After receiving a nearly $200,000 tax break from the Mayor and the Town Council, which I understood from an earlier article opens the door for another possible tax break from the State, Robert Cartelli responds by pointedly thanking only those that favored the tax break, and publicly attacking those who opposed it as not being 'business friendly' and 'lacking vision'. A lot of people in town have a vision, too, a vision of a Greenfield that doesn’t raise property taxes every year, a vision of living in a Town that doesn't have the second highest property tax rate in the State of Massachusetts, a vision of goods and services, including new cars, being more affordable if homeowners could get a break and we all owed less in real estate taxes. I'm really taken aback that the response to this largesse from the Town was anything more than, "Thank you so much! I really appreciate what you just did for me!" ...(full comment)

Letter: Growing Greenfield

Yep, Berkshire Gas is Spanish-Owned, Iberdrola. Gas is going for almost 7 bucks in Europe, half that here. They want that fracked gas pumped export it to Europe on New England's back, on our dime, through our yards. The pipeline is a multi-state transmission line, not an answer to the (fake) moratorium created to make you think we need it. And, jobs for pipeliners are going to be taken by union guys with campers who travel the US doing it when a job is posted. They will not pay for much besides beer and drugs and coffee and unsavory ladies for hire. They will sleep in campers and they won't be from here. ...(full comment)

Letter: Protecting our valley

But what's the point of attracting new businesses to Greenfield if they all get big tax breaks, as you are suggesting? "Business-friendly" does not mean Greenfield residents need to "give away the store," so-to-speak. That's a race to the bottom, and taxes in Greenfield are already ridiculous due in part to all these exemptions, abatements and giveaways. And it's not like Ford could just pick up and move to a neighboring town; there's only so many advantageous places for a car dealership to locate, and Greenfield gets the most traffic in Franklin County. Not to mention they've been there for 50+ years, employing people all along, so why the need for the tax break now? Frankly I don't see what the point was. As a reward for renovating? Good, can residents get one if they upgrade their houses, too? ...(full comment)

Letter: Growing Greenfield

The people who have solar and want to sell the energy they do not use should also pay for the upkeep of the grid they are using to send their power back. If you are using the electrical grid you need to pay your share just as the customers of the power companies do. ...(full comment)

Lash/Column: Generate more solar

I think the federal government should withhold all tax dollars to all states, cities and other entities who do not follow the laws. When you pick and choose which to follow, at some point someone will say we will not enforce the law for (pick one) murder, robbery , embezzlement or even rape. I don't think it is " If you don't like a law don't enforce it", it is change it. ...(full comment)

How should the US control immigration?

The key words are "old pipelines" . . . likely better made and of less toxicity in terms of what they carried. ...(full comment)

Certain wildlife species could benefit from pipeline, while others suffer

Anyone familiar with multiflora rose, bittersweet, and nettle knows this will proliferate in these areas. And glyphosate as well as other deadly chemicals will be used (in yards, over farmland and wetlands) for week control. Pipelines carry something VERY different these days, and antique pipelines may have carried a far more benign substance that what is sold as "natural" gas but is riddled with radioactivity (Marcellus gas is high in this) and the poisons used in gas extraction. ...(full comment)

Certain wildlife species could benefit from pipeline, while others suffer

I've lived in Greenfield for ten years but am ashamed to say that I'm not fully informed on this. Nevertheless, it seems to me we're not talking about Route 9 in Hadley. This is an isolated gravel pit in a town which is supposed to be the commercial center of Franklin County and which has nothing to compete with a Walmart. How many would not travel to Hadley, Brattleboro or Keene if there were simply a Walmart and some associated commercial space at this spot. It's too easy to cry, "liberal elitist". Too easy. Death penalty appeals are more efficient than this has been. ...(full comment)

Big box proponents can send comments to court

The Chamber, locally and nationally, stands for nothing and is basically in lock step with ALEC legislation, coordinated nationwide against the nature and principles of Democracy. Kinder Morgan's plans for an especially dangerous pipeline that wlll leak radioactive gas, along with neuro toxins, endocrine disruptors, and a very long list of other poisons used in fracking AND this will be located around and under live, high voltage, direct current electricity cables, real estate values will plummet in this area . . . (also, since pipeline explosions are occurring at about one a day, also leaks) . . . the public is becoming more informed about the deadly contents of these pipelines, the shoddy practices in their construction, and the abject lack of safety concern. So, given all that, the knuckledraggers who will believe anything a giant for-profit company says, will see this area destroyed, and economically ruined: and not one of them has asked any questions: they are only following orders and absorbing highly paid advertising. They don't base their opinions on objective facts or analysis . . . just a systemic push to go along. As long as they smell money for themselves today, tommorrow be damned. and it will be. As residents flee surrounding towns, or see a drop in their life savings, higher taxes to pay for the damage and burden, there will be a whole lot less money to go to small local businesses, and no one is going to be supporting the chamber except Kinder Morgan . . . the Chamber isn't bothering to ask questions or promote discussion. They made up their collective undifferentiated mind uncritically, and have done nothing to stand with the folks who live here. Kinder Morgan reminds us that they have been in operation in this state for years. (actually less than a handful- they bought TGP in a deal that was already seamy) . . . note they only joined the Chamber to sell. Amazing what dupes greed makes of folks. Exports will mean that we NEVER get a break . . . it is now as cheap as it will ever be: once the pipeline is in, we will have to pay for it, and gas will get more expensive: especially since it is already past peak. Do any of these Chambers read? Or study? No. And they are past their usefulness. ...(full comment)

Letter: Kinder Morgan’s infiltration

I have no idea were you have found your facts, but those are not the facts. You need to do a massive amount of research. Japan was not negotiating a surrender with Russia. You should try and find out when Russia started to attack Japan. The US did not want Russia to get involved then. We wanted them to help in 43 and 44. The bombs were dropped so we would not have to invade by sea like we did in Normandy. The estimates of deaths for an invasion was put at or more than 1 million US and British, Australian and Canadian troops. Life expectancy of the first wave was 90% casualties in the first 36 hours. After the first bomb the Japanese were not going to surrender and only after the 2nd one was the Emperor persuaded to surrender and that may have not done it really. The Russians DECLARED war on Japan a few days after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped. So how could Japan be negotiating with them? Oops you have a bad fact. The Us did not want Russia's help, because Japan could not go on the offense. The Japanese Army in China did not have top equipment after the years of battle. Russia was only interested in a land grab, and to help the Chinese commies to take over China and be in there sphere of influence. They did take the Sakhalin Islands from Japan. Yes it might have been Russia entering the war that brought them to end the war. They feared how ruthless Stalin was. If you think dropping the bomb was or had no military value, would that not hold true for the fire bombing of Tokyo or the bombing of Dresden? Most of the issues you bring up is for the states to deal with not the federal government. We probably should not upgrade our nukes. If this deal with Iran goes through we should put that money in a ABM or laser system to destroy the future Iranian ICBM's.Oh yeah, they will use them. ...(full comment)

Hynes/My Turn: A fatal decision’s legacy

It saddens me to read your response that discounts the dangerous situation presented by means of deflection and redirection. Your speculatiin about the danger of other breeds does not address the actual dangerous situation occurring for these mail carriers. To suggest that all breeds present the same danger in an attempt to give credence to your comparison to human "racism" and that all dogs are created equal is anthromorphism at its worst. The very nature of specific dog breeds is to attain specific stereotypes otherwise known as breed standards. Other breeds are surely as or more aggressive than pit bulls the lovers of those breeds do not deny their breed of choice aggressive nature. Tbey do not deny the negative traits but whole heartedly acknowledge, accept and are prepared to manage the stereotype that is their pet of a specific breed. You yourself accept inherent traits but go astray in assuming negative behavior is trained and not innate within the breed. ...(full comment)

Aggressive dog inconveniences neighbors

It saddens me to read such "racism" about dog breeds. Any breed of dog has the potentail to be a danger to society. If we are to even consider putting a "ban" on "dangerous dog breeds" we should not allow dogs at all within city/town limits. All dogs will protect their home and their family if provoked. Dogs are not born aggressive, they are trained. ...(full comment)

Aggressive dog inconveniences neighbors

Maybe it is time for area towns to think about banning or placing limits on these dangerous breeds. To own a gun there are rules. Ask your self are more people injured by dangerous breed dogs or guns. Dangerous breed dogs by far. Does a child have to be seriously injured or killed before something is done about pit bulls? ...(full comment)

Aggressive dog inconveniences neighbors