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Kinder Morgan/Tennessee gas snuck into the community over a year and a half ago, leaving cards on folk's private property. There was no information to our elected officials for months. All the meetings Fore refers to were "check a box" formalities: no content; deceptive and disingenuous information. Maps submitted to FERC were decades old and do not reflect either the considerable population along the route. Thousands upon thousands of TBD's in the first submission: then the second one with maps that are so small they can't be seen or enlarged to provide information. Many people who should have been informed timely were not. They are gaming the entire process. And FERC is only in place to regulate the public: they will rubber stamp anything, and even reasonable requests for public health and safety are routinely denied: thousands of them all over the United States. Kinder Morgan is on two ends of the deal with "Liberty" gas in New Hampshire,; and they are conspiring with customers of their existing Southern pipeline route in Massachusetts as customers of another pipeline while aggressively marketing existing capacity OUT OF STATE in Connecticut. They, and FERC, are artificially segmenting this project, with the existing and proposed pipelines on separate dockets, as well as the docket to reverse an existing pipeline in Maine, and Pieridae LNG terminal in Nova Scotia is the clear destination, with the promise of eighteen quadrillion (yes that's what the paperwork states) dollars to "pipeline and fossil fuel companies" over a twenty year period. They have chosen routes calculated to do the most possible damage to conservation land, private property, water resources, and entire municipalities. They are using their advertising and community reach to spread lies: abject falsities. This gas is for export and the entirely undue enrichment of a billionaire cabal: and is an abject abuse of public trust, and theft of a U.S. asset. Atty Bonifaz correctly construes that this secretive and largely unknown change in law basically turns the U.S. into an extraction colony for the .01%. This is not about U.S. energy independence. This entire game among billionaires and money in government: private industry supposedly governing the public trust, will turn the U.S. into an extraction colony for the .01% and ANY asset can be sold off our of our nation to enrich the obscenely rich: WATER will be next. EVERYTHING will be commodified. These folks are amoral and hoarding wealth is already having a devastating impact all over the world. These folks have demonstrated, through their behavior in other regions all over the world that genocide is acceptable for profit, and that will be the consequence of what they are doing. We have gotten the message, through this ludicrous plan of placing large quantities of volatile, poisonous, unstable gas, in close proximity to massive live electricity, in flimsy, scrapmetal, pipelines purchased on the cheap from abroad, that human life is meaningless to them. We are fungible and they don't even record our numbers in their documentation to FERC, nor care to adequately document the lives that will be harmed. And FERC has demonstrated a clear pattern of abuse of the pubic time and again. Kinder Morgan, and its ENRON policies are simply there to bilk money from the U.S. to enrich a handful of individuals whose real commitment is to their Caymen Island accounts, no matter the harm to our nation, or its citizens. They are using the tactics here that they have honed over decades in other nations to strip out assets and pit groups against each other. ...(full comment)

Pipeline official grapples with criticism of project

Oops... So you bet wrong ...(full comment)

Potential health effects cause concern for some residents

About 2 miles from compressor site ... Where do you live? ...(full comment)

Potential health effects cause concern for some residents

I guess periodontists make more money than I would have thought. Hopefully getting these locations will help to improve his business. I'd hate to think that purchasing a business location like this could possibly hurt his livelihood. http://www.drleecolfer.com ...(full comment)

Arts Block, Pushkin have new owner; local periodontist outbids local developer for downtown buildings

And now according to RTO Insider, Iberdrola has withdrawn its UIL Acquisition. Berkshire Gas is, of course, one of UIL's holdings. I hope we get to see what the Connecticut Regulators have discovered. And, let's hope our Attorney General will get to the bottom of this corporate scam. ...(full comment)

AG Healey’s office to lead regional gas capacity study

That's my mom, always helping. Glad you got the recognition you deserve. And yes, she loves to tell people where to go !! In a nice way of course ! ...(full comment)

Hospital volunteer marks ruby anniversary

We don't have any shale to frack (we are lucky that way), so I don't see us banning fracking, but I would concur on a ban of fracked gas coming into our state! ...(full comment)

Letter: A cleaner future

Yes I agree with your views that the use of furniture can be done in various ways , but not only furniture we can make use of any new things too isn't it? Why can't you try for a product of Fire Place , which uses same things of furniture that is wood. Through which it can be make more attractive .You can have a look at it's trial version a href="http://www.chimneygenie.com/chimney-services/experts/"chimney expert nassau countya . ...(full comment)

‘The life of things says a lot’

This is VERY good news. It seems as though the burden of proof for why we should/shouldn't build these pipelines is squarely on the backs of those who are concerned that we will double the supply of fracked gas coming into New England in less than three years. A change that large deserves a lot of scrutiny...not just hand waving with "more supply = lower prices." We will have to pay for these pipelines and we shouldn't get stuck like we have with the Merrimack Scrubber. In fact, even the proponents for the pipeline projects freely admit that the first incremental addition of capacity will return the most value. I wish more of NH's political leaders would get involved with this issue! Good job, Massachusetts! ...(full comment)

AG Healey’s office to lead regional gas capacity study

Beacon field/Poet Seat Tower are the perfect locations for fireworks in the valley. Yes, this year did not disappoint. I have been at the "50 yardline" for years with friends and family and we all were like...."That is what it's supposed to be like"....."yeah"!!!! Too many are concerned about the fireworks not being on the 4th. I get the cost is greater. By having them after the 4th, many have the ability to see more displays in the area. Easthampton?Holyoke the week before and Amherst on the 4th. I say (and I rarely say this) BRAVO Greenfield! Great job Rec Dept. ...(full comment)

‘That was insane’

239 years later, look what we have. Sad. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Reason to celebrate since 1776

Kinder Morgan's behavior has been deceptive, disingenuous and disrespectful on every occasion where they have promised their form letter language, stating "open and transparent". Saying that doesn't make it true: in fact it's an Orwellian propaganda tactic. If their investors could see what we have experienced its a wonder they ever got any business at all. Northfield shouldn't waste time: there are resources that will be far more informative. ...(full comment)

Northfield rejects meeting with Kinder Morgan prior to scoping session

I feel so blessed to be a citizen of our fair Commonwealth, for so many reasons. March 5, 1770, five people were killed and and six other were injured in the "Boston Massacre". Eight British soldiers were charged with murder. Six were acquitted and two were found guilty of manslaughter. It was the first trial a judge used the phrase "reasonable doubt", the foundation of our criminal justice system. Who represented the British soldiers - John Adams Take pride my Massachusetts neighbors. As noted by our Senator Rosenberg, our state's history is one of "innovators, trendsetters and forward thinkers" Rob Wainstein 28 James St Greenfield, Ma ...(full comment)

Rosenberg/My Turn: Massachusetts helped lead the way