Letter: Issues with Recorder editorial

There are factual issues that, in fairness, need to be addressed regarding your June 20, 2013 editorial.”The Race Is On.”

I apologized quickly, clearly and fully to the write-in candidate for having used language that was arrogant, rude and dismissive. No deflecting, no excuses. It was downright stupid. That apology has not been printed, and it has repeatedly been deleted from Donna’s Facebook page.

Secondly, my anger was directed NOT at Donna’s candidacy, per se, but at her posting of an endorsement by a sitting superintendent, which I still consider to be unethical and, perhaps, illegal; and by timing that exempted her from doing what Margaret Betts and I have done — researching, reporting, talking, taking signatures and attending all school board meetings.

Third, my name is Wesley Arnold Blixt. Wesley Arnold is a blank Facebook ID I’ve have had since 2007 as a vehicle for my writing under that penname, and to use for professional access to the Facebook system. I have no other page. I had no reason to disguise my identity, especially when my message made it clear who I was.

Fourth, this hasn’t been a “sleeper” election. This campaign calls into question falling test scores, cronyism, the administrative bullying of teachers, a disregard of bylaws and the awarding of a major contract to a private corporation with a documented history of lying and manipulation. Unless you have been sleeping, this is not sleeper.

Donna Gleason is a well-meaning, hard-working and committed person. I continue to fear that her candidacy was engineered by a small cynical group of very conservative old-guard politicos who panicked at the thought of a progressive School Committee majority that would stop privatization, jeopardize the excesses of the superintendent’s reign, and dispose of their cash-cow, K12 Inc. That kind of candidacy may be legal. It was even expected. But it ain’t fair.


School Committee candidate


I think it's safe to say that Donna Gleason's reaction to Wes's apology was: "Apology not accepted".

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