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Sounds lovely. Too bad you forgot to mention the constant police and ambulance trips up and down Leyden Road accompanied by lights and sirens throughout the entire "fun" festival. Or the nonstop traffic from Thursday until late Monday night. But wait, let's not forget the trash that gets thrown out car windows all over the stretch of Leyden Road intimately ending up on taxpayers lawns and property. I am grateful that you mentioned the after hours music going on all night long in the cabins and at various campfires from Thursday night till Monday night. It's enough to keep local residents awake all night and that is exactly what happens. And lest we forget, there is also the plethora of drugs brought in to this festival that smacks of arrogance and is counterintuitive to the hard work of the Franklin County and local police departments in the area efforts to banish this part of Massachusetts of drugs in general. There are two sides to this travesty that occurs twice a year at Camp Kee-Wanee. It would be beneficial to all that read this warm and fuzzy story of Worm-Town that the taxpayers that are within hearing distance of this music festival (which extends to the Leyden and Colrain hills) are not happy that this travesty that has been imposed on us without warning or consideration 14 years ago. Shame on the local Kiwanis Clubs that welcome this as a money maker for their local children's camp. I did not choose to have this occur when I bought my home 17 years ago, nor did any of my neighbors. ...(full comment)

Thousands settle in for music, fun at Strangecreek

Its Selcetman Arthur Johnson not Gilmore. ...(full comment)

Erving eyes potential railroad crossing bill

So MA is to have the largest eminent domain land takings since the Turnpike, when we already have an existing pipeline, so that Connecticut businesses can benefit??????? Kinder Morgan bought the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Southern Massachusetts only recently (it didn't build it) . . . we already have a pipeline here, with excess capacity reported as of December 2014. And now our state is going to be ruined for a second one? This is ludicrous. Is our Governor going to do anything to protect the interests of Massachusetts? ...(full comment)

Kinder Morgan: Conn. economy would benefit from gas pipeline

I have to agree, the Citizen's United ruling doomed us - ALL of us. ...(full comment)

Letter: Hillary and the 1 percent

Agree completely. A lot of friends on Facebook are standing behind Brady 100%, the same way San Francisco fans stood behind Barry Bonds and Yankee fans stand behind A-Rod. ...(full comment)

Letter: Just a little cheating

Good Move! ...(full comment)

Mayor asks for sex offender ordinance

I loved this family's point of view: let the children come home and the healing can begin. That's what they are good at; they are rooted in this essential of all valuables: the healing and nourishing of the heart. All else is secondary yet seen to with care. Thank you, Recorder, for publishing this very moving story of the Schildbach family. ...(full comment)

House of Healing: ‘Nellie’ began life as an orphan, blind & withdrawn; now she’s a Schildbach, now she has a family

This is really inspiring. Gets me all fired up about creating as one goes along, wherever one needs to venture in support of one's livelihood and in contribution to communities. The open-endedness of this theater group inspired by possibility and able to forge ahead and turn it all beautiful. I'm sorry I missed the event itself but happy to read this write up in The Recorder! ...(full comment)

Creative economy workshops urge acceptance of both artistic expression and need to make a living

This is appalling. Why were no actual indigenous peoples with actual ties to authentic community involved in this? Instead we have a mockery - white people, drumming and singing songs in english dressed in stereotypical Indianesque clothing. I am all for reconciliation however when said reconciliation involves cultural appropriation and horrible inaccurate representation it is not reconciliation it is a continuation of colonialism. This is disgusting. ...(full comment)

Together in remembrance

Join our Face book group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TransportationJusticeWM/ ...(full comment)

Letter: Dump the Pump

Pocket park? Coffee stand with tables and chairs? Food carts? Pop up stores? ...(full comment)

Downtown Greenfield building to be razed

I need help with this too! BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a 2013 Form 1040ES(NR) , I found a blank form here: http://pdf.ac/6LL8m ...(full comment)

Tax forms will be in short supply at libraries

Hawley just consigned itself to a broadband backwater that will be surrounded by plentiful broadband service, and if you think the costs of participating in WiredWest were too high, just wait until you try and sell your property in a market that considers homes with no good broadband options an absolute deal-breaker. It's awful the community was misled to believe a wireless solution would be a suitable alternative. We've studied the alternatives and there are frankly none practical for Hawley, Mass. I'm sorry, but another "study" won't change that. Our findings (http://stopthecap.com/2015/05/07/western-mass-voters-stampede-for-fiber-optic-broadband-in-communities-big-telecom-ignored/) show Hawley, now on its own, will be too small and in an impossible place to sustain any wireless network alternative. White space is out because there are too few open channels to support it and traditional Wireless ISPs are going to have a very difficult time justifying the expense of a wireless network for only about 300 homes. They almost never can deliver speeds that qualify as broadband in any case. ...(full comment)

Hawley voters OK amended recall, broadband articles