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That second quote by Mark Twain in my first comment should say, "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on." Again, thank you, Jason Grader. You put shoes on the truth. I hope everyone reads your letter. ...(full comment)

Letter: Defending the USPS

Its a good possibility that Deerfield Pulls out of the SCEMS ...(full comment)

Deerfield, SCEMS discuss second housing option; Whately not pleased

I totally agree. It is the first job of a newspaper to tell the truth, even when truth telling means standing against the fifty year attempt to roll back the New Deal and weaken the American working class. I don't know why anyone would ever use the corporate package delivery services Fedex or UPS. They charge about 50% more than the postal service and their package delivery is about 6 days slower. I was dismayed when I saw the column about alleged accounting losses of the USPS. I get both the Daily Hampshire Gazette and the Greenfield Recorder and generally speaking, I prefer the Recorder. That said, I'd like to share a few quotes with you that I hope you enjoy. They are all attributed to Mark Twain: "Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton;" "The truth can travel halfway around the world before the truth even has its shoes on." and "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." You did a great public service by writing your letter, Jason Grader. Keep plugging. ...(full comment)

Letter: Defending the USPS

There is so much misinformation in this letter, it's hard to know where to start. For one thing if you're going to criticize other people's intelligence it's helpful if you can write a complete sentence. Also if you're going to talk about what most Americans think, I suggest you look at some independent polling data – – by which I do not mean Fox News. ...(full comment)

Letter: The Obama mess

Amen! We are standing by for news of the ordination of women. ...(full comment)

Letter: Time to ordain women

Still enjoy reading your columns after all these years. U.Mass should have spent a few years studying how U.Conn made a very successful transition. I suspect we are never going to see a successful transition. We should have stayed 1AA and looked to be consistently in the top ten. U.NH is a great example with a truly great program and the same coach for many years. How about a article about father/ son handing down the valley sports tradation. Brett Gewanter directing his two boys Seth and Kade. Thanks, Ted Gewanter ...(full comment)

Keeping Score: Properly motivated

The DPU is staffed with career fossil fuel execs who are likely looking down the road at lucrative jobs after this stint working for the gas investments' industry while masquerading as "state regulators". These folks lack any ethical training whatsoever, and don't even care about the appearance of corruption any longer. Given the enormous monetary pot of gold (LNG exports from Canadian terminals) at the end of the faux necessity rainbow, you can bet they know how to butter their own bread: and screw any ethical consideration, or even legal obligations to citizens in MA. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Municipal power plan's denial shocking

The DPU is being monitored by our AG. The DPU is acting in an arbitrary manner to ensure that their own strange objectives are met. It appears they are not actually ptotecting or listening to Massachusetts rate payers. Their lack of transparancy is being monitored closely by the AG, as evidenced by the stern letter her office wrote FERC last week concerning the DPU's rush to judgement style on precedent agreements for gas company buy ins related the proposed NED pipeline. It is going to get dicey in Boston soon for the DPU. FYI: The DPU is sitting on a panel discussion in Boston 9/29 co-sponsored by Berkshire Gas's Counsel where Kinder Morgan will be the sole presenter on infrastructure, right before the DPU panel goes on. The DPU is rotten; they are under scrutiny. We, the rate payers, need to contact the AG at 617-727-2200 to let her office know that we do not abide and we need more help from her office since the DPU is going to great lengths to ensure higher costs for utilities for rate payers. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Municipal power plan's denial shocking

It seems to me to be well thought out and responsibly planned and carried out. While the tires may have been the best solution to the erosion problem years ago, given what we know today they need to be removed and replaced with something better, natural and non-toxic. ...(full comment)

Tire-some work: Hundreds of tires pulled from Greenfield river bank in Source to Sea Cleanup

Large deals like this will help drive the cost of paint protection film down and better the existing technology. With 3M and Xpel dominating the industry, I see this as a good thing. In the last 5 years nearly every car I have owned has had some sort of clear bra installed and as the industry gets larger hopefully it will find it's way on cars before they leave the factories. Although high end specialty installers like clearbraohio.com or folks like West Cost Customs will be on the forefront of how well these products perform and can recommend the best of the best. ...(full comment)

Georgia co. buys Argotec for $215M

A true public servant and impassioned advocate for this entire region! She is widely respected and serves from a very genuine concern for others that is refreshing in these times! ...(full comment)

Letter: We need Ricketts

Putting a plant in Europe might also be because wages are cheaper. If the Corporate tax rate does not change in the U.S. might the headquarters moving to say Ireland be better for the company? You never know how things will shake out where costs are a concern ...(full comment)

Editorial: Yankee Candles’ overseas plans

Thank you so much for the wonderful winter clothes - including socks and underwear! - for our two children, Sallie and Evelyn (Evie) Flynn. Yes: Every. Dollar. Counts. What a relief we don't need to find a new winter coat for either of them! We were quite flattered when your photographer asked to take Sallie's picture, but what a bonus thrill to find our beautiful daughter on the FRONT PAGE this morning! Thank you so much!! -Melissa and Sean Flynn ...(full comment)

‘Every dollar counts’: Warm the Children campaign ramps up to help 1,000 county kids