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I also notice that there is no help on the weekend's to carry things?...are not the residents going up and down the stairs then to? Schochet company is just to cheap to hire someone for the weekend to. ...(full comment)

Taking the stairs

at the human rights committee meeting.......legal services said that Schochet had to place residents in hotels during the repair of the elevator.....with the choice of the red roof in in south deerfield no wonder why the residents choose to stay in there apartments...what about greenfield hotels? the red rood in was the cheapest place?......the poor woman walking up the stairs in the photo ...where all the people who are hired to take things up to the apartments? guess no one was on duty then........Schochet company sounds like they have been band aiding this elevator for years and have no concern for safety of the elders and disabled residents for many years.......also what is masshousing the overseer of this development doing? not much like legal services said at the meeting residents are suppose to be placed at a hotel......... ...(full comment)

Taking the stairs

Yes, thanks. I used this talk by Amory Lovins (at 2.46 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsgrahFln0s&feature=youtu.be I should have written that Germany gets 25% of the power *it generates* from renewable sources. ...(full comment)

Keith/My Turn: Different calculations

Fuzzy math. Pure and simple. Middle class homeowners in this town are not beneficiaries of these "services" the Mayor refers to. We are however being priced out of living in this town because the burden of covering these services is being placed squarely on our back. Exciting times in Greenfield? Seriously? Apparently I am going to be missing them as I look for a part time job to cover the new and ever rising taxes that I am paying. While a new high school was needed it certainly did not need to be built on such a grand scale. I'm leaving my hometown as soon as possible providing I can sell my house to someone who can afford to live here. It may be a while. ...(full comment)

Greenfield’s latest tax bills reflect high school debt

This could be the first time in U.S. History that U.S. citizens, of any state, would be tariffed on their electricity bills to pay for a private profit pipeline. You will NOT see relief on your electricity bills any time soon: you will be paying every month for a gas pipeline: less the 1/4 of the gas shipped through that will benefit Massachusetts or the whole Northeast. The rest is going to "the Maritimes and Canada" (this from Kinder Morgan representatives) . . . so shipment abroad. If you think gas prices here will stay "cheap" you must be smoking some heavy stuff: Your electricity bill is going to go up, first to pay for the pipeline through a tariff, and then when have to compete with world markets for a resource that we already fund through massive federal subsidies and exemptions from all kinds of legislation and taxation. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline silence

Great place -- we have a wonderful time there and great burgers. Burgers are juicy, buns are fresh high quality and you can make them to order. Had the Mac Attack -- excellent!! They also have a great list of unique beers -- had the Blueberry Wheat Ale -- excellent!! They also have some special home-made desserts, too. Coconut cream pie was one of the best I have had at a restaurant...... Wish they had one of these in Amherst or South Deerfield (hint - hint), but for now we will have to go to Turners Falls to enjoy. ...(full comment)

Beef and chocolate

So let me get this straight: we should subsidize, through our electricity bills, an overbuilt, unnecessary pipeline that is clearly intended for export to the tune of billions of dollars, so that gas investments and the wealthy .01% can profit from gas that U.S. taxpayers subsidize through their taxes. Because that is the problem here. There will be a tariff to subsidize these, because the Northeast has no market for that much gas, and the so called "crisis" is being ginned up by gas investment interests to facilitate foreign sales- much more profitable for them: not good for us. The League of Women voter's study in New York states that if the Marcellus is opened to exports, recoverable gas could be gone in as few as seven years. Does this sound like a good investment to you? Further, if you read Bill Powell's book, "Cold, Hungry, and in the Dark" (2013) he, as a gas insider, gives a more realistic appraisal, backed by industry and government scholarship, about how investment interests have exaggerated claims about recoverable gas. I'm sorry that your information about this topic is so incomplete, and seems to be based on advertising and investor hype. A good source for information is MassPlan.org. if you take the time to read this, it might give you a more fulsome picture of what concerns are. And you also might want to contact Kinder Morgan about having a 36" high pressure gas pipeline installed right next to two sets of live, direct voltage electricity cables located right next to your house. You might have more empathy for the concerns of your neighbors if you could put yourself in that position ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

I am becoming increasingly concerned, as the day of "no elevators" draws closer, with the lack of coverage, and seemingly the lack of concern, along with the lack of pre-planning that what I see as a real looming problem, with possible deadly consequences, concerning this situation. Most of the tenants are not leaving the building. Actually I know of one. Some of the tenants have volunteered to help some of the others as well. How realistic this will be over time, I am not sure. I do know from my experiences and education with the frail elderly (before I was in this classification), as a well as other "labeled" groups that reside in HUD sponsored housing, such as The Weldon, that measures must be put in place prior to the need. Let's face facts...law suits after the fact will mean nothing. NOTHING! That is not a reason to withhold planning. Oh what if someone is helping someone and they fall...oh, they could sue the building? That is garbage. Law suits...if even filed, and find a lawyer, are predicated on "damages". This means, how much did the injury...or death, cost the injured party, or the survivors? There is no amount here...nothing, nada. Weldon tenants, most likely live on SS, and do not support anyone but themselves. So who is most likely to suffer financial hardship if the claimant were to be unable to provide income? No one. There is no compensation for death of an old person, or a person who does not earn a living. So the whole law suit thing is smoke and mirrors. Again, I say, the management of this building needs to provide much more coverage with more hours and honest ability to contact. Obviously, the management needs to dig in deeper...to their pockets, I mean. And the media needs to be made more aware of the pending problems before they have to cover funerals. ...(full comment)

Weldon residents to be without an elevator

Not to mention the noise from wind turbines and the birds that are killed by them. As for solar panels they are a health hazard to dispose of. it is nice to see someone has there eyes open when thinking about energy. ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

If the affordable health care plan was a good plan, it would not have the problems that has encumbered it. The question should be why are strokes happening to younger people? If there were not doctors or nurses would health care still be a "right"? The only rights one has in this country are in the constitution. ...(full comment)

Tolg/My Turn: My stroke made me think

4 Billion dollars to be paid for by all electricity rate payers. It started off as 2.5 Billion dollars a few months back. Massachusetts was initially supposed to get 54 Million dollars in tax revenue for this, now its down to 24 Million, but only when the pipeline is first built. The story that isn't getting out is that the Black and Veach study (and they are largely a gas investment interest) determined a current need of .6bcf . . . while this pipeline proposed is 2.5 bcf. There was NO follow up to the "low impact study" and instead this mammoth, overbuilt project, to be paid for by us, is proposed: to bring gas to proposed LNG terminals in Nova Scotia. Market changes are needed not a pipeline: a few purchases on the spot market are being used by gas investment interests to gin up a so-called "crisis", and gas investments have both the media dollars and political tentacles to try to do this. (And don't forget 1.5 billion dollars that ratepayers are bilked due to leaking pipelines: recent legislation says they have 30 YEARS to fix existing leaks . . . think that will happen any time soon?) Does anyone recall that we are still paying for The Big Dig to the tune of 22 billion dollars? That we won't be done paying for until 2038? Well, here we go again. Baker is running for Governor. He "helped" with investors for the Big Dig . . . which started off at 2.5 billion . . . whoa, and look how that load on our backs mushroomed. Now here comes another big fat infrastructure project that we'll have to pay for. A study by the league of women voters in NY speaks of "recoverable gas". If most of this gas is taken for export, the Marcellus could be exhausted in as little as seven years. This pipeline plan is ludicrous, and clearly intended to benefit the .01% with yet another big wealth transfer. That extra charge on every electricity bill is already growing: that means less money to local businesses and households. ...(full comment)

Questions remain after COG pipeline meeting

As a rather contented resident of the Weldon, with no particular ax to grind, I would like to point out several errors in the reporting of this story. The work will begin in late August...the height of the summer heat. While the might be only 2 wheelchair dependent, on the upper floors (where I live), quite a large number use wheeled walkers, lift walkers, canes and other mobility aids. There are also other reasons many tenants will be terribly limited by this necessary procedure. Not all disabilities that are visible or use supportive mobility aids cause walking many flights of stairs harmful, if not impossible. Additionally, I don't recall anyone mentioning go to live elsewhere for the duration, although this was proposed. The offering to have one...just one person, between business hours, will not be sufficient to assist over a hundred frail, elderly or otherwise disabled tenants I am a retired vocational rehabilitation professional, and I knew these things. ...(full comment)

Weldon residents to be without an elevator

Mr. Fiske, I was thinking the same thing !! where is all that extra money going? Why is it going to offset the state's pension fund? Seems the citizens of Ma. should be questioning this.. ...(full comment)

Letter: Consumer relief