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Every single POTW in this country has to deal with this problem. Virtually all use bar screening or a conveyor-belt 'screen' system to remove solids so junk isn't allowed to get into the plant and damage sensors, pipes, and pumping equipment, often combined with a macerator/shredder. I'm surprised that Deerfield has managed to get away without a bar screen for this long. They should very seriously consider the purchase of a Muffin Monster. It is a relatively new technology and may in fact diminish or eliminate the need for bar screening in lower-flow plants. ...(full comment)

Sticky situation: Wet wipes gumming up Deerfield’s wastewater plant

Attendees should be educated on both sides of the pipeline issue. They are only going to get the industries very slanted view of the situation. No media? What are they afraid of? They are afraid of being put on the record and having their info intelligently and honestly disputed. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

Hopefully the organizers of this event will provide an equal opportunity for these individuals to have an equally informative event about other options and local concerns. ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan, Franklin County Chamber of Commerce organize meeting on pipeline for businesses

My understanding is the town members of the WiredWest Cooperative would decide what to do with the profits and they could make the choice to do as you suggested. ...(full comment)

Risk-averse hilltowns weigh broadband estimates

Wow!!! Go Turners!!! ...(full comment)

Indians on to finals again: Stifle Warriors, 26-2, await today’s FC Tech-McCann winner

Glad to see the great progress being made on the new High School - and that they are offering an "open house"; but it would be especially appreciated if they would or could schedule an open house during the evening so that those of us who have to work during the days can still partake. Seems more than reasonable to me... Sincerely, a Greenfield taxpayer who voted for the project! ...(full comment)

Check out new Greenfield High School on Nov. 15

I would like to see a plan to use any profits to subsidize the service for those who can't afford it. Fiber optic broadband would be a wonderful service that should be available to everyone. ...(full comment)

Risk-averse hilltowns weigh broadband estimates

A project that runs toxins through pristine water and nature areas is a threat to life. Their reasoning is affected by an interest to export gas and use it as a geopolitical weapon in fighting especially Russia. This will only harm our home environment by polluting air, water, and earth. Their environmental impact statement uses twisted logic. My film documentary, "Moss Brook and TGP - No Fracking Way" is posted on youtube and on Greenfield Community Television that offers more resources and perspective on this issue. This damaging new infrastructure project for a fossil makes little sense at all. ...(full comment)

Pipeline co. files draft environmental report

Jeez, if I was carrying 1000 bags of illegal drugs, I wouldn't be DUMB enough to speed and be without a drivers license! Stupidity and crime are a bad combination. ...(full comment)

State police confiscate 1,000 bags of heroin and an infant in Greenfield bust

Wow. No one opposed this at the hearing? Everyone is on board and all the ducks are in a row? A National Register class heritage structure of great aesthetic value to be replaced by a "bike-ped" bridge? ( This for some reason of reminds me of the "unsafe" Bellows Falls Bridge that was demolished and still missed by the residents of both Bellows Falls, Vt. and North Walpole, NH. ) ...(full comment)

State outlines vision for Schell Bridge replacement

Well you sure fell for their con hook, line, and sinker. And what about the future crisis when the gas runs out, or is selling on the global market for unaffordable prices? Over-reliance on one type of fuel is foolish, just as investing all your money in one type of stock is. This pipeline isn't about saving us locals any money, it is about giant corporations trying to access the global market to sell our country's natural gas to China and India. Think critically! ...(full comment)

New lobbying group to run ads for gas pipeline

Wow, they're really putting the full-court press on us, aren' they. I find it hard to believe, though, that all of these capacity issues are suddenly coming to a head this year. Just a coincidence it coincides with FERC filing? Yeah, right. Also, there is still no guarantee that (a) the gas will be sold/used here in MA and not exported and (b) that our rates will go down by, oh I don't know, 37%. Not to mention what do we do in 25 years when the PA/NY gas wells dry up? We should be doubling down on renewable energy investment/incentives, such as residential solar, not pouring billions into a destructive project that's going to prove obsolete in short order, after Kinder Morgan has already laughed its way to the (offshore) bank.... ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas set to turn away new customers

Andy Toomajian from PV Squared here - I just wanted to clarify two points for anyone reading. First, the lowest pricing tier through the program is Tier 5, with base pricing at $3.40/watt, and, as of Monday, we've already reached Tier 5, with over 200 kw of projects signed on. That's the best pricing available through the program and there's still time for you to get on board. Second, PV Squared is performing site assessments and developing detailed project proposals through the program at no cost and with no obligation to move forward. A deposit would only be paid by folks who wanted to move forward in doing the project we've proposed. We're grateful to the Recorder for spreading the news of this successful program, and of course, for the support of our clients and community in making the transition to renewable energy! ...(full comment)

Making the switch to solar power