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Interstate transmission lines operating in the presence of live, high voltage are another animal entirely, especially when operating in these conditions within less than two hundred feet from a home. Many agencies won't speak up: likely for fear of getting sued by the limitless pockets of gas investments corporations. It is their studies, bought and paid for, that determine what homeowner's get, which is chump change. Like many things that affect John. Q. Public these days: permitting the objective actual costs can be rendered illegal and effectively silenced: like what the long term environmental and public health costs are for corporate export pipelines. ...(full comment)

Of pipelines and property values: Will proposed project affect price of homes in region?

Great you all met on the same day as Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. I went to Capitol with other citizen advocates ( who ranged from those in recovery, family member of loss, recovery professionals ) I was the only person representing Franklin County as a family member of loss. I disagree with expanding Suboxone prescribers as I do know it's a drug of diversion, it's already being abused, and the withdrawal rivals Heroin withdrawal. Expand the Vivitrol shot instead much better option can't be abused. Why isn't anyone on that panel mentioning the fact the reason why We are srambling for money is the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act that passed in 2008 is not being implemented or enforced. Insurance co need to fully comply with the 2008 law ...(full comment)

Addiction recovery advocates rally for systemic changes

The DPU seems to believe, like other gas investment entities, that saying something is "open and transparent" is good enough, rather than actually demonstrating that something is "open and transparent". To date the DPU has made a number of unsubstantiated statements and issued policy that seems like a forgone conclusion with little actual public discussion, demonstrated facts, or even any deliberation. ...(full comment)

DPU allows long-term contracts between utilities, pipelines

Many Massachusetts towns have erected windmills with very positive impact, and thousands of citizens have installed solar panels. Your description does indeed sound ridiculous, because certainly every homeowner with a quarter acre lot is not going to install a giant windmill, but most homeowners can add solar panels with no objections by neighbors and often without any up-front cost. If the state allows this process to continue by not limiting net metering and if state and federal financial incentives continue to be offered, power generation can be a non-issue. But even as it stands, there is no need for this pipeline; it is has been shown time and again that leakage and inefficiency accounts for more than the projected gas demand. Mr. Ussach said it best, "It’s not clean, it’s not cheap, it’s not reliable, it’s not safe and it’s not needed"!! ...(full comment)

Gill residents gather for info meeting on proposed natural gas pipeline

look bad.... type-o above ...(full comment)

Letter: Missing support

Please do your homework before making such a large statement. I don't appreciate you making my community looking back when you are wrong. ...(full comment)

Letter: Missing support

On December 10th, 2013, Pieridae, Goldboro, Nova Scotia was published, seeking NEPA waiver for an LNG terminal. In linked documents, it states that a modest estimate of profit to "pipeline and fossil fuel companies" would be over 18 QUADrillion dollars over a twenty year period. That is Kinder Morgan's goal, and the goal of career "regulators" rewarded for colluding with this atrocity. Reports over this past week have revealed massive evidence that the fossil fuel industry thoroughly investigated climate change over forty years ago, agreed with the evidence then, and chose, deliberately, to prevent public discussion and crash the planet while engaging in wealth hoarding. Alan Fore used to work for Big Tobacco: remember its usefulness in "population control"? We don't need this pipeline: in fact, we will be contributing to our own and our children's death by supporting it. ...(full comment)

Proujansky/My Turn: Meeting our energy ‘needs’

If kids walk to school, this isn't as much of a problem. I was a crossing guard as a 6th grader near my elementary school. I agree with the previous commenter on all of this. ...(full comment)

‘Accident waiting to happen’: Reduced drop-off time causes jam at Deerfield Elementary

Put another zero behind that $30,000 figure, and you can become a veterinarian in 8 years at a public university. ...(full comment)

Loans now, headaches later: Average college student borrows as much as $31,000

I'm not sure how old Ms. Stroud's kids are, but Captain Lathrop is definitely walkable to Pleasant Street. That's the beauty of walkable village areas like South Deerfield and Greenfield, that your kids can walk to school, if you'd just loosen the helicopter leash a little! That's how it was only 20-30 years ago; any friends close to school walked, and my sibling and I used to have fun waiting for the bus and playing games outside on our own, experiencing all the seasons. Just yesterday I drove along a bus route on Mill Village in Deerfield and noticed all the parents waiting with their kids (some of them clearly 8+ years old) with their cars. That is insane and sad. The world is no more a dangerous place than it was 30 years ago; what's changed is that no one knows or trusts anyone anymore. ...(full comment)

‘Accident waiting to happen’: Reduced drop-off time causes jam at Deerfield Elementary

Excuse me, but Catholic Christianity is not the "world's oldest religion." That was a typo, wasn't it? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Pope sets stage for US visit

Most Americans have no idea of what has happened in the last seven years. On the course that America is on everyone will be a slave to the governing class. Apathy has its rewards. Those that let it continue in the direction it is on deserve the consequences of their inaction. ...(full comment)

Letter: Stop Obama

well if you feel that way maybe instead of an abortion he should be able to make one give birth then he can raise the child ...(full comment)

Letter: Abortion