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I love your writing! I am not much of a nature reader, but your style is so charming, I hope to read your pieces all the time! Maybe I'll learn a few things ;-) Thank you! ...(full comment)

Said & Done: Do you know your birds and bees?

The young male CT cat wandered from the Black Hills, and likely passed through Ontario, not because there are 400 cats in Ontario - there is no evidence of breeding in the provence - but because there are no females between the Black Hills and CT. No females, no recolonization. It's the rare exception for females to range more than 100 miles from where they're born. A wild female or kittens have yet to be documented in a Midwestern state east of prairie habitat. The closest breeding evidence to the Northeast was announced last year in the Niobrara River Valley of central Nebraska, still west of the Missouri River. The CT cat traveled 2000 miles looking for females that aren't there. Had he found a female anywhere along his travels, he would have stopped, mated with her, and settled in to defend his home range. ...(full comment)

On The Trail: Shad, salmon and cougars

Tired of Martin just spending all of our tax payers money so we can retain being the THIRD HIGHEST PROPERTY TAXES IN THE STATE! Nice job Martin... can't sell my house nobody wants to live here anymore. ...(full comment)

Greenfield buys stage for events, rentals

"Isn’t it interesting that the debate over intelligent design (creationism) and the theory of evolution (naturalism) continues 150 years after Darwin?" There is no debate. Biologists have accepted evolution as fact for more than a century. Today the evidence from DNA sequencing is many thousands of times more powerful than Darwin could have imagined possible. Evolution has become the strongest fact of science. The denial of evolution requires denial of the bedrock of two centuries of biology and geology. Magical intelligent design creationism is a childish religious fantasy, it is not scientific, and it's just plain wrong. It's ridiculous to throw out scientific facts like evolution and replace it with supernatural magic. This is the 21st century, not the Dark Ages. ...(full comment)

The case for intelligent design: Gill pastor sees faith supported by evidence

Even after overwhelming public attendance, outcry and testimony the DPU has denied intervenor status to landowers, municipalities, and our elected representatives. This is outrageous. ...(full comment)

Andrews/My Turn: Hear what western Mass. says

This announcement is a bit early (posted June 18th). The event is taking place on Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th. See the Shelburne Falls Memorial Hall website for more details. ...(full comment)

Talk tonight on silver screens of Shelburne Falls

This newspaper can be so proud of its reporting. What a refreshing difference to downstate newspapers that offer very little in the way of real information. Glad to know there are newspapers that take journalism and reporting seriously. Thank you for your coverage. You are revered for this locally and really represent the concerns of the community. ...(full comment)

Letter: Your pipeline coverage

Thanks, Anita, for a terrific article! It's great to have such a responsive media outlet in town!! ...(full comment)

Silverthorne Theater: Summer run begins with a classic

I have to agree that we need to do better at co-existing with nature. And beavers in particular, since their dams store water, filter toxins, increase invertebrate communities, enhance fish population density and diversity, and feed everything that relies on it. I know it's the right thing to do, but I'd be happy if we started to understand coexistence as important for our own self interest. Heidi Perryman Worth A Dam www.martinezbeavers.org ...(full comment)

Blasiak/My Turn: Live within nature

Thank you to Douglas. Though I could understand the young union worker's frustration at seeing so much evidence weighing in against a potential job providing project (though a look a previous Kinder Morgan pipelines tell us to not count them until contracts - not just agreements - are signed), I couldn't understand what she thought she had heard those of us opposing the project saying. I've been a supporter of unions all my life (and a member of UFCW myself for 7 years). We have at least a few members of LiUNA and some other unions among the anti-pipeline ranks because they see the damage these projects would cause to the communities we all call home. Several others attending Kinder Morgan Open Houses have privately said they wish they were working on solar instead for the sake of their kids' safety. We've been advocating for jobs in existing pipeline repair, energy efficiency and clean energy the entire time we've been opposing the pipeline. We've been going to state hearings and chiming in plans that would expand jobs in those sectors. We want them to be local union laborers! ...(full comment)

Letter: Anti-labor? Not at all

All of us support unions. We are also mindful of the horrible conditions this will create for IBEW workers. We recall last Thanksgiving when crews were working in the cold and dark over several days time fixing downed power lines. This is live voltage: in fact, our town and others along the route have multiple sets of live voltage. When these lines go down this requires extraordinary skill. Now imagine that job in the presence of massive quantities of flamable gas, with no mercaptin to warn of leaks and absolutely no means of detecting a leak in the dark. I felt badly for that young lady. We are not the enemy, nor are we denying her a job. She might feel differently if she were forced to live with her children and loved ones near that much gas in the presence of that much electricity in an incineration zone. Or if the complete value of her home was going to be compromised so the already obscenely wealthy could take life time's work by lying and stealing. ...(full comment)

Letter: Anti-labor? Not at all

In 2004, vehicle miles traveled peaked and, for the first year since World War II, Americans began driving less. By 2011, Americans drove 6% fewer miles per year than they were in 2004. One third of Americans don’t drive at all. https://www.facebook.com/TJusticeFC ...(full comment)

Letter: Use the bus Thursday

He was a moderate, "Gypsy Moth Republican" the kind that have been clubbed to death like baby seals by today's Tea Party and extreme right wing GOPers. ...(full comment)

Former state rep., public servant Walter Kostanski dies at age 91