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239 years later, look what we have. Sad. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Reason to celebrate since 1776

Kinder Morgan's behavior has been deceptive, disingenuous and disrespectful on every occasion where they have promised their form letter language, stating "open and transparent". Saying that doesn't make it true: in fact it's an Orwellian propaganda tactic. If their investors could see what we have experienced its a wonder they ever got any business at all. Northfield shouldn't waste time: there are resources that will be far more informative. ...(full comment)

Northfield rejects meeting with Kinder Morgan prior to scoping session

I feel so blessed to be a citizen of our fair Commonwealth, for so many reasons. March 5, 1770, five people were killed and and six other were injured in the "Boston Massacre". Eight British soldiers were charged with murder. Six were acquitted and two were found guilty of manslaughter. It was the first trial a judge used the phrase "reasonable doubt", the foundation of our criminal justice system. Who represented the British soldiers - John Adams Take pride my Massachusetts neighbors. As noted by our Senator Rosenberg, our state's history is one of "innovators, trendsetters and forward thinkers" Rob Wainstein 28 James St Greenfield, Ma ...(full comment)

Rosenberg/My Turn: Massachusetts helped lead the way

I too am proud to support Holly and Gordy in their efforts to secure legal counsel and fight Kinder Morgan's planned route. Here's a link to the GoFundMe page mentioned above http://www.gofundme.com/wrxwu8 - The GoFundMe page contains video of Holly's testimony before the DPU. ...(full comment)

Nestel/My Turn: At DPU hearing, effects of gas pipeline plan already painfully clear

The greater SF area is losing a great asset. It's been such a pleasure working with Mary. It's evident that she cares about the people of West County. I wish her luck in her new job and new home. ...(full comment)

Vilbon made business association ‘greater’

Baker's DPU is denying intervenor status to property owners, municipalities and elected representatives. The big show of last minute donations to his election by Kinder Morgan was exactly that: a show. This isn't the first time Baker has been involved in shady dealings. Massachusetts is still paying off the Big Dig and will be until 2030: that cost Massachusetts citizens billions: here we go again, but now on a scale that boggles imagination. LNG applications for export cite "18 quadrillion dollars . . . for pipeline and fossil fuel companies" over a twenty year period. Its pretty clear that Baker is in place to effect this, and denying legal enfranchisement to a whole region of the state is clear evidence of his real agenda. ...(full comment)

Critics: Spanish firm’s Berkshire Gas deal points to gas export

About time ...(full comment)

Deerfield River could host Olympic canoe slalom

It has always been like this with the DPU. Nothing changed. Shame on our reps to NOT prepare the public for the inevitable here. It will come. Its the way it's always been. ...(full comment)

State nixes anti-pipeline formal intervenor bids

I wouldn't trust the pipeline companies on this; in other areas where they've installed pipelines they've mostly brought in outside workers. Also, the "we need jobs" argument just doesn't work - fine, you may need jobs, but that doesn't mean that every single proposed infrastructure project is thus valid. We could also propose that we dig a series of ditches across the state and then fill them back in - wouldn't be a positive outcome for MA, but hey, it's jobs, right? And one commenter also notes that there needs to be "balance" - sorry, but employing a few dozen people for 6-12 months or so does not outweigh the vast environmental damage that this project will cost over decades to millions of people. Gas is yesterday's fuel, and many times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide - expanding our reliance on it, especially when we are going to start competing with other countries since it WILL be exported thanks to this project, makes zero strategic sense. ...(full comment)

Workers say support of pipeline not just about jobs now, but future development (and more jobs later)

An announcement in the Globe today states that Rush Limbaugh will be broadcast on local airwaves. Limbaugh has deep ties to Richard Kinder, and is known to promulgate hate speech and stir up racism, bigotry and violence against scapegoat groups. There is a strategic reason for doing this. If you watch the behavior of this type of entity elsewhere in the world, hate speech is used to divide whole nations against their own self interest. It has enabled half of U.S. wealth to be taken from our economy and sent off shore, while austerity measures are used to impoverish the rest of the nation. It also leads to domestic terrorism. This is a strategy of these entities who have no moral compass and no love for anyone other than those they use for profit. ...(full comment)

Workers say support of pipeline not just about jobs now, but future development (and more jobs later)

Eminent domain is being used for private profit in this case, with Baker's tacit agreement. The behavior of the DPU is a first of its kind in the nation, and violates the rights of property owners, towns and their elected officials. This is literally taxation without representation, since these landowners bear the added burden of subsidizing energy infrastructure on their properties; now they can be rendered into incineration zones by corporate fiat. There is no reason to ruin all this property or endanger human life, except for greed: no funding of pipeline safety; no real oversight of these entities, and now: no representation according to the DPU. ...(full comment)

State nixes anti-pipeline formal intervenor bids

This project will ruin the retirements and life holdings of countless Massachusetts residents and the economies of whole towns. It will ruin the economies of these towns. It will ruin the nature and character of this region forever. The toxins spewed into water and sent into the air by giant compressor stations will put volatile organic compounds, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and a long list of cancer causing chemicals into the air all along this route: to settle in farmland and in drinking water. In the end, it will destroy something precious. I wonder who will be left to pay the unemployment and taxes for union workers when the money syphoned off from this, leaves Massachusetts with all the burdens and none of the benefits. In other states, these workers have been encouraged to intimidate and threaten citizens on behalf of giant corporations. Can we expect this here, too? ...(full comment)

Workers say support of pipeline not just about jobs now, but future development (and more jobs later)

That's my dad! 😃 ...(full comment)

Fantastic find: Rowe historians discover treasures