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Its Selcetman Arthur Johnson not Gilmore. ...(full comment)

Erving eyes potential railroad crossing bill

So MA is to have the largest eminent domain land takings since the Turnpike, when we already have an existing pipeline, so that Connecticut businesses can benefit??????? Kinder Morgan bought the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Southern Massachusetts only recently (it didn't build it) . . . we already have a pipeline here, with excess capacity reported as of December 2014. And now our state is going to be ruined for a second one? This is ludicrous. Is our Governor going to do anything to protect the interests of Massachusetts? ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan: Conn. economy would benefit from gas pipeline

I have to agree, the Citizen's United ruling doomed us - ALL of us. ...(full comment)

Letter: Hillary and the 1 percent

This is very inspiring. I salute Ms. Luna for her courage to take off and fly with her passion. I, at age 70, am just getting started getting serious with my art and loving every minute of it; giving myself an hour a day, choosing to paint on odd surfaces like brown bags, yogurt lids, computer packaging (so far) - just for fun. I will check out some of the places Ms. Luna mentions and look up her artwork there. Blessings. ...(full comment)

Artist Elle Luna: 'Find and Follow Your Passion'

For the record I am against the death penalty in this case. I was appalled by his defense teams actions in pleading him innocent but admitting guilt during trial, if they truly wanted to save him from the death penalty they should have presented more medical evidence concerning brainwashing and grooming a child to hate. They allowed him grow a beard which made him look more Muslim. His statement "I didn't know people would die" shows immaturity like this was nothing more than a prank, flipping the bird to the camera also indicates immaturity rather than hostility. He could have never gotten a fair trial in Massachusetts, and yet the judge refused to grant a change of venue. My take on counsel is one of incompetence. ( Train a dog to attack and he will, even if he is a puppy at heart) ...(full comment)

Local reaction mixed to Tsarnaev death penalty decision

There was no reason for a trial. He should have been shot when they caught him. ...(full comment)

Local reaction mixed to Tsarnaev death penalty decision

Hubbard is harmless. My wife and I walk our dogs and see him with his black lab. If the other guy brandished his weapon, do you think Hubbard would then go attack the guy with the knife. I live two streets over on Devens St. As a parent of a teenager a 12 and 11 year olds it scares me that this happened for little to no reason so close to home. ...(full comment)

Self-defense or unwarranted attack?

What a great article! It looks like we'll be planning a day trip to Stockbridge in the near future. We've seen several of Leyendecker's works at The National Museum of American Illustrators on Bellevue Ave. in Newport, RI. It's a wonderful museum. ...(full comment)

The Great Leyendecker: Largely forgotten illustrator created iconic American images

For crying out loud you are suspending an NFL icon at the beginning of a season for questionable and highly debatable infractions at a time when the NFL needs more favorable bias. Could this be the start of a long slippery slope in popularity of the NFL? ...(full comment)

Local fans react to Pats’ penalties

The Capital Stabilization Plan was formed by Myra Carlow 8 years ago and includes a long term road plan. During my term as selectman, this plan has been funded although the Highway Superintendent's request for funding was drastically cut when Paul was on the BOS. It is regrettable that Paul has spoken with only a select few of the Town Employees; had he done so, he would have discovered that they are very upset with the statement in his letter that the BOS micromanages. In fact, the freedom to do their jobs unhindered is a new and welcome change for them. As to the by-laws, they should be reviewed on a regular basis, however, it should be noted that Paul has several times tried to alter the by-law concerning the Finance Committee and the changes had the appearance of accommodating his own changing circumstances. ...(full comment)

Rowe ballot has 2-way selectman’s seat contest

****Apologies, the correct address for Buckland Rec. Center is 66 Ashfield Rd., not Buckland Rd. ***** ...(full comment)

Clean Sweep: A good time to get rid of all the stuff

Iberdrola and other international gas investment companies want an export route to Nova Scotia, where one of these companies, in its DOE application in the Federal Register and related materials stated "pipeline and fossil fuel companies" in the U.S. and Canada will make profit at over eighteen quadrillion dollars over a twenty year period. There is no need for this; in fact New England didn't use any of the 150 bcf of liquified natural gas available for this winter, the coldest in eighty years, by March 1st. The price gouging is intended to abuse New Englanders into submission to enforce the largest land takings since the highway system, for that private profit. There is no gas shortage. Namecalling and intimidating politicians by mis-characterizing them is typical stuff , then issuing a meaningless public apology, to let everyone know what they are prepared to do. The folks in this region are highly informed, and are standing up to iniquity and deceit. ...(full comment)

Letter: Beyond the headlines

When fully operational, the coop owned plant will be adding 7 million dollars per year to the local economy, or more if fuel prices rise. It will be the only maker of fuel in Massachusetts and a strong local effort to combat environmental damaging fossil fuel use. Soon we will be seeing the benefits of self reliance in transportation fuel. You don't drive a diesel now or heat with oil? As a coop member, you will have priority access to this better type of fuel. Someday soon you will appreciate having your own source of clean energy, made locally and made to benefit us all. ...(full comment)

Biodiesel factory project needs final $850K