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When is Kobe Steakhouse really going to open? The sign still says "coming soon" and it's almost February. ...(full comment)

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse to open on Mohawk Trail

I am part of the group which is hoping to see established by the town a ban on plastic bags which are non-bio-degradable. What occurred over the petition is unfortunate. We hope to have a petition approved so that a ban on plastic bags will be enforced in a timely fashion. ...(full comment)

Plastic ban proposal causes tension between petitioners, Greenfield officials

I thought Park Villa and Redbrook were "owned" by the Montague Housing Authority---and managed by Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Were Martin and Pyers in the Affordable Housing industry as well as regional development? If someone wanted to review the funding for those two housing developments, i.e., public records...where might they be, with the Department of Housing and Community Development now? Or was Federal funding involved (HUD)? ...(full comment)

Economic development director on paid administrative leave

Hahahaa, another episode for America's stupidest criminals. ...(full comment)

Police: burglar caught after knocking on cop’s door

Does this sound like an inside job? Someone must have exterior cameras along that route. Christmas Eve... No one was stirring not even a mouse. ...(full comment)

Footage to be analyzed in Whately Inn safe heist

In New Mexico, the fossil fuel consortium, Power New Mexico, will charge an extra fee for those using solar energy. Here in a land with 300 days of sunlight. Criminal. ...(full comment)

Bos/My Turn: Sowing seeds of ‘doubt’

So proud of my daughter Eve and my son in law John Waite. Only for them (and the freedom of speech) would I stand in the cold. ...(full comment)

Words of solidarity from Greenfield’s common

The owner of that building, if it's the one I think it is, the one with the odd diagonal wood siding, is a kind and good hearted gentleman with some very tragic issues. This is not a case of a rich absentee landlord- not even close. The property has taken a toll on its owner far worse than its crumbling foundation has taken a toll on the sensitive eyes of the Public. I hope the town can handle this gently, and that in the process he can find some support. Mr. V, if indeed I am correct, could really use a little. And that building was a wreck before he bought it. Can the town make him a token buy-out offer? ...(full comment)

Editorial: The flow of downtown Greenfield

Best of luck with this all too familiar wet situation! You guys having a Burns Night this year? ...(full comment)

Sprinkler malfunction floods part of Deerfield Inn

Karl and I do not own the inn; we have just been the keepers of the inn for the past 28 years. The Deerfield Inn is owned by Historic Deerfield, Inc. ...(full comment)

Sprinkler malfunction floods part of Deerfield Inn

Adam is a great mechanic and a hard worker! It is wonderful to see a young couple with energy and enthusiasm, start a business! ...(full comment)

Conway’s Sunset Garage changes hands after three decades

Very well said by all. Fear and ignorance, intolerance and hate...are the antithesis of creation. Freedom of expression, and the society that celebrates such a concept...can heal, unite, and lead us to a better world. Words and pictures are not the enemy---neither are the millions of ideas and thousands of beliefs we find foreign. Art, music, poetry, dance, drama, the written word---and any other form of self-expression...bring us closer to ourselves and each other. ...(full comment)

Local cartoonists react to Paris massacre at Charlie Hebdo

Well, it looks like this business will be in good hands. Glad the Johnson family is " keeping it local". Good luck to them all and I hope it florishes. ...(full comment)

Conway’s Sunset Garage changes hands after three decades