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Warwick pulls support for pipeline

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Warwick pulls support for pipeline

So let me get this straight: we should subsidize, through our electricity bills, an overbuilt, unnecessary pipeline that is clearly intended for export to the tune of billions of dollars, so that gas investments and the wealthy .01% can profit from gas that U.S. taxpayers subsidize through their taxes. Because that is the problem here. There will be a tariff to subsidize these, because the Northeast has no market for that much gas, and the so called "crisis" is being ginned up by gas investment interests to facilitate foreign sales- much more profitable for them: not good for us. The League of Women voter's study in New York states that if the Marcellus is opened to exports, recoverable gas could be gone in as few as seven years. Does this sound like a good investment to you? Further, if you read Bill Powell's book, "Cold, Hungry, and in the Dark" (2013) he, as a gas insider, gives a more realistic appraisal, backed by industry and government scholarship, about how investment interests have exaggerated claims about recoverable gas. I'm sorry that your information about this topic is so incomplete, and seems to be based on advertising and investor hype. A good source for information is MassPlan.org. if you take the time to read this, it might give you a more fulsome picture of what concerns are. And you also might want to contact Kinder Morgan about having a 36" high pressure gas pipeline installed right next to two sets of live, direct voltage electricity cables located right next to your house. You might have more empathy for the concerns of your neighbors if you could put yourself in that position ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

Not to mention the noise from wind turbines and the birds that are killed by them. As for solar panels they are a health hazard to dispose of. it is nice to see someone has there eyes open when thinking about energy. ...(full comment)

Bates/My Turn: Do some energy math

If the affordable health care plan was a good plan, it would not have the problems that has encumbered it. The question should be why are strokes happening to younger people? If there were not doctors or nurses would health care still be a "right"? The only rights one has in this country are in the constitution. ...(full comment)

Tolg/My Turn: My stroke made me think

4 Billion dollars to be paid for by all electricity rate payers. It started off as 2.5 Billion dollars a few months back. Massachusetts was initially supposed to get 54 Million dollars in tax revenue for this, now its down to 24 Million, but only when the pipeline is first built. The story that isn't getting out is that the Black and Veach study (and they are largely a gas investment interest) determined a current need of .6bcf . . . while this pipeline proposed is 2.5 bcf. There was NO follow up to the "low impact study" and instead this mammoth, overbuilt project, to be paid for by us, is proposed: to bring gas to proposed LNG terminals in Nova Scotia. Market changes are needed not a pipeline: a few purchases on the spot market are being used by gas investment interests to gin up a so-called "crisis", and gas investments have both the media dollars and political tentacles to try to do this. (And don't forget 1.5 billion dollars that ratepayers are bilked due to leaking pipelines: recent legislation says they have 30 YEARS to fix existing leaks . . . think that will happen any time soon?) Does anyone recall that we are still paying for The Big Dig to the tune of 22 billion dollars? That we won't be done paying for until 2038? Well, here we go again. Baker is running for Governor. He "helped" with investors for the Big Dig . . . which started off at 2.5 billion . . . whoa, and look how that load on our backs mushroomed. Now here comes another big fat infrastructure project that we'll have to pay for. A study by the league of women voters in NY speaks of "recoverable gas". If most of this gas is taken for export, the Marcellus could be exhausted in as little as seven years. This pipeline plan is ludicrous, and clearly intended to benefit the .01% with yet another big wealth transfer. That extra charge on every electricity bill is already growing: that means less money to local businesses and households. ...(full comment)

Questions remain after COG pipeline meeting

As a rather contented resident of the Weldon, with no particular ax to grind, I would like to point out several errors in the reporting of this story. The work will begin in late August...the height of the summer heat. While the might be only 2 wheelchair dependent, on the upper floors (where I live), quite a large number use wheeled walkers, lift walkers, canes and other mobility aids. There are also other reasons many tenants will be terribly limited by this necessary procedure. Not all disabilities that are visible or use supportive mobility aids cause walking many flights of stairs harmful, if not impossible. Additionally, I don't recall anyone mentioning go to live elsewhere for the duration, although this was proposed. The offering to have one...just one person, between business hours, will not be sufficient to assist over a hundred frail, elderly or otherwise disabled tenants I am a retired vocational rehabilitation professional, and I knew these things. ...(full comment)

Weldon residents to be without an elevator

Mr. Fiske, I was thinking the same thing !! where is all that extra money going? Why is it going to offset the state's pension fund? Seems the citizens of Ma. should be questioning this.. ...(full comment)

Letter: Consumer relief

Really, benches to help smokers keep smoking, so that those of us, who have either stopped, or never did smoke can get second hand smoke anyway, anywhere? There are towns that a banning smoking inside and outside, in all public places. I applaud them all. The Weldon is a non-smoking building. Thank Goodness. ...(full comment)

Letter: Smoking boundaries

My father was one of the 5 that survived ...(full comment)

Selectmen look for help to stem French King Bridge suicides

If I was the Israeli's, I would take over Gaza and the Golan Hts. until Hamas removes killing all Jews out of its charter. That is the only way of getting them to stop using children as armour. Plowshare Cathy seems to think Israel is at fault. Does she think the Christians in Iraq who lived there before any Muslim is at fault for living there and must either die or become a Muslim. The persecution of the Jewish state and the Jews by Muslims is a direct result of the alignment of Nazis with the Muslin brotherhood in the 30's and 40's. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Middle East missiles

The people of California are trying to reverse that expenditure of money. It would seem that the people who want to jump will find another place or another way. We have a phone on the bridge and other barriers on the bridge where I live. Foresthill Bridge 50+ in 40 years. With a state strapped for money it seems putting the money in mental health would be a better investment. I would not want someone walking out in front of me driving or hanging themselves or any other way of coming to there demise. These are people who need help not a barrier to send them somewhere else. People still climb over the barriers on the Foresthill bridge and jump/fall to there death. It will still happen on the Golden Gate even if they do install another barrier. Recently the Brooklyn bridge was assaulted at night and flags were changed with security on the bridge. People who are determined will succeed. It is sad, but they will find a way to accomplish their task. ...(full comment)

Selectmen look for help to stem French King Bridge suicides

I taught myself to kayak on this stretch about 35 years ago when I was 17 and have paddled it many many times ever since. After visiting artificial whitewater courses like the Olympic versions in Germany and England, I have always thought that the land between the canal and river would make an incredible whitewater park....just a dream. ...(full comment)

Watershed moment