Yes, rail transport is dangerous. But there are risks and dangers associated with pipelines, too, just that (aside from explosions) they tend to be more insidious and spread out over more area - like leakage, inviting invasive species, the ever-continual loss of trees and the associated surface and groundwater pollution from runoff/sediment, further destruction of habitat. These things aren't as glamorous in terms of danger but they are there, and add it up over millions of miles of pipeline, and it compounds and accumulates. When do we say enough is enough? My main problem with the pipeline is that is a massive forced investment of the public, with no guaranteed return on investment (can they guarantee our gas rates will lower? fat chance) for a fuel that is and should be on its way out - gas wells are drying up already, some have a life of only 30 more years. Not a good long-term investment when other countries are investing so heavily in renewables; we will not be competitive if we don't start to subsidize renewables in the way we're so willing to for fossil fuels. ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Christina's is the best restaurant around!!! ...(full comment)

Blue Plate Special: Christina’s in Erving serves up authentic Italian cuisine

Pipeline explosions usually occur when somebody is doing excavating where they clearly shouldn't. Train and truck transportation are by far, the most dangerous route to transport petroleum. By far. But people don't want to be confused with facts. Their minds are made up (by somebody else...). ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Big Skippy was always top notch. I had a ton of respect for him. Lots of great memories. I was glad that he lead my father's service. He was nothing short of professional, sincere and said some wonderful things about my dad. No more pain. Say hello to my mom and dad Skippy! ...(full comment)

Friends remember Michael Kostanski

great letter from Pioneer ...(full comment)

‘Love always makes the world better’

Do you know how many white (unarmed men) have been killed by police officers of color in that same time span? Do you know how many police officers have been killed by men of color in that same time span? I am guessing that you do not. Do you know how many men of color have been killed by men of color in that same time span? I think you do not. Here is what should be done. Find out the numbers and work on the problems in order of the highest amount of deaths first. That would leave men of color being killed by whiter police officers last. I like to solve problems that will give the biggest results or improvements first. ...(full comment)

Letter: White guilt

you need to look closely at Nevada (don't count Las Vegas, Vegas is a different breed altogether) and California. If all you have is casinos I think you have over estimated your results. Vegas has a lot of other stuff and Reno/Tahoe has skiing and a great nightlife. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Red flag on casino revenue

Seems to me if its a grease build up it could be cleaned up, a vent hood isn't what you would call sophisticated. $30.000 ?, I hope that includes the fire suppression (that nobody noticed wasn't even there) otherwise, some shopping around is in order. It also seems to me that if nobody cared enough to notice these deficiencies over the last however many years, 30 days is a little hasty to kill a small business. If the town, or state has the power to shut down a business at the snap of a finger, don't they also have the power to grant extensions? This whole thing sounds odd to me. ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

Congressman Neal believes there is strong support for the Olympic Games in western Massachusetts and statewide,” Sorry Richie but I don't support the Olympics coming to Boston or western MA. This will be a huge drain on public funds that we in the four western counties are already being shorted on for a variety of key services. I can't wait to cast my vote against Boston 2024 on an upcoming statewide ballot question so we can go on record as not wanting the games here. ...(full comment)

Local outdoors enthusiasts float Olympic idea

What about a drive for this Greenfield landmark? I'd contribute to keep a local business in business. I'm sure others would as well. ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

People perform best in jobs that they enjoy doing, training is a must, funds for said training another must, availability of jobs plus transportation is severely lacking. People lose hope and learn to live in poverty rather than struggling to survive! Dealing drugs is fast income and easy, if you get caught... you learn to adjust to another lifestyle. ...(full comment)

Rosenberg vows work on welfare overhaul

That fryer looks scarey, so bring in your doughnuts from another place, keep your breakfast lunch the same, start up a fund raiser and step by step you will get there. Never give up on a dream. ...(full comment)

Adams Donuts faces shutdown

Dear Mr Payzant, You think every (American) "kid" should spend 2 years in the service? Why? So they can go fight someone else's war only to come back broken or dead? ...(full comment)

Letter: Column hits mark