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Letter: Do a proper analysis

Linking service provided with rider numbers or demand makes perfect sense. Right now is the perfect time to reach out, promote and survey demands. I am encouraged by the requirements of Section 30 in Bill H3382. I would like to see Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA) consult local employers, business associations, labor organizations and transit authority riders. Robust publicity of the CSA (comprehensive service analysis) could help the public generate enthusiasm for Public Transportation.

FRTA is starting its CSA as community conversations. Its presentation spent most of its time comparing FRTA to PVTA. I’m not sure this reflects the importance of this process. FRTA’s smaller size and the communities it represents should make it better able to respond to the public’s needs. I don’t think folks are considering how helpful this bus system could be to everyone’s interests. Greenfield may be positioning itself to be a bedroom community but its us low-income folks who make this possible.

The bus doesn’t run on Veterans Day, Patriot’s Day or MLK Day. The last bus leaves the transportation center at 6 p.m. There is no bus on Saturday. I don’t advocate some crazy mass expansion of FRTA services. But right now they are supposed to be researching how it can better serve the folks out here. Right now is the time for the citizens and leaders to make sure this is done the right way. We need a smart service and FRTA is small enough that this could be done the right way. If it can’t be done here, it can’t be done anywhere! We are not going to get this chance again for another four years. Forward funding was going to double the available state funding to FRTA. It would be a lost opportunity to our community if we didn’t try to get the promised operating money. The most important thing every one can do is make sure we get a proper comprehensive service analysis! https://www.facebook.com/TJusticeFC



(Editor's note: Some information in this letters has changed from an earlier edition.)

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