Exxon conducted research over forty years ago, appears to have found that Climate Change was ALREADY occurring, and decided to dupe the public. If Exxon knew, then so did every single administration since that time: and Glass Steagall was repealed: NAFTA enacted, and myriad other "acts" in order to strip wealth out of our nation, into the hands of a very small group of obscenely wealthy narcissists. We are now an oligarchy, teetering on the edge of fascism. The TPP trade agreement, the massive build up of unnecessary pipelines, the commodification of water as a source of wealth is happening everywhere: and locally. Basically siphoning off U.S. assets to enrich a few, while the world descends into madness: they have divided this nation with hate and surgical precision, insuring we will do nothing to protect our children. They and their lackies are grabbing the lifeboats, folks. The next election offers us yet another enmeshed administration with tentacles to more and more corporate power: or one candidate out of all who stands up for the rest of us. God help us all. ...(full comment)

Hynes/My Turn: Climate change strategies

The eighties are calling and they want their "Citizens for Growth" plan back. You have only to look at cities further south from Greenfield and check out what this did to local businesses, traffic and "appeal", not to mention the kiss of death to local businesses. This is a business plan that funnels money from poor people to the bulging pockets of the already obscenely wealthy, and out of the community: not to mention making this area look like a carbon copy of anywhere else, U.S.A. Jobs? more part time, haphazard shifts, bare minimum wage, with foodstamp subsidies so "employees" can feed their families: from the City of Greenfield. Huge traffic, massive asphalt, a characterless blight selling nothing locally sourced. . . what a "bargain" for wealthy interests. ...(full comment)

Isaac Mass offers Economic Development Express to Boston in January

"Judge NOT, lest YE be Judged". ...(full comment)

Letter: Pushing liberal agenda

Another way of looking at it is that the children are being taught about tolerance and inclusion, something the religious right seems to have a problem with (read Syrian refugees). ...(full comment)

Letter: Pushing liberal agenda

Lower my energy bills: STOP THE PIPELINE . . . indeed. ...(full comment)

Deerfield Academy opposes pipeline

Thank you David for these substantive corrections and additions to the story. It is important to keep the truth as whole as possible. I would like to respectfully add that it is likely the Sokoki were active participants in this momentous battle as well. Their traditional territory, of course, was immediately north of the Great falls at Peskeomskut, with a primary settlement at the eponymous Squakheag village, now Northfield. This places them squarely at the frontlines. ...(full comment)

Letter: King Philip’s casualties

Wow, TGP says the study is flawed? There's the pot calling the kettle black. No, wait, there's the pot calling the tree black. Their own (and Kinder-Morgan's) studies are rife with inconsistencies, huge omissions and outright lies. I'm very grateful to the AG (and have told her so). It appears Healy's office is the only government agency involved in this fiasco that is actually looking out for the citizens' rights; meanwhile FERC, the DPU, and DCR are firmly installed in the oil & gas industry's pockets. ...(full comment)

AG report draws reactions along pipeline issue lines

Wonderful perspective, thanks for contributing it. I particularly like your paragraph on your own personal conclusion. As a frustrated atheist (that is, I am one but kind of wish I weren't), it appeals to me. ...(full comment)

Culleny: Behind the death god masks

The town owns the clock, who else would you have pay for it's running and upkeep? If you're that upset about it I'd suggest raising the issue of selling the clock at the next town meeting. ...(full comment)

High notes: Second Congregational Church to add music to daily bell ringing

Kinder Morgan wants an export pipeline to fill its tankers. They also want to bilk ratepayers, landowners and municipalities in order to build an export pipeline. There is no public necessity for this: just Kinder Morgan's greed and duplicity. ...(full comment)

AG report draws reactions along pipeline issue lines

LOWER MY ENERGY BILLS: STOP THE PIPELINE It's only for export and their greed: not for us. ...(full comment)

State AG: Better ways than pipeline; Healey-commissioned report sees no electric reliability issues for at least 15 years

I suggest that anyone who thinks we can let the Syrians in this country should host a Syrian refugee. Feed and house them. Help them assimilate into the American fabric AND be responsible for them. I don't want to say if they do a crime the host should do the time (meaning a terrorist act) but maybe they should. This way they would not be a burden on the American taxpayer. ...(full comment)

Baker says no to Syrian refugees in Massachusetts

If solar powered people do not pay their fair share of the grid cost than there should be no subsidies or tax credits for solar installation. The industry should be able to stand on its own. ...(full comment)

Lawmakers grapple with details of solar law