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Pipeline explosions usually occur when somebody is doing excavating where they clearly shouldn't. Train and truck transportation are by far, the most dangerous route to transport petroleum. By far. But people don't want to be confused with facts. Their minds are made up (by somebody else...). ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Please tell me the difference; Every week hundreds of railroad tanker cars pass through Deerfield going north or south carrying liquified petroleum. Yet you live with the danger of a derailment and explosion. I would argue a pipeline would be safer than railroad tanker cars. See derailment Feb 15, 2015 Ontario, CA or Feb 16 in West Virginia and of course we all remember the horrific petroleum derailment in Canada in 2013. ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Man can do nothing to change "global warming" or "climate change". All the weather changes that have happened on earth since its creation have happened without any assistance of man. If man does everything that the science people say must be done, the temp will be change one tenth of one degree over the next 40 years. Now that seems well, like a waste. Maybe it would be better to wait until a better solution is figured out. I have yet to see anyone who has made the dire predictions explain why they have to keep changing them. Does that mean they were wrong before or the models were wrong or they really are just guessing what the data means? ...(full comment)

Letter: Let us be the judge

I don't see a problem maintaining the Emergency Planning as it is when the plant was in operation, as long as the towns that want it are willing to pay for it. Perhaps the groups that wrote the petitions could hold bake sales to raise the money. Why should everyone pay for what only a few people want ? ...(full comment)

Greenfield Town Council to NRC: Maintain emergency planning

You are right. A correction was published in Thursday's Recorder. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

Glad to see the article changed as there are NO serrated edges to the turbines on Bakke Mountain at this time. It read before, Paul Copleman said, "the company installed noise-reducing serrated edges on the 10 wind turbines on Bakke Mountain, in Florida, but wasn’t able to complete the same task on all nine of the wind turbines on Crum Hill in Monroe". I suggest a note of this in the printed version to alert readers of this error. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

Nice to see changes coming to this quaint little town that I still call Home .. Martha Evans Delancy. Port St Lucie Florida ...(full comment)

New, but familiar

None of the turbines on Bakke Mountain have the serrated edges installed. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

I hope Bryon increases his observation of discretion. Joy in love is most deeply understood by others when it is sacred and solemn. I wish the very pinnacle of human love for Stan. He deserves deep peace. ...(full comment)

Sen. President Rosenberg plans to wed, partner says

I think it's great you guys are taking over. But if you get rid of the Keno you'll attract more people who will pay more for the food. Music, sports. but please, no Keno! ...(full comment)

New, but familiar

There is also a western MA group of white allies forming to support the #blacklivesmatter movement. There are many ways to be involved. We will be showing a video soon for people who are not on social media like facebook and twitter to be more informed about what is happening. email: tiwsolidaritylookslike413@gmail.com ...(full comment)

“Black Lives Matter” event draws large crowd Saturday in Greenfield

Thanks for this essay. It offers an antidote to the knee-jerk refusal to contemplate any rational perspective to the Russians. The historical record cited here shows many factors intertwined in the Ukrainian conflict. To ignore history in the desire to score political points is one way to foster the conflict rather than resolve it. Political leaders often desire to foster conflict as a means of rousing their own bases and preserving their hold on power. That is as true of Kerry, et al., as it is of Putin. ...(full comment)

Doerner/My Turn: Russia’s defensive reaction

https://jimculleny.wordpress.com/another-piece-of-eternity/ https://jimculleny.wordpress.com/the-only-thing-we-have-to-work-with/ ...(full comment)

Culleny: Eternity can wait