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I thought Park Villa and Redbrook were "owned" by the Montague Housing Authority---and managed by Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Were Martin and Pyers in the Affordable Housing industry as well as regional development? If someone wanted to review the funding for those two housing developments, i.e., public records...where might they be, with the Department of Housing and Community Development now? Or was Federal funding involved (HUD)? ...(full comment)

Economic development director on paid administrative leave

This letter from Berkshire Gas doesn't seem credible. And in the Boston Globe this morning, there is further substantiation of the leak issue: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/01/22/natural-gas-leaks-boston-area-are-far-more-extensive-than-thought/5BykQrnaGRr2XLtxpHqLIM/story.html ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas: Necessary information

Berkshire Gas is well aware of the substantial harm to conservation and private land, and the toll this will take on small towns, and private homeowners in Massachusetts. They are making huge case based on thin evidence, never mind forcing hundreds of citizens in Massachusetts to live in 1000 ft. blast zones, with chemicals leaking into water and soil, and billions of feet of volatile unconventional gas under high pressure in the least safe pipeline flowing adjacent to, or under live, high voltage electricity cables- all day, every day. The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline is 84% over even the questionably high capacity of the state's study. That gas is for export: none of it will benefit this region, but may line the pockets of Berkshire gas. Berkshire gas clearly cares more about being part of the feeding frenzy for export dolllars than the community and state it purports to serve. Ms. Eisemen is a scholarly and articulate woman who is advocating for a just and humane concern. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas: Necessary information

Waksman has been rewriting the science of vinyl records here. That's too bad, because he had some useful info too. HOWEVER, stereo LPs good NOT come about by adding a second set of grooves and a second needle as Waksman said. Instead, grooves and the needle/cartridge apparatus were adapted so that one channel registers in up/down motions and the other in backhand forth motion. It's even a bit more complex than that, but there is ONE needle and ONE groove. ...(full comment)

What the heck is an album & why would I want one?

My grandparents were actually married for 62 years. Amazing! ...(full comment)

Northfield’s oldest resident presented Boston Post cane

Don't mind sharing the joy with the rail fans but, whats this “I hate the bus,”. The train will never meet our public transportation needs as well or economically as the bus ! Riding the bus is like a stroll though your neighborhood. And the the routes can be changed to meet local demands way easier. Please reconsider your view of a local treasure. ...(full comment)

Ticket to ride: Greenfield transplant looks forward to hopping train home from New York

And what happens if they * don't * add those 50 jobs? Where is the oversight/enforcement? Remember what happened with that company in Orange, who didn't even bother to respond when the town asked about their job creation after they received a tax break. And if they don't get the tax break, is it really plausible that they'd get up and move all these properties they've invested in? It'd probably cost them more to do that than they'd get in the tax reduction. I'm becoming very weary of this routine...and I especially feel this way after reviewing our ridiculous residential property tax bill for 2015.... ...(full comment)

Argotec seeks tax break for adding jobs

“With past recoveries, we’re used to having enough revenues to make up for previous cuts during recessions, ma href="http://www.usa.topstories.me"aaybe add a little to programs here and there. I don’t think that’s going to be the case with this recovery, and maybe never again,” said Widmer. ...(full comment)

‘New reality’ looms for state’s economy

What time?! ...(full comment)

Greenfield Winter Farmers Market Saturday

Now if I could only get a commute to Enfield CT. ...(full comment)

Greenfield train draws happy crowd

As an avid fisherman, I am extremely happy to hear about the potential revamping of Highland pond. As a youth, I fished a few derbies there and had a blast. In the past few years I have brought my young cousins and a friends kid there and had good luck fishing. One caught a 3.5 pound bass! From an anglers perspective: weeds are NOT a bad thing. It gives small minnows a place to hide from predators so they can grow, and also provides fish an ambush point to feed. You may be tempted to remove the weeds to make it easier for children to fish, but you hurt the sustainability of the population of fish. I believe when I was young there was trout stocked in the pond, but the shallow pond gets warm in the summer and a warm water species would flourish there. My recommendation would be primarily smallmouth and largemouth bass, bluegill, etc. The only other thing i would think needs to hapen to make the pond more enjoyable for spring-fall fishing is more access around the pond. Currently there is only a few places a child can cast from because all the bushes and tall grass that grow around pond. Excellent Idea Mayor! ...(full comment)

Two task forces will look to revive two Greenfield landmarks

Be nice to get the pond in Highland Park cleaned up and functional. With the passenger train coming through now it be a like a revival to how things used to be. Speaking of the train my Mother used to tell me how she would take the train from Turners to Bay Path College when she went to school. John Spencer Northampton ...(full comment)

Two task forces will look to revive two Greenfield landmarks

This is a done deal. What is this notice going to do. All step's are all done!!?? ...(full comment)

Greenfield, Northampton co-op banks seek to merge