As I have said in the past and contend now, there is a large difference between burning wood and burning pellets. If the alarmist in our community would stop and look at the pellet industry, especially the pellet industry in Western Mass, they would, or should have a different opinion. "If history repeats itself" "we will burn too many trees" is a sound bite and we are clearly not repeating ourselves! There are large scale studies being done on forest supply, forest management and they point to the fact that we are far behind the curve in terms of cutting down (clear cutting) forests etc. Another scare tactic! Another thing I would like to point out, there have been more than one study done on this subject, yet it seems that only the Monamet study ever gets mentioned. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Boiler switch puts heat on Mohawk

Forget "teen," "youth," "seniors." Just build a "community" center so that someone who's 16 today can look forward to using it when they're 66 tomorrow. After all, they'll probably be paying for it in taxes their entire adult life. You just need rooms; the rest is programming. It's too expensive to be specializing buildings based on age. ...(full comment)

Seniors ambivalent about combined youth/senior center

Thank you Mike for a correct view on the Pellet industry here in Western Mass! I do agree that we need to be understanding of what we are doing with our forests, and it seems that the DOER and others in charge are aware of this. Also, remember that there is a large percentage of the wood that goes to pellet mills that are cut-offs and scrap from other industries such as the furniture industry and this would otherwise be waste. ...(full comment)

Letter: Wood pellet boiler makes sense

again Brown is wrong, I got my information from the US Government, it is there in print. ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Loosen fear’s grip

Haha, very funny. But though the schools certainly do teach about climate in general, they do not necessarily address climate CHANGE. Yes, there are historic hot and cold cycles in the climate. That doesn't mean there is no man-made climate change. Rather than investigating what students are taught -- not necessarily the absolute truth! -- why not investigate what scientists say about climate change. It's not hard to find. They are close to unanimous. ...(full comment)

Letter: Climate change happens with or without humans

Once again ... the column is "My Turn" ... Dan Brown has had more than his turn. Stop printing his nonsense. He has moved, let him write to his new local paper. His one sided approach is archaic and stale, and we're sick of it. "Fear" mongering is used by all politicians, and all media. It's what sells. You could easily replace the titles in the above volcano flows with 'global warming', 'police brutality', 'devastation of natural gas', 'stop the pipeline', 'white privilege', and all number of progressive agendas that they force on the public. The progressive left utilizes fear and compartmentalization far more than the right - witness the 'occupy' movements, the 'BlackLivesMatter" movement, and any number of separatist systems foisted on the public by the left which serve only to separate and divide people. The Right does not hold a monopoly on fear mongering; the left utilizes fear far more vocally, far more disruptively, and far more violently. ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Loosen fear’s grip

Imagine a Farm? No, utilize the current Houses of Correction. They are the appropriate facility, with proper staff to handle the detox process. ...(full comment)

Opioid Task Force members react to House bill

Actually, they don't..which is why McCarthy was eventually disgraced. I suggest you access a legitimate historical source for your information. ...(full comment)

Brown/My Turn: Loosen fear’s grip

FERC is made up of 5 big energy insider type people who govern themselves like The Wizard of Oz. They are paid via fees and filings of big oil, gas, coal and petroleum. Not really an effective system. Only our nation's President can take FERC to the wood shed, and he and those before him have perpetuated this BS because it would require a massive restructure of Executive Branch. Also, requires admitting massive wrongdoing for ages. Fallout would be too much, so they let it fester and chose to wreck our nation instead via mass industrialization and overt pollution of our nation's land and her tax paying, hard working people. Awful truth. ...(full comment)

FERC under fire: Area pipeline opposition groups hammer regulatory agency

You are right to be wary. Please maintain a healthy level of skepticism. Given that Jack Murray, DCR's former commissioner, is now working as public affairs officer for Kinder-Morgan, I think all of these agencies need as much civilian oversight as they can get! ...(full comment)

Editorial: DCR could get boost from public-private partnerships

It is about time FERC starts to feel the heat, as it were. Over the past few days the news has repeatedly referenced FERC's accountability only to the industry they are supposed to be regulating. Hopefully this is just the beginning. ...(full comment)

FERC under fire: Area pipeline opposition groups hammer regulatory agency

Well said: The cheapest energy is that which you DON'T use. Conservation is a word that is all too often left out of the conversation about energy usage. Just doing "small" things like turning off lights and air conditioners when they're not necessary could save huge amounts of energy. ...(full comment)

Letter: Energy options

History is not on your side. Greenfield's downtown thrived in the 60's and 70's with 2 or 3 big-box department stores on the Trail. I remember those days and hope to see those choices return. ...(full comment)

Letter: The Wal-Mart ‘issue’