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Well written and inspiring as always....thanks for sharing this and for doing so much for the town. ...(full comment)

McDougall/My Turn: A garden and its people

Just an FYI, Greenfield High School advertised this event and 15 students attended the event via the Green Room afterschool program which supplied a wonderful dinner and provided transportation to the movie. There were also 8 staff members at the movie. SO if you feel it necessary to shame local schools in a public forum, at least you should make an attempt to contact the schools and specifically identify their involvement. Oh, and one other thing, maybe the people that planned the event ,should make it more school friendly. After school, youth are involved with sports, jobs and they may have family obligations. Show the movie at the schools, so a plan can be in place to counsel youth if they are emotionally and personally affected after the movie. ...(full comment)

"The Hungry Heart"

(S)ave (T)he (B)ees! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI3gsb_d27I ...(full comment)

Bee colony collapse subject of film Wednesday

I cannot understand anyone opposing having natural gas lines in their area. Natural gas is so much cleaner and less expensive than heating with oil or wood, and less expensive than heating with electricity. The past 16 years since moving into my house, we've heated our home and water and cooked with natural gas, and it is the best and most efficient, quietest and cleanest way to heat your home. I don't know why more people who have gas lines on their streets don't convert to gas. If Berkshire Gas won't step up to the plate, then we have to get another American company to come and do it. ...(full comment)

Montague gas pipeline meeting draws crowd

Who writes these proposed legislation requirements ? It seems that more and more frequently the requirements to do any farming get tougher and tougher. At some point these idiot law makers are going make/ create an environment that prohibits growing anything to make a living !! At what point does common sense get injected back into the thought process ? ...(full comment)

Farmers dump on proposed manure regs

Thank you David & Recorder staff! The big enlargement of my photograph looks great & the story hit the nail on the head! ...(full comment)

Warwick photographer lands large display

Another great way to learn basic math is Math Skill Builder. It is free, kids love it, especially jokes. Practice online at http://mathskillbuilder.org/ Or use Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msb ...(full comment)

Dexter Park teacher seeking grant for LEGO use in classroom

Paul, can that be done to make all raises for any employee that is paid out of tax money to be voted upon by voters? ...(full comment)

Editorial: Slow going on expanded bottle bill

This bill is not an overreaction. It is the insane rigid zero tolerance politics that are the overreaction. emMany of the instances we’ve heard about, we think, would be better handled by a one-on-one explanation about why pretending to shoot someone might not be a good choice.em This statement proves that there is a bias (even if it's unintended) against traditional American values involving guns and, well, just being kids. There is no harm in kids playing "cops 'n' robbers", or even "cowboys and Indians". The generations who historically enjoyed this freedom as school children didn't grow into psychologically maladjusted adults. This issue is more than the suppression of kids just being kids; it is political indoctrination against traditional American gun ownership and use, as well as an impermissible chilling of free speech. When older students are suspended (or worse) for wearing NRA or "Don't Tread On Me" T-shirts, the motivation for this kind of discipline cannot be rationalized away - it is a heinous ideological perversion of the school system, and smacks of authoritiarian jackboots. Yes, this bill is necessary, and it is a good thing. A GOOD thing. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Overreaction on many levels

Sandra writes an interesting letter. I ask why plastic bags ever came into being? Styrofoam and plastic bags came from environmental concerned people. San Francisco was the first place that made plastic bags mandatory. At that time they wanted to get rid of paper bags to save the trees. Then they and the people they elected made sure the navy and all ships in general dumped the trash from the ships in plastic bags which float for a long time. It seems with everything they do they didn't think of the long term consequences. I won't say it takes as long as radiation to become safe but almost as long to decompose. That is why everything should be done in small steps. Remember when soda six packs were in plastic rings? they ended up in the ocean and killing sea life (dolphins among them). Maybe the best way to stop the destruction is to stop takeout and make burgers and all fast food fresh and then no paper would be needed to wrap any food. If you wanted milk you could milk your own cow, meat butcher your own animal. No plastic-cardboard carton and no Styrofoam and plastic to wrap the meat. Lets not forget the one cup coffee drinkers. Every cup brewed produces more plastic trash. How far should we take this? Everything that is done for convenience just might make trash we can do without. Where should we stop? I think we can say the residents of Greenfield are big polluters, also. They just might not have known it. Now maybe they do. ...(full comment)

Boston/My Turn: Too toxic a convenience

wow ...(full comment)

Four charged after stop nets 300 bags of heroin

Chris - I really enjoyed your article and I was pleasantly surprised to see this topic covered. I am a metallurgist and have worked with metals my entire career and find it a useful and fascinating science. It's very rare to see the topic of metalworking as a hobby covered, even though it can be both useful and enjoyable. Keep coming up with the good topics. Thanks Mike Cornelius ...(full comment)

Tempering steel: heating, cooling & timing

One of many historic treasures in our valley... beautiful murals of the Holyoke Dam in the Holyoke City Hall, the Maxfield Parrish stage set in the Plainfield, NY town hall, and more. ...(full comment)

A sound sweet & soft