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So let me get this straight: we should subsidize, through our electricity bills, an overbuilt, unnecessary pipeline that is clearly intended for export to the tune of billions of dollars, so that gas investments and the wealthy .01% can profit from gas that U.S. taxpayers subsidize through their taxes. Because that is the problem here. There will be a tariff to subsidize these, because the Northeast has no market for that much gas, and the so called "crisis" is being ginned up by gas investment interests to facilitate foreign sales- much more profitable for them: not good for us. The League of Women voter's study in New York states that if the Marcellus is opened to exports, recoverable gas could be gone in as few as seven years. Does this sound like a good investment to you? Further, if you read Bill Powell's book, "Cold, Hungry, and in the Dark" (2013) he, as a gas insider, gives a more realistic appraisal, backed by industry and government scholarship, about how investment interests have exaggerated claims about recoverable gas. I'm sorry that your information about this topic is so incomplete, and seems to be based on advertising and investor hype. A good source for information is if you take the time to read this, it might give you a more fulsome picture of what concerns are. And you also might want to contact Kinder Morgan about having a 36" high pressure gas pipeline installed right next to two sets of live, direct voltage electricity cables located right next to your house. You might have more empathy for the concerns of your neighbors if you could put yourself in that position ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

Not to mention the noise from wind turbines and the birds that are killed by them. As for solar panels they are a health hazard to dispose of. it is nice to see someone has there eyes open when thinking about energy. ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

If the affordable health care plan was a good plan, it would not have the problems that has encumbered it. The question should be why are strokes happening to younger people? If there were not doctors or nurses would health care still be a "right"? The only rights one has in this country are in the constitution. ...(full comment)

Tolg/My Turn: My stroke made me think

el articulo de Alice Pemberton ...(full comment)

Encores & Curtain Calls: 'She's really got it!'

Monday evening: 7 p.m. Ashfield Town Hall, 6/23 ...(full comment)

Pipeline ban, community rights on Ashfield town meeting agenda

Thanks, please add colon to web address : ...(full comment)

Letter: Do a proper analysis

Does it say what day that is? ...(full comment)

Pipeline ban, community rights on Ashfield town meeting agenda

Nice article! About the cracks on "Sitting Rock," I think they are cooling fractures. If so, they formed the same way mudcracks form, as the basaltic lava cooled it contracted, forming shrinkage cracks. This process also creates the columnar jointing seen in the basalt all along the Mount Tom Range. ...(full comment)

On the trail: Shell, stone

Once again our idiots in Boston have shown their lack of concern for the people they are supposed to represent. I guess that the people of Massachusetts are getting just what they deserve for voting in a bunch of Obama think-a-likes. Of course boss Patrick will support this stupidity. I can only hope that the people of what used to be a great state eventually wake up. ...(full comment)

Mass. gun bill advances after close committee vote

This is such a wonderful event. ...(full comment)

Video: Family Fishing Day in Turners Falls

Wasn't it a child earlier? ...(full comment)

Person needs rescue from river

6.14.15 I am extremely pleased to know that there is a poet in out time extolling the virtues and clarifying the struggle of people under duress. March on Anika. Rodney Young ...(full comment)

Poet uses her voice to confront racism

Biomass is not good for mother Earth! Cleaner LNG is the best answer for New England. ...(full comment)

Letter: Biomass and Yankee