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I wonder how other towns in the area deal with this problem? ...(full comment)

Sticky situation: Wet wipes gumming up Deerfield’s wastewater plant

You have a point. A better idea may be to drop all current religious holiday schedules in public schools, and offer a certain number of excused absences for every kid celebrating any holiday. That way, your/ my kid doesn't have to miss class because your/my kid chooses to. ...(full comment)

Editorial: Board flunks answer to holidays request

Concerning the Lamson and Goodnow complex, has anyone involved considered contacting Artspace Projects, in Minneapolis? They have a fantastic track record for more urban development for artist live-work and retail space...but I'm wondering if a smaller rural project with a lot of support (which translates to streamlining the process of funding and development) and a ready-made community, might interest them? It's free to contact them, and a feasibility study may well be worth it. Artist live-work space would provide a long-term anchor for the village...and just the idea would bring in interested parties. Just a thought. It could serve as a sustainable development model that could be replicated throughout the region on a scale---and in the manner---everyone could support. ...(full comment)

Singley’s Furniture to close doors Saturday

So does this mean that Isaac Mass has given up on his clever disguise as 'the guy who wants what's best for Franklin County' and is now just playing dirty? Frankly, I applaud him. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Isaac, now that you are showing your true colors- because I'm SURE your client didn't seek you out on his own, nor did he come up with those [rather large] numbers without -um- 'legal advice' - does this mean we have finally seen the last of your misguided political aspirations? Oh, thank HEAVENS!!! And in the spirit of your new-found honesty, will we EVER learn why you never graduated Tulane, even with a ROTC scholarship? Also- BayState Health should start checking the tires of their emergency response vehicles for teeth marks. Just a heads up, guys. ...(full comment)

Pumpkinfest faces $1.2M smoke, noise lawsuit

Wow. And I thought Keene's Pumpkin Fest was a riot.... ...(full comment)

Pumpkinfest faces $1.2M smoke, noise lawsuit

My dad grew up in Greenfield. He is buried there as are his parents and all of my relatives. As kids-we spent every summer there going to Wilson's, the Outlet store and Poet's seat. My grandparents had their 40th wedding anniversary at a restaurant near the bridge of flowers in Shelburne Falls and my grandfather owned Tru-Val clothing in Turners Falls. So sad-it is such a great place. ...(full comment)

Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ episode draws mixed reviews

That would be Isaac Mass, our city councilor, yes? If there was money to be made, I'm sure he'd find a way to sue a festival in his own Greenfield, too. Shameful and low! (And $950,000 in lost wages??? Ha! That's pretty rich.) ...(full comment)

Pumpkinfest faces $1.2M smoke, noise lawsuit

We visited this so called winery recently and were very disappointed. Calling what they sell wine is a stretch, it's really alcoholic fruit juice. Very, very sweet, not for me. ...(full comment)

Cameron's Winery: Wine, workshops & song

Hi Jim, are you sure it is “Degradation of decency?” I’m not a history buff nor a waging man, but would safely wager that we are probably at the height of our moral evolution. I’m not implying that we have reached some kind of tipping point on the evolutionary scale – we are still gathering dust hovering just above the gloom, but we are no longer amassing in the town centers to watch a hanging. We live in the world that is governed by hypocrisy – where Obama can promise to fix the Wall Street and nominates Establishment to distribute bailouts at the tax payers’ expense, while completely ignoring the struggling consumers (https://sasoc.wordpress.com/tag/sheila-bair/). Just like he overlooked his promise to reform Immigration and deported more undocumented immigrants than other presidents (http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/aug/10/american-principles-action/has-barack-obama-deported-more-people-any-other-pr/) I certainly applaud and support your action in pointing out our barbaric ways. But as long as you lament demise of the spineless and fake Democrats, including our president Obama, you play the same hypocritical game that purges a crutch from our nascent Decency. Decency means being honest with yourself and others. And by the way, Jesus did not practice Christianity; his message was compassion. ...(full comment)

Culleny: Degradation of decency

Lets see . . . gas got exemption from clean air, clean water, and clean drinking water legislation decades ago, then began hydraulic fracturing which uses a mind numbing list of chemicals most of which have severe health consequences VOC's, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, poisons, which they don't have to divulge due to their "trade secrets" (trumps public health evidently). The proposed NED is a "supply" line in New York :( that means a "feeder line") and becomes a "market line" when it hits Massachusetts. The gas in the Marcellus shale is reported to be much more radioactive than other shale "plays". Further gas development will also ruin precious drinking water. This will be sold abroad, while all of the costs will be "socialized" (a word they use quite openly). We will NEVER have lower costs: and they have succeeded in silencing any public examination of environmental costs, health risks, or devastation to property and communities. The "limits" Berkshire Gas is complaining about may be a blessing in disguise. They have deliberately and aggressively marketed this to builders in New England, but the long term goal is to sell this for private profit abroad. If there was any concern for U.S. citizens, those exemptions wouldn't be in place, and trade secrets wouldn't trump human health. Does Berkshire Gas care what's being pumped into their "customer's" homes? Or what this will do to this state? Evidently not. ...(full comment)

Gas co.: Current customers covered

My understanding is the town members of the WiredWest Cooperative would decide what to do with the profits and they could make the choice to do as you suggested. ...(full comment)

Risk-averse hilltowns weigh broadband estimates

Wow!!! Go Turners!!! ...(full comment)

Indians on to finals again: Stifle Warriors, 26-2, await today’s FC Tech-McCann winner

Glad to see the great progress being made on the new High School - and that they are offering an "open house"; but it would be especially appreciated if they would or could schedule an open house during the evening so that those of us who have to work during the days can still partake. Seems more than reasonable to me... Sincerely, a Greenfield taxpayer who voted for the project! ...(full comment)

Check out new Greenfield High School on Nov. 15