that has been imposed on us without warning or consideration 14 years ago. Shame on the local Kiwanis Clubs that welcome this as a money maker for their local children's camp. I did not choose to have this occur when I bought my home 17 years ago, nor did any of my neighbors. ...(full comment)

Thousands settle in for music, fun at Strangecreek

If anything epitomizes the greed and arrogance of the fossil fuel industry, it's this incredibly stupid comment. Do you really want to do business with these people? ...(full comment)

Opponents of pipeline decry their actions being called ‘eco-terrorism’

This great need did not develop has been a chipping away process. A nuclear power plant has been closed in VT and coal plants are closing rapidly too. This is all done to appease environmentalists, however the generators that are supposed to cover this gap in energy production are not equal: solar and wind just aren't enough to cover the losses of coal and VT Yankee to the power grid. Although it would be nice if everything were in place, everything is not in place to recover the lost MWs. That is why there is an urgency to expand the pipeline, particularly given the tough winters New England has been having the past two years. This knee-jerk reaction to the pipeline will hurt New England, the area that already has the highest energy prices in the country, and we will continue to be hurt by ever increasing prices until something is done. ...(full comment)

Letter: Insulting comments

Well said, Editor. Well said. Thank you. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Pipeline talk lacked tact

I think its known as "projection". If you encountered this person publicly, on this issue, his lack of empathy for the hurt and loss that this project will cause thousands of people is quite startling. In fact it is disturbing. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Pipeline talk lacked tact

New England's "natural" gas inflow capacity is 1,709bcf. As of 2013, all six New England states used a total of 889bcf. That is nearly half unused capacity on existing pipeline infrastructure. This does not include 150bcf LNG capacity from three LNG import facilities. Despite the excess capacity, more capacity has already been added: TGP NY-NH pipeline already in service providing 300,000dth: William's Rockaway lateral and Northeast Connector (100,000dth in service with 547,000 coming in 2015); and the PGNTS non pipeline option. The DPU has also authorized the liquification of large amounts of pipeline gas to be liquified and stored rather than using exports. By 2017 LED lights will further reduce electricity use, and there will be at least 36GW of renewable energy. Mr. Farrell isn't telling you that. He's calling names, and then later "apologizing". Kinder Morgan isn't telling you any of that either. They want their export pipeline, and what they are doing amounts to theft on a false pretense and on a massive scale. LNG exports will be lucrative for them: and they don't care what happens to any of us. ...(full comment)

Opponents of pipeline decry their actions being called ‘eco-terrorism’

New England's "natural" gas inflow capacity is 1,709bcf. As of 2013, all six New England states used a total of 889bcf. That is NEARLY HALF UNUSED CAPACITY ON EXISTING PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURE. This does not include LNG capacity up to 150bcf per year from 3 LNG import facilities. Even with considerable existing capacity, there have recent efforts already in place; TGP's NH-NY pipeline already in service: over 300,000dth: William's Rockaway lateral and Northeast Connector (100,000 in service, 547,000 dth coming in 2015; and the PGNTS non pipeline option. National Grid has also been authorized by the DPU to liquify pipeline gas to store, instead of imported LNG. LOTS OF NEW SUPPLY. There is no pipeline crisis in Massachusetts: what we have is a citizen's crisis: a massive fraud is being perpetuated on the people of Massachusetts in order to secure and export pipeline. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Pipeline talk lacked tact

Professional tenant? Interesting characterization. If one understands what should or should not be working in an apartment/rental (an informed consumer perhaps after a bad experience), then they expect to live rent free? The property I live in continues to have multiple health and safety violations---including a nearly six-year infestation. Yet, not only do residents continue to pay their public official, employee, local, regional, or state entity---has stepped in to resolve/rectify the issues. As for living rent-free for 18 months, I would venture to guess there may have been code violations present. And where did those tenants find a Health Agent willing to give them a valid Sanitary Code Inspection with signed documentation---given tenants who call their Board of Health for assistance are seen in such poor light? Free rent? Interesting concept. What do you call a tenant trying to get code violations addressed while they continue to pay their rent, an amateur? ...(full comment)

Town officials mull ‘Airbnb’ rules

How about lowering the prices? The prices went up during the great oil/gas crisis. Claiming it costed more to bring the merchandise to the store. Fosters is the store you go to if you live in the area and you have no car. The poor can't get their monies worth at Fosters. They have to sometimes walk to Big Y. To be honest price wise Big Y beats out Fosters hands down. ...(full comment)

Foster’s Supermarket sale finalized

Due to deadline constraints, we ran a shorter story in print on Page A5 of the April 28 edition of The Recorder, specifically about the town meeting vote in regard to Frontier's budget. This story above is the more comprehensive story from the meeting and was posted online after the print deadline. ...(full comment)

Deerfield backs lower Frontier budget

Just because you did not like what he said.. does not mean its not the truth. facts are facts. ...(full comment)

Letter: Shameful pipeline propaganda