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Kinder Morgan/Tennessee gas snuck into the community over a year and a half ago, leaving cards on folk's private property. There was no information to our elected officials for months. All the meetings Fore refers to were "check a box" formalities: no content; deceptive and disingenuous information. Maps submitted to FERC were decades old and do not reflect either the considerable population along the route. Thousands upon thousands of TBD's in the first submission: then the second one with maps that are so small they can't be seen or enlarged to provide information. Many people who should have been informed timely were not. They are gaming the entire process. And FERC is only in place to regulate the public: they will rubber stamp anything, and even reasonable requests for public health and safety are routinely denied: thousands of them all over the United States. Kinder Morgan is on two ends of the deal with "Liberty" gas in New Hampshire,; and they are conspiring with customers of their existing Southern pipeline route in Massachusetts as customers of another pipeline while aggressively marketing existing capacity OUT OF STATE in Connecticut. They, and FERC, are artificially segmenting this project, with the existing and proposed pipelines on separate dockets, as well as the docket to reverse an existing pipeline in Maine, and Pieridae LNG terminal in Nova Scotia is the clear destination, with the promise of eighteen quadrillion (yes that's what the paperwork states) dollars to "pipeline and fossil fuel companies" over a twenty year period. They have chosen routes calculated to do the most possible damage to conservation land, private property, water resources, and entire municipalities. They are using their advertising and community reach to spread lies: abject falsities. This gas is for export and the entirely undue enrichment of a billionaire cabal: and is an abject abuse of public trust, and theft of a U.S. asset. Atty Bonifaz correctly construes that this secretive and largely unknown change in law basically turns the U.S. into an extraction colony for the .01%. This is not about U.S. energy independence. This entire game among billionaires and money in government: private industry supposedly governing the public trust, will turn the U.S. into an extraction colony for the .01% and ANY asset can be sold off our of our nation to enrich the obscenely rich: WATER will be next. EVERYTHING will be commodified. These folks are amoral and hoarding wealth is already having a devastating impact all over the world. These folks have demonstrated, through their behavior in other regions all over the world that genocide is acceptable for profit, and that will be the consequence of what they are doing. We have gotten the message, through this ludicrous plan of placing large quantities of volatile, poisonous, unstable gas, in close proximity to massive live electricity, in flimsy, scrapmetal, pipelines purchased on the cheap from abroad, that human life is meaningless to them. We are fungible and they don't even record our numbers in their documentation to FERC, nor care to adequately document the lives that will be harmed. And FERC has demonstrated a clear pattern of abuse of the pubic time and again. Kinder Morgan, and its ENRON policies are simply there to bilk money from the U.S. to enrich a handful of individuals whose real commitment is to their Caymen Island accounts, no matter the harm to our nation, or its citizens. They are using the tactics here that they have honed over decades in other nations to strip out assets and pit groups against each other. ...(full comment)

Pipeline official grapples with criticism of project

Oops... So you bet wrong ...(full comment)

Potential health effects cause concern for some residents

About 2 miles from compressor site ... Where do you live? ...(full comment)

Potential health effects cause concern for some residents

With the growing death toll of the opiate crisis, it's understandable why Mass residents would turn to this sort of thing. However the Section 35 component allowing for involuntary committal is unconstitutional and a perversion of not only justice, but social justice. Not to mention ineffective, expensive and even downright dangerous for some people. As Americans we are granted the rights to an attorney, due process and fair trial before being sentenced to serve time (technically). There is no actual "trial" in an involuntary commitment hearing. It is family court, where mudslinging and here-say win over actual physical evidence. No drug tests or documentation are required, and in fact the "defendant" (improper term as defendants have rights, a section 35 victim does not) is not granted the time or the legal tools to acquire proof that they are in fact, not a drug addict or not currently using. Hell, they can't even piss in a cup in the jail cell though they may beg to. They do not get to pass go, do not collect civil liberties and are instead proceed directly to bottom-barrel state-run rehab. Where 1 size fits all and that size is the culty AA Big Book bullshit and if you don't accept that, you must just be in denial. That's not the only thing Kafka-esque about the whole ordeal. The facilities are staffed with former addicts on power trips and there are bugs climbing the walls. Even the sober people see them! While the entire way we approach drug addiction should be overhauled, Section 35 providing for an involuntary commitment is not the solution. It's just compounding the problem. ...(full comment)

More families turn to Section 35 — involuntary committal — to help their drug-addicted loved ones

And in the state of Massachusetts, we are still paying off the "Big Dig" until 2038, which destroyed the economies of countless Western Massachusetts towns and cities. Now the state is considering a spendy Olympics in Boston which will further burden taxpayers, AND forcing rate payers to shoulder the costs of private profit gas export pipelines. Our Governor is also busy syphoning money out of public programs into wall street's pockets with efforts to privatize public schools. Greece is a picture of the plan evolving for the rest of us: Puerto Rico is bankrupt and this is a humanitarian crisis. A number of other states are also foundering, as wealth is syphoned off from the economy to Cayman Island accounts. Climate Change is already harming food and water resources. We can no longer afford or tolerate the politics of narcissism and wealth hoarding, and we are nearing the point of self destruction. We have recently learned, thanks to the behavior of one billionaire company toward citizens, just how expendable and fungible we are to the obscenely wealthy. It's time to end this. ...(full comment)

Letter: Our Greece warning

The reason, Mr. Bates, is because your questions are so silly that people are probably not taking them seriously. But you really seem to need answers, so here you go: 1. Integral to the protest of the pipeline is protest of over-reliance on fossil fuels, which would include those railroad tanker cars. If we diversify our energy sources to more renewables, we wouldn't need so many tanker cars. 2. Why would we protest a twice-daily run of Amtrak that travels more slowly than most of the cars on I-91, which are collectively spewing far more carbon emissions than the train? Amtrak also consolidates travel into one vehicle instead of hundreds of cars spewing their own emissions; trains are more efficient in terms of fuel and land consumption. Thus, no protest. 3. See #1. Also, tanker trucks are less frequent and of smaller scale than a 24/7/365 high-compression pipeline. And to respond to your first point, most of the people involved with the construction of this project are not from the valley, and won't be. Just ask the towns in PA and NY that have seen pipeline construction; many workers are brought in from outside. Finally, it is an indisputable fact that pipelines in less populated areas are allowed to be constructed with thinner material (and thus are cheaper to build) than those constructed in more populated areas. Thank you. ...(full comment)

Letter: Left unanswered

Hawley Planning Board hearing listed in this article for this Thursday is actually happening the following Thursday. It has been posted for 6PM, Thursday, July 23 at the Hawley Town Office. Lloyd Crawford Hawley Planning Board Chair ...(full comment)

Weekly meetings for July 13-18

Good letter. The basic science remains that the hazard is from the atom splitting (fission) products. They are radioactive. Atoms that are radioactive give off their waves and/or particles then have nothing more to emit. They are not a radiation hazard any more, ever. Therefore, the hazard to the public continuously decreases from the moment the reactor shuts down. When numbers are applied to the hazard, it is proven that the hazard is very low, when compared to other industrial hazards, such as a train derailment in Vernon, Brattleboro, or Greenfield. ...(full comment)

Letter: Dry storage at Yankee

Here's where Obama and his administration has already defied the injunction by giving previous DACA recipients benefits under his EO (Memo): Here's where the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed another “Advisory” with U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, confessing that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had given three year DACA permits to 2,000 applicants even after Judge Hanen issued an injunction on February 16 blocking all such approvals. ...(full comment)

Burned in U.S. ‘Melting Pot’: Charlemont Forum takes on plight of immigrants through present day For Obama, Executive Order on Immigration Would Be a Turnabout "President Obama is poised to ignore stark warnings that executive action on immigration would amount to “violating our laws” and would be “very difficult to defend legally.” Those warnings came not from Republican lawmakers but from Mr. Obama himself." Obama’s Immigration Amnesia "..., Obama said he lacked the legal authority to suspend deportation of family members. Now, he says he has just such legal authority." ...(full comment)

Burned in U.S. ‘Melting Pot’: Charlemont Forum takes on plight of immigrants through present day BREAKING: Pier 14 Murder Suspect Had Been Deported 5 Times with 7 Felonies "Five-time deportee and seven-time convicted felon Francisco Sanchez has been jailed on suspicion of shooting and killing 31-year-old Kathryn Steinle Wednesday evening while taking photos with her father at Pier 14 in San Francisco, California. Sanchez was freed after the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department refused to honor a request by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain him, following a policy adopted in 2014. He was arrested soon after the shooting." Sacramento sheriff criticizes Obama on immigration "Jones vowed to crusade against illegal immigration after the shooting rampage last month by a Mexican man with a long criminal history who was in the country illegally." By The Way, Ice Just Release 30,558 More Violent Criminal Illegal Aliens Onto American Streets ICE Document Details 36,000 Criminal Alien Releases in 2013 U.S. misinformed Congress, public on immigrant release DHS document: 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions released in 2013 Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Released — Including 3,000 With Felony Charges or Convictions ...(full comment)

Burned in U.S. ‘Melting Pot’: Charlemont Forum takes on plight of immigrants through present day

NOTE & WARNING: The links provided below contain direct quotes from Obama and his officials. Obama gives free pass to businesses that hire illegals Audits, fines drop for employers "President Obama took office vowing to go after unscrupulous employers who hire illegal immigrants, but worksite audits have plunged over the last year and a half, according to a report released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies, tumbling along with the rest of immigration enforcement." The Left-Leaning LA Times posted an article that shows that the Obama administration, the Illegal Alien lobby, and the major media outlets have been in collusion to depict the "high" deportation numbers. The exact opposite is true since the beginning of the current President's policy. Interior deportation has and will be lower than 1973 rates. This is leading towards more people overstaying their visas and currently, more Illegal Alien minors crossing the border. Obama has just recently instructed border patrol to not turn back those Illegal Aliens on record as having entered illegally as priors, but to let them pass IF they don't have a major criminal record. After the first Illegal Entry, it is a felony each time thereafter. Even Obama in 2011, called the deportation numbers deceptive when talking to Hispanic voters. President Obama said statistics that show his administration is on track to deport more illegal immigrants than the Bush administration are misleading. “The statistics are a little deceptive,” he said Wednesday in an online discussion aimed at Hispanic voters." "If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero — it's just highly unlikely to happen," John Sandweg, until recently the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement,0,545192,full.story#axzz2xkzioeHR ...(full comment)

Burned in U.S. ‘Melting Pot’: Charlemont Forum takes on plight of immigrants through present day

"No, Our Immigration System Is Not Broken" ...(full comment)

Burned in U.S. ‘Melting Pot’: Charlemont Forum takes on plight of immigrants through present day