At a time when many folks in Northern MA were devastated by news of a proposed pipeline, Denise Andrews was engaged immediately, advocating for MA residents, marching with us, willing to listen, and to make the time to be at countless events. Her opponent may be locally supportive, but Denise immediately took action on behalf of the entire district and was present for all events: and she spoke eloquently on behalf of MA citizens at significant events raising awareness. She was interested and encouraged people to share information with her. She didn't deserve the smear campaign before the election. It was impressive to see how interested, attentive, and responsive Ms. Andrews was. If this is a "blowtorch" that's what we should all have from our representatives. ...(full comment)

Andrews, Whipps Lee talk jobs, pipeline, hunting in debate

Maura Healey has a genuine concern for the citizens of Massachusetts: not investment interests or Saudi Arabian legal concerns, and her devotion to the citizens of the commonwealth who work hard and play fair is palpable. This is an amazing candidate: vibrant and with devoted energy for us, and fine legal skills she will bring to the Attorney General's office. Martha Coakley deserves much credit in hiring a stellar and gifted attorney for the A.G.'s office, and taking on cases the public doesn't always hear about. For example, years ago, Charlie Baker shelved the Americans with Disabilities Act in Massachusetts: Martha Coakley brought it forward and saw it through. She has also gone after lending fraud in Massachusetts and defended homeowner's in unfair disputes with unscrupulous mortgage companies. . . the list goes on. Local residents may need to be reminded that Charlie Baker was in charge of "investors" for the Big Dig (initial estimate of 2.5 billion, that mushroomed into a 22 billion dollar morass of corruption and even death for one unfortunate MA citizen. . . which MA will be paying for until 2038 through department of transportation costs. He may be past it, but for those of us who remember, that was a bitter pill to swallow, and this harmed our communities profoundly. Most of us remember that the Big Dig nearly bankrupted Western, MA as funds and austerity programs orchestrated under Baker's leadership syphoned off money from our local communities. His wealthy investor pals likely made out rawtha well. Recently, Mr. Baker has had private fundraisers with Republican Party elites and former governors. He has a nearly limitless bankroll for campaigning: subsidized by the .01% who also back Mitt Romney. His big plan of "reforming" "welfare fraud" has been used these last forty or so years, to syphon money from state programs that benefit everyone, mostly working people, or those who would like to be working but get outsourced. Wealth inequality is tanking our economy, and Charlie is here looking for another investor feeding frenzy. Many people are still suffering from his efforts last time, and without taking responsibility himself, he wants to shame and excoriate the many folks whose lives were adversely affected by his last involvement in government. So please vote for candidates who want to represent MA citizens, not pillage Massachusetts to line their already bulging wallets. We have a great team, and Maura and Martha will serve Massachusetts citizens' real interests. It's time to level the playing field for those of us who have worked hard in our communities. ...(full comment)

Healey hears from opioid task force

This looks like another excellent opportunity for women to step up, run for office, and put the old horses out to pasture. ...(full comment)

Hawley voters end bitter town meeting early

The Precinct 7/ Community Relations and Education Committee Community Forum WILL BE HELD ON Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 6:00 pm at the Robbins Memorial Church at 55 Munson St. The date noted in the Recorder is incorrect. Kathryn J. Scott, Administrative Assistant To the Town Council Clerk Town of Greenfield (413) 772-1555 x 113 ...(full comment)

Forum to discuss increase of Munson Street traffic tonight

We will be paying for the Big Dig until 2038. What began as a 2.5 billion dollar proposal mushroomed into a 22 billion dollar nightmare and "investments" in this were managed by Charlie Baker. This devastated communities all over the state as necessary funds were syphonned from local communities and diverted to this project. This was an enormous wealth transfer from Massachusetts citizens to private investors. We, as a state, are located between the Marcellus shale and the coast: we also have abundant water. If MA voters aren't smart, we are going to become the shipping grid for radioactive, chemically toxic Marcellus gas, and our water will be commodified and sold elsewhere in the years to come: this is happening in other places around the country whenever the radical GOP is in office; any work on our behalf will cease entirely. Whatever the public discussion is in order to get elected, that is the agenda. Socialize the costs: privatize profit. In other words: take as much of your money as possible so the obscenely wealthy can have more. ...(full comment)

Editorial: What’s the plan for western Mass.?

We drove by it, too. Pretty amazing sight! ...(full comment)

Hot air balloon makes emergency landing on I-91

Green power is expensive, isn't it! Expect $500 a month electric bills in a few years. We've been taken over by the enviro-nazis. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

Its the usual game, create a crisis and then you get what you want from the people. Its as old as the hills... ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

And yet, we had threeTRILLION dollars to spend on the Iraq War. And our military budgets dwarfs all other nations combined. The money is there to erase hunger. Unfortunately so is the immoral greed and distorted priorities. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Growing hunger crisis

And burrecd, you are soooooo spot on! ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

Enron playbook being used to gin up "crisis" for gas investments. Not ONE of these companies has cited the much cooler summer this year, where demand for electricity to use for air conditioning was low and we all received notices saying there was less demand for electricity. So they will make up for that this winter. This is all about gouging as much money as possible from the working public so that investors line their pockets. DPU isn't representing ratepayers any longer and neither is FERC: investors only. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

After reading this article and hearing from parents of children who attend Gill School, I have to wonder why there are so many behavioral issues resulting in discipline and suspensions directly related to playground interactions. My strong suggestion is that respect, responsibility, and cooperation are not being taught in the classroom which should carry over to all activities outside those four walls. I would encourage the Administration to investigate the behavioral program PBIS which teaches those very qualities through positive reinforcement. As I teach in a school that implemented the PBIS system five years ago I can honestly say that it is an amazing preprogram that produces amazing and positive results. It requires time, 100% by-in by the staff, and a dismantling of dated theories concerning acceptable, positive behavior. What is taught and reinforced by the everyone involved in the education of each child has been a resounding success resulting in a substantial decrease in disciplinary issues at my school and within my school district. As far as the students singing for their lunch, I can only say, wow. I was immediately reminded of Dicken's novel. How antiquated and demeaning. Children need that opportunity to interact as well as eat in a far less restrictive environment than what the Gill School is allowing. Very sad. For the sake of the children please take a serious look into the PBIS program. ...(full comment)

Gill Elementary begins ‘teaching recess’

Isn't this convenient timing for Kinder Morgan's campaign for an export pipeline...smells fishy. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%