The Precinct 7/ Community Relations and Education Committee Community Forum WILL BE HELD ON Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 6:00 pm at the Robbins Memorial Church at 55 Munson St. The date noted in the Recorder is incorrect. Kathryn J. Scott, Administrative Assistant To the Town Council Clerk Town of Greenfield (413) 772-1555 x 113 ...(full comment)

Forum to discuss increase of Munson Street traffic tonight

We will be paying for the Big Dig until 2038. What began as a 2.5 billion dollar proposal mushroomed into a 22 billion dollar nightmare and "investments" in this were managed by Charlie Baker. This devastated communities all over the state as necessary funds were syphonned from local communities and diverted to this project. This was an enormous wealth transfer from Massachusetts citizens to private investors. We, as a state, are located between the Marcellus shale and the coast: we also have abundant water. If MA voters aren't smart, we are going to become the shipping grid for radioactive, chemically toxic Marcellus gas, and our water will be commodified and sold elsewhere in the years to come: this is happening in other places around the country whenever the radical GOP is in office; any work on our behalf will cease entirely. Whatever the public discussion is in order to get elected, that is the agenda. Socialize the costs: privatize profit. In other words: take as much of your money as possible so the obscenely wealthy can have more. ...(full comment)

Editorial: What’s the plan for western Mass.?

We drove by it, too. Pretty amazing sight! ...(full comment)

Hot air balloon makes emergency landing on I-91

Good Point! Mr. Mass also feels that big box stores will help the local economy: right, close local businesses and buy from China while contributing to an entity that pays nearly nothing in taxes, and whose employees are paid so poorly that we subsidize their healthcare and food stamps. Way to go Mr. Mass . . . about as much of a poorly infomred fossil as could be imagined. God, look at Holyoke . . . they are attracting clean energy businesses and redeveloping their city with creative use of green energy. that's the kind of thinking we should be seeing from leadership in Greenfield. ...(full comment)

Mass/My Turn: Case for the pipeline

Also: "However, the land required for solar and turbines to meet our needs would swallow our local farms and destroy the landscape we depend upon for tourism." Sooo, the answer is to build a pipeline that will swallow our local farms and destroy the landscape, and also be obsolete in 10-15 years and be much more poisonous and polluting than turbines or solar panels? Mr. Mass needs a course in critical thinking. ...(full comment)

Mass/My Turn: Case for the pipeline

Jobs?? Ha! Yeah, for maybe a few months, and only if a few Greenfield residents happen to be in the local pipefitters union - I hear in PA these union members would often be from 2 hours away as they worked through various locations, they weren't local. And let's not forget the jobs that go away when half of Clarkdale's crop is destroyed so an ex-Enron billionaire can make a few more million before he heads to Hades. These are short-term jobs - show me an area where the economy has blossomed due to a natural gas pipeline and maybe I'll believe you, but this is all about exports (why else would they be building so over-capacity?) - Greenfield and Massachusetts are barely going to benefit, but we will be paying for both the construction and the inevitable clean-up costs while Kinder Morgan reaps all the foreign profits. Gee what a great deal! We are new to town but very much looking forward to next town council election to vote Mr. Mass out of office; his ideology blinds him to common sense and long-term thinking. He's not right for Greenfield, or the 21st century. I can't believe that any politician falls for this stuff these days with 150 years of fossil fuel slash-and-burn-business history to refer to; it's not that hard to figure out their business model is based on exploitation. Just look at Louisiana - oh how that state has just blossomed these past decades with all their pipelines... ...(full comment)

Mass/My Turn: Case for the pipeline

Here's a few more facts to chew on: Gas investments deliberately lobbied to insure that repairs to leaking pipelines that bilk ratepayers of of 1.5 BILLION dollars in gas every year, won't have to be fixed for twenty years. Gas investments gouged the area for prices on the spot market. Gas investments purchased Brayton Point and took it off line five weeks later. Gas investments purchased Northeast Utilities, so now Nstar provides all "information" about energy needs: they posted profits all during the merger, by the way. Gas investments reported that "companies were forced to close" during winter, when in fact a subsequently illegal program prearranged this as an incentive: this was the subject of litigation, but was mischaracterized in the news. Sorry folks, but business owners and well-meaning, but really uninformed individuals in our state, are really being duped big time, and the future for our state in all of this is quite grim. ...(full comment)

Mass/My Turn: Case for the pipeline

With exports, which is what this pipeline is all about, recoverable gas in the Marcellus will be gone in seven years . . . We subsidize this gas through enormous corporate welfare, they are exempt from Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Drinking Water, and Superfund legislation: that means we pay to clean up whatever nightmare of environmental mess they make, and they dismiss this saying "this can produce jobs" if "communities can organize" to clean up the environmental mess. Are these the kind of jobs we want for our children???? And now they want to leave us with a giant mess, take gas we've already paid for, and sell it for even more private profit. ...(full comment)

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. rejects Ashfield ban

Sadly you are missing a great many facts. The only study done to date indicated a regional need for the forseeable future of .6 bcf. The pipeline proposed for the northern half of our state is 2.2 bcf. That is considerably more gas than the region will ever use. AND there is another pipeline along our Eastern Seaboard that is 2.5 bcf. Then there is the expansion of the existing southern pipeline that seeks to increase: so we've moved from a "need" of .6bcf- yes, that's point six, to 5.0 bcf. There are also lateral pipelines planned all over this state, so that we become a shipping and holding grid for Marcellus gas. Extra radioactive Marcellus gas. (Resnikoff, 2012) They are trying to take more private property from Massachusetts than could ever be necessary for any actual need. 3000 part time jobs? The immediate costs to small businesses and families will be another giant wealth transfer to the .01%, and those jobs will cost everyone an enormous amount of money: especially given the effect on housing and property values all over state. Gas is not ever going to be cheap: we will pay billions now, and especially when we're competing with world markets for gas we already subsidize. (Yes, the Northeast is more populated, so we pay more to subsidize: but get gouged by gas investment interests) Here we go again! This case is being ginned up for that reason, and these pipelines are seeking to locate in ALL of our water areas. ...(full comment)

Mass/My Turn: Case for the pipeline

Helpers may carry objects. Cannot physically assist residents. ...(full comment)

Taking the stairs

As crazy as it sounds, many in the Muslim world believe that ISIS was created by the United States and Israel. For real. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Evil finds a new face

Hops growers are my heroes. You know I had a problem with mildew on my tomatoes. I didn't want to use any chemicals (I planned on eating them!). After scouring the web I finally found a great solution called No Powdery Mildew. I bought some here ...(full comment)

Hip hops

Great work, Walter! For those who don't know him well, may I say that "indolent lymphoma" is the ONLY way that Walter and the word indolent could ever possibly be connected. Much love, Paul ...(full comment)

200 cyclists raise at least $39,000 for BFMC cancer patients