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p.s. I have an excellent driving record. Never hit anyone, thank God. I just, very much, worry there could be an accident. If you come across an old woman, driving very slow, I apologize in advance, in the event you are running late or something. Probably me. LOL ...(full comment)

Car hits pedestrian

I am so tired of people not looking prior to crossing. They talk on their phone, they wear dark clothes. Some rainy nights, it is so hard to see them. They have an attitude where it is 'look out for me'; by law you have to stop. You could be driving very slow and still they seem to leap into your path of travel. Pray it isn't then the sun blinds you or brakes fail. More than likely, you'll be found guilty because you were the driver. What ever happened to "Stop, Look and Listen". Do parents not teach children how to cross the road anymore? One of the many pitfalls of the 'ME' generation. ...(full comment)

Car hits pedestrian

The "smoking gun" is eminent domain through conservation and private property, for a private profit export pipeline. ...(full comment)

‘No smoking gun’: Pipeline environmental impact report cite positives, negatives of route

It is absolutely correct that safety trumps shortcuts. Vermont Yankee, and all plants have been designed and operated that way. It is also true that the NRC does not require wasting money on measures to satisfy vocal opponents. Why would keeping the Emergency plan with a 10 mile evacuation zone be wasting money? Because the hazard is much less than when the plant is in operation, and it decreases every day. When the reactor is operating, atom splitting provides 93% of the power, with the additional 7% coming from the radioactive decay of the splitting pieces-which are other atoms. There is a steady level of atom splitting pieces in operation. As soon as splitting stops the number of radioactive pieces decreases continually, because they are radioactive. The potential hazard comes from the possible release of these pieces in an accident. The possible accidents with the reactor not operating and fuel in the pool take a long time to reach the point of fuel damage, time for corrections!! The pool has so much water in it, that cooling can be stopped for a period of time. The water will heat up and eventually begin to boil off. This is not harmful, since the fuel boiled in the reactor!! There is time to restore water from any loss due to accident or sabotage. With so man fewer radioactive pieces (and the number decreasing minute by minute) any release would be much, less than from a reactor just shut down. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Keep Yankee’s emergency plan in place

What you all are doing matters. Thank you. ...(full comment)

Woolner/My Turn: My choice to protest

They also almost immediately seek abatements as they have done in Agawam, and towns receive less money than is promised when they want access to land to build. They are not, after all, a utility company: they are primarily an investment company, that happens to own assets. ...(full comment)

Northfield anti-pipeline group blasts gas co.

There is ample research available documenting the failures of various wireless technologies here in western Mass, including Whitespace and fixed wireless. A summary of the problems and case studies are available here: http://wiredwest.net/2015s2/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Wireless-primer_2.docx To summarize: - Mobile wireless for broadband service is prohibitively expensive; costing hundreds of dollars to do what the average household with cable is able to do. And the service in the region is notoriously spotty. - An MBI grant was offered for a Whitespace experiment in Ashfield that never transpired due to early conclusions it simply wouldn't work in our region. Additionally, Princeton looked into it and found their town would most of the Whitespace licensed in the state to have decent bandwidth just for their town. You can read about it here: http://princetonbroadband.com/tag/wireless/ - Other wireless technologies (ie fixed wireless) that have been deployed in our region have had massive coverage challenges and costs per premise up to $9,000 which far exceeds the cost of fiber, but provides a fraction of the speed, capacity and reliability of fiber. I would caution citizens to rely on solid proposals and documented information when considering such an important infrastructure solution for our region. ...(full comment)

Letter: Not the only option

Carrie ally love and support. Hope to see you very soon. Love Tiff and Gracie ...(full comment)

Montague woman needs a new heart

Clearly the ginormous compressor station that Kinder Morgan has planned for Northfield has no such reverence for much of anything: including human life. This compressor station will belch out enormous quantities of Benzene, VOC's, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and God knows what else, to fall as acid rain on every ling thing in the vicinity for miles: to fill export tankers: with no benefit whatsoever to any residents. The folks planning this have made a science of invading religious organizations, fomiting hate speech, and getting people all het up about social issues, while syphoning off our nation's assets for private gain. The past and future of Northfield are going to be obliterated by this atrocity.- Get involved and start advocating now. ...(full comment)

Letter: Northfield’s message

Too bad this did come back to Deerfield. I heard a gallant effort was made to get it but they were outbid. ...(full comment)

Shays’ Rebellion letter by Deerfield militiaman sells for $35,000

Dear Anita, Thanks for this great article on Quabbin Trails and your new Walk About column. Have you heard of Ashfield Trails? Ashfield Trails is a volunteer collaborative which for several years has been working to establish a community network of trails and footpaths in and around the Town of Ashfield. So far we have built over 17 miles of trails. There's the 2 mile Two Bridges Trail from The Trustee's of Reservations Bullitt Reservation to their Chapel Falls Reservation which connects to a 3 mile trail to DAR SF. There's a 4 mile trail from Sanderson Academy to Bear Swamp Reservation. The Overlook Trail is about 3 miles and ends at Rt 112. The Ridge Trail starts on 112 and heads 2 miles to Bailey Rd. We have a new trail from Bailey Rd to the Mary Lyon birthplace and will be working this spring to open a new section from Mary Lyon's to Edge Hill Golf Course. In honor of Ashfield's 250th Anniversary, we will be hosting a hike on Sat., June 6 (National Trails Day) from Bullitt to Chapel Falls. For more info, please check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AshfieldTrails Thanks, Phil Pless ...(full comment)

Life & Times: Walking the Quabbin

What a great letter, when you strip the rhetoric from the facts you get the truth. With the constant attack on coal you will see the rates double again, when you go from less than a cent to produce to more than 4 cents for power. At some time the soon the subsidies will have to come off to pay for the use of the grid and then the solar will be more expensive. ...(full comment)

Letter: Shocking? Shouldn’t be

Hi Anita, I enjoy reading your columns and think your painting turned out great! Paint and Sip sounds like fun! Jan ...(full comment)

Neighbors: Paint and Sip awakens my inner artist