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So let me get this straight: we should subsidize, through our electricity bills, an overbuilt, unnecessary pipeline that is clearly intended for export to the tune of billions of dollars, so that gas investments and the wealthy .01% can profit from gas that U.S. taxpayers subsidize through their taxes. Because that is the problem here. There will be a tariff to subsidize these, because the Northeast has no market for that much gas, and the so called "crisis" is being ginned up by gas investment interests to facilitate foreign sales- much more profitable for them: not good for us. The League of Women voter's study in New York states that if the Marcellus is opened to exports, recoverable gas could be gone in as few as seven years. Does this sound like a good investment to you? Further, if you read Bill Powell's book, "Cold, Hungry, and in the Dark" (2013) he, as a gas insider, gives a more realistic appraisal, backed by industry and government scholarship, about how investment interests have exaggerated claims about recoverable gas. I'm sorry that your information about this topic is so incomplete, and seems to be based on advertising and investor hype. A good source for information is MassPlan.org. if you take the time to read this, it might give you a more fulsome picture of what concerns are. And you also might want to contact Kinder Morgan about having a 36" high pressure gas pipeline installed right next to two sets of live, direct voltage electricity cables located right next to your house. You might have more empathy for the concerns of your neighbors if you could put yourself in that position ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

Not to mention the noise from wind turbines and the birds that are killed by them. As for solar panels they are a health hazard to dispose of. it is nice to see someone has there eyes open when thinking about energy. ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

If the affordable health care plan was a good plan, it would not have the problems that has encumbered it. The question should be why are strokes happening to younger people? If there were not doctors or nurses would health care still be a "right"? The only rights one has in this country are in the constitution. ...(full comment)

Tolg/My Turn: My stroke made me think

The title of this article is very misleading, because only 52% of climate scientists who responded to a survey by their association aqgreed that there is global warming that is caused by human activities. The other 48% disagreed with that opinion. The article itself is very good, but it is hard to give all of the information in a brief article like this. The actual science shows that CO2 is a very weak greenhouse gas, and it appears that the increases in CO2 have followed warming, rather than caused it. The warming that went on from the mid 19th century until the late 1990's can be regarded as recovery from the Little Ice Age. The Earth still has not gotten back to the warmth of the Medieval Warm Period, so we are a long way from being in a dangerous position. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Climate change denial

If this is the drivel you're teaching students, you should do them a favor and resign immediately. You parrot the "97% of scientists agree" nonsense without bothering to verify it's veracity. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2013/05/30/global-warming-alarmists-caught-doctoring-97-percent-consensus-claims/ http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303480304579578462813553136 http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mike-ciandella/2014/01/23/misleading-97-percent-scientists-claim-resurfaces-ny-times The methodology and torturing of data used in the study(ies) to try and support the 97% meme is so anti-scientific as to be shameful. At least have the intellectual honesty to admit the debate is NOT over. After all, virtually NONE of the predictions of the alarmists have come true. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Climate change denial

John Rosenthal has once again shown his true colors - the name of his anti-gun, anti-civil rights organization 'Stop Handgun Violence', yet he is stating that removing discretion from issuing FID cards 'guts' the bill. Hey John, FID's are for LONG guns only - rifles and shotguns. Since you're part of Stop HANDGUN violence, why don't you stop offering an opinion? Oh that's right, you're against ALL guns, you just picked a name that can persuade the uninformed. These anti-rights groups pick names to garner support, but they always reveal their true colors. There is NO reason to require discretion in issuing an FID card - to claim 'people will die' is deplorable. Go pound sand. ...(full comment)

State senate gun law overhaul removes provision allowing police chief discretion

MassVocals , would take those odds ,The continue run around by DPH over 45 pages of Regulations constructed by prohibitionist . Who are effected with the disease of ignorance including there ajar mind set to old law conformity and law enforcement policy . All This is written then forward to induce more prohibition more regulation more required cost for patients A bliss of regulation a investment in delegation of corporate and government controls , This is what happens when you trust the government agency to perform . Let consider the continue foolishness of 10 oz limit this include roots leaf seeds so how many plants is that considering males are not desired you could waste your time planting seeds and seeds what they give you when ???? Now consider the oligarchy of DPH consequence of being legal , consider the cost value of the continue license classification procedure then asked does of your disease stop yearly ? The real question is overview how red is legal what 1.5 million to open a dispensary and how black is consistently in the black if not for law enforcement policy a policy of zealots seeded in corruption of the system built on complex fine and punishment policy This which refuses the truth of the public will and the cannabis plant benefits , Now asked your self who do you trust ? Its time to legalize , stay tune ??? MassVocals ...(full comment)

Letter: Dispensary delays

Climate change is already having a devastating effect in the United States. Severe drought is setting in and over half of our nation experiences water shortages. Only 1% of the earth's water is drinking water, vital for all habitation. All over the nation, billions and billions of gallons of drinking water are being ruined in extracting gas from deep within the earth. This water is being ruined both from its contact with elements deep within the earth, and from the "secret" chemicals added to separate compacted layers of stone thousands of feet within the earth. Ruined water, called "flowback" then requires disposal. To date, water processing plants cannot treat this. Dumping this into rivers has created deadly amounts of radioactivity in even more fresh water. Injecting this into the earth is increasingly cited in causing earthquakes. A further concern is that aquifers that contain fossil water, and take thousands of years to accumulate, may be contaminated from the practice of reinjecting this water. Whole towns water resources have been ruined. Mainstream news channels are owned by the very interests that are engaging in this practice, so the public is largely unaware of the tightening noose that the .01% are enacting on the rest of humanity. If unconventional gas is so "safe" and "clean", why did they insure exemption from legislation for clean air, clean water, and clean drinking water in 2005? These are lies spun to enrich the few at the suffering of the many. We are blessed with abundant water, hereabouts, and rich soil. Those are a lot more important than gas. We have other choices that are economically competitive. We have the ability to stop this orgy of destruction, and value this delicate web of life and beauty that sustains us. It has the right to respect and care from its inhabitants. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Climate change denial

Is this run like a HASH run? With a down-down at the end? Do they even have HASH runs in Massachusetts? If you don't know HASH runs then too bad for you, they are a blast ...(full comment)

Northfield Road race breezes through library

I think the severest punishment should be give to who ever is responsible for this, so no one try's it again. http://www.westcables.com/ ...(full comment)

‘Dig Safe’ stakes tampered with in Leverett broadband buildout

It will take more than this bill to improve management and oversight of housing authorities without much accountability. More taxpayer support for a broken system that excludes those they supposedly serve, will achieve nothing accept more waste. Lawmakers, state agencies and public officials need to look closely at the current lack of transparency and return. Clear federal oversight and legal advocacy for those without a voice would be a start. Ignoring the problem using media spin is political ineffectiveness at its best. Publishing the facts and indisputable truth will also support real change. Regionalizing only works when the all those involved openly perform their mandated responsibilities. Otherwise, it becomes a much larger problem by wasting even more public and human resources. ...(full comment)

New bill aims to improve local housing authorities

Transparency and tenant participation would improve Housing Authorities. This includes adequate inspections, access to those results, code-compliant housing, a grievance process that allows tenants to resolve issues, and complete oversight. If records are hidden, Reasonable Accommodations denied, repairs completed without the necessary permits (in a questionable fashion), there are serious problems that need to be addressed. Public money pays for the operation of Housing Authorities---the figures would astound most people. More money will not fix a broken system, however, full transparency, strong federal oversight, and tenant advocates with resident participation for each project/community is a good start. This includes properties set up under Housing Authority related non-profit public charities as Limited-Liability Companies. As long as public money is used for any public project, cause, or need---there should be an expectation of complete disclosure by those footing that bill. If things are hidden, something is amiss. Just ask tenants living in the Ashfield house Apartments, a subsidiary owned by Ashfield House LLC, whose sole managing member is Rural Development, Inc., the non-profit public charity affiliate of the Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. ...(full comment)

New bill aims to improve local housing authorities

I see all the wasted rooftop space all over Massachusetts: and vacant malls, parking lots . . . and there is plenty of terrain that is too steep to farm, but a perfect setting for solar. All these entities that propose things always seem to want to demand private land near people and residences, or near the best land for food, or very close to water resources. there are plenty of places that would be perfect for locating some energy projects but the idea seems to be to harm people and their land and communities as part of the deal. ...(full comment)

Planners wary of using farmland for solar arrays