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Really, benches to help smokers keep smoking, so that those of us, who have either stopped, or never did smoke can get second hand smoke anyway, anywhere? There are towns that a banning smoking inside and outside, in all public places. I applaud them all. The Weldon is a non-smoking building. Thank Goodness. ...(full comment)

Letter: Smoking boundaries

My father was one of the 5 that survived ...(full comment)

Selectmen look for help to stem French King Bridge suicides

If I was the Israeli's, I would take over Gaza and the Golan Hts. until Hamas removes killing all Jews out of its charter. That is the only way of getting them to stop using children as armour. Plowshare Cathy seems to think Israel is at fault. Does she think the Christians in Iraq who lived there before any Muslim is at fault for living there and must either die or become a Muslim. The persecution of the Jewish state and the Jews by Muslims is a direct result of the alignment of Nazis with the Muslin brotherhood in the 30's and 40's. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Middle East missiles

This is such a wonderful event. ...(full comment)

Video: Family Fishing Day in Turners Falls

Wasn't it a child earlier? ...(full comment)

Person needs rescue from river

6.14.15 I am extremely pleased to know that there is a poet in out time extolling the virtues and clarifying the struggle of people under duress. March on Anika. Rodney Young ...(full comment)

Poet uses her voice to confront racism

Biomass is not good for mother Earth! Cleaner LNG is the best answer for New England. ...(full comment)

Letter: Biomass and Yankee

how about the current city subscribers? Upload and download speeds have been reduced to less than half original. ...(full comment)

Broadband for the rest of us? Towns look to Leverett

Nice article and great group of people to work with. Rammbutt racing not only have fun in what they do at demo's but also give back to the community, as the co-captian of the cash Crusaders I want to thank them for all they do. keep up the great work. ...(full comment)

Relay for Life

I agree with you too! ...(full comment)

Letter: Challenging Kulik

Beautiful! ...(full comment)

Orange tree sculptures bring dead wood to life

As a representative of union construction workers in Massachusetts, I am disapointed in your dismissal of thousands of good family supporting construction jobs that this project will create. To the workers like myself who decided to enter the construction industry and make it a career so that we could raise our families and have the opportunity to send our children to college, your dismissal of the extreme importance of good pipeline construction jobs to push your own extreme environmenal philosophy is wrong to us. Even as supporters of alternative energy our union and its members realize the permanent full time jobs you speak of are few and without the type of pay and benefits necessary to raise a family in Massachusetts. Good Jobs is always a relevant subject to support and all good construction jobs are temporary. Its what we chose to do and its what we will continue to support. In closing I love the environment. I fish, I hunt, and I hike. At the end of the day I need to be able to afford those activities and keep the lights on and stay warm in my home. NATURAL GAS is a no brainer. ...(full comment)

Amyot/My Turn: Pipeline politics

I disagree Naumkeag13. Big box stores generate traffic, which will help local businesses. Right now, that traffic is leaving Greenfield to shop in Hadley or Keene because we have no affordable options in Greenfield. That traffic is shopping, having dinner, and enjoying entertainment options in those other areas instead of Greenfield. In regards to the wages, most of the workers are young kids or 2nd jobs for people. Management positions pay a decent wage for those looking to advance. And only profits leave the area. Wages paid to workers stay here. Taxes paid to the state and town stay here. And many box stores donate substantial amounts of money to local programs, such as Greenfield Home Depot's recent generous donation to the Greenfield Minor League baseball program. Greenfield needs a discount retailer in town. We need the tax revenues. We need the jobs. We need the attraction. ...(full comment)

Mass wants big box store, new jobs, to tackle opioid problem