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https://www.facebook.com/TJusticeFC/videos/vb.419413528147261/836945366394073/ ...(full comment)

Everyone wants more buses

This is why the route of the pipeline deliberately targets rural population centers, drinking water, and land conserved by citizens because of its value and beauty. Kinder Morgan is deliberately seeking to cause as much harm and destruction to this American State as they can while generating a false claim of public necessity. ...(full comment)

Richardson/My Turn: Unpersuasive on pipeline

Early on Alan Fore stated that by satellite, this region "looks like North Korea", and residents have certainly felt as if this is a military occupation. Before this "plan" was even officially announced, or even mentioned to local governments, helicopters (from Georgia) swarmed our area: even nights and weekends, equipped with LIDAR: one way of violating property owners rights. The trucks with out of state plates: Texas, Nevada, Arkasas, continue to swarm the area. Local jobs? only for suckers who are being used as window dressing. Yes, Mr. Fore sees us as North Korea: and needs dozens of police "guards" to "protect" him from his own motives and intentions. He knows that what he is doing is an atrocity. But in his former career, with big tobacco, killing certain segments of the population was laughed about as "population control". And this is the intention of this pipeline as much as the heist of U.S. gas by a .01% ENRON legacy company. ...(full comment)

Richardson/My Turn: Unpersuasive on pipeline

NED massive industrialized gas build out with immense compressor stations will have a devastating effect on the entire region .The cumulative environmental effect will be beyond comprehension. Recent peer reviewed studies John Hopkins Harvards to site a few show that fine particulate matter vented 24/7 by compressor stations can travel with air inversions . Studies now show can they travel 200 to 300 miles with the toxins on the particulate matter. It will not just be the towns targeted for these compressor stations impacted .. ...(full comment)

Pipeline co. files application with FERC

We can also vote with our feet and our wallets. ...(full comment)

Letter: Reflections on plastic votes

Thank you for writing this. A lot of us had the same response. ...(full comment)

Letter: I see courage

I think Dr Potee and the state hospital association have a legitimate concern. Without adequate and available local treatment facilities patients who are in the ER for an overdose would either languish for those three days in the ER - taking resources away from the acutely sick and injured - or have to be admitted, and this often to hospitals that are neither equipped for or able to afford to provide the care required to detox patients let alone transition them to opiate replacement therapy. I hope at the very least this legislation moves slowly enough to allow for the funding and creation of treatment facilities across Massachusetts which I think is the central issue in this debate. ...(full comment)

Locals react to 3-day addiction committal idea in Gov. Baker's bill

Go look at Youtube.com. See the videos by Delaware River Keeper, on Youtube.com. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R403JjaxnTs Please also look at the litigation against TGP/Kinder Morgan for fouling waters, for wrecking things, for bribery, for exposing their own employees to chemicals that resulted in the employee's families having to sue Kinder Morgan after their dad died from exposure to chemicals on the job. They have been fined and sued for poor workplace training to prevent ongoing chemical exposure - for their own employees, as well as damage to the land and waters in so many places, especially across the US and Canada. You can see what we face if you do a little looking beyond their rhetoric. Look at what damage can be wrought by allowing a profit driven company to industrialize our lands beyond reason. The lines down there in PA tie in to the proposed NED. Business practices have not changed. They say one thing, they do another. Pipeliners traverse the US in campers and they get the bulk of the jobs because they work like demons and they are known entities to the pipeline companies. Favoritism will occur, no matter what they say now. Jobs for a few months cannot undo the economic loss of homes, families and towns when there are houses, businesses and farmland off the tax rolls across the whole route, forever. Plus, our electric bills and gas bills will go up, not down, forever, as we are on the line to pay for this in our electric and gas bills, thanks to Baker and the DPU. We cannot assume this liability. Thanks, Deerfield Academy for standing up and stating your opposition. ...(full comment)

Deerfield Academy opposes pipeline

Reverand Grant is obviously unaware of the many gay adolescents who commit suicide every year because they are shamed and humiliated for their gender identity. Shamed and humilated, in part, by people like him. Educating these children so they have a sense of self worth is, to me, more Christian compassion than "promoting a liberal progressive agenda." Maybe the good reverand could read the Bible and find some quotes that emphasize kindness instead of bigorty. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pushing liberal agenda

Another way of looking at it is that the children are being taught about tolerance and inclusion, something the religious right seems to have a problem with (read Syrian refugees). ...(full comment)

Letter: Pushing liberal agenda

Lower my energy bills: STOP THE PIPELINE . . . indeed. ...(full comment)

Deerfield Academy opposes pipeline

Thank you David for these substantive corrections and additions to the story. It is important to keep the truth as whole as possible. I would like to respectfully add that it is likely the Sokoki were active participants in this momentous battle as well. Their traditional territory, of course, was immediately north of the Great falls at Peskeomskut, with a primary settlement at the eponymous Squakheag village, now Northfield. This places them squarely at the frontlines. ...(full comment)

Letter: King Philip’s casualties

Wow, TGP says the study is flawed? There's the pot calling the kettle black. No, wait, there's the pot calling the tree black. Their own (and Kinder-Morgan's) studies are rife with inconsistencies, huge omissions and outright lies. I'm very grateful to the AG (and have told her so). It appears Healy's office is the only government agency involved in this fiasco that is actually looking out for the citizens' rights; meanwhile FERC, the DPU, and DCR are firmly installed in the oil & gas industry's pockets. ...(full comment)

AG report draws reactions along pipeline issue lines