To think schooling our children is Government mandated! Why are there always cuts instead of ways to earn. Cutting jobs and the livelihood of our locals should be the last thing on the table. Open a restaurant, start a clothing line,... use your noodle. Did you really go to college? ...(full comment)

Gill-Montague School District plans cuts

Not exactly an abominable snowfall, but a tasty visual treat nonetheless! ...(full comment)

Winter storm Juno: A Robot’s Tale

Waste of town monies that could be much better utilized. Why in the world would the town demoloish an existing downtown location behind the town hall and throw money at leasing a space that has been determined uninhabitable due to structural breakdown. #Gimme-A-Break ...(full comment)

Greenfield considers small police substation

Adam is a great mechanic and a hard worker! It is wonderful to see a young couple with energy and enthusiasm, start a business! ...(full comment)

Conway’s Sunset Garage changes hands after three decades

Very well said by all. Fear and ignorance, intolerance and hate...are the antithesis of creation. Freedom of expression, and the society that celebrates such a concept...can heal, unite, and lead us to a better world. Words and pictures are not the enemy---neither are the millions of ideas and thousands of beliefs we find foreign. Art, music, poetry, dance, drama, the written word---and any other form of self-expression...bring us closer to ourselves and each other. ...(full comment)

Local cartoonists react to Paris massacre at Charlie Hebdo

Well, it looks like this business will be in good hands. Glad the Johnson family is " keeping it local". Good luck to them all and I hope it florishes. ...(full comment)

Conway’s Sunset Garage changes hands after three decades

Please ... I think you need to look up the definition of "empathize" ...(full comment)

Letter: Adapting to change

Steve, Kathy, and the kids, shared in many different aspects of my family over the years. Steve and my brother doing a radio show, Kathy and her son at Bucky Ball, and whenever I needed flowers in the area I would give them a call. I will miss Fairview Gardens, such a staple of the small town New England feel of Northfield, but wish Steve and Kathy great success in their new endeavors! Colleen McGuane ...(full comment)

Northfield loses flower shop as Fairview Gardens shuts down

Fine people and a fine business! Many of our happiest moments were decorated with your beautiful arrangements. Thank you for everything and best of luck Steve and Kathy. Fairview will be missed. ...(full comment)

Northfield loses flower shop as Fairview Gardens shuts down

I am really surprised there was a working garden hose in this weather. You got lucky this time. WOW Good luck to you. ...(full comment)

Wendell barn fire stopped, structure saved

Are you kidding me?!?!? Greenfield is the seat of the County. We need a first class Track&Field facility. ...(full comment)

Greenfield High School nears final phase of construction

A real shame. I think it also had to do with the fact that the adjacent tea room/restaurant holds really strange hours and never seems to be open (even before the bankruptcy), so people just began to write off the whole building and lump the two together in their minds. No one likes to go into empty restaurants; you need nearby people and foot traffic to attract other people, that's why when you're the first ones in for dinner restaurants will usually seat you in the window! That block/building is really key; I hope something new takes hold there. ...(full comment)

No more soup for you: Smithsonian Cafe closes

Have you noticed the businesses in TF that are still not handicap accessible? (Wheelchair). Apartment buildings? ...(full comment)

Turners woman aims for an accessible new year