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Chris Collins- I want to say thanks for all three excellent parts of this column- very informative, and substantiated. I may take you to task at another time, so put this one in the bank! Ha! ...(full comment)

In the Arena: Deja vu

Keeping the tires there is also "expensive," except to society as a whole (due to degraded water) rather than the individual landowner. Leaving them there is not an option. ...(full comment)

Practical purpose for mound of tires?

They definitely need a designated smoking area. It could even be an attraction- I know that at many brewfests, there is a tent set up as a 'cigar bar' where all the smokers can go and do their thing away from the rest of the patrons. With the long history of tobacco farming in the valley, they might as well offer the chance to sample natural locally-produced tobacco. Heck, they judge apples and jams and quilts... Let some locals enter their nice handmade cigars! I am STRONGLY anti-cigarettes when it comes to all the nasty additive-laden garbage being sold, but this isn't about IF smoking is wrong, it's about WHERE smoking is wrong. I was trying to enjoy the kids talent show and there was seriously a guy smoking a CIGAR sitting right on the bleachers. Like, any cigar smoker is fully aware of the fact that most creatures with noses find the smell of secondhand stogie purely offensive. To be smoking a cigar shoulder-to-shoulder with other people trying to enjoy a CHILDRENS EVENT... that is just a big giant social 'screw you'. Yeah, buddy, if you are reading this, you know who you are (bald, doughey, and middle-aged)- I'm calling you out. That was messed up. I was half expecting the Real Housewives of Franklin County to give you a little more than just a dozen Angry Mom Looks. I just don't understand people sometimes. ...(full comment)

Fair board mulls smoking restrictions

It is time for Greenfield to say a resounding, "NO," to the WormTown promoters when they apply for another license for this biannual festival. As evidenced in the plethora of stories and the series of articles this summer concerning drugs in Franklin County, it makes absolutely no sense that we are welcoming this type of culture into our town. Social services receive money from the promoters and yet these same agencies are in place because of the effects of drugs on many citizens needing their services. Just say NO. ...(full comment)

R.I. man nabbed on drug charges at Wormtown music festival

Any plan on investigating who may have been doing the dumping for all if these years? ...(full comment)

Sea of tires

Thank you so much for this commentary. We want to believe in our nation, and it is shocking to see how far our nation has fallen from its ideals and principles because of the greed of oligarchs who have engaged in a hostile takeover of democracy, and care only for themselves. ...(full comment)

Shaney/My Turn: What I want to believe

I live in Texas - San Antonio, and miss my compadres The Stone Coyotes! I first heard of them on our local college radio KSYM back when Born To Howl was released. Became good friends and got them to play here in San Antonio. Made me believe in Rock and Roll again and the power of words to convey heartfelt and a true message for this old (not to old to rock and roll) rocker. I have been a devoted friend and also have made believers my friends and family. Come back to Texas Coyotes. ...(full comment)

Sounds Local: The Stone Coyotes set to rock the Iron Horse

Great article. Loved it. ...(full comment)

The twists & turns of history: the Mohawk Trail marks 100 years

Indexing the gas tax ensures that there is adequate funding for roads, bridges etc. by tying the tax to the current value of the dollar - it's pretty basic, sensible public policy that only gets politicized by shamelessly pandering politicians like Lee, and only supported by voters who want everything maintained (and blame government when it's not) but don't want to pay for anything, either. ...(full comment)

Lee backs repeal of gas tax indexing

The candidates' business appears to benefit from water comodification that is going on in other regions of North America. Water is "commodified" by diverting it into control by investment interests, who are then free to sell it to the highest bidder. With water shortages in the U.S., and all over the world, one wonders if this local business has much interest in the human need for water, or if this will aid both her bottom line and other investors grab of U.S. resources: and what ties to wealthy investment interests (pictured at a party with Donald Trump) mean for Massachusetts water. ...(full comment)

Lee wins 2nd Franklin Republican race

We now face this at home. We are going to become an extraction colony for the .01% unless folks begin to become truly informed . . . Maura Healey won the primary as AG- Thank God! because her opponent, John Miller, is part of an international construction law firm with ties to fossil fuel investments in the Middle East, and is being put in place to aid in overturning our State Constitution. Sadly, our Massachusetts business community is being duped by promises of cheap gas to turn our state into an extraction colony. The candidate for governor, put up by investment cartels is Charlie Baker: yes, Big Dig Baker. He says his prior involvement in the obscene 28 billion dollar Big Dig is "in the past" but we, as taxpayers in Massachusetts, will be paying this off until 2038. He's been involved in Bain Capital style investor coups in health care, with inflate costs to insure ratepayers and massive cuts to jobs: and now he's back to honcho another big infrastructure project to benefit the .01%. Then there is the candidate opposing Denise Andrews. Photographs are flooding the internet showing Ms. Lee with a giant semi automatic and partying with Mr. Bankruptcy, Donald Trump. Oh, and she happens to own a company that sure looks like it will benefit when MA water is the next commodity for investors. With such ties in a small community, this is quite concerning. ...(full comment)

Moss/My Turn: Restoring a critical balance

Congratulations!!!.....I know where the 29 number comes from daughter number one birthdate ...(full comment)

Greenfield man wins big

"Unenrolled" is nothing more than a Democratic Party trick to maintain control over elections. The correct word is independent, as in Declaration of Independence. Democrats were looking for a word that conveys a connotation of impropriety, and unenrolled was the one that seemed to convey that the best. Independent voters are United States citizens who are registered to vote, which is all that should be necessary in order to participate in the United States government. Before the election of 1800 all voters in the United States were independent voters because there were no organized political parties in the United States. President George Washington said that political parties and their members and candidates for office were the ones who were doing something wrong, not independent voters. After two hundred years of political party control, we now understand that George Washington was right. Independent voters do not like to be called unenrolled. Voter registration is all that should be necessary. George Washington called political parties "self-created societies". If you are going to call independent voters "unenrolled", how about calling political parties "self-created societies"? It is only fair. ...(full comment)

In the Arena: ‘Unenrolled’ hold the key