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Getting to the final four of the state tournament was a terrific showing for this team. They should have had the opportunity to play one more game but winning two games against teams from larger areas and almost making the finals was a tremendous run. Driving back and forth to Sudbury may have been tiring but these kids left it all on the field. They were a pleasure to watch and the town should honor their, and the Junior Legion's efforts. ...(full comment)

Post 81 reaches end of road, 4-3

This is an excellent article.. and it sounds hopeful that our environment and state forests will continue to be protected and a blessed part of our homes. I am thankful for our Commonwealth and voices being heard. I recorded the rally in Boston through the facilities of Greenfield Community Television. The full video is posted Online: http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=T00887&video=204935 ...(full comment)

Rally reaches Statehouse

I think a FULL audit should be done on where the money is really going in this town. How is it possible that with having a court house and jail as well as the industrial park and car dealerships (which some had gone out of business due to rising taxes in this town) as well as so many other businesses in this town, and be on the top highest taxes being paid for home owners in the STATE!!? The town needs to look at the job performance of this mayor and how costly he has been, especially to those that live pay check to pay check or live on social security or retirement. As far as the towns vibrancy and excitement... being on the news every other day for all the drugs and heroin going around town isn't something to be proud of. It's becoming more of an embarrassment when you say you live in Greenfield now and people comment on it being a drug town that they are afraid to go to and would not want their children to go to school here. ...(full comment)

Greenfield’s latest tax bills reflect high school debt

While I share your frustration with the continuing deteriorating situation in the Middle East, please recall that the US withdraw from Iraq was the result of the Status of Forces Agreement signed by the Bush administration. Obama became president after that agreement was signed. The current sectarian stiff we are witnessing is rooted in centuries old tribal and ethnic differences. There's very little the US can do to change that. In my opinion, it was the Bush administration's ill advised invasion that created the current hornet's nest. ...(full comment)

Letter: Foreign policy failure

I would like to see elephants protected. I would like to see severe penalties for harming them in any way. African Elephants have been living and dying for at least 3.5 million years. Left unmolested, they live about 70 years on average. Habitat loss is the single biggest threat to their continued existence. Elephant ivory is being smashed and incinerated all over the world these days. Some genius decided that that would dissuade poachers from killing elephants. Why wouldn't the recovered, poached ivory be sold at auction and the proceeds be used to pay people to protect the living elephants? When ivory and objects which have been artfully carved from ivory, or inlaid with ivory are burned or smashed, the Elephants which grew them are not restored to life. No one is protected by that additional destruction. The effect is simply the diminution of the supply of ivory which is not attached to living elephants. I am willing to entertain the idea that this policy is based on good intentions, but It seems clear to me that it is, in fact, counter-productive. I suspect that there are those behind the current campaign to destroy the stockpiles who may have ulterior motives. If it was designed to lead to the extinction of elephants in the wild, it seems likely to succeed. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Ivory ban enforcement hits sour note

The hearing on the MIAA bill will be held on Thursday, July 10th at 10:00 am in Room A-2 at the State House. ...(full comment)

In the Arena: Playing hardball with the MIAA

Having read the documents posted: and I encourage everyone to do so: there is a distressing emphasis on shareholder ROI, and no discussion of the impacts of these decisions on ratepayers, other than as an obstacle to be gotten around. It is extremely concerning that gas investment lawyers are being used to strategize on how to overcome existing policies and standards, and perhaps even laws. With much reassurance from the gas investment entities that "these won't be a problem". Actually, its heartbreaking. "The court of public opinion" they so fear is the rule of law, the role of government and appointed leaders, and the public's expectations of integrity and representation. Apparently, this is an inconvenient hurdle to massive profits and citizen concerns, ratepayer concerns, are just something to be gotten around. This is a betrayal of the whole notion of "for the people" and its clear that "the peasantry" is viewed as inconvenient to the plans of state government collusion with private investor interests. These documents make it clear that our state leadership view citizens, laws, and protections as "inconvenient ...(full comment)

Watchdog: States too cozy with gas companies

Dr. den Ouden has shown a bright light on our foreign policy blind spot. Democracy requires a long and difficult maturation process; it cannot be surgically implanted like a new heart into an unconscious patient. Sadly, the majority of the people of Iraq aren't ready. Given that we continue to make the same mistake, perhaps we should wonder who benefits from these disasters. ...(full comment)

den Ouden/My Turn: Iraq’s people must choose

"What greater good is there than the preservation of our natural resources"- Jane Shaney Well said! ...(full comment)

Ashfield joins gas pipeline opposition

Dear Joe, PTSD can be thought of as a normal human response to abnormal and tragic human experiences. You served your country, and part of that was being put in the position of witnessing violence, tragedy, and the suffering of human beings, while fearing for your own and your friends safety. Bless you for all you did on behalf of your nation, and the profound losses that attend such service. Safe travels, and loving wishes for healing and well-being. Hope you have a wonderful journey, and feel contained and supported in the land that you have served. May the beauty of the trail, and the simplicity of the journey restore your soul and nurture you. And thanks to your family too. ...(full comment)

Halfway to home

el articulo de Alice Pemberton ...(full comment)

Encores & Curtain Calls: 'She's really got it!'

Monday evening: 7 p.m. Ashfield Town Hall, 6/23 ...(full comment)

Pipeline ban, community rights on Ashfield town meeting agenda

Thanks, please add colon to web address : https://www.facebook.com/TJusticeFC ...(full comment)

Letter: Do a proper analysis