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Letter: The health care answer

All the daily hype, babble and fuss about the Affordable Care Act website not functioning well is bogus, at least to the extent that most all such Internet sites wind up baffling the information-seeker or applicant. A live body behind the desk or on the other end of a phone connection remains the better way to seek learn something or make an application.

What is most bizarre about this entire issue is that during the lead up to congressional discussion of how to provide health care for all, President Obama said a single-payer plan is what the majority of Americans want. He went on to say providing it would be too complicated.

Single-payer, or Medicare for all, is the basic practice throughout the industrialized world. It is less expensive than anything we’ve had because it strips away all the money that goes to insurance companies and delivers it to care.



Carl, It seems you have not tried to use the website. nor do I believe you have you lived in a foreign country. So your comments are useless as is your opionion. I currently live in California and have lived outside the US for years. No matter how flawed the American system is it is better than all the others. Stop in any hospital near the Canadian border and check out the maternity ward for compicated births. A lot of Canadians come here for those. Why is that? The website. I think any company would have trashed it and started over from scratch. Anyone who has used it is running the same risks as the shoppers at Target. I spent 20 years in the Federal government in computers. What one can do at the NSA now can be traced, years ago that was not the case. One must imagine they will never find who comprimised Target and they are always one step ahead of the good guys.

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