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I think the signs are great ! So they made a mistake. They can be fixed, thank you State, DOT or what-ever agency tried to bring public transportation to the public's attention ! Hey follow the sign and ride the bus ! ...(full comment)

Editorial: The people behind Internet choices

If you watch your caller ID, the telemarketers sometimes show up as Rhajastan. Is there a Rhajastan, MA? Local jobs? HA. ...(full comment)

Eiseman/My Turn: The pipeline PR pitch

Thank you, Kerry ~ ...(full comment)

Letter: Not buying that flag

Renewable energy would free us all from this abuse. Note they have plenty of money for advertising day and night, and swollen executive salaries: but we have thousands upon thousands of gas leaks. Perhaps gas development should be stalled until the leaks are fixed to make a dent in owed money, and in the meantime, other forms of energy should be given primacy. Frankly the "customer service" has been lousy. p.S. as of 2013, even AFTER, some plants were taken offline, we STILL had double the inflow pipeline capacity than we actually needed, and that did not include LNG. FIX THE LEAKS. ...(full comment)

Letter: Protect our land, rights

Massachusetts has a law that requires gas companies to fix leaks in their aging pipelines all over the state. If you look at the maps available for towns all over the state you can see that these companies have used maintenance capex for other things: as their executive salaries have swollen, bilking businesses and homeowners IN EVERY SINGLE TOWN, and creating unhealthy, and even deadly conditions. It would be an interesting exercise to look at Bradley's voting record in watering down That legislation to aid gas companies and significantly gas investment companies????? WE paid for gas we didn't get: billions upon billions of cubic feet of gas that was never delivered, while executive salaries soared. Why in God's name would we want to become MORE dependent on an industry that has demonstrated a pattern of theft, poor accountability, and disregard? If these pipelines are left unrepaired it helps gin up a case for "more pipelines". If you look at just how widespread this problem is all over the state, why in God's name would anyone WANT to do business with these folks. Let the alternatives be explored, finally. Gas investments from around the world are converging on our region and have been kneecapping renewable energy: we need to get alternatives NOW: tell Baker to lift caps on net metering and get windpower. Why are we "deepening our relationship" with abusive entities? ...(full comment)

Letter: Protect our land, rights

Thank you, Mr Davis, for covering this issue so well and with perseverance; it is very much appreciated! ...(full comment)

Walking ‘The Wastelands’: Theatrical group presenting Pipeline Processions performances in the area

If any good is to come of Wednesday’s fatal shooting...BULL....! there is never any good to come out of anyones murder. Maybe we should ban all media so people would not seek to become that "darkest kind of celebrity". Gun Problem... We could ban all weapons from the entire world and stop all war and violent crimes. Maybe we should stop manufacturing planes, automobiles, sharp objects and chemicals that could be responsible for killing innocent people. Evil will always be amongst us, how we deal with it is the real blame. ...(full comment)

Editorial: We must address our gun problem

It is great to hear these thoughtful questions being asked by a high school student. Not that I don't expect that thoughtfulness from high school students, but we do see very few younger people involved in the pipeline protests. I would love to hear your opinion on how we could get other younger people involved; it is your land to inherit. There's one other thing I would like to add: I do find it interesting that so many people believe putting this pipeline through will reduce their utility rates. Can anyone remember the last time rates went down? It never happens! Even if origination rates change, this is never passed on to the ratepayers. In fact it appears that some of the costs of building this pipeline will be passed on to the consumers, whether as a rate hike or as fees that will be assessed. There are so many reasons to hate this pipeline, and so few to like it (a handful of short-term jobs, which, if true to form, are likely to go to out of state workers); rate changes will most probably be one of the former. ...(full comment)

Letter: The pipeline question

At the bottom of Bank Row, trying to turn left onto Mill Street from Deerfield Street, can be futile. But the advice given in the article, to get your car as close to the white line as possible, is wrong here. You should actually stop your car a car's length back from the white line. The camera must be pointing at the wrong angle. I noticed that if another car appears and waits behind me, the left turn light turns green soon. So I started stopping farther back from the while line, and voilà! problem solved. ...(full comment)

Greenfield looking for fix to long traffic lights

Darn autocorrect - 'really' should have been 'rarely' ...(full comment)

Greenfield looking for fix to long traffic lights

The light at the foot of Bank Row often 'short cycles' traffic from Bank Row, turning left onto Deerfield Street. I've repeatedly seen traffic backed, sometimes nearly to the Town Common, as the light lets 2 or 3 cars turn left before turning red again. It doesn’t help that the weeds growing out from the railroad overpass are really removed, and at times appear to obscure the camera's view of the intersection. ...(full comment)

Greenfield looking for fix to long traffic lights

They should just give them their own island and let them rebuild their lives, if they rape or kill each other they should be executed. ...(full comment)

State court tosses local law restricting where sex offenders allowed to live

I moved to Keene, NH, from Greenfield, over a decade ago. Since then I've seen this city solve the exact same problems (3 of them) with 'roundabouts'. Come up, and see how well they work. Yes you have to 'take a bite' out of Peter Miller's Town Common, but that's doable (perhaps). ...(full comment)

Greenfield looking for fix to long traffic lights