To think schooling our children is Government mandated! Why are there always cuts instead of ways to earn. Cutting jobs and the livelihood of our locals should be the last thing on the table. Open a restaurant, start a clothing line,... use your noodle. Did you really go to college? ...(full comment)

Gill-Montague School District plans cuts

Not exactly an abominable snowfall, but a tasty visual treat nonetheless! ...(full comment)

Winter storm Juno: A Robot’s Tale

Waste of town monies that could be much better utilized. Why in the world would the town demoloish an existing downtown location behind the town hall and throw money at leasing a space that has been determined uninhabitable due to structural breakdown. #Gimme-A-Break ...(full comment)

Greenfield considers small police substation

We have known for decades that developing renewable energy and deploying it is a way off of the gerbil wheel, and would enhance economic prosperity for more people. But oil and gas have grossly enriched people who want to keep us dependent on destructive fuel, even if results in war, genocide and destruction of habitat. Greed is a cancer, and we are beginning to see it play out in Massachusetts with the proposed export pipeline, and what will be the loss of biological integrity for a significant portion of the state. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Cheap gas has hefty price

I just want to tell John Bos publicly that I thought this essay was the best piece of writing I have ever seen. It was very well researched; it included a lot of information and the thoughts just seemed to flow. Good writing, the writing that was probably written and edited by the author a dozen times, always flows so smoothly that it looks like it was easy. I really like the definition of skepticism by by John Cook and I will download and print the Greenpeace report "Dealing in Doubt". I hope John keeps breaking that resolution to resist the urge to write about climate denial. We need him. I also want to thank Daniel A, Brown for his comment on solar power in New Mexico. I agree it is a crime against humanity to discourage the use of solar power in a state with 300 days of sunlight per year. - Cathy Etheridge, Sunderland, MA (about 40 days of sunlight per year, but windy most of the time). ...(full comment)

Bos/My Turn: Sowing seeds of ‘doubt’

Vermont Yankee has been disconnected for 19 days and we are already talking about a wood pellet plant? The wood pellet industry has a destructive impact on local communities and our climate. Do we think for one moment it would be economical for a pellet plant to be built to only clear up fallen trees? It takes more than that to supply their voracious appetite. Next they will buy tens of thousands acres of standing trees to stay in business. Sure a few land owners will profit. At the expense of many. Its not about saving the at risk bird species or invasive plants. Its about money. They will sell pellets to anyone with money. What they won't tell you, is that they will sell it overseas as well. Biomass was not a good idea for our community. Neither is a wood pellet plant. Save the $750,000 and forget about selling out our forests. ...(full comment)

Seeing the forest for the trees ... and pellets

Triple-check your maps. The closest documented breeding female mountain lion is 1500 miles from the Northeast, recently announced in the Niobrara River Valley, Nebraska. Still well west of the Michigan UP, still west even of the Missouri River. Young males can travel East until the cows come home, without females, there will be no recovery. Young males reach places like MN, WI and the MI UP as two year-olds, then disappear - wolf casualties, or poached. Curious that none have emerged any older, except the CT cat, who was 3. And because of high hunting quotas and year-round open seasons declared on the cats east of the Dakota/Nebraska source colonies, the number of disperser mortalities/captures has been dropping since 2011 when there were 16, 9 in 2012, 8 in 2013, and just 6 in 2014. That's not spillover, it's a tiny trickle reduced to drops. Unconvinced? Do some homework. ...(full comment)

On The Trail: No way?

Why don't you put the columnist's email address in the bio at the end so people can send Chip feedback? How come Chip isn't listed among any of the writers? ...(full comment)

Keeping Score: Sound bite

Why should someone have to be a registered voter in order to sign a petition to get it on the ballot? I would expect the person would register to vote in order to eventually vote on the article. I agree with a plastic ban, returning to the old paper & glass ideal is just what we need but it shouldn't stop at bags and single serving bottles, although it is a good place to start. ...(full comment)

Plastic ban proposal causes tension between petitioners, Greenfield officials

I agree. The self-righteous sense of entitlement takes precedence over common courtesy. There is nothing more dangerous than someone who thinks their cause is so "just" that they trample on the rights and dignity of others. In terms of attitude, those who interrupted the honoring of this veteran are little different than the Westboro Baptist Church with their disgusting anti-gay protests at funerals. ...(full comment)

Letter: A lack respect

The state should not be wasting tax money on any more studies on the availability of low grade wood which choke our forests - they've already been done. For those who bemoan the export of sawlogs to Canada they should question why most sawmills in MA have gone out of business. The reason is higher energy costs, higher labor costs, and excessive regulations. We had a great opportunity to help landowners with the proposed biomass plant but unfortunately it was killed. So if a wood pellet plant is proposed, will the same anti-forestry extremists want to kill that too? ...(full comment)

Seeing the forest for the trees ... and pellets

Community 9/11 training center in Greenfield trains hundreds of people in CPR each year. Their contact information can be found at community911 ...(full comment)

Editorial: CPR use hits close to home

Only a court is competent to determine whether or not this ban is effective. Kinder Morgan is trying to scare people by saying it isn't. Congratulations to the Deerfield Board of Health for standing up to a company that wants to impose serious health risks on Deerfield residents! ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan rejects Deerfield’s pipeline ban