""LGBTQI"????? Time for a more accessible acronym..... ...(full comment)

New scholarship for LGBTQI students, allies

This sounds like a good plan Mr Baker, it is about time someone had the courage to address the homeless issues numerous people in Ma. face. We have many good families out there that are willing to work and have ended up homeless through no fault of their own. I would hope to see your office address the issue of move in costs for people looking to get into an apt., $1200.00 -$1800.00 + is way to much for families earning base rate wages. Single people can not survive in this day and age, they end up in a tent in the woods or are forced to take in room mates that sometimes are more trouble than they are worth. ...(full comment)

Local social service agency behind governor’s plan for homeless families in hotels

Greenfield stores are closing every day. F.Y.E. closed last month. I have three teenagers who have no place but the internet to buy movies, x-box games, clothing and toys online. Every time I do this I would rather spend my money in town. Because Greenfield loses out on the sales tax. Walmart has announced that they will be paying $15 an hour. A store usually brings in about 200 full and part time jobs to greenfield not counting the construction jobs. I bet the 7 abutters originally had no problem with it. One of our citizens actually targets Walmart's for a living. He has books out titled The Case Against Walmart and Slam Dunking Walmart. Forbes magazine called him Walmart's number 1 enemy. Greenfield citizens want and deserve a big box retail store. I hope the courts favor the developer. ...(full comment)

Greenfield big box headed back to court

What about a drive for this Greenfield landmark? I'd contribute to keep a local business in business. I'm sure others would as well. ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

People perform best in jobs that they enjoy doing, training is a must, funds for said training another must, availability of jobs plus transportation is severely lacking. People lose hope and learn to live in poverty rather than struggling to survive! Dealing drugs is fast income and easy, if you get caught... you learn to adjust to another lifestyle. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg vows work on welfare overhaul

That fryer looks scarey, so bring in your doughnuts from another place, keep your breakfast lunch the same, start up a fund raiser and step by step you will get there. Never give up on a dream. ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

Dear Mr Payzant, You think every (American) "kid" should spend 2 years in the service? Why? So they can go fight someone else's war only to come back broken or dead? ...(full comment)

Letter: Column hits mark

Super great idea!!! ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

When the Glazed Donut in Amherst moved out of the Carriage Shops, I believe they left behind their hood. I wonder if Carrie Brown could contact them and maybe move that hood to her Greenfield location? ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

Senate President is afraid Bay State Repeal's initiative petition for a law will end the black market by dropping the price of marijuana to that of the agricultural produce it is WITHOUT providing food for leviathan, licenses for cronies and good jobs at good wages for politicians' friends and family members. I found this on Bay State Repeal's website: Let it grow—the open market solution to marijuana control ...(full comment)

In the Arena: Leaf out of the pot playbook

It is long past time to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans. The level of wealth concentrated in so few hands is both obscene, and a danger to any possibility of Democracy. The recession followed by massive deregulation and trade agreements have sent jobs out of our nation. Hate speech and political division have been surgically and strategically sewn over these past thirty years, and its pretty easy to see who has benefited most from this. We are also much less well informed about policy decisions that are eroding freedom and well being for most Americans. The plan has been to "socialize costs" and "privatize gain". Coarsening public discourse, dismantling education, and gaining media control has insured that we the people fight with each other: while our nation and our children's future are being taken from us . . . It's time to stop blaming the poor. We are now in a position where deep state wealth functions behind the scenes to strip out more and more for itself, and while we've been carved up into various warring social groups, it works very, very well for a few powerful individuals whose moral compass no longer functions. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Food stamps on the chopping block

Clay here again. Yes, it's the Clay Turnbull at New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution in Brattleboro, VT. ...(full comment)

NRC: No immediate need to clean up strontium-90 at Vermont Yankee

AT VY REACTOR-DERIVED RADIONUCLIDES WERE FOUND IN DETECTABLE LEVELS • In excavated soils and sanding salts. This material (at least ten dump truck loads) was yarded in the open in the vicinity of the cooling towers. • In sanding salts gathered from across paved areas of the site. • In cooling tower sediments • Beneath a broken chemistry/sampling drain and beneath the turbine building. • In various hot-spots and outdoor drains during the plant’s earlier years and reported somewhat less in the last 20. • In soil samples from around the tritium pipe excavation in much more recent history. • And all parties agree that we don’t know the origin of the most recent traces of Strontium-90. Delay of decommissioning and site-remediation will provide the opportunity for this material to spread further and sinker deeper into the earth – eventually contaminating the aquifer. Shouldn't the Vermont Yankee plant site be radiologically characterized through a disciplined sampling program before Entergy VY shuts down its lab and dismisses its radiation technicians? I mean, Entergy is talking about walking away for a period potentially exceeding that of VY’s entire operating life. ...(full comment)

NRC: No immediate need to clean up strontium-90 at Vermont Yankee