Green power is expensive, isn't it! Expect $500 a month electric bills in a few years. We've been taken over by the enviro-nazis. ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

Its the usual game, create a crisis and then you get what you want from the people. Its as old as the hills... ...(full comment)

Electric bills expected to jump 37%

And yet, we had threeTRILLION dollars to spend on the Iraq War. And our military budgets dwarfs all other nations combined. The money is there to erase hunger. Unfortunately so is the immoral greed and distorted priorities. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Growing hunger crisis

Include the workshops at Deerfield Academy this October. Adults are welcome as guests- by reservation. Contact for details. ...(full comment)

Neighbors: Lots of fun and festivals this fall

Chris Collins- I want to say thanks for all three excellent parts of this column- very informative, and substantiated. I may take you to task at another time, so put this one in the bank! Ha! ...(full comment)

In the Arena: Deja vu

Firstly, journalist go to war to bring back the stories. It has zero to do with "advancing their career" and to state that it does, belittles those who have put their lives on the line to bring us information. Secondly, I highly doubt you have the insider facts to state, "So now the U.S. is back in the Middle East on military footing without clear objectives, without reliable — and paying — allies, and without defined geographical perimeters. " Journalist, from all over the world, are doing their jobs. Aid workers, from all over the world, are doing their jobs. Soldiers from many countries are doing their jobs. So do use all a favor, why don't you work on being united during these very trying years, instead of promoting divisiveness through your criticism, judgment and misinformation. ...(full comment)

Letter: Media driven?

Keeping the tires there is also "expensive," except to society as a whole (due to degraded water) rather than the individual landowner. Leaving them there is not an option. ...(full comment)

Practical purpose for mound of tires?

They definitely need a designated smoking area. It could even be an attraction- I know that at many brewfests, there is a tent set up as a 'cigar bar' where all the smokers can go and do their thing away from the rest of the patrons. With the long history of tobacco farming in the valley, they might as well offer the chance to sample natural locally-produced tobacco. Heck, they judge apples and jams and quilts... Let some locals enter their nice handmade cigars! I am STRONGLY anti-cigarettes when it comes to all the nasty additive-laden garbage being sold, but this isn't about IF smoking is wrong, it's about WHERE smoking is wrong. I was trying to enjoy the kids talent show and there was seriously a guy smoking a CIGAR sitting right on the bleachers. Like, any cigar smoker is fully aware of the fact that most creatures with noses find the smell of secondhand stogie purely offensive. To be smoking a cigar shoulder-to-shoulder with other people trying to enjoy a CHILDRENS EVENT... that is just a big giant social 'screw you'. Yeah, buddy, if you are reading this, you know who you are (bald, doughey, and middle-aged)- I'm calling you out. That was messed up. I was half expecting the Real Housewives of Franklin County to give you a little more than just a dozen Angry Mom Looks. I just don't understand people sometimes. ...(full comment)

Fair board mulls smoking restrictions

It is time for Greenfield to say a resounding, "NO," to the WormTown promoters when they apply for another license for this biannual festival. As evidenced in the plethora of stories and the series of articles this summer concerning drugs in Franklin County, it makes absolutely no sense that we are welcoming this type of culture into our town. Social services receive money from the promoters and yet these same agencies are in place because of the effects of drugs on many citizens needing their services. Just say NO. ...(full comment)

R.I. man nabbed on drug charges at Wormtown music festival

Any plan on investigating who may have been doing the dumping for all if these years? ...(full comment)

Sea of tires

Thank you so much for this commentary. We want to believe in our nation, and it is shocking to see how far our nation has fallen from its ideals and principles because of the greed of oligarchs who have engaged in a hostile takeover of democracy, and care only for themselves. ...(full comment)

Shaney/My Turn: What I want to believe

I live in Texas - San Antonio, and miss my compadres The Stone Coyotes! I first heard of them on our local college radio KSYM back when Born To Howl was released. Became good friends and got them to play here in San Antonio. Made me believe in Rock and Roll again and the power of words to convey heartfelt and a true message for this old (not to old to rock and roll) rocker. I have been a devoted friend and also have made believers my friends and family. Come back to Texas Coyotes. ...(full comment)

Sounds Local: The Stone Coyotes set to rock the Iron Horse

Great article. Loved it. ...(full comment)

The twists & turns of history: the Mohawk Trail marks 100 years