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I thought Park Villa and Redbrook were "owned" by the Montague Housing Authority---and managed by Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Were Martin and Pyers in the Affordable Housing industry as well as regional development? If someone wanted to review the funding for those two housing developments, i.e., public records...where might they be, with the Department of Housing and Community Development now? Or was Federal funding involved (HUD)? ...(full comment)

Economic development director on paid administrative leave

This letter from Berkshire Gas doesn't seem credible. And in the Boston Globe this morning, there is further substantiation of the leak issue: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/01/22/natural-gas-leaks-boston-area-are-far-more-extensive-than-thought/5BykQrnaGRr2XLtxpHqLIM/story.html ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas: Necessary information

Berkshire Gas is well aware of the substantial harm to conservation and private land, and the toll this will take on small towns, and private homeowners in Massachusetts. They are making huge case based on thin evidence, never mind forcing hundreds of citizens in Massachusetts to live in 1000 ft. blast zones, with chemicals leaking into water and soil, and billions of feet of volatile unconventional gas under high pressure in the least safe pipeline flowing adjacent to, or under live, high voltage electricity cables- all day, every day. The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline is 84% over even the questionably high capacity of the state's study. That gas is for export: none of it will benefit this region, but may line the pockets of Berkshire gas. Berkshire gas clearly cares more about being part of the feeding frenzy for export dolllars than the community and state it purports to serve. Ms. Eisemen is a scholarly and articulate woman who is advocating for a just and humane concern. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas: Necessary information

Fine people and a fine business! Many of our happiest moments were decorated with your beautiful arrangements. Thank you for everything and best of luck Steve and Kathy. Fairview will be missed. ...(full comment)

Northfield loses flower shop as Fairview Gardens shuts down

I am really surprised there was a working garden hose in this weather. You got lucky this time. WOW Good luck to you. ...(full comment)

Wendell barn fire stopped, structure saved

Are you kidding me?!?!? Greenfield is the seat of the County. We need a first class Track&Field facility. ...(full comment)

Greenfield High School nears final phase of construction

A real shame. I think it also had to do with the fact that the adjacent tea room/restaurant holds really strange hours and never seems to be open (even before the bankruptcy), so people just began to write off the whole building and lump the two together in their minds. No one likes to go into empty restaurants; you need nearby people and foot traffic to attract other people, that's why when you're the first ones in for dinner restaurants will usually seat you in the window! That block/building is really key; I hope something new takes hold there. ...(full comment)

No more soup for you: Smithsonian Cafe closes

Have you noticed the businesses in TF that are still not handicap accessible? (Wheelchair). Apartment buildings? ...(full comment)

Turners woman aims for an accessible new year

Would this system use the existing Comcast cable or require each house to be separately wired? ...(full comment)

Greenfield hopes to add Internet service to municipal utility

What are the restrictions on development of this parcel, if any? ...(full comment)

Hadley farmland set for auction after bistro fails

At times, the activist community suffers from a sense of self-righteous entitlement in which consideration for others is less important that their message. In this regard, those who disrupted the honoring ceremony differ little in attitude from the Westboro Baptist Church's anti-gay protests at funerals. Not only is it inappropriate, but such tactics are self-defeating. Instead of raising consciousness about a necessary issue, such activists come off as rude, selfish and self-centered. ...(full comment)

Alpert/My Turn: Protest appropriate

This is a well researched article on the costs of the pipeline. Why should we, the electricity customers of New England, pay for a privately owned company's infrastructure? After all they are not going to divide the profits evenly between us all! We have to keep our legislators up to date on this and let them know not to approve the use of private and public land for this use. There's also got to be a better way to provide jobs. This is a time of innovation in electricity generation - lets spend the time and money developing better earth-and people friendly sources. ...(full comment)

Keith/My Turn: For private gain

Pat- Thanks for the lovely review of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, 10th Anniversary Edition. It is magical what happens when gardeners learn to design the garden from the 'inside and out', utilizing the skills that I teach through the 7 Stages of Creative Awakening. The greatest gift that gardeners can give themselves is to let go of control and unleash their imagination and playfulness. If you learn to do that, creativity -in the garden and in life- germinates. Happy gardening for 2015! Fran Sorin ...(full comment)

Between the Rows: ‘Digging Deep’