when teachers and administrators get paid that kind of money, is it any wonder why tuition is so much? This is were the injustice of pay is. These are the people saying that others are making to much. If her pay would have been half of that it would have still been too much. How much does a 4th grade teacher make, maybe one tenth and works much harder and teaches more hours in a week. The higher education system is a racket as long as the govt is involved in tuition. Just look what it cost in the 70's and the cost of labor and what the cost of an education and labor is now. One has gone up more than ten times. I am sure you can guess which one. Anyone in the higher education game has seen their salary go up at much higher rates than any other sector. Is it only because of the govt is behind the loans? Of course it is. If money was not so free and easy to get school would cost much less. Maybe getting the govt out of it the cost would come down in the future. ...(full comment)

Letter: ‘Economic injustice’

""LGBTQI"????? Time for a more accessible acronym..... ...(full comment)

New scholarship for LGBTQI students, allies

This sounds like a good plan Mr Baker, it is about time someone had the courage to address the homeless issues numerous people in Ma. face. We have many good families out there that are willing to work and have ended up homeless through no fault of their own. I would hope to see your office address the issue of move in costs for people looking to get into an apt., $1200.00 -$1800.00 + is way to much for families earning base rate wages. Single people can not survive in this day and age, they end up in a tent in the woods or are forced to take in room mates that sometimes are more trouble than they are worth. ...(full comment)

Local social service agency behind governor’s plan for homeless families in hotels

Nice to see changes coming to this quaint little town that I still call Home .. Martha Evans Delancy. Port St Lucie Florida ...(full comment)

New, but familiar

None of the turbines on Bakke Mountain have the serrated edges installed. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

I hope Bryon increases his observation of discretion. Joy in love is most deeply understood by others when it is sacred and solemn. I wish the very pinnacle of human love for Stan. He deserves deep peace. ...(full comment)

Sen. President Rosenberg plans to wed, partner says

I think it's great you guys are taking over. But if you get rid of the Keno you'll attract more people who will pay more for the food. Music, sports. but please, no Keno! ...(full comment)

New, but familiar

There is also a western MA group of white allies forming to support the #blacklivesmatter movement. There are many ways to be involved. We will be showing a video soon for people who are not on social media like facebook and twitter to be more informed about what is happening. email: ...(full comment)

“Black Lives Matter” event draws large crowd Saturday in Greenfield

Thanks for this essay. It offers an antidote to the knee-jerk refusal to contemplate any rational perspective to the Russians. The historical record cited here shows many factors intertwined in the Ukrainian conflict. To ignore history in the desire to score political points is one way to foster the conflict rather than resolve it. Political leaders often desire to foster conflict as a means of rousing their own bases and preserving their hold on power. That is as true of Kerry, et al., as it is of Putin. ...(full comment)

Doerner/My Turn: Russia’s defensive reaction ...(full comment)

Culleny: Eternity can wait

Gas investor hyperbole and expensive advertising are not facts. The U.S. still imports 1/3 of its fossil fuel consumption, (the ads says "America" and shows a flag . . . last time I looked, Canada and Mexico are still separate countries. . . . . .AND there is substantially less recoverable unconventional gas than expensive ads are telling us. It would be good to keep in mind that these extractive corporate entities are primarily concerned with money, . . . . . . . well production is known to decline rapidly after the first year in all but a few spots, so new wells, which are extremely expensive, must be drilled endlessly to stay even with demand in the U.S. . . . . that means more and more and more environmental damage, which isn't factored in. . . .exports will insure that we will be competing for our own gas, and bear all of the hidden costs to water and human life for generations to come. This is environmental suicide: it is also genocide. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline poison

There is a mix of accurate and sloppy history here. At Yalta, Roosevelt pretty much gave Stalin leave to occupy Eastern Europe after World War II which meant that Poland, Czechoslavakia, Rumania and other nations were doomed to suffer under a totalitarian Soviet regime. It is worth remembering that Stalin was a homicidal maniac who murdered or enslaved tens of millions of his own citizens. Putin, who formed a sinister alliance between the former KGB and the Russian Mafia to snatch power after the Cold War ended is made from the same mold. I find that the far-Left blames America with the same knee-jerk thoughtlessness that the far-Right uses to blame Obama. To further blame Russia's destruction of democracy in the Ukraine on the United States is ideological double talk at its worst. ...(full comment)

Doerner/My Turn: Russia’s defensive reaction

"Many of the project’s opponents have raised concerns over the past year that much of the gas that will flow through the $4 billion, 300-mile-long pipeline is destined for export, claiming the volume of gas that is expected to travel along the pipeline from the Midwest Marcellus shale reserves — estimated at about 2.2 billion cubic feet per day — far exceeds the amount of gas that could be consumed in New England." Let's check some facts, shall we? "Massachusetts' average daily natural gas consumption for January 2014 was 1.8 Bcf. However, illustrating the possibility for constraints, the report notes demand on January 3rd, 2014, for natural gas heating only was 2.2 Bcf." According to Tony Buxton, spokesperson and general counsel to the Coalition to Lower Energy Costs: "If you look at the numbers, on a cold day New England needs about 4.5 Bcf/d, just the residential and commercial heating needs. None of that goes for electricity," And this study was done before the Yankee nuclear power plant was shut down, eliminating a major source of electric power in New England. Joanne is always willing to sacrifice other people's health and comfort to be politically correct on environmental issues, and never seems to remember that her house is heated by natural gas. ...(full comment)

Deerfield will file federal negligence claim against FERC