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ENRON: and the push for gas exports to benefit private wealth. ...(full comment)

Editorial: State should be protecting ratepayers

Their company was recently purchased by Spanish giant Iberdrola. Prior to that, it spent 20 million in a failed attempt to purchase a Philadelphia company. (see Hartford Courant) It seems that lust for money is the only real policy, and pipelines are a means of stripping wealth away from hardworking Americans. If we are wise, as a state, we will stand up to this atrocity. This has no benefit whatsoever to our communiities, and there are other options, like Distrigas, that Sunderland companies can choose that will save lives now and in the future. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas extends freeze to Sunderland

This is obscene. Tearing up five square miles of MA pristine conservation and private land, forcing neighborhoods to live in incineration zones near the cheapest, flimsiest possible pipeline, operating under enormous pressure, and near live voltage. Running through drinking water supplies. Berkshire could fix their leaky existing pipes and stop cheating ratepayers. They could also engage in programs that conserve. They are fine squandering other people's lives, homes, and efforts for the future. They have demonstrated no concern for the consquences of their actions to others and this is outright threat. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas extends freeze to Sunderland

Thank you very much for publishing my response. ...(full comment)

Letter: Answers from the source

Great article with a lot of humor! ...(full comment)

Shearly ewe jest

styrofoam ? Really ? ...(full comment)

Chowder chefs mix it up at Berkshire East cook-off Sunday

With incineration zones, and enormous quantities of toxins to be spread over this entire region it is astonishing that State senators in charge of security and safety for our state "know nothing" about this proposal. Yesterday in a meeting in Northampton, officials stated that Kinder Morgan has been highly secretive and not at all forthcoming in its plans. A particular concern is that since pipeline companies are now really investment companies, they can "self insure" and thereby profit from "accidents". There appears to be no oversight of maintenance capex versus expansion capex . . . and no incentives or oversight on the part of FERC to insure any public safety whatsoever. The only real security and safety they offer is through internet switches, and these can be easily hacked. Co location means a three-fer: explosions that knock out electricity for significant parts of the state, harm signficant drinking water, and create mile wide craters due to huge explosions. If a foreign national attempted to place this much death and destruction in our nation there is a word for that. Now we have a member of Congress urging governors to ignore EPA regulations. What about our state's security? ...(full comment)

Gas pipeline foes parse draft impact report

I'm hoping that you will help spread the word on helping this amazing woman and her horse farm. Roberta Bryant is one of the hardest working persons I've ever met who cares deeply for the kids and families who've, for more than 40 years, come ride at her stables. She'll do everything she can to help a child who wants to ride but can't afford it - though she would never tell you that. It's not that a horse farm can't be self-sustaining; it's that she won't turn anyone away if they want to ride, and that takes a tremendous financial toll. When I think of Bert, I think that she's one of the valley's biggest unsung heroes who should be recognized - and now more than ever! I just learned that some time ago her children tried a crowdfunding site to help raise funds and looked for it. The link is below and hope that people will be moved to support her and the horse farm. http://www.gofundme.com/6yp70w ...(full comment)

Horses saved in Leverett equestrian center fire

How fortunate we are as a community that there are individuals that choose to devote their time and energy to the needs of new mothers. Addressing these needs has a huge impact on not only new mothers, but their children, families and our entire community. ...(full comment)

A national model, county coalition helps new moms through tricky transformation

So we pay $3-4 Billion to help them make $18 Trillion? Worse still, our cost for gas goes up as we have to compete with foreign prices and then costs for goods and electricity affected by those higher gas prices all go up too--and we deplete our own resources. Excellent letter Ms. Markens. Thank you. ...(full comment)

Letter: Bait and switch

The fact that it is so blatant: and that Kinder Morgan is doing so pitifully little to gain authorization: outdated maps, missing information: mislabeled towns, absence of key information shows they count on complete rubber stamp from FERC lapdogs. These Kafkaesque "community outreach meetings were a big nothing. ...(full comment)

Letter: Bait and switch

I agree! Kinder Morgan, you ain't in Tennessee anymore - we can see right through this! ...(full comment)

Letter: Bait and switch

I'm going tomorrow for the first time. Can't wait! ...(full comment)

Blanker/My Turn: Taking the train: All aboard