We're currently facing budget constraints when it comes to the cost of long term care, yet I still look forward to the dedicated service of newly nursing staff. I can't wait to see more nursing personnel in long term care facilities as they look after aging recipients that need assistance or support. Liza Scott, InfoLTC Insurance Agent Joseph Street Milwaukee, WI ...(full comment)

GCC nursing grads

Another EXCELLENT article on the NED pipeline. This reported ROCKS! Sam ...(full comment)

Gas pipeline ‘need’ based on winter peak demand

It's great to have the support of our neighbors across the border. We need much more of that kind of support to fight this criminal conspiracy. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline opposition

Angie Ruggeri, 8th grade teacher, created such an innovative and engaging lesson on engineering. Her dedication to all 8th grade students should be applauded! Weeks of preparation and hours of hard work she put in made a lesson enjoyable and memorable for the kids. She is a teacher who makes a difference in her students lives, and the community! ...(full comment)

VIDEO: Greenfield’s cardboard boat race makes a big splash

Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian. Nearly all of the media we read or watch are owned by the .01%, and as your response idicates, they have been very successful in dividing our nation against each other with labels like "red" and "blue", or "liberal" or "conservative" and making sure the two factions don't communicate, and that they resent each other. Meanwhile, while everyone's divided, the interests of both factions are being eroded as the U.S. is sinking in most measureable standards of quality of life, economic viablity, employment, infant mortality, etc. Divide and conquer is a classic strategy, and it has worked brilliantly for wealthy interests who have confiscated over half of our nation's wealth and income over the past forty years, while demanding ever shrinking accountability or contribution to the nation as a whole. If you are buying their labels and angry at the other side, you are doing exactly what these interests intend, and shooting yourself in the foot- and your children. ...(full comment)

Letter: Strong support for FOX News

This type of tree management has been going on in Greenfield for years. I never found out why they cut all the beautiful evergreens behind the library - that blocked the ugly view of traffic and parking lots by Federal St. If they claim it costs so much (ridiculous claims) to plant trees, then they should be a LOT more careful about cutting them down. ...(full comment)

Letter: Better tree management needed in Greenfield

They visited a 32,000 HP compressor station instead of 80,000 HP , This detail I believe negates the impact quite significantly not even in the same ball park. Have there been any air quality studies like the Carnegie Mellon Speck =2.5 PM that checks the air quality near compressor stations .The spiking of the monitors are sometimes off the charts people reporting nose bleeds ruptured ear drums , etc variety other health side effects . They are I heard looking into the spikes with the blow downs. 24/7Venting Toxic Plumes travel miles hover depending on air inversions weather winds......They could even hover reach Boston . ...(full comment)

Northfield officials report on Pa. compressor visit

Marcellus gas is well known to be significantly higher in radioactivity. Undisclosed fracking chemicals include neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and VOC's. These are belched out of the gas en route, and there is very short transit time. Residents are right to be concerned: and as far as explosions go, a gas leak in the presence of significant live voltage is a different animal entirely than a pipeline corridor that is not adjacent to, or directly crossing, live, direct current high voltage electricity. You can hear the lines hiss in the rain: so a leak will have more devastating consequences. This is known, well known, to increase overall pipeline instability. As far as compressor stations, they vary, and given the enormous quantities of gas and the size of compressor station, as well as what is likely to be a constant high pressure to meet shipping deadlines for Kinder Morgan's newly acquired fleet of LNG tankers, it seems unlikely that this will be at all benign. It also seems unlikely that under the pressure of shipping deadlines, local concerns will be addressed if there are problems. Their track record is deplorable and it is cheaper for them to have accidents, than to build for safety. ...(full comment)

Northfield officials report on Pa. compressor visit

Holly Lovelace is my mother. She and her husband are kind, hard-working people, and they and their neighbors do not deserve what is about to happen. Please consider supporting their cause: ...(full comment)

‘I hope my town can help me.’ Northfield woman says compressor siting effectively condemns her home

If you only eliminate the items you have listed, what are you accomplishing? You are taking out what 5-8% of the plastic out of the waste system. That hardly seems worthwhile. There was many people many years ago who said don't go to plastic stay with paper. Too many people like you wanted to save trees no matter the cost and wanted plastic. They and you got what you wanted, so just live with it. I wanted to stay with paper and it seems I was right. Plastic does breakdown, look what happens to the plastic tarps after a few years of the sun beating down on them. ...(full comment)

Boston/My Turn: Plastic ban worth your support

I am sure Holly and Gordon it was wonderful meeting you last night. I know you will have support among their community and friends far and wide. We are all in this together! Holly and Gordon let me know if you are ready to be interviewed. The interviews will be aired on 30 local cable access stations in Ma. as well as posted on Facebook. I will be on the Erving walk on Sunday and doing whatever else i can do to spread the work. If anyone has any more ideas, please let us know. We want to stop this pipeline and not have any land taken from anyone. Hattie Nestel ...(full comment)

‘I hope my town can help me.’ Northfield woman says compressor siting effectively condemns her home

I would also add that China is a notorious currency manipulator that stakes the trade deck in their favor. ...(full comment)

Letter: China a growing threat to the US

We may not be able to expect compassion from the DPU, however, we should expect accountability and answers to many questions raised at this hearing. ...(full comment)

Crowd slams state at pipeline hearing