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Problems, what problems? The only problem is that a DPH estimated 130,000+ people, most of whom do not have the space or ability to grow their own nor have a reliable black-market source (a person with a recommendation and who is carrying it is immune from prosecution) are being $h!t upon by bureaucrats who are functionally illiterate. The law clearly commanded DPH to have at least one 'dispensary' in each county already be registered by the end of last year and would have produce for sale months ago. The law clearly commanded the process of granting or denying a registration was to take 90 days from the DPH's receipt of a complete application and that process was to be fully developed within 120 days following January 1, 2013. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Twists and turns with medical pot

Kinder Morgan will also be sending representatives to a Northfield select board meeting-- tonight (Aug 19th) at 7:00 PM at PVRS. ...(full comment)

Conway to host pipeline meeting

Let us make this point, there never was a Palestine land. Read your history, no Arab country wanted the Palestinians in their countries. Israel should move the borders to the land they had at the end of the 67 war. With the exception of the Sinai peninsula since they made a lasting peace with Egypt. ...(full comment)

Letter: Focus on Israel

As a rather contented resident of the Weldon, with no particular ax to grind, I would like to point out several errors in the reporting of this story. The work will begin in late August...the height of the summer heat. While the might be only 2 wheelchair dependent, on the upper floors (where I live), quite a large number use wheeled walkers, lift walkers, canes and other mobility aids. There are also other reasons many tenants will be terribly limited by this necessary procedure. Not all disabilities that are visible or use supportive mobility aids cause walking many flights of stairs harmful, if not impossible. Additionally, I don't recall anyone mentioning go to live elsewhere for the duration, although this was proposed. The offering to have one...just one person, between business hours, will not be sufficient to assist over a hundred frail, elderly or otherwise disabled tenants I am a retired vocational rehabilitation professional, and I knew these things. ...(full comment)

Weldon residents to be without an elevator

Mr. Fiske, I was thinking the same thing !! where is all that extra money going? Why is it going to offset the state's pension fund? Seems the citizens of Ma. should be questioning this.. ...(full comment)

Letter: Consumer relief

Really, benches to help smokers keep smoking, so that those of us, who have either stopped, or never did smoke can get second hand smoke anyway, anywhere? There are towns that a banning smoking inside and outside, in all public places. I applaud them all. The Weldon is a non-smoking building. Thank Goodness. ...(full comment)

Letter: Smoking boundaries

My father was one of the 5 that survived ...(full comment)

Selectmen look for help to stem French King Bridge suicides

If I was the Israeli's, I would take over Gaza and the Golan Hts. until Hamas removes killing all Jews out of its charter. That is the only way of getting them to stop using children as armour. Plowshare Cathy seems to think Israel is at fault. Does she think the Christians in Iraq who lived there before any Muslim is at fault for living there and must either die or become a Muslim. The persecution of the Jewish state and the Jews by Muslims is a direct result of the alignment of Nazis with the Muslin brotherhood in the 30's and 40's. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Middle East missiles

The people of California are trying to reverse that expenditure of money. It would seem that the people who want to jump will find another place or another way. We have a phone on the bridge and other barriers on the bridge where I live. Foresthill Bridge 50+ in 40 years. With a state strapped for money it seems putting the money in mental health would be a better investment. I would not want someone walking out in front of me driving or hanging themselves or any other way of coming to there demise. These are people who need help not a barrier to send them somewhere else. People still climb over the barriers on the Foresthill bridge and jump/fall to there death. It will still happen on the Golden Gate even if they do install another barrier. Recently the Brooklyn bridge was assaulted at night and flags were changed with security on the bridge. People who are determined will succeed. It is sad, but they will find a way to accomplish their task. ...(full comment)

Selectmen look for help to stem French King Bridge suicides

I taught myself to kayak on this stretch about 35 years ago when I was 17 and have paddled it many many times ever since. After visiting artificial whitewater courses like the Olympic versions in Germany and England, I have always thought that the land between the canal and river would make an incredible whitewater park....just a dream. ...(full comment)

Watershed moment

I'll bet they taught you in journalism school to not use emotion-laden words like "terrorists" unless you were writing for a cheap propaganda sheet. I will further wager that if I were to drive you out of your home and make you live in a tent in your own backyard for the next 67 years that you would think that I, not you, was the real terrorist. Living in a tent in your backyard with limited resources, you would not enjoy an overwhelming superiority in ability to get your message across. Perhaps for the first 40 years, no one would listen to you. But then, around 1996, along comes the internet and even the humble Palestinian can have access to readers worldwide. Now your repetitions of the Israeli litany are starting to look like prostrating yourself before a false god. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Middle East missiles

For more information on exposure and the DVA read A Re-Analysis of Blue Water Navy Veterans and Agent Orange Exposure at www.bluewaternavy.org Perhaps the plight of the Vietnam Blue Water Navy Veterans who have died because of a DVA ruling on herbicide exposure should be considered wrongful deaths and be brought up on civil charges! Exposure to Agent Orange has been linked to numerous health problems, including non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, prostate cancer, Type II Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and other issues. In 1991, legislation was enacted that empowered the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to declare certain illnesses "presumptive" to exposure to Agent Orange and enabled Vietnam veterans to receive disability compensation for these related conditions. However, in 2002, the VA limited the authority of the Act to only those veterans who could provide orders for "boots on the ground" in Vietnam. As a result, veterans who served in the waters off the coast of Vietnam were forced to file individual claims with the VA to restore their benefits, which are then decided on a case-by-case basis. After 40 years the evidence needed for these Veterans to obtain benefits no longer exists. Please help correct this inequity. I urge you, the public, to communicate to Representative Jeff Miller R-FL, the Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, that HR 543, The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2013, now has 238 cosponsors. Call Phone: (202) 225-4136. This is enough for a discharge petition to force it to the House floor. This would be an embarrassing situation to this committee. After 14 years of being disenfranchised by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Blue Water Navy deserves its day on the House floor for a vote. The estimate is that 30,000 Veterans of the Blue Water Navy are being denied health care today. With the fiasco facing this nation with the deaths of Veterans in care of the DVA, let’s not add to the count. Please ask Representative Miller to bring forth this bill for a full vote of the House. ...(full comment)

Letter: Agent Orange

The title of this article is very misleading, because only 52% of climate scientists who responded to a survey by their association aqgreed that there is global warming that is caused by human activities. The other 48% disagreed with that opinion. The article itself is very good, but it is hard to give all of the information in a brief article like this. The actual science shows that CO2 is a very weak greenhouse gas, and it appears that the increases in CO2 have followed warming, rather than caused it. The warming that went on from the mid 19th century until the late 1990's can be regarded as recovery from the Little Ice Age. The Earth still has not gotten back to the warmth of the Medieval Warm Period, so we are a long way from being in a dangerous position. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Climate change denial