""LGBTQI"????? Time for a more accessible acronym..... ...(full comment)

New scholarship for LGBTQI students, allies

This sounds like a good plan Mr Baker, it is about time someone had the courage to address the homeless issues numerous people in Ma. face. We have many good families out there that are willing to work and have ended up homeless through no fault of their own. I would hope to see your office address the issue of move in costs for people looking to get into an apt., $1200.00 -$1800.00 + is way to much for families earning base rate wages. Single people can not survive in this day and age, they end up in a tent in the woods or are forced to take in room mates that sometimes are more trouble than they are worth. ...(full comment)

Local social service agency behind governor’s plan for homeless families in hotels

Greenfield stores are closing every day. F.Y.E. closed last month. I have three teenagers who have no place but the internet to buy movies, x-box games, clothing and toys online. Every time I do this I would rather spend my money in town. Because Greenfield loses out on the sales tax. Walmart has announced that they will be paying $15 an hour. A store usually brings in about 200 full and part time jobs to greenfield not counting the construction jobs. I bet the 7 abutters originally had no problem with it. One of our citizens actually targets Walmart's for a living. He has books out titled The Case Against Walmart and Slam Dunking Walmart. Forbes magazine called him Walmart's number 1 enemy. Greenfield citizens want and deserve a big box retail store. I hope the courts favor the developer. ...(full comment)

Greenfield big box headed back to court

I am in FL and trying to get you on the internet for a week now , but you won't let me. ...(full comment)

Valentine Bingo

Yes, rail transport is dangerous. But there are risks and dangers associated with pipelines, too, just that (aside from explosions) they tend to be more insidious and spread out over more area - like leakage, inviting invasive species, the ever-continual loss of trees and the associated surface and groundwater pollution from runoff/sediment, further destruction of habitat. These things aren't as glamorous in terms of danger but they are there, and add it up over millions of miles of pipeline, and it compounds and accumulates. When do we say enough is enough? My main problem with the pipeline is that is a massive forced investment of the public, with no guaranteed return on investment (can they guarantee our gas rates will lower? fat chance) for a fuel that is and should be on its way out - gas wells are drying up already, some have a life of only 30 more years. Not a good long-term investment when other countries are investing so heavily in renewables; we will not be competitive if we don't start to subsidize renewables in the way we're so willing to for fossil fuels. ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Christina's is the best restaurant around!!! ...(full comment)

Blue Plate Special: Christina’s in Erving serves up authentic Italian cuisine

Pipeline explosions usually occur when somebody is doing excavating where they clearly shouldn't. Train and truck transportation are by far, the most dangerous route to transport petroleum. By far. But people don't want to be confused with facts. Their minds are made up (by somebody else...). ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Please tell me the difference; Every week hundreds of railroad tanker cars pass through Deerfield going north or south carrying liquified petroleum. Yet you live with the danger of a derailment and explosion. I would argue a pipeline would be safer than railroad tanker cars. See derailment Feb 15, 2015 Ontario, CA or Feb 16 in West Virginia and of course we all remember the horrific petroleum derailment in Canada in 2013. ...(full comment)

Letter: Get educated on pipeline

Man can do nothing to change "global warming" or "climate change". All the weather changes that have happened on earth since its creation have happened without any assistance of man. If man does everything that the science people say must be done, the temp will be change one tenth of one degree over the next 40 years. Now that seems well, like a waste. Maybe it would be better to wait until a better solution is figured out. I have yet to see anyone who has made the dire predictions explain why they have to keep changing them. Does that mean they were wrong before or the models were wrong or they really are just guessing what the data means? ...(full comment)

Letter: Let us be the judge

The alleged "crisis" has been ginned up by gas investments to get pipelines to the Canadian Maritimes to planned LNG terminals for export. Pieridae has an application before the DOE that cites astonishing profit figures for "pipeline and fossil fuel companies". This is an ENRON style campaign and the rate increases are directly related to this and price gouging. The public interest will certainly NOT be served by exports. Contrary to the "Pantsuit" lady, the U.S. still imports 1/3 of its fossil energy needs (last I looked, Canada and Mexico are still separate companies: note she says "America", not U.S. while flashing the U.S. flag). There are now petitions before the DOE to export over half of what the U.S. consumes and produces for itself. And more and more we are learning about the destructive and very unsafe manner in which this fossil fuel is extracted, and what is in it. They have engaged in price gouging to drum up a case for export pipelines. ...(full comment)

Pick/My Turn: Electricity use and you

Brian Williams is a proven liar. Please tell us just who the Fox News 'scientist' is who turns out is in the pay of the oil industry so we can determine whether he/she is also a proven liar or is telling the truth. Hearsay and hatred of a news media which is not watched, just vilified because it is the thing to do among non thinking liberals (Gruber is right), is hardly worthy of consideration. Just the fact, please, Mr. Brown. ...(full comment)

Letter: Let us be the judge

If hundreds of Nobel Laureate scientists say global warming is a fact, in my mind, it's a fact. If a Fox News "scientist" who it turns out is in the pay of the oil industry, says it isn't, then, I'll go with the former group. ...(full comment)

Letter: Let us be the judge

Actually, raising taxes on the .001%, which includes the cabal of gas investment entities conspiring to force export pipelines (financed by us), so they can sell gas (also heavily financed by us) abroad for private quadrillions. Our legislators' salaries are a pittance compared to the windfall profits corporations and private wealth are amassing (offshore) by attacking government as "bad". It is "bad" when it seeks to put any breaks on the corporate looting of the U.S. If you look at the aggressive attacks on pension funds, social security, worker's rights, all over the U.S. and the complete gutting of funds for education, transportation, and eminent domain being enacted everywhere for corporate private profit, it becomes clear that government is NOT the problem: unbridled deregulation, corporate malfeasance, and greed at the top are. Climate change is real: the wealthy are grabbing all the lifeboats for themselves, and they are taking as much OUT of our economy as possible. ...(full comment)

Downing pushes for climate policy