I doubt if Obama has made any of the crude, insulting comments that have issued forth from Trump's mouth. As far as wanting jobs, the Republican-controlled Congress has DONE NOTHING for job creation in the past 5 years. They have passed nearly 60 bills to defund Obamacare and NOT ONE jobs bill. As far as living "Free", as long as you are owned by Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Insurance, Big Medicine, Big Agra and Big Corporate, your freedom is nothing but an illusion. If you want freedom, vote for Bernie Sanders. Trump cares nothing for you. ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Trump’s all about ego, power

DPU isn't looking at facts, they are aggressively knee capping renewables in favor of an overbuilt, private profit export pipeline, and making freebies of whole communities' land, water, public health and any semblance of advocacy for all the people of this region: AND enabling price gouging. There will NEVER be any benefit to citizens. With the enormous payout from exports there is no chance that we have any integrity on this matter. ...(full comment)

DPU OKs pipeline-gas co. contracts

How is Trump any different than the current president?The president derides and name calls those who don't see his view on the world. Maybe the right has said it is time to be like the left. After all it has worked for the democrats. ...(full comment)

Letter: Troubling personality ...(full comment)

Eversource and National Grid file modernization plans

Smart meters emit frequencies which in some countries are required to be at very low levels due to health consequences. NOT HERE: In Worcestor, MA, these "smart" meters were installed without informed consent, and this was an experiment conducted on people living in poverty without their consent. The frequencies were set at very high levels. This is medical experimentation by power companies. It is further a violation of privacy. The public is being deliberately kept in the dark about this, and these companies have actively frustrated laws that protect the public, in favor of obscene profit. ...(full comment)

Eversource and National Grid file modernization plans

I recently bought Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals recipe book, so I got a huge list of healthy recipes that helps me and my husband stay fit. Oh, and my children love them. :) You can peek into the book at ...(full comment)

The new chef at Champney’s at Deerfield Inn is loving country cooking

Berkshire Gas is owned by a Spanish conglomerate -Iberdrola- they bought into NED pipeline to pump fracked gas out Canadian Maritimes, to sell it in Europe and raise your rates here. The people who answer the phones here are nice at Berkshire Gas. Big picture: Berkshire Gas is Euro-owned. They bought in to NED proposed pipeline by TGP/Kinder Morgan to get the gas out of US-faster and more- to their huge European customer base- off US soil. Europe pays higher rates than here, $6.93 as of July 2015. That is 2X US pricing. NED line WILL pump it out, make 2x the profit for Berkshire Gas' parent Iberdrola, make "shortages" & again, declare a false moratorium on new service. They will to raise your rates here saying there is not enough to go around-because they will send it to European market. Read: They started with the moratorium this past winter to scare people into thinking we have need for more - to make you think they cannot serve more customers. BOGO, baby, for Berkshire Gas, not you. Make sure your consumer rights are not being violated by a false moratorium created to make it look like we need the NED pipeline. Citizens must rise up and be heard. Call Senate President Stan Rosenberg's Office at 617-722-1532. Go to his meeting at GCC on Sept. 10, starting at 6. Understand the full impact- locally - of a proposed pipeline here that does not actually supply more gas here. It pumps it to a loop where it then goes to Canada, then to Europe. It is for export. The NED pipeline fails to serve the customers here that Berkshire Gas has stated cannot be served unless they get capacity. The proposed interstate transmission line is not even designed for actual increased service right here in Greenfield. It serves Spanish Owned, Iberdrola, who owns Berkshire, to get more gas out of US- Europe and then it let's them raise your prices at home in cold New England. By taking your neighbor's land, wrecking vital rivers and making it all prone to explosion, across your neighbor's farm lands with 30% thinner pipes with lesser quality and fewer welds, siting under 91, under rail roads, in rural flood zones and in your neighbor's yards- after a massive clear cut of 150 feet of trees that prevent hillside erosion and make our air cleaner, yes: a massive, state-wide clear cut across our state-that will be maintained with toxics in perpetuity-even in farmer's fields. We will become a chemical dump, collateral damage for and lands that are protected . #3 big oil/gas Kinder Morgan (behind Exxon and Chevron) wants to ensure that you will pay more for your Berkshire Gas in perpetuity. Please read and act. Go to GCC on Sept 10th, 6 pm. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Berkshire Gas should lift its moratorium

The proposed NED will raise prices for rate payers in North East and lead to the creation of a "shortage" here based on it being pumped out of the US. It is called market manipulation. Kinder is # 3, behind Exxon and Chevron. Oil is falling, they are diversifying their revenue stream to make sure they can pay their shareholders and charge a lot from customer base- here and over there-in declining market conditions. Business is business, even at the cost of local and state economic coffers, our own physical safety. There is no price protection on this gas and it will bite rate payers on their behinds if NED gets constructed. Berkshire Gas is owned by a Spanish conglomerate -Iberdrola- they want to buy the gas and sell it in Europe and raise your rates here, too. The people who answer the phones here are nice at Berkshire, but big picture is the company is Euro-owned and they bought in to pipeline to get gas to their customer base off US soil, and to raise your rates here. BOGO, baby, for Berkshire Gas, not you. Please wake up and start acting :e comment before 8-31-15 to let FERC know at e comment for Docket PF14-22-000 STATE: this is not for the greater good or public convenience, it is for export and by illegal use of Takings Clause of Eminent Domain. Under your MA electric grid and private, protected lands, with 30% thinner pipes and welds than urban build out. 30% thinner pipes in flood planes and under rivers whose plates shift second only to Cali in terms of seismic action. We are all screwed if this gets in, financially and environmentally. State does not have the money to fix our waters and we will have to chase the EPA. They had to spend a bunch on Durango River last week through their own booboo, so they may not have cash to fix the Deerfield or CT when they get fouled -a get go, during the horizontal frack under our needed-to-survive-here rivers commencing at build out of a toxic, not for us to even utilize, fracked gas interstate transmission pipeline that will ruin your local economy, farms, rivers and homes. It opens us to domestic terrorism across our whole valley by plan to site it spanning 2 rail roads E/W, across 5 & 10, 91 N & S, water pipes and many surface roads and under your neighbor's bed room windows- that is just Deerfield. FYI. Each town has a story. Once it is in, compressor stations the size of high schools will be spewing particulates containing known carcinogens -these will follow at 10 to 20 mile intervals and additional pipelines will come, because there will be not stopping it ~ if they get the lands via rights of way or eminent domain. Herbicidal swaths through farms and fields, tree farms, veggie farms, cow corn farms. You name it, we get chemical laden, prone to explosion fields and rivers if it comes, with more to be installed as they get permanent access to build more, from NED grantings/FERC. It sets a precedent. Please e-comment to FERC and ask for a No Action Alternative, a halt to scoping and that they Admit AG Healey's Gas Need Study into their review and scoping process proposed for NED pipeline. Citizens must rise up and be heard. ...(full comment)

Study says a new pipeline is not necessary, lays out alternatives

Hey Wallis, I'm against abortion because it is murder. Call me nasty and self-righteous, I really don't care. You Obama-loving leftists claim to stand for peace, love and diversity. I see your "Co-exist" bumper stickers everywhere. Lies, all lies. ...(full comment)

Reid/My Turn: Confusing ‘potential’ with ‘actual’ in anti-abortion stance

What needs to happen is Greenfield is they keep the dispatchers They know the "City" and know how to get the proper people in the proper places the fast. You can't under estimate the value of dispatching. The staffing levels at the Police Department are also terrible. They are running short all the time they need to have at least 5 patrolman and a supervisor on every shift. If the mayor wants a to lower taxes in the long run he needs to think long term. Adding the staffing to public safety now will play the biggest role in cleaning up downtown and making Greenfield a better place to live work and spend money. MedCare cares about making money, they leave the town uncovered all the time, they send there ambulances all over the place. Turners Falls and Greenfield have had to get ambulances because BHA couldn't make the calls and now that MedCare took over, the calls the Greenfield Fire and Turners Falls have transported have only gone up. Its time for Greenfield Fire Department to add staffing and run a Paramedic Level Ambulance Service. Subcontracting and not investing in the community is going to leave you with nothing in the end. ...(full comment)

Dispatchers being ditched? Greenfield call center employees uncertain about their future with town

The pipeline is all about corporate greed and profits, and any loss of human life is to KM the cost of doing business. Don't be fooled by Alan Fiore, the spin doctor of KM, this is all about the EXPORT of gas, they just awareded a $350+ mil contract to build ships to export the gas to Europe and S. America! Consider this, elements of Eminent Domain: To excersise the power of eminent domain, the government must prove that for elements of the Fifth Amendment are present, (1) private property (2) must be taken (3) for public use (4) and with just compensation. Now from Wikipedia: "James Madison who wrote the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, had a more moderate view, and stuck a compromise that sought to at least protect property rights somewhat by explicitly mandating compensation and using the term "public use" rather than "public purpose, public interest or public benefit". The Lynnfield/ Peabody Lateral, is the EXPORT section of the pipeline, which is aimed at Salem where they can ship it to Europe and S. America, an EXPORT PIPELINE is NOT public use, and therefore any taking of private land for this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! ...(full comment)

Community members blast siting board on pipeline

The Kinder Morgan pipeline is for export: to Pieridae and Goldboro LNG terminals, then out of the U.S. We subsidize this industry to the tune of 21 billion dollars a year: instead of benefiting the U.S., this would allow this private profit company to take this U.S. asset and offshore profits for itself, while charging New England ratepayers for the shipping route. Kinder Morgan has purchased a fleet of LNG tankers for this purpose. Ginning up a public case for "public convenience and necessity" on the thinnest pretext, and reassigning a Massachusetts existing pipeline to serve Connecticut, while enacting massive land takings of private and conservation land. ...(full comment)

Study says a new pipeline is not necessary, lays out alternatives

Except every time a business or company is invited to move to Greenfield, it is with a big tax break... ...(full comment)

Council OKs money move for tax relief