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If you're going to sell cars in Franklin County, there's really no other place to be other than Greenfield, so I don't think it's all that laudable that he stayed in town. While not singling out this business in particular, this town has insane residential property taxes and the tax givaways to businesses are getting out of hand. Councilors should be asking if the requesting business NEEDS the break to create jobs, or is it just some sort of reward? Is there even any guarantee that they have to provide these jobs if he gets the break? Where's the oversight? And what's to prevent them from picking up and leaving after the 10 years is up if they don't get another break? (That happens all the time all over the country.) Business tax breaks around the country are becoming a race to the bottom. If we focused on making Greenfield a better place to live, with much better schools to start, the customers and the businesses will come. ...(full comment)

Editorial: A straightforward request

These weasels are looking at the 18 quadrillion export bonanaza detailed in Pieridae's related NEPA exemption filings (dated Dec. 2014, listed in the Federal Register). This is so very clearly a complete abuse of eminent domain: and they are taking particular pains to force this pipeline through neighborhoods, conservation land and water supplies: when there are other less harmful routes. Genocide is acceptable to them to make a buck. And its all inside baseball. They are deliberately creating deadly conditions for residents and for resources in their abject lust for wealth: this is a wholesale attack on human beings, our children and any possible future for this state. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas owner buys 2.5% interest in pipeline

Yeah, let's turn America into Dodge City and arm every 6-year old....that wil work! ...(full comment)

Letter: Arm Americans

Way over the line !!! ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline protest

RedBar, before you make assumptions about the false promises of jobs that would come about with this pipeline, please do some research on this. Workers are for the most part brought in and the jobs are temporary. The pipelines and compressor stations are unmanned and remotely monitored. Also, if you are concerned about your grandchildren, please do yourself a favor and do some research on the health and environmental effects of these pipelines and compressor stations, and please look into the environmental record of Kinder Morgan, a company that is well known for pipeline accidents and safety violations. We would be doing a great service to our grandchildren and the whole world by investing in more clean energy and conservation. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg calls for FERC hearing delay

The so called "open and transparent process" is an Orwellian advertising slogan repeated in the media incessantly, while the actual behavior by Kinder Morgan is gamey and disingenuous. And FERC sets NO limits and doesn't even hold them accountable to required steps in the process. When an individual acts the way Kinder Morgan does in its smallest actions, they get diagnosed with "character disorder", one branch of which is sociopathic personality disorder. That is the label that best fits what this entire industry has become. And this is all about the heist of American resources for private gain. The U.S. as extraction colony for the .01% and their willing toadies. ...(full comment)

Pipeline co. files report with FERC

Before we get all up-in-arms, let us consider our grandchildren. Once the new supply line goes in, Western Mass will change. Now, our children have to move away to get jobs. An energy source like this pipeline will mean jobs for many years to come, for our children. And grandchildren. My epiphany came when my partner, who is from Rhode Island, and I went on a boat tour of the Blackstone River. Our guide was a retired high school physics teacher who explained that there is as much energy in the Blackstone River as in Niagara Falls -- it falls 10 feet a mile for 50 miles. Every mile on the Blackstone, there is a 10' dam, and a mill. Once a mile. And the Blackstone River was the center of the industrial revolution in the US, spawning "cottage industries" throughout the region. As in, people did the finish work from manufacturing 'in their cottage'. The new gas pipeline through our region, with nine pumping stations (or hubs), will be like a Blackstone River. It will mean jobs for our children -- and grandchildren. While the Blackstone is one of the most polluted rivers on earth, the pipeline does not have to be so bad. It depends on us. It is up to us to manage it wisely, for them. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg calls for FERC hearing delay

I worked at CSO in the mid-late nineties and helped organize the first strike ! I'm sorry to see this happening again but believe in collective power and addressing the problems with the state - they typically giving the work to the lowest bidder. The fact that those scarce resources are going to administrative bloat is despicable. Fight for what's right ! In solidarity! ...(full comment)

Mental health care workers strike

From what Mr. Collins writes it seems he thinks Mrs. Clinton has an impressive resume. As for the redistribution strategy, would you like it if I came into your house and said "you have more than I do, let me take some of your stuff so we each have about the same." As for immigration. However many people we are letting in (including those who come in without permission) is about how many we should cut back. We need to fix a lot of problems and if you bring in more that will be getting benefits that is how much less we will have to fix problems. The educated engineers going to Silicon Valley are being trained by the people who will be losing their jobs to the people who they trained( they will be played less money). Is that fair? The last 2 presidents have done a bad job, that's sixteen years we can't get back. Voting should be taken seriously, and most of the voters have no idea, it is just a popularity contest like prom queen. ...(full comment)

In the Arena: The bottom of the barrel

This would be a fantastic move. With the growing drug problem in Greenfield there is no such thing as youth having too many options, outlets and role models. If these needs are being taken care of by other agencies why do our youth constantly complain there is nothing to do in Greenfield? I heard that the dances sponsored by Bryan Smith on the weekends used to bring in hundreds of teens. I am not saying that giving youth increased social outlets will eliminate the drug challenges our community faces. But connecting them to their peers, social activities and mentors is unquestionably a proactive way to move them along a different path. ...(full comment)

Letter: Youth should be a priority

Larry was an honorable and decent man. Over lunch last month I got an insight into why he was a staple of the community for so long and how he succeeded in business. Quite simply he cared for people. He had no problem expressing his love for his girlfriend from CT, and telling me how excited he was to start a new chapter of his life. I have talked with many contractors but none so open with his feelings and emotions. He teared up when telling the story of his company. He raved about his employees, some that had stayed for over 25 years and how loyal he felt to his customers And most of all how tremendously proud he was of his sons. Larry truly was a decent man. My heart goes out to his family and his girlfriend. He will be missed. ...(full comment)

‘He always had a smile’: Improve-A-Home owner Larry Jubb Jr. dies; remembered for his dedication to family, community

There are more schools within Lunt's property than any other 1 mile radius of Greenfield. This is not the place for a detox facility. ...(full comment)

Mayor: As county’s hub, Greenfield should step up and deal with drug problem by allowing detox center

It was with great sadness that I read this article, sadness at the attitude and response of the community. Greenfield is my hometown, and my family has been there for generations. Currently we are experiencing an epidemic. A HEROIN epidemic, a word I notice was not even used in the article. Our kids are literally dying. Families are losing their children, children are losing their parents, this epidemic is destroying our community, and the response to this is 'we don't want lights and snow plows?' And you are worried about kids seeing someone in recovery smoking? How about worrying about a dead body in the park? I mean seriously, I really wanted to go but was unable to attend this meeting, as a recovery activist, I am entrenched in this war and have lost many friends who battle this addiction on a daily basis. This treatment facility is EXACTLY what Greenfield needs, and I only wish it were larger and more funds were available. I would, and shall offer to volunteer for this project. Because as citizens and residents of Greenfield and the surrounding areas, we have a responsibility to our community. Number one, to save lives. Number two, to battle this plague as intensely as possible, with any and all means at our disposal. Number three, to focus on prevention and education for our kids. I would like to see so many of the old tool factories put to use as rehabilitation centers, and even a step further, a place where addicts can be offered an alternative to drugs, job training and counseling, even a tiered paradigm, that starts with detox and works up to counseling and recovery work. It is the attitude of the uneducated to fear the unknown, a natural response. Unfortunately, it is the persecution of the suffering addict which continues to compound the problem. Experts argue that addiction is a health issue, a sickness, and not a choice, decisions and actions need to be based on this simple fact. This health crisis that is devastating our towns, our people, our children, should be addressed as such. We can't just keep stuffing the prisons with sick people. It is having little to no effect, and the consequences of mass incarceration have led to a whole other set of disasters. It is not my desire to bash or criticize overwhelmingly here. However, this article seemed to bring out the callous, the selfish, and the unrealistic. Applause for artists? Great. That's the sound I will try to focus on the next funeral I go to. Greenfield needs to start fighting back, and this is a great opportunity. Let it pass us by at our peril. Massrecovery2015@hotmail.com ...(full comment)

Residents concerned about locating 64-bed detox center at former Lunt property