The Recorder is starting to become my favorite newspaper. I think it is great that the two of you took the time to write this wonderful piece and that the Recorder recognized a good thing and printed it. I think the Christmas truce is the most remarkable event in human history. It is a shame that so few people know about it. There is at least one children's book about the event, which in some places along the line lasted for several months. The book is by John McCutcheon and is called Christmas in the Trenches. The Book includes a CD with a song telling the story of Christmas eve with a young German singing Stille Nacht and the English troops joining in singing Silent Night. The evening ended with exchanging treats from home and showing each other photographs. My dream is to one day start a foundation with the goal of providing a copy of this book to every library in the country. By an amazing coincidence, I nearly missed this column. I was too busy Wednesday morning making a CD for a German-American friend which I entitled The Christmas Truce. The CD started with Stille Nacht and then two songs about the truce: the aforementioned Christmas in the Trenches, and Christmas 1914 by Mike Harding. When I gave him the CD, my friend seemed quite surprised and very interested. Although he is in his late 70s, my friend apparently didn't know about the truce and as I explained it, he seemed eager to learn more. I will make about 20 copies of this column and give or mail one of them to all my friends. I am sorry that I didn't see it until after I mailed out my Christmas cards. I would have included a copy with each card. Thank you Pat and Frances for taking the time and energy to write this article. ...(full comment)

Hynes and Crowe/My Turn: ‘Christmas Truce’ signified truth

I'm looking for the story on the basketball game Thursday Dec. 18 between the Grreen Wave men of Greenfield High School and the Pioneers ...(full comment)

Hands-on coaching

Who is Brown? ...(full comment)

Cosby briefly breaks silence

Sad news, too young to leave us. Greenfield's loss, may she rest in peace. ...(full comment)

Passion and generosity : Barbara Tillmanns remembered by friends and town leaders

This is the consequence: divide and conquer. We all love peaceful protest as an American principle: but as courts fail, more and more, to uphold principle in favor of private prejudice, there is no reason for law and order any longer. Barry Krieger is part of an organization that routinely gives voice to the powerful, but doesn't much extend itself to give peaceful protest much if any voice at all. Note he did not comment, aghast on air, about the court's decision. "That is not justice". This is a pretty clear example of what's wrong. If you watch carefully, the primary focus of their reporting is crime by dark skinned folks, nearly all the time. And that presents a very distorted perspective of "news". ...(full comment)

Letter: The Ferguson ‘show’

Excellent point. Our technological"prowess" may seem like a blessing, but it has an obscene usage. Early on, it became a tool to manage and manipulate the general population, "better than church" as one early theorist said of film. The tactics are now an entire, and very, very well compensated field: psy ops: used on all of us. When it becomes acceptable, for those empowered by the state to help maintain public safety, to murder in cold blood for the smallest infraction, and when the courts uphold this, we are well along in fascism. ...(full comment)

Letter: The Ferguson ‘show’

How exactly does one "make whole" a farmer whose land is ruined and his LIFETIME income destroyed? Remember too what WV landowners have learned - This industry need not -and does not- honor ANY contracts, nor obey ANY limits whatsoever, once allowed on the property. With unlimited legal resources, and FEDERAL level support, they never lose in court. This why we fought FASCISM- ("=the merger of industry and state power," according to its INVENTOR, who was btw NOT Webster..) -in other countries. Why are we allowing it HERE? ...(full comment)

What does pipeline mean for farmers?

They're even in MA now? So much for escaping the poison industrialization here in our ill- chosen WV retirement hell, by moving back to Amherst... But why hasn't MA -RISEN UP- the way NY state has, to STOP these chemical warfare invaders? One can sort of understand WV, they're gullible from centuries of corporate extractionists' paycheck propaganda, but; MA? The home of the American Revolution against fascism? ...(full comment)

What does pipeline mean for farmers?

This is news: room for a SECOND pipeline???? They are just full of surprises aren't they. This is the way property owners are treated. You don't find anything out directly, they get the bargains they can early, before folks know what they're up against, and then the fine print has Halliburton loopholes, too. Beware. It might sound good. Folks can still rescind permission, and be sure to notarize and get a receipt returned to you. Eminent domain has benefits to landowners. ...(full comment)

What does pipeline mean for farmers?

Sorry, I now see that you corrected the online version, but I'm holding a newspaper that says "North". ...(full comment)

Interstate 91 extension cost more than money

This is actually looking SOUTH with the photographer above Yankee Candle, the Tri Town Beach water on the left, with Urkiels tree farm above it, and you can see the 2 rest areas, and Christian Lane in Whately is where the horizontal line of trees ends at the top and fields begin again. I enjoy your local coverage immensely, and wish I could proof read things for you before you publish. Maybe you could correct this before putting it in The Daily Hampshire Gazette? ...(full comment)

Interstate 91 extension cost more than money

Lovely description! ...(full comment)

Up and down the contra line

Here is how I see it. The President believes he knows better than anyone. While you need to obey laws, he does not. I think all Americans believe in immigration, but they believe in legal immigration. Why doesn't the President use the military to take over Mexico and the Central American countries and then everybody could be in the United States. Wouldn't that work better. We could then get rid of INS, the border patrol and everything associated with immigration. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Obama’s message on immigration