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Leverett, recognized that it needed to take the initiative and build and own its own network and could not wait for "pie in the sky by and by" promises of "Wired West". Shutesbury officials on the other hand drank the Wired West Kool-aid and are therefore Shutesbury is still without high speed internet and likely will stay that way for some time. ...(full comment)

Leverett lights up townwide broadband

Thank you for this story. I was unaware of this temple before. I am looking forward to attending the ceremonies this Sunday and hearing all of these speakers. ...(full comment)

Leverett Peace Pagoda turns 30: Sunday ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m.

Love those food bank executive editors! ...(full comment)

Neighbors: Local organization head raises money for hungry

Putting a plant in Europe might also be because wages are cheaper. If the Corporate tax rate does not change in the U.S. might the headquarters moving to say Ireland be better for the company? You never know how things will shake out where costs are a concern ...(full comment)

Editorial: Yankee Candles’ overseas plans

Thank you so much for the wonderful winter clothes - including socks and underwear! - for our two children, Sallie and Evelyn (Evie) Flynn. Yes: Every. Dollar. Counts. What a relief we don't need to find a new winter coat for either of them! We were quite flattered when your photographer asked to take Sallie's picture, but what a bonus thrill to find our beautiful daughter on the FRONT PAGE this morning! Thank you so much!! -Melissa and Sean Flynn ...(full comment)

‘Every dollar counts’: Warm the Children campaign ramps up to help 1,000 county kids

Call centers from India? . . . lots of Arkansas License plate, Nevada license plates on survey trucks . . . no local jobs so far. Kinder Morgan is about as greasy and deceitful as they come. Now watch them target political campaigns with distorting comments. Exxon knew about climate change FORTY years ago, agreed with the findings, and did nothing: in fact, has paid heavily for a campaign to deceive the public. Kinder Morgan is part of that and uses back channel money to influence politics and votes in this nation. ...(full comment)

Pipeline survey raises questions

I suggest anyone who is for the gas infrastructure buildout with the accompanying immense compressor stations that will industrialize Northfield and Windsor look into the recent studies health side effects The immediate reactions nose bleeds,asthma , are disturbing but when one reads that the autism rates DOUBLED when pregnant women were exposed in their third trimester everything else pales . The constant venting 24/7 , blowdowns combined with plumes of the toxic emissions that travels hundreds of miles with wind patterns and air inversions EVERYONE is at risk .........not just the target towns. ...(full comment)

Letter: A narrow view

“It could not guarantee taxpayer savings or customer savings....” - If only the DPU held Berkshire and Columbia Gas to the same standards when it comes to the pipeline... ...(full comment)

Editorial: Municipal power plan's denial shocking

Thank you, Mr. Proujansky, for your thoughtful and articulate comments both in The Recorder and at the recent hearing at GCC. I agree with you 100%. ...(full comment)

Proujansky/My Turn: Meeting our energy ‘needs’

Completely untrue. I am a Conway resident who will not be directly affected by the pipeline, except to the extent that we will all be affected by the pipeline. It is true that my opposition to it is not entirely altruistic -- I do not personally want to deal with the traffic during construction, the polluting of "my" air, the inconvenience and sorrow of an accident, the loss of access to clean, beautiful water, healthy local food. I also do not want my friends and neighbors to have to deal with the loss of control over and damage to their own property, nor do I want strangers in other towns to have to deal with that. And the crux of the issue is, there is NO GOOD REASON why they should have to. Did you notice that Berkshire Gas has applied for a rate REDUCTION for this winter? Do you think they are doing that just to be nice? They do it because they cannot justify the high rates, whether there is a pipeline or not. Don't kid yourself that we will not be paying the price for the proposed pipeline; we will pay for them to build it, if not with rate hikes then with fees, and we will pay the price when -- true to their record -- they leave us to deal with the brunt of planned emissions and accidental spills and explosions. ...(full comment)

Letter: A narrow view

Many Massachusetts towns have erected windmills with very positive impact, and thousands of citizens have installed solar panels. Your description does indeed sound ridiculous, because certainly every homeowner with a quarter acre lot is not going to install a giant windmill, but most homeowners can add solar panels with no objections by neighbors and often without any up-front cost. If the state allows this process to continue by not limiting net metering and if state and federal financial incentives continue to be offered, power generation can be a non-issue. But even as it stands, there is no need for this pipeline; it is has been shown time and again that leakage and inefficiency accounts for more than the projected gas demand. Mr. Ussach said it best, "It’s not clean, it’s not cheap, it’s not reliable, it’s not safe and it’s not needed"!! ...(full comment)

Gill residents gather for info meeting on proposed natural gas pipeline

look bad.... type-o above ...(full comment)

Letter: Missing support

Please do your homework before making such a large statement. I don't appreciate you making my community looking back when you are wrong. ...(full comment)

Letter: Missing support