Debbie, who wants to live near a power plant? If anything, a power plant in that location burning fossil fuels all day will lower surrounding property values, reducing tax revenue. And energy companies, like all multi-national corporations these days, always find a way not to pay taxes, usually by threatening to take away jobs. It'd be a wash, at best. Fossil fuels like natural gas are the energy of the past; we need to invest in energy sources of the future, because eventually, the gas will run out, if our drinking water isn't poisoned first. ...(full comment)

New coalition forms to fight pipeline

Here is a thought, maybe wait until you have an established safety net for children (maybe marriage would also help).She could still be in Arizona in school or maybe in her career. It may be harsh, but the government gets their money from the people and a lot of people are having a hard time in the Obama economy. People making bad choices are making hard on everybody. ...(full comment)

Newly homeless mom and newborn make best of bad situation far from family

The Gospel of John was in fact the last to be written, and I apologize for the error. I was thinking of Pauline epistles, written earlier than Matthew and Luke, which did not mention either the virgin birth or any other aspect of the nativity fables. ...(full comment)

Letter: Foolish insistence

Hopefully the organizers of this event will provide an equal opportunity for these individuals to have an equally informative event about other options and local concerns. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

We applaud North Quabbin's Chamber of Commerce for standing with the towns and cities who have voted to oppose this project. It's interesting that the Greenfield Chamber takes the goodwill of outlying communities for granted in ignoring public outrage. A lot of us bring our commerce to Greenfield when it would be just as easy to go to Northampton. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Right now, they want their pipeline through Massachusetts, to connect with one in Maine all the way to Nova Scotia and Kinder Morgan's waiting fleet of tankers. Unconventional gas is cheap because of the huge subsidies we all pay through our taxes: and massive overproduction. Once exports begin, we will be forced to compete with other nations for our own resources. And the more easily accessed gas will be sold off first: leaving only what is harder to extract and at much higher prices. Those businesses in our communities who are not multi billionaires had better start recognizing that they are in the crosshairs of the .01%. Here is another severe example of local businesses and communities being forced to subsidize something that will ultimately bring them little to no long term benefit, while syphoning off wealth from local communities. This is a stupid plan with no benefit to Massachusetts, but huge returns for Kinder Morgan and obscene private wealth. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Make the bridge adequate for snowmobile traffic and Northfield will become a tristate hub for snowmobilers. As of now the Rt.10 bridge trail isn't quite working too well. ...(full comment)

Northfield wonders how to draw bicyclists, tourists to town once Schell Bridge is replaced

These are rosy stories from a company selected person, likely with significant means. There are a great many online accounts of folks forced to live near these facilities who paint a detailed picture of hell on earth, routinely evacuated from their homes at any time of the day or night, who live in chronic fear: terror, actually. For many locals along this local proposed route, hospitals are miles away in any direction, there are no evacuation routes, and residents have been shown plans to locate a huge pipeline less than 100 feet from homes and wells, and in the presence of existing sets direct transmission high voltage cables. They and all of their neighbors are well within blast zones. An incident will result in loss of electricity for a huge swath of the state: further complicating any possible rescue efforts. The lack of regard for our lives, our state, or anything remotely human is chilling. And this is being ginned up on the basis of maybe .6 bcf, which may not in fact be needed, so Marcellus gas can be shipped abroad to further enrich obscene wealth. ...(full comment)

Compressor stations reason for concern?

If you can live off your SS here, I know your money will go further in TX where your God fearing (which I always feel sorry for those who fear God) have fled to. And as for Mother Nature doing a "fine job of cleaning up messes made by oil"... too bad BP didn't know that. It could have saved them billions in their attempt to clean up the Gulf and Mississippi Delta in 2010. I see you love living in the past. How does that work for you in the 21st Century? ...(full comment)

Letter: My industrial nature

Tim, please go and reread my letter, this time for comprehension. I didn't write your pal Ken shouldn't write letters to the editor, I wrote as long as people like the two of you continue to insult and name call people who think differently than you, then our Nation can not heal. Big difference. ...(full comment)

Letter: Libs lose big

What a disaster for this area, 625 good paying jobs gone, cheap clean electricity gone, now more CO2 pollution from the replacement gas plants, and more poisoning of the planet. When will people wake up and stop fearing Nuclear energy. It now countrywide, is using up the phased out nuclear weapons materials from The Soviet union and the US for electricity. Newer plants can use the left over stored fuel from the first generation plants now in dry casks around the country. Nuclear power has never shortened the life or killed anyone in the US in its 60 years of use, while we accept the 20,000-30,000 yearly deaths from fossil fuels. Too bad the politicians have been bought off by the dirty fossil fuel industry. ...(full comment)

Vt. Yankee layoffs to begin in Jan.

Sounds like good news. Would be nice to have some details about the ConEd program--why selected, what it comprises, where its headquartered etc. Does the municipal aggregate include only Greenfield or is the town one of many others in the aggregate? ...(full comment)

Green power program to launch January

I wonder how other towns in the area deal with this problem? ...(full comment)

Sticky situation: Wet wipes gumming up Deerfield’s wastewater plant