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But what's the point of attracting new businesses to Greenfield if they all get big tax breaks, as you are suggesting? "Business-friendly" does not mean Greenfield residents need to "give away the store," so-to-speak. That's a race to the bottom, and taxes in Greenfield are already ridiculous due in part to all these exemptions, abatements and giveaways. And it's not like Ford could just pick up and move to a neighboring town; there's only so many advantageous places for a car dealership to locate, and Greenfield gets the most traffic in Franklin County. Not to mention they've been there for 50+ years, employing people all along, so why the need for the tax break now? Frankly I don't see what the point was. As a reward for renovating? Good, can residents get one if they upgrade their houses, too? ...(full comment)

Letter: Growing Greenfield

The meeting and commentary will allow residents to make their opinions and questions known, to your Senate President and local Sen. , Stan Rosenberg. This is a critically needed session which will allow residents to voice their opinions and ask questions related to the Proposed NED pipeline. General consensus is that people see the pipeline as a step toward making the biggest infrastructure blunder in Mass. since the 1600s. The for profit, for export, multi state transit flammable pipeline set in your valley will take away lands and waters by destruction and damages, at build out and via strong arm on neighbors, protected lands, private lands, and state forests. NED will result in job loss, land and home loss, farm loss and much pride and vitality will also be lost in our dear communities. Our fire depts. have no equipment, no training or person power for a 200 foot high, 1000 foot wide, valley-wide blow up. For a short term solution, building it out across yards, farms, and even under the grid in an arrogant power play that will make Kinder Morgan richer at the cost of land, waters, and our precious farming community up and down the line. Berkshire Gas is a Spanish owned energy giant, Iberdrola, and gas is fetching $6.93 in Eur. in July, vesrus sub $3 here. Pumping via interstate transmission, not local delivery, ensures Iberdrola/ Berkshire can sell in 2 markets, get quick profits, and raise your rates when the Marcellus Shale find is depleted, in 5 or so years, who knows. It is not infrastructure; it is a short term power grab with long term effects here, on all our backs. Google: Kinder Morgan fined for dumping, bribing and even 5 lost lives of Water District Subcontractors, Walnut Creek, C A. Google, and start acting fast. Your Valley, state, and Water and next door neighbors will thank you. You deserve to be respected in your homes, your yards, your communities and by your service providers, your Gov.Baker and the FERC. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg’s pipeline hearing extended an hour to accomodate county fair parade attendees

nice ...(full comment)

Montague man charged with drunken driving on Mount Sugarloaf

The Species that would benefit by a pipeline in our pristine lands and rivers are the shareholders in KMI. Kinder Morgan. Pays a 2 buck dividend when biz is off by about 30%.Please google about HOW they build pipelines fast versus maintain them during & after build out. Google: 300 Line Water Fouled 4 Counties in PA. NED pipeline is slated for tie in to 300 Line in PA. Our water and land is going to be devastated, see -see the Delaware Riverkeeper series on to learn fast what really happens from townsfolk and municipalities like our own, who have been ecomomically and land/river devastated by pipelines. There is no domestic price protection on the fracked gas being pushed through the pipe FYI: pipes that are 30% thinner steel in rural areas in flood planes prone to Valley-wide flooding. and seismic shifts. Thinner welds, thinner pipes and Mother Nature is a cranky gal, of late. Would you buy a new car with 30% thinner tires, 30% less sturdy bumpers, 30% weaker drivetrain, 30% less efficient winsdshield wipers or 30% less steering capability or 30% less effective airbags or 30 % less effective safety belts? That's what you can get in this NED pipeline, right here. Research corrosion of steel in flood planes and only 4 foot down in the rich soil in your neighbor"s fields. 30 % thinner, prone- to -corrosion and lateral weld -failing, made-in -China- yep, not US, steel. Gas is truly unavailable to us locally, shortgages they will create- for rate payers. Dangerous, toxic fracked gas goes to foreign markets , period. Then it will create a supply issue right here. Your local rates will go up to match pricing in Europe. The access to the gas is not controlled by local demand, it is controlled by a lage public big 4 oil co. co. seeking to pump it offshore fast, to export to get max profit for the shareholders who have come to expect a 15% return, off wrecking your rivers and fields and wrecking our safe way of living. Berkshire Gas is a Spanish owned Co. , Iberdrola, that is not concerned with meeting your personal gas needs, though the people who do work here locally are very nice and we want them to have jobs. Know they are not in control, of supply and demand. That is being manipulated by the big boys -like Rich Kinder of Kinder Morgan who is running the 3rd or 4th largest domestic energy conglomerate, behind Exxon and Chevron and We can Easily Killutron or whatever it is called. Gas shortage will happen by market manipulation, and then local rate payers will be stuck paying a premium. Google safety of fracked gas pipelines. For your kids and neighbors..By the way, how Do we put out a 200 to 300 foot fireball under the electric transmission lines when Hurricane Irene Number 2 has snapped the pipeline across Franklin Cty. Valley floor in multiple spots, say in an epic storm that brings down the grid with massive fires, so you cannot possibly get power unless you have back up in place, for weeks on end? Gas would have to burn out between valves, for hours, across our lands and roads and rail yards, East to West, and across our water supply lines that are going to be sited above those pipes. Those will be blown up. FEMA is outgunned by Mother Nature. We are destined to be hurt. When, not if. Go on youtube, watch Gasland for free. Google the daylight out of this for your own safety. ecomment, Docket PF14-22-000 until 8/31/15. ...(full comment)

Letter: Fragmented thinking

From today's NYTimes, noting that new studies show that methane leaks are higher than originally expected, equal to about 37 new coal-fired power plants:®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0 ...(full comment)

Letter: Build the pipeline

One "fact" you mention, that natural gas is a cleaner way to generate energy, is not true. Taking the extraction process into account, where methane is released directly into the atmosphere, natural gas is no cleaner than coal. In fact, methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, making the short-term consequences for climate change even more dire. You place a lot of stock in our energy agencies/institutions having the public's best interests in mind. But they are run by energy insiders, who can expect jobs at these very same energy companies afterwards. There has been very little evaluation of alternative approaches to our so-called "crisis." Funny we heard little about this looming "crisis" just a few years ago; if the gas companies are so spot-on as you claim, they sure dropped the ball on this one, and our so-called "regulators" should be all over that. Instead, regulators evaluate the pipeline as the only possible answer. This project really is about taking advantage of a small and very solvable problem to extract public money to build a pipeline that will mostly be used to export natural gas to foreign countries (note that the pipeline coming from the Maritimes, where there is an export terminal, to Dracut recently was approved to reverse direction north by FERC) where they can get much higher prices. The same playbook is happening up and down the east coast, not just here. It's laughably obvious chutzpah, so it's sort of insulting to think how much they underestimated our critical thinking skills here in WMass. ...(full comment)

Letter: Build the pipeline

Our energy costs were no higher than that in states with brand new pipelines: even Pennsylvania, where gas is extracted. The paltry number of temporary jobs this will create is nothing compared to the lost jobs that will come when this gas is exported. The gas will be gone, and there will be nothing to replace it: money wasted on lies and no future. We'll be subsidizing the extraction industry while competing with other nations for our own resources. While the public has been duped by industry, we are far from "energy independent" and all of this will be taken to enrich a very small group of people, aiding Asia and other parts of the world while further impoverishing this nation. Time after time the ludicrous claims of the gas industry prove false. Estimates of recoverable gas have been downgraded. The human loss and suffering from this extraction technique will be profound: it already is. ...(full comment)

Letter: Build the pipeline

Everyone who is opposed to the pipeline should see the DVD "Gasland" that is from 2010 I think, and there is a Gasland 2 that I have not been able to acquire from the library yet. You won't believe what is in this film. Scarier than anyone even imagines now. ...(full comment)

Letter: Speak out on pipeline

I applaud Mr. Madison, Ms Masla & Ms Douglass for their tireless efforts. I sincerely hope that the community of Turner's Falls steps up & becomes a shining example of the positive change that every community in this country so desperately needs. ...(full comment)

‘Let’s not be colorblind’: Turners Falls residents demand town racism awareness training

I believe the non Christians have said life is not important, especially minority lives after they have been born. In America they keep them in poor schools, in poor areas. But that is to keep them from being independent. ...(full comment)

Letter: See the evil

You are trying to do this in a town that drove the blacks and their lifestyle out of town once before, Turners Falls in general is not racist but if you go there you need to accept those peoples long standing living standards. ...(full comment)

‘Let’s not be colorblind’: Turners Falls residents demand town racism awareness training

Correction: the victim was a woman born in '66, not a 66 year old woman. ...(full comment)

Interstate 91 rollover still under investigation

It would be better if "You Christians" exercised your supposed pro-life credentials by combating war, domestic abuse, children living in poverty, gun violence, war and torture. Or is life no longer important once it is born? ...(full comment)

Letter: See the evil