Amtrak takes a different approach to security than the airlines (or the highways, for that matter). In part that's because it's easy to stop the train and remove someone if necessary and impossible to hijack (nor is there much of a getaway option if someone causes trouble). And Amtrak knows everyone's name - and can check them in advance (unlike airlines that don't have their own police force). It's also because Amtrak places a priority on a good and safe travel experience for all, and tries to be unobtrusive (which is more effective) rather than intrusive like the TSA model. A *lot* of security was visible on this inaugural train (including police dogs), but you didn't see it in the newspaper, because it was in the background. ...(full comment)

Amtrak arrives in Greenfield: First run full of celebration

Massachusetts and New England have long been the "end of the pipeline" with respect to (un)natural gas thus necessitating the import of coal from Venezuela and elsewhere to fuel now closed power plants. One of the questions I'd like to see answered is: IF the pipeline somehow goes through how MUCH of the gas will go to the Commonwealth and how much will be exported? I'd like to see the percentage breakdowns. Building the pipeline is like enabling addiction; it will enable fracking which New York State has just stopped by issuing a moratorium in response to the growing evidence of environmental damage and global warming impacts. In 2005, the "Halliburton Loophole" inserted into the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by Joe Barton at the behest of Dick Cheney exempted the fracking industry from EPA air and water standards. What did the former head of Halliburton, now VP, know about fracking impacts that prompted him to press for this exemption? Do we want to support this environmentally egregious enterprise? ...(full comment)

Pipeline study loved, hated

That sounds like a difficult way to live life. ...(full comment)

Amtrak arrives in Greenfield: First run full of celebration

I don't know if you know about our Coalition to improve public transportation and support additional funding to FRTA. Our meetings are in Turners falls and right off the bus line, shouldn't be to hard for folks to get to. One of the things we would like to see is Saturday Bus's. Please come or a least join our face book Group.Thanks Folks Transportation Justice for Franklin County Mass ...(full comment)

FRTA bus fares free for Black Friday

OUCH !!! ...(full comment)

Letter: Missed, made my points

Every single POTW in this country has to deal with this problem. Virtually all use bar screening or a conveyor-belt 'screen' system to remove solids so junk isn't allowed to get into the plant and damage sensors, pipes, and pumping equipment, often combined with a macerator/shredder. I'm surprised that Deerfield has managed to get away without a bar screen for this long. They should very seriously consider the purchase of a Muffin Monster. It is a relatively new technology and may in fact diminish or eliminate the need for bar screening in lower-flow plants. ...(full comment)

Sticky situation: Wet wipes gumming up Deerfield’s wastewater plant

Attendees should be educated on both sides of the pipeline issue. They are only going to get the industries very slanted view of the situation. No media? What are they afraid of? They are afraid of being put on the record and having their info intelligently and honestly disputed. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Hopefully the organizers of this event will provide an equal opportunity for these individuals to have an equally informative event about other options and local concerns. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

We applaud North Quabbin's Chamber of Commerce for standing with the towns and cities who have voted to oppose this project. It's interesting that the Greenfield Chamber takes the goodwill of outlying communities for granted in ignoring public outrage. A lot of us bring our commerce to Greenfield when it would be just as easy to go to Northampton. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Right now, they want their pipeline through Massachusetts, to connect with one in Maine all the way to Nova Scotia and Kinder Morgan's waiting fleet of tankers. Unconventional gas is cheap because of the huge subsidies we all pay through our taxes: and massive overproduction. Once exports begin, we will be forced to compete with other nations for our own resources. And the more easily accessed gas will be sold off first: leaving only what is harder to extract and at much higher prices. Those businesses in our communities who are not multi billionaires had better start recognizing that they are in the crosshairs of the .01%. Here is another severe example of local businesses and communities being forced to subsidize something that will ultimately bring them little to no long term benefit, while syphoning off wealth from local communities. This is a stupid plan with no benefit to Massachusetts, but huge returns for Kinder Morgan and obscene private wealth. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Make the bridge adequate for snowmobile traffic and Northfield will become a tristate hub for snowmobilers. As of now the Rt.10 bridge trail isn't quite working too well. ...(full comment)

Northfield wonders how to draw bicyclists, tourists to town once Schell Bridge is replaced

These are rosy stories from a company selected person, likely with significant means. There are a great many online accounts of folks forced to live near these facilities who paint a detailed picture of hell on earth, routinely evacuated from their homes at any time of the day or night, who live in chronic fear: terror, actually. For many locals along this local proposed route, hospitals are miles away in any direction, there are no evacuation routes, and residents have been shown plans to locate a huge pipeline less than 100 feet from homes and wells, and in the presence of existing sets direct transmission high voltage cables. They and all of their neighbors are well within blast zones. An incident will result in loss of electricity for a huge swath of the state: further complicating any possible rescue efforts. The lack of regard for our lives, our state, or anything remotely human is chilling. And this is being ginned up on the basis of maybe .6 bcf, which may not in fact be needed, so Marcellus gas can be shipped abroad to further enrich obscene wealth. ...(full comment)

Compressor stations reason for concern?

If you can live off your SS here, I know your money will go further in TX where your God fearing (which I always feel sorry for those who fear God) have fled to. And as for Mother Nature doing a "fine job of cleaning up messes made by oil"... too bad BP didn't know that. It could have saved them billions in their attempt to clean up the Gulf and Mississippi Delta in 2010. I see you love living in the past. How does that work for you in the 21st Century? ...(full comment)

Letter: My industrial nature