Senator Markey is correct! This firm cares nothing for U.S. citizens or this region: its all about siphoning off U.S. assets for obscene greed. Lemmings in the business community are being sold a bill of goods: we and they have been forced to pay massive subsidies for gas we will exhaust for private profit export. There is nowhere near the recoverable reserves exaggerated by gas investments hyperbole, and well production declines sharply after the first year in all but a few wells AND several of the major shale plays are played out. But due dilligence and research for facts in government and business are dead: advertising is considered "wisdom", and these folks are blinded by dollar signs without noticing that theyre being sold a load of horse puckey. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Markey, others connect the dots on pipeline plan

The gas investments industry has virtually limitless pockets for false advertising, and compromising Democracy. (with massive subsidies from our taxes) . They have been ginning up a false case to game "public necessity" in order to swindle massive land takings. The U.S. is NOT energy independent and all of the overproduction that is going on to create "low" prices" is also gaming a system of massive borrowing at low interest rates for the past decade: They are taking on more and more debt: This is all about the stock market, wild speculation, and greed. This is another bail out on our backs and this industry has not only compromised water, health and human safety all over the globe, but is crashing any form of Democracy as well. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Markey, others connect the dots on pipeline plan

About the Johns Hopkins study: The new findings still support pollution as a cause for asthma, but it suggests that indoor pollution may be doing more of the harm. “A lot of what may make a difference is what happens inside the home than outside the home, especially as we spend so much time indoors these days,” says Keet. Allergen exposure from old housing materials, cockroaches and mice, mold pollution, cleaning supplies, and tobacco smoke may be heavy contributors. Keet says other factors, like being born prematurely and second-hand smoke exposure, are also associated with both poverty and asthma. BY the way, we are talking at a biomass boiler in the poorest county in Massachusetts. ...(full comment)

Letter: Wood pellet boiler makes sense

President Clinton pardoned Wall Street rip off artists, and the legislation enacted on his watch promoted: monopoly ownership of the media, the first "investor state trade disputes" where corporate tribunals trump U.S. Law under NAFTA which began the leak of U.S. jobs; gutted Wall St. oversight and handed the financial sector abject rule of government, draconian prison measures leading to 1/3 of People of color imprisoned in private profit prisons with "quotas"; and drastic cuts based on "welfare queens" arguments which were never substantiated by statistics. So his inaction on Mr. Pelletier is unsurprising. And the media theme of him as a great president is only supported by the media he aided in becoming a monopoly. Mr. Pelletier has been an advocate for First Nations who have been under constant assault from land grabs and violated agreements for centuries. We are seeing people attempting to protect their homes, their family's health, and the safety of their children everywhere these days, and in doing so, they are treated like criminals by the forces of greed and conquest. Mr. Pelletier has not been treated fairly, and neither have his people. ...(full comment)

Mark/My Turn: Pardon Leonard Peltier

Go Deerfield! We're all cheering you on! Hoping some other towns will follow suit! ...(full comment)

Deerfield to pipeline co.: Don’t tread on us

Congratulations Deerfield. Hope your reasoned efforts prevail. ...(full comment)

Deerfield to Kinder Morgan pipeline surveyors: Don’t tread on me.

Very good article! So many fail to understand that many "churches" are anything but Christian for they deny the historic teachings of the faith while openly denying the authority of the Scriptures. We could easily add to these 5, the 2nd coming of Christ and salvation by grace through faith alone but Pastor Bourbeau is %100 correct. Well done! -Pastor Michael Grant Moores Corner Church Leverett, MA ...(full comment)

Faith Matters: My five tenets of Christianity

In this day and age, and especially when seniors are usually the most vocal about taxes, it seems irresponsible to build a building with town money that is restricted to only one segment of the population while others go without. This is a bunch of hubbub about nothing. A senior center is a building with rooms, and ramps....pretty much the same thing a youth center would include. Youth are at school during the day, seniors are not - there are lots of ways to stagger the uses. Programming can be creative to make the best and most harmonious use of one community center. Seniors are after all still part of the "community." ...(full comment)

Letter: A senior center only

Agreed!! ...(full comment)

Letter: Don’t retire now

There are so many programs which help finance solar projects. Do you look at everything you can't afford as being stuck to the poor? ...(full comment)

Letter: I offer a challenge

Thank you, nobiomass. I don't have the scientific facts at my fingertips, but I knew we were going to go astray when he started with "I firmly believe..." Beliefs don't count. Facts do. ...(full comment)

Letter: I offer a challenge

My goodness Mr Bates! All you have to do is a Google search to prove you wrong. I have to admit, I do swallow scientific fact about the rate in which the planet is warming, hook line and sinker. Even if you don't understand data, the photos are compelling. Mr Bates, are you suggesting that the pollution of BILLIONS of people have no effect on the earth and its atmosphere? ...(full comment)

Letter: I offer a challenge

Some cannot afford the initial cost of solar panels. So again let us stick it to the poorer among us! Gus L. ...(full comment)

Letter: I offer a challenge