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Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration money might be better spent policing the pipeline system than paying consultants to sell and endorse pipelines: and aquiesence. He made a number of statements that should alert FRCOG: locating further from homes, and the conditions awaiting those forced to live near compressor stations. Has anyone in this situation been approached by their FRCOG elected "representatives" about their concerns? ...(full comment)

Experts offer legal, technical advice to communities in pipeline’s path

Beautifully written Samantha Wood , thank you! This series is great, a little bird's eye peek into someone new to gardening trying it out. I confess, that even after over 40 years, I am still thrilled with those first fruits! Gardening is one of those things I think everyone should do, even if it is just a pot of chives on the counter. Cheering from the sidelines! Devorah ...(full comment)

Room to grow: Digging that first arrival at the garden

Sounds lovely. Too bad you forgot to mention the constant police and ambulance trips up and down Leyden Road accompanied by lights and sirens throughout the entire "fun" festival. Or the nonstop traffic from Thursday until late Monday night. But wait, let's not forget the trash that gets thrown out car windows all over the stretch of Leyden Road intimately ending up on taxpayers lawns and property. I am grateful that you mentioned the after hours music going on all night long in the cabins and at various campfires from Thursday night till Monday night. It's enough to keep local residents awake all night and that is exactly what happens. And lest we forget, there is also the plethora of drugs brought in to this festival that smacks of arrogance and is counterintuitive to the hard work of the Franklin County and local police departments in the area efforts to banish this part of Massachusetts of drugs in general. There are two sides to this travesty that occurs twice a year at Camp Kee-Wanee. It would be beneficial to all that read this warm and fuzzy story of Worm-Town that the taxpayers that are within hearing distance of this music festival (which extends to the Leyden and Colrain hills) are not happy that this travesty that has been imposed on us without warning or consideration 14 years ago. Shame on the local Kiwanis Clubs that welcome this as a money maker for their local children's camp. I did not choose to have this occur when I bought my home 17 years ago, nor did any of my neighbors. ...(full comment)

Thousands settle in for music, fun at Strangecreek

****Apologies, the correct address for Buckland Rec. Center is 66 Ashfield Rd., not Buckland Rd. ***** ...(full comment)

Clean Sweep: A good time to get rid of all the stuff

Iberdrola and other international gas investment companies want an export route to Nova Scotia, where one of these companies, in its DOE application in the Federal Register and related materials stated "pipeline and fossil fuel companies" in the U.S. and Canada will make profit at over eighteen quadrillion dollars over a twenty year period. There is no need for this; in fact New England didn't use any of the 150 bcf of liquified natural gas available for this winter, the coldest in eighty years, by March 1st. The price gouging is intended to abuse New Englanders into submission to enforce the largest land takings since the highway system, for that private profit. There is no gas shortage. Namecalling and intimidating politicians by mis-characterizing them is typical stuff , then issuing a meaningless public apology, to let everyone know what they are prepared to do. The folks in this region are highly informed, and are standing up to iniquity and deceit. ...(full comment)

Letter: Beyond the headlines

When fully operational, the coop owned plant will be adding 7 million dollars per year to the local economy, or more if fuel prices rise. It will be the only maker of fuel in Massachusetts and a strong local effort to combat environmental damaging fossil fuel use. Soon we will be seeing the benefits of self reliance in transportation fuel. You don't drive a diesel now or heat with oil? As a coop member, you will have priority access to this better type of fuel. Someday soon you will appreciate having your own source of clean energy, made locally and made to benefit us all. ...(full comment)

Biodiesel factory project needs final $850K

What a great story for Greenfield. A community owned, green business bringing good paying jobs to the area, recycling a local waste product to produce a clean non polluting fuel that will keep energy dollars from leaving the area. ...(full comment)

Biodiesel factory project needs final $850K

It's 72 virgins now, inflation you see. ...(full comment)

Letter: Tsarnaev sentence

Paging Judge Solomon... ...(full comment)

Sunderland woman wants her dog back

Do you no believe that is true? Look at all the pregnant women from China coming to the United States to give birth. Why do you think they are doing that? They all stay in the same apartment complex and go the same hospital. Using your logic if you were 5 months pregnant traveling abroad and have an early birth your child would not be an American citizen. But a citizen of let's say some middle eastern country. If you were to come back to the U.S. could you bring your child with? The 14th Amendment did not have its roots in slavery and the civil war. The whole tree (roots, branches, leaves, trunk and fruit) was about slavery and how they were to be treated. It was all about the South after the Civil War. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Leave ‘birthright’ alone

Terrific editorial. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Leave ‘birthright’ alone

You left out that the GOP hopefuls keep making statements that make them sound like lunatics. Maybe that's intentional to satisfy the fear and ignorance of the conservative base. ...(full comment)

Zinan/My Turn: A crowded Republican presidential field

Hope you win the van!! ...(full comment)

Turners Falls 11-year-old needs your online votes