Yes, rail transport is dangerous. But there are risks and dangers associated with pipelines, too, just that (aside from explosions) they tend to be more insidious and spread out over more area - like leakage, inviting invasive species, the ever-continual loss of trees and the associated surface and groundwater pollution from runoff/sediment, further destruction of habitat. These things aren't as glamorous in terms of danger but they are there, and add it up over millions of miles of pipeline, and it compounds and accumulates. When do we say enough is enough? My main problem with the pipeline is that is a massive forced investment of the public, with no guaranteed return on investment (can they guarantee our gas rates will lower? fat chance) for a fuel that is and should be on its way out - gas wells are drying up already, some have a life of only 30 more years. Not a good long-term investment when other countries are investing so heavily in renewables; we will not be competitive if we don't start to subsidize renewables in the way we're so willing to for fossil fuels. ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Christina's is the best restaurant around!!! ...(full comment)

Blue Plate Special: Christina’s in Erving serves up authentic Italian cuisine

Pipeline explosions usually occur when somebody is doing excavating where they clearly shouldn't. Train and truck transportation are by far, the most dangerous route to transport petroleum. By far. But people don't want to be confused with facts. Their minds are made up (by somebody else...). ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

As noted in the press in Vermont, the Strontium 90 found in the Vermont Yankee monitoring (NOT drinking) wells probably came for fallout - still around from atmospheric weapons testing. Radioactivity is a natural part of the environment too. We eat it for breakfast in bananas! Decades and millions have been spent in learning the safe amounts of every type of radiation, every way we get it. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Lot use headed in right direction

I am happy that these folks have found something that has made them happy and wish them Happy Valentine's Day. However, when Ms. Britton says that she doesn't feel comfortable walking down Main Street holding hands, I would just say that's more her perception than Greenfield's reality. This is a very open and accepting community and it is unfair to paint the community as even mildly "homophobic." And at the end of the day, it's up to each person this couple meets to decide if they accept them. The people they know and meet also have the right to decide whether to approve or disapprove. There's nothing wrong with those who do not approve of gay marriage. Holding more traditional views does not make someone "homophobic" (not a journalistic term, either). It's part of living in a diverse community where people disagree without being disagreeable. Speaking of bias... One of the lowest moments for this area was when certain residents publicly convened a committee to make a Christian college feel unwelcome about starting a campus in Northfield. They literally organized to keep an institution out because of its creed. I did not see much condemnation of that bigotry. Intolerance can come from a lot of angles and those who are even slightly outside the predominant liberalism of the area sometimes also feel uncomfortable "being who they are." I can sympathize with this couple, as I know that I don't feel comfortable walking down Main Street, period. Even during daylight hours, the cast of questionable characters hanging out on the sidewalks seem to grow every year. That's a big problem that I'm certain Greenfield actually has. ...(full comment)

‘Love always makes the world better’

I don't see a problem maintaining the Emergency Planning as it is when the plant was in operation, as long as the towns that want it are willing to pay for it. Perhaps the groups that wrote the petitions could hold bake sales to raise the money. Why should everyone pay for what only a few people want ? ...(full comment)

Greenfield Town Council to NRC: Maintain emergency planning

You are right. A correction was published in Thursday's Recorder. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

Glad to see the article changed as there are NO serrated edges to the turbines on Bakke Mountain at this time. It read before, Paul Copleman said, "the company installed noise-reducing serrated edges on the 10 wind turbines on Bakke Mountain, in Florida, but wasn’t able to complete the same task on all nine of the wind turbines on Crum Hill in Monroe". I suggest a note of this in the printed version to alert readers of this error. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

Nice to see changes coming to this quaint little town that I still call Home .. Martha Evans Delancy. Port St Lucie Florida ...(full comment)

New, but familiar

None of the turbines on Bakke Mountain have the serrated edges installed. ...(full comment)

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

I hope Bryon increases his observation of discretion. Joy in love is most deeply understood by others when it is sacred and solemn. I wish the very pinnacle of human love for Stan. He deserves deep peace. ...(full comment)

Sen. President Rosenberg plans to wed, partner says

I think it's great you guys are taking over. But if you get rid of the Keno you'll attract more people who will pay more for the food. Music, sports. but please, no Keno! ...(full comment)

New, but familiar

There is also a western MA group of white allies forming to support the #blacklivesmatter movement. There are many ways to be involved. We will be showing a video soon for people who are not on social media like facebook and twitter to be more informed about what is happening. email: ...(full comment)

“Black Lives Matter” event draws large crowd Saturday in Greenfield