The "smoking gun" is eminent domain through conservation and private property, for a private profit export pipeline. ...(full comment)

‘No smoking gun’: Pipeline environmental impact report cite positives, negatives of route

"Designed along utility rights of way" is a far more benign way of putting it: this locates enormous quantities of volatile gas right near enormous quantities of live voltage direct transmission cables, but is essentially a greenfield pipeline requiring five square miles of pristine land that will be turned into a toxic waste site. This choice to locate also means that with two gas investment interests gunning for private and conservation land, the opportunity to violate property rights through third party, out of state contractors is a possiblity. This is a complete waste of valuable resources for a private profit export pipeline that is completely unnecessary for the region, unless it is to line the pockets of fossil fuel and pipeline companies: and their paid political representatives. ...(full comment)

‘No smoking gun’: Pipeline environmental impact report cite positives, negatives of route

Farrell is not coming off well here and personifying the bullying and blackmail that Berkshire Gas is engaging in. Being against the pipeline because of its impacts on global warming is the very definition of caring about families and local businesses - there is no dispute among anyone that drilling for natural gas increases greenhouse gas emissions, and so how is that "eco-terrorism?" Environment aside, as forced investors in this project we also don't appreciate being made to pay for infrastructure that will only increase private profits without guaranteeing any rate decreases here - show me somewhere in the country where that has actually happened. No smart investor would put their money towards such a doubtful ROI. And what kind of investor puts all their eggs in one basket anyway by making us even MORE reliant on only one source of fuel? That's stupid! No, local business would grow more here if we took that tariff and put it towards subsidizing solar. This isn't about personal agendas, this is about making thoughtful (and not desperate/panic-mode a la Berkshire Gas) decisions about our long-term needs, especially when so much of OUR $ is on the line. Finally, I'd love for Farrell to explain how they can justify building a 2.2 bcf/d pipeline when NESCOE says we only need .7 bcf/d - come on buddy, we're not idiots. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas rep. makes case for pipeline

Guess I better invest in a good set of jumper cables, I fear a lot of people are going to have dead batteries. ...(full comment)

Wipers on, lights on

Sorry you have to live in the past and be old in thought and word. That's the problem with the Grand OLD party!!!! ...(full comment)

Letter: The good old days

Quick Facts In 2013, Americans took 10.7 billion trips on public transportation, the highest annual ridership number in 57 years. 35 million times each weekday, people board public transportation. Public transportation is a $58 billion industry that employs nearly 400,000 people. More than 7,100 organizations provide public transportation in the United States. From 1995 through 2013, public transportation rider ship increased by 37.2%—a growth rate higher than the 22.7% increase in U.S. population and higher than the 20.3% growth in the use of the nation’s highways over the same period. ...(full comment)

Where the funding meets the road

Only if they're straight, wealthy white men. The others were denied basic human rights. ...(full comment)

Letter: The good old days

P.P.S. Eversource is Northeast Utilities taken over by a gas investment company NSTAR; they appear to be in on whatever pipeline they can get: lucrative contracts for export through Canadian Maritimes. ...(full comment)

Letter: Hold Eversource accountable

P.S. has anyone done a consumer study of the chemicals in the new extreme "fraced gas" to see what is being pumped into people's homes and businesses????? Has there EVER been any testing on this "new" product line that is being deliberately conflated with the old product. This is not your grandmother's "natural gas": it is produced differently: current reports say "VOC's, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, arsenic, and "mystery chemicals". The huge compressor stations they plan are designed to get some of this out of the gas before it hits homes: that is going to come down as acid rain on food, soil and water: locally maple syrup, crops, fruit . . . what's in YOUR household? Maybe Bershire is doing us all a favor with this "moratorium". ...(full comment)

Letter: Hold Eversource accountable

The Hastings Street tree removal story must have an untold last chapter. I wonder: what "good purpose" did the felled tress serve? Lumber? Chips? Firewood? Where are they now? ...(full comment)

Touloumtzis/My Turn: Let’s value our trees

The price gouging and constant drone of "UNEEDA pipeline" is designed to scare, intimidate, and enforce a huge gas pipeline that is clearly for private profit export: and they are still pushing a tariff to pay for this travesty: that means even MORE fees, and competing with Europe and even non free trade countries: for U.S. gas subsidized by taxpayers. It's pretty clear that "drowning the government in a bathtub" and syphoning off U.S. wealth to off shore accounts is the sole agenda of many elected "leaders". The wholesale bleed of all of our nation's resources is beginning. Privitization of energy policy to industry "consultants" results in solutions that benefit the bottom line of a very few individuals. This winter, with market solutions, there were no blackouts, no danger, even with coal plants taken offline. This is about ENRON style price gouging. We have no idea what sort of existing capacity is actually being used, and how these entities justify their outrageous claims: they are not being required to demonstrate accountability at all: time for an investigation into pipeline capacity, actual use and shipments, and how much we are charged for gas we never receive due to deferred maintainance. ...(full comment)

Letter: Hold Eversource accountable

"Achilles in Vietnam" was an important inspiration for Jeannine Haas in preparation for her performance in "An Iliad." A wonderful, insightful book. ("An Iliad" opens in Ashfield April 9th, First Congregational Church.) What he and playwrights offer is, not only what war does to soldiers, but does to all citizens. ...(full comment)

'A betrayal of what's right': Combat trauma expert focuses on ‘moral injury’ of war

Mr. Brown they do join those groups if it means they can live. If the choice is dying from the regime that enslaves you and wont let you be free or joining the opposite side that will let you live and fight the oppressor, where do you go? Those in the middle east are (generally) not as educated as Americans( though that may not be that true anymore), well lets say don't go to school as Americans do(this is a knock on the current US education system). I have spent a few years in the middle east (including Iran). If the President grew up in an Islamic country and strives to say there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism, maybe his best confident Jarrett who grew up in Iran has the same childhood disorder. Look at all the people who say when I was a kid...., and that is the problem when they were a kid they did not know what was really going on. Look at how many Germans who grew up when the Holocaust was happening. Lots of them do not believe it happened. Idealism. The President and his staff has been played, and worse have not learned from the mistakes he has made. He trusts Iran because they don't tell the truth and are not transparent, just like he is. ...(full comment)

Letter: Abandoned by US