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Leverett, recognized that it needed to take the initiative and build and own its own network and could not wait for "pie in the sky by and by" promises of "Wired West". Shutesbury officials on the other hand drank the Wired West Kool-aid and are therefore Shutesbury is still without high speed internet and likely will stay that way for some time. ...(full comment)

Leverett lights up townwide broadband

Thank you for this story. I was unaware of this temple before. I am looking forward to attending the ceremonies this Sunday and hearing all of these speakers. ...(full comment)

Leverett Peace Pagoda turns 30: Sunday ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m.

Love those food bank executive editors! ...(full comment)

Neighbors: Local organization head raises money for hungry

On December 10th, 2013, Pieridae, Goldboro, Nova Scotia was published, seeking NEPA waiver for an LNG terminal. In linked documents, it states that a modest estimate of profit to "pipeline and fossil fuel companies" would be over 18 QUADrillion dollars over a twenty year period. That is Kinder Morgan's goal, and the goal of career "regulators" rewarded for colluding with this atrocity. Reports over this past week have revealed massive evidence that the fossil fuel industry thoroughly investigated climate change over forty years ago, agreed with the evidence then, and chose, deliberately, to prevent public discussion and crash the planet while engaging in wealth hoarding. Alan Fore used to work for Big Tobacco: remember its usefulness in "population control"? We don't need this pipeline: in fact, we will be contributing to our own and our children's death by supporting it. ...(full comment)

Proujansky/My Turn: Meeting our energy ‘needs’

If kids walk to school, this isn't as much of a problem. I was a crossing guard as a 6th grader near my elementary school. I agree with the previous commenter on all of this. ...(full comment)

‘Accident waiting to happen’: Reduced drop-off time causes jam at Deerfield Elementary

Put another zero behind that $30,000 figure, and you can become a veterinarian in 8 years at a public university. ...(full comment)

Loans now, headaches later: Average college student borrows as much as $31,000

I'm not sure how old Ms. Stroud's kids are, but Captain Lathrop is definitely walkable to Pleasant Street. That's the beauty of walkable village areas like South Deerfield and Greenfield, that your kids can walk to school, if you'd just loosen the helicopter leash a little! That's how it was only 20-30 years ago; any friends close to school walked, and my sibling and I used to have fun waiting for the bus and playing games outside on our own, experiencing all the seasons. Just yesterday I drove along a bus route on Mill Village in Deerfield and noticed all the parents waiting with their kids (some of them clearly 8+ years old) with their cars. That is insane and sad. The world is no more a dangerous place than it was 30 years ago; what's changed is that no one knows or trusts anyone anymore. ...(full comment)

‘Accident waiting to happen’: Reduced drop-off time causes jam at Deerfield Elementary

Excuse me, but Catholic Christianity is not the "world's oldest religion." That was a typo, wasn't it? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Pope sets stage for US visit

Most Americans have no idea of what has happened in the last seven years. On the course that America is on everyone will be a slave to the governing class. Apathy has its rewards. Those that let it continue in the direction it is on deserve the consequences of their inaction. ...(full comment)

Letter: Stop Obama

well if you feel that way maybe instead of an abortion he should be able to make one give birth then he can raise the child ...(full comment)

Letter: Abortion

"Discussed renewable energy",this subject is a folley in this area.As soon as somebody wants to erect a wind mill to generate electricity.The first thing that comes to mind is:"Not in my backyard." As with everything that comes to mind,there some giving and some taking.As for this pipeline...great alternative to transporting the fuel in tanker cars of trains that will be frequent and/or long. ...(full comment)

Gill residents gather for info meeting on proposed natural gas pipeline

U.S. recoverable gas has been severely downgraded from the inflated hyperbole of gas prospectors. There is far less gas, and fewer "sweet spots" than the industry wants the public to believe. Well production declines severely after the first year in production. The as industry, in its greed, has grossly overproduced and the markets, world wide are flooded with this so called "natural" gas. Given the number of export permits already okay'd by the DOE, over half of this gas will be shipped abroad for export: the easily recoverable stuff. And this with NO BENEFIT AND ALL of the costs to the American public. Pieridae LNG terminal in Nova Scotia could lead to eighteen + quadrillion dollars for "fossil fuel and pipeline companies" over the next twenty years. With that kind of payout, graft and dysfunction are invading the DPU and all governing bodies that protect U.S. citizens. This is outright theft of land, and deliberate poisoning of MA assets: and we have an existing pipeline that is being aggressively marketed in Connecticut. Leak repair would ultimately be cheaper, provide gas we already pay for, and hold these people accountable for maintenance capex that isn't being spent on maintenance but on inflated executive salaries and buying politicians and so called "public servants" at the DPU. ...(full comment)

Clancy/My Turn: Pipeline all about profits

I don't know if anyone will see this now. It's 9/18/15 and I'm watching the Weather Channel. They have a program called "Secrets of the Earth" including a segment about the increase of earthquakes in Oklahoma since there has been fracking there. We have to make sure nothing like that ever happens here! This program was dated 2014. In fact, I am a neighbor of Pike and Magee, right down the road at 35B Holtshire Rd. ...(full comment)

Magee and Pike/My Turn: Senator, hear us, join us