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Many people in the audience had known Masha, but as a relative newcomer, she was news to me. Really an interesting person. I look forward to getting the book. ...(full comment)

At Arms’ Length: The Photography of Masha Arms

Fantastic article. Fun and informative. Thanks so much! ...(full comment)

Zombies penetrate Sunderland maze: A reporter’s narrow escape

I find people who resort to name calling and insults do so because they have nothing intelligent to add to a debate or conversation. ...(full comment)

Letter: Democrat tricks

Remember ENRON? ...(full comment)

Editorial: A rate shock for New England

Fantastic award and well-deserved. Such hard-working dedicated staff made it happen. Congrats! ...(full comment)

GCC earns national green award

"When the couple arrived at the Avenue A apartment late Wednesday afternoon, they were confronted by 19-year-old Anthony Rodriguez and 26-year Ashleigh Judd, both of Greenfield, and two other men. Rodriguez and Judd have been charged in connection with the alleged crime, but police are reportedly still looking for the other suspects. "-Conor Berry, via MassLive ...(full comment)

Montague police: couple ambushed, robbed at gunpoint

The Precinct 7/ Community Relations and Education Committee Community Forum WILL BE HELD ON Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 6:00 pm at the Robbins Memorial Church at 55 Munson St. The date noted in the Recorder is incorrect. Kathryn J. Scott, Administrative Assistant To the Town Council Clerk Town of Greenfield (413) 772-1555 x 113 ...(full comment)

Forum to discuss increase of Munson Street traffic tonight

We will be paying for the Big Dig until 2038. What began as a 2.5 billion dollar proposal mushroomed into a 22 billion dollar nightmare and "investments" in this were managed by Charlie Baker. This devastated communities all over the state as necessary funds were syphonned from local communities and diverted to this project. This was an enormous wealth transfer from Massachusetts citizens to private investors. We, as a state, are located between the Marcellus shale and the coast: we also have abundant water. If MA voters aren't smart, we are going to become the shipping grid for radioactive, chemically toxic Marcellus gas, and our water will be commodified and sold elsewhere in the years to come: this is happening in other places around the country whenever the radical GOP is in office; any work on our behalf will cease entirely. Whatever the public discussion is in order to get elected, that is the agenda. Socialize the costs: privatize profit. In other words: take as much of your money as possible so the obscenely wealthy can have more. ...(full comment)

Editorial: What’s the plan for western Mass.?

We drove by it, too. Pretty amazing sight! ...(full comment)

Hot air balloon makes emergency landing on I-91

Green power is expensive, isn't it! Expect $500 a month electric bills in a few years. We've been taken over by the enviro-nazis. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

Its the usual game, create a crisis and then you get what you want from the people. Its as old as the hills... ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

And yet, we had threeTRILLION dollars to spend on the Iraq War. And our military budgets dwarfs all other nations combined. The money is there to erase hunger. Unfortunately so is the immoral greed and distorted priorities. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Growing hunger crisis

And burrecd, you are soooooo spot on! ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%