Well said and well written. Thanks for sharing this! Sincerely, Daniel A. Brown Taos, NM ...(full comment)

Letter: What’s possible

I would also like to see a space there that could be rented out for parties, functions, weddings, etc. That would nicely complement the new hotel above Wilson's, and out-of-town guests could also utilize the new train station nearby. There are not a lot of large venues for this purpose in the area, especially that are situated in a downtown, transit-oriented setting. ...(full comment)

What will be next act for the bank?

Dylan's got my vote! I think it's definitely time for some fresh ideas and a change in our state! ...(full comment)

Korpita: State government needs to be more proactive

This attack on Ms. Andrew's record is directly attributable to the Baker campaign, and the corporate goo behind it. Ms. Andrew's district is a Massachusetts water district, and control of large quantities, as well as the pollution control center in Orange. MA by investment interests should have residents very worried about why corporate investments want control of this region. Water is more precious than gas or oil, and is now being comodified. Ms. Andrews opponent regularly meets with out of state high rollers, and the Baker agenda can be expected to gut states economies: if you look at New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Wisconsin- all are tanking. This isn't public service: this is a grab for any resources state's have, and tanking the economy of states in order to strip out assets. ...(full comment)

Andrews/My Turn: Making my record clear

I find myself turning to Chip's column first on Saturday mornings. I am not a sports fanatic and rarely read much of the Sports section, but Chip's writing draws me in. Why? He is an excellent storyteller, he clearly enjoys the writing process, and his column is one of the best in the paper. I had to marvel at Bob Diamond's suggestion that it might take Chip "a couple of hours" to put a column together. Bob isn't a writer. How could he possibly know the effort that goes into crafting a sentence that actually makes sense to its reader? 1,000 words for a column? That's an assigned 4-page paper for Chip, due weekly or his grade (pay) will suffer. Egads. How many of us hated those assignments in high school and college? Chip has to churn out a 4-page paper that is creative, well written, factual, and interesting to a broad range of readers, each and every week. I think he gets better with age, as did his worthy role models Hemingway and Thomas Mann and Nathaniel Hawthorne. ...(full comment)

Keeping Score: Writing lesson

So sorry Nan. It is very disturbing, what were they thinking? Right in Main Street, and at coffee time? Dumb. The Lake House also was robbed a few months ago, it just leaves a little knot in your stomach to know there are such evil people roaming among us. God bless everyone was okay! ...(full comment)

Thieves flee Elmer’s

Well done, Masha! Kindly also watch and share: "PTSD and Transcendental Meditation - David George, Infantryman" (2:34; YouTube) and "Transcendental Meditation Improves Performance at Military University" (6:42; / excellent!) Thanks, Bill @ ...(full comment)

At Arms’ Length: The Photography of Masha Arms

One in Montague... why the need for one in Greenfield? Good luck to you. ...(full comment)

John Deere dealer coming to Greenfield

Dinner menu would be good... your regular menu along with specials and take a few pointers from Kali B's in Turners... Chicken wings of all flavors ...(full comment)

An Erving classic

Many people in the audience had known Masha, but as a relative newcomer, she was news to me. Really an interesting person. I look forward to getting the book. ...(full comment)

At Arms’ Length: The Photography of Masha Arms

Fantastic article. Fun and informative. Thanks so much! ...(full comment)

Zombies penetrate Sunderland maze: A reporter’s narrow escape

I find people who resort to name calling and insults do so because they have nothing intelligent to add to a debate or conversation. ...(full comment)

Letter: Democrat tricks

At a time when many folks in Northern MA were devastated by news of a proposed pipeline, Denise Andrews was engaged immediately, advocating for MA residents, marching with us, willing to listen, and to make the time to be at countless events. Her opponent may be locally supportive, but Denise immediately took action on behalf of the entire district and was present for all events: and she spoke eloquently on behalf of MA citizens at significant events raising awareness. She was interested and encouraged people to share information with her. She didn't deserve the smear campaign before the election. It was impressive to see how interested, attentive, and responsive Ms. Andrews was. If this is a "blowtorch" that's what we should all have from our representatives. ...(full comment)

Andrews, Whipps Lee talk jobs, pipeline, hunting in debate