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239 years later, look what we have. Sad. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Reason to celebrate since 1776

Kinder Morgan's behavior has been deceptive, disingenuous and disrespectful on every occasion where they have promised their form letter language, stating "open and transparent". Saying that doesn't make it true: in fact it's an Orwellian propaganda tactic. If their investors could see what we have experienced its a wonder they ever got any business at all. Northfield shouldn't waste time: there are resources that will be far more informative. ...(full comment)

Northfield rejects meeting with Kinder Morgan prior to scoping session

I was there in spirit. Thank you all ...(full comment)

‘We still can’t find refuge’: Community supports S.C. church shooting victims with vigil

Appreciate the mention of Silverthorne in your editorial - I wonder if anyone from the Recorder has actually attended their performances? Please do! The Skin of Our Teeth is incredible! Not your father's Thorton Wilder!! ...(full comment)

Editorial: Dare to create

I love your writing! I am not much of a nature reader, but your style is so charming, I hope to read your pieces all the time! Maybe I'll learn a few things ;-) Thank you! ...(full comment)

Said & Done: Do you know your birds and bees?

The young male CT cat wandered from the Black Hills, and likely passed through Ontario, not because there are 400 cats in Ontario - there is no evidence of breeding in the provence - but because there are no females between the Black Hills and CT. No females, no recolonization. It's the rare exception for females to range more than 100 miles from where they're born. A wild female or kittens have yet to be documented in a Midwestern state east of prairie habitat. The closest breeding evidence to the Northeast was announced last year in the Niobrara River Valley of central Nebraska, still west of the Missouri River. The CT cat traveled 2000 miles looking for females that aren't there. Had he found a female anywhere along his travels, he would have stopped, mated with her, and settled in to defend his home range. ...(full comment)

On The Trail: Shad, salmon and cougars

Tired of Martin just spending all of our tax payers money so we can retain being the THIRD HIGHEST PROPERTY TAXES IN THE STATE! Nice job Martin... can't sell my house nobody wants to live here anymore. ...(full comment)

Greenfield buys stage for events, rentals

We're currently facing budget constraints when it comes to the cost of long term care, yet I still look forward to the dedicated service of newly nursing staff. I can't wait to see more nursing personnel in long term care facilities as they look after aging recipients that need assistance or support. Liza Scott, InfoLTC Insurance Agent Joseph Street Milwaukee, WI https://www.infolongtermcare.org/ ...(full comment)

GCC nursing grads

Another EXCELLENT article on the NED pipeline. This reported ROCKS! Sam ...(full comment)

Gas pipeline ‘need’ based on winter peak demand

It's great to have the support of our neighbors across the border. We need much more of that kind of support to fight this criminal conspiracy. ...(full comment)

Letter: Pipeline opposition

I too am proud to support Holly and Gordy in their efforts to secure legal counsel and fight Kinder Morgan's planned route. Here's a link to the GoFundMe page mentioned above http://www.gofundme.com/wrxwu8 - The GoFundMe page contains video of Holly's testimony before the DPU. ...(full comment)

Nestel/My Turn: At DPU hearing, effects of gas pipeline plan already painfully clear

The greater SF area is losing a great asset. It's been such a pleasure working with Mary. It's evident that she cares about the people of West County. I wish her luck in her new job and new home. ...(full comment)

Vilbon made business association ‘greater’

Baker's DPU is denying intervenor status to property owners, municipalities and elected representatives. The big show of last minute donations to his election by Kinder Morgan was exactly that: a show. This isn't the first time Baker has been involved in shady dealings. Massachusetts is still paying off the Big Dig and will be until 2030: that cost Massachusetts citizens billions: here we go again, but now on a scale that boggles imagination. LNG applications for export cite "18 quadrillion dollars . . . for pipeline and fossil fuel companies" over a twenty year period. Its pretty clear that Baker is in place to effect this, and denying legal enfranchisement to a whole region of the state is clear evidence of his real agenda. ...(full comment)

Critics: Spanish firm’s Berkshire Gas deal points to gas export