This is why the route of the pipeline deliberately targets rural population centers, drinking water, and land conserved by citizens because of its value and beauty. Kinder Morgan is deliberately seeking to cause as much harm and destruction to this American State as they can while generating a false claim of public necessity. ...(full comment)

Richardson/My Turn: Unpersuasive on pipeline

Early on Alan Fore stated that by satellite, this region "looks like North Korea", and residents have certainly felt as if this is a military occupation. Before this "plan" was even officially announced, or even mentioned to local governments, helicopters (from Georgia) swarmed our area: even nights and weekends, equipped with LIDAR: one way of violating property owners rights. The trucks with out of state plates: Texas, Nevada, Arkasas, continue to swarm the area. Local jobs? only for suckers who are being used as window dressing. Yes, Mr. Fore sees us as North Korea: and needs dozens of police "guards" to "protect" him from his own motives and intentions. He knows that what he is doing is an atrocity. But in his former career, with big tobacco, killing certain segments of the population was laughed about as "population control". And this is the intention of this pipeline as much as the heist of U.S. gas by a .01% ENRON legacy company. ...(full comment)

Richardson/My Turn: Unpersuasive on pipeline

I've seen lawn signs in Ashfield supporting the pipeline with the slogan "Lower my energy bills". This is a lie and should be called out as such. Not only will there be no such savings but who in their right mind would choose ruining their county to save a few bucks? ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline alternative

The town owns the clock, who else would you have pay for it's running and upkeep? If you're that upset about it I'd suggest raising the issue of selling the clock at the next town meeting. ...(full comment)

High notes: Second Congregational Church to add music to daily bell ringing

Kinder Morgan wants an export pipeline to fill its tankers. They also want to bilk ratepayers, landowners and municipalities in order to build an export pipeline. There is no public necessity for this: just Kinder Morgan's greed and duplicity. ...(full comment)

AG report draws reactions along pipeline issue lines

LOWER MY ENERGY BILLS: STOP THE PIPELINE It's only for export and their greed: not for us. ...(full comment)

State AG: Better ways than pipeline; Healey-commissioned report sees no electric reliability issues for at least 15 years

I suggest that anyone who thinks we can let the Syrians in this country should host a Syrian refugee. Feed and house them. Help them assimilate into the American fabric AND be responsible for them. I don't want to say if they do a crime the host should do the time (meaning a terrorist act) but maybe they should. This way they would not be a burden on the American taxpayer. ...(full comment)

Baker says no to Syrian refugees in Massachusetts

If solar powered people do not pay their fair share of the grid cost than there should be no subsidies or tax credits for solar installation. The industry should be able to stand on its own. ...(full comment)

Lawmakers grapple with details of solar law

Go team! We are with you. And even if there is no success with this one, there will be more. This pipeline is not coming through here! ...(full comment)

Plaintiffs respond to Feds on pipeline lawsuit

Oh hey, what the heck, let them all in. We have so many jobs available for them, it's a no brainer. Our police are so underutilized as it is. Our senior citizens are all set to a point where their services can be spread around. Oh, the hard working taxpayers won't mind either and relish the thought of paying more. Everything is fine, nothing of concern here. ...(full comment)

Baker says no to Syrian refugees in Massachusetts

Thank you Maryanna for your well written editorial of your dinner experience at Applebee's. The empty dinner place at the table is for all the men and women who died for our country as well as the missing in action. A candle for guidance to their heavenly home along with a red rose to show them love and the lemon for all their bitterness they had witnessed. Freedom isn't free it is paid by all those who gave their lives or live with disabilities today. ...(full comment)

Letter: Veterans Day tribute

Good example of right wing pandering. The U.S. vetting process is very robust and multi-layered. It typically takes 1.5 to 2 years for an application for asylum to be processed. Secondly, immigration policy is the sole domain of the federal government, so Baker is just posturing. ...(full comment)

Baker says no to Syrian refugees in Massachusetts

Isn't collective punishment a war crime? Way to go Charlie Baker, just like Hitler and Netanyahu. ...(full comment)

Baker says no to Syrian refugees in Massachusetts