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Just an FYI, Greenfield High School advertised this event and 15 students attended the event via the Green Room afterschool program which supplied a wonderful dinner and provided transportation to the movie. There were also 8 staff members at the movie. SO if you feel it necessary to shame local schools in a public forum, at least you should make an attempt to contact the schools and specifically identify their involvement. Oh, and one other thing, maybe the people that planned the event ,should make it more school friendly. After school, youth are involved with sports, jobs and they may have family obligations. Show the movie at the schools, so a plan can be in place to counsel youth if they are emotionally and personally affected after the movie. ...(full comment)

"The Hungry Heart"

(S)ave (T)he (B)ees! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI3gsb_d27I ...(full comment)

Bee colony collapse subject of film Wednesday

You hit the nail on the head, whoooot. One of the important points that people forget is that when they post comments or "like" a public figure, band, or business, their opinions and posts become fair-game and get indexed in major search engines. ...(full comment)

‘Nothing you put on social media is private’

Yes, indeed, the bottle deposit should be at least a dime. A nickel in 1982 when the Bottle Bill was pased is worth 12¢ today, thanks to inflation. See: http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/cpicalc.pl?cost1=0.05&year1=1982&year2=2014. And the deposit should be extended to all beverage containers. If these two measures were enacted, our neighborhoods, parks, streets and rivers would be much cleaner, and there would be less plastic in the ocean. The The Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee's designation of a legislative working group to study the Bottle Bill expansion is nothing but a smoke screen. The TUE has been charged with doing this job for more than a decade, but Speaker DeLeo says keep this bill bottled up in committee, so there it remains. We have paid for our state government through our taxes, but we cannot even get our elected representatives to vote on the Bottle Bill expansion. Unfortunately, the legislature is more interested in catering to special interests in the beverage industry than doing the People's business, so we have to take matters into our own hands with a ballot initiative in November. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Slow going on expanded bottle bill

For those interested in supporting the family during this loss http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/help-the-adams/156073 ...(full comment)

Greenfield man arraigned on arson charges

Love the hat! Good luck to you in your new adventure. ...(full comment)

Mexican in Shelburne Falls? Olé!

I have been in many states over the past few years. I think the nickel should be raised to a dime or even a quarter. This should be done on all beverages(including wine and hard liquor) less than a gallon or a half gallon. When I was in Arkansas even the highways had no litter which was amazing. NJ and Ms. were filthy with litter and beverage containers. You do get the deposit back when you turn in the containers. When you make the cost prohibitive to toss it will keep the land cleaner. Think of it like the tax on smokes. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Slow going on expanded bottle bill

Please let the community know how we can help this family to get through this horrible tragedy. Where can we bring donations? Is there a church they belong to that could organize a drive? I know people will want to help!!! ...(full comment)

Son charged with arson

A professional, thorough investigation would determine cougar presence by at least three corroborating physical factors including tracks, scat, territorial scrapes, fur, DNA, kills and photographs (cougars, even in the lowest densities, are captured routinely on cell phone cameras, video, and remote wildlife cams - everywhere but East of the Michigan UP and north of Florida). Track cougars in winter conditions, and one can follow their prints for miles, where corroborating evidence like scat, scrapes, fur, den-sites, and kills emerge quickly along their route. In Winchester, a tempest has been brewed from the teapot of one set of poor, melted-out tracks, with no corroborating physical evidence - none - to support them. As Paul Beier, the first cougar biologist who studied cougars in the suburbs, in So Cal, where upwards of 95% of sightings in his study area - in cougar habitat - were determined to be misidentifications, has written, "Sightings are worthless as indicator of cougar presence, cougar numbers, or trends in cougar numbers…even people with extensive experience mistakenly identify other animals as cougars." A thorough journalist - as well as any responsible cougar researcher - would base a confirmation on corroborating physical evidence…the more, the better. ...(full comment)

On the Trail: Cougar leftovers

Congratulations to Ms. Loll on bringing to light a major problem in the art world. Something that has been traditionally kept "hush hush" is now being exposed in a scholarly manner. Science clearly now plays a major role in revealing forgeries and helping to discover previous unknown works of art. The only thing I see missing from this exhibit is the works of another noted forger named, David Stein. However, those paintings can be seen in many homes in Palm Beach and museums around the world. Going forward scientific evaluation is a must. ...(full comment)

Dark Arts

OK, so I'm out of it - I saw this headline and thought it was about transportation of potatoes. . . . . ...(full comment)

Tubers’ pick-up spot topic of discussion tonight

Wonder if this is related to the proposed gas transmission lines? ...(full comment)

Cox/My Turn: More questions than answers

750$million ...(full comment)

Is NE energy ruled by ‘backroom deal’?