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Really, benches to help smokers keep smoking, so that those of us, who have either stopped, or never did smoke can get second hand smoke anyway, anywhere? There are towns that a banning smoking inside and outside, in all public places. I applaud them all. The Weldon is a non-smoking building. Thank Goodness. ...(full comment)

Letter: Smoking boundaries

My father was one of the 5 that survived ...(full comment)

Selectmen look for help to stem French King Bridge suicides

If I was the Israeli's, I would take over Gaza and the Golan Hts. until Hamas removes killing all Jews out of its charter. That is the only way of getting them to stop using children as armour. Plowshare Cathy seems to think Israel is at fault. Does she think the Christians in Iraq who lived there before any Muslim is at fault for living there and must either die or become a Muslim. The persecution of the Jewish state and the Jews by Muslims is a direct result of the alignment of Nazis with the Muslin brotherhood in the 30's and 40's. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Middle East missiles

I think the severest punishment should be give to who ever is responsible for this, so no one try's it again. http://www.westcables.com/ ...(full comment)

‘Dig Safe’ stakes tampered with in Leverett broadband buildout

It will take more than this bill to improve management and oversight of housing authorities without much accountability. More taxpayer support for a broken system that excludes those they supposedly serve, will achieve nothing accept more waste. Lawmakers, state agencies and public officials need to look closely at the current lack of transparency and return. Clear federal oversight and legal advocacy for those without a voice would be a start. Ignoring the problem using media spin is political ineffectiveness at its best. Publishing the facts and indisputable truth will also support real change. Regionalizing only works when the all those involved openly perform their mandated responsibilities. Otherwise, it becomes a much larger problem by wasting even more public and human resources. ...(full comment)

New bill aims to improve local housing authorities

Transparency and tenant participation would improve Housing Authorities. This includes adequate inspections, access to those results, code-compliant housing, a grievance process that allows tenants to resolve issues, and complete oversight. If records are hidden, Reasonable Accommodations denied, repairs completed without the necessary permits (in a questionable fashion), there are serious problems that need to be addressed. Public money pays for the operation of Housing Authorities---the figures would astound most people. More money will not fix a broken system, however, full transparency, strong federal oversight, and tenant advocates with resident participation for each project/community is a good start. This includes properties set up under Housing Authority related non-profit public charities as Limited-Liability Companies. As long as public money is used for any public project, cause, or need---there should be an expectation of complete disclosure by those footing that bill. If things are hidden, something is amiss. Just ask tenants living in the Ashfield house Apartments, a subsidiary owned by Ashfield House LLC, whose sole managing member is Rural Development, Inc., the non-profit public charity affiliate of the Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. ...(full comment)

New bill aims to improve local housing authorities

I see all the wasted rooftop space all over Massachusetts: and vacant malls, parking lots . . . and there is plenty of terrain that is too steep to farm, but a perfect setting for solar. All these entities that propose things always seem to want to demand private land near people and residences, or near the best land for food, or very close to water resources. there are plenty of places that would be perfect for locating some energy projects but the idea seems to be to harm people and their land and communities as part of the deal. ...(full comment)

Planners wary of using farmland for solar arrays

I envy what PVTA did with their comprehensive service analysis . This is the type of study the state intended to legislate in the recent transportation bill. I don't understand what is happening in Franklin County. Please read this document to understand what should be happening. Compliments to Mary MacInnes for such a complete study. http://www.pvta.com/media/pdfs/PVTA_CSA_FinalReportAppendicesJune2014.pdf ...(full comment)

FRTA to act on controversial route changes

At least not with you. ...(full comment)

Zinan/My Turn: Revolution? Unlikely

the Ramblers has been there for as long as I can remember. it is a great club that doesn't mess with the animals and wildlife in the area. they help the community by doing fund raisers and other things. being a past member of the Ramblers and an officer I know what the club is first hand wish I was still there to help with to keep the club where it is and preserve the tradition of the Ramblers. simply put a great group of people with the common love of motorcycles that love to ride and help others . why do the polititians need to jump in and spoil something that helps others??? Long Live The Mohawk Ramblers............ ...(full comment)

Mohawk Ramblers ride to survive

Producing 100MW requires about 68,000 truckloads of wood (25 cords per truck) a year per the report "Vermont Electric Power in Transition" www.coalitionforenergysolutions.org. VY produces 600 MW to the grid, 620 MW total. A lot of gas will be needed! ...(full comment)

Would biomass plant be good fit at Vt. Yankee site?

The used fuel will very likely be reused, without "reprocessing" (separating uranium and plutonium), in reactors designed to do this. Prototypes proved this long ago. China is going full-bore on one type and may buy all this used fuel from us. We will be left in the dust. Towns knew from the beginning that the plant would be decommissioned some day. Why didn't they have a savings account for that? ...(full comment)

Editorial: An uncertain transformation

Your comment that the "morning after pill" causes early abortion is scientifically incorrect. It is not a abortifacient. The morning after pill works primarily by preventing ovulation, and in some cases prevents the egg from implanting in the uterus. By preventing unintended pregnancies, the morning after pill in effect prevents abortions. By the way the Supreme Court clarified their Hobby Lobby ruling to say that it applies to all contraception covered by the ACA, NOT just the ones Hobby Lobby objected to, ...(full comment)

Letter: Troubling headline