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Great you all met on the same day as Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. I went to Capitol with other citizen advocates ( who ranged from those in recovery, family member of loss, recovery professionals ) I was the only person representing Franklin County as a family member of loss. I disagree with expanding Suboxone prescribers as I do know it's a drug of diversion, it's already being abused, and the withdrawal rivals Heroin withdrawal. Expand the Vivitrol shot instead much better option can't be abused. Why isn't anyone on that panel mentioning the fact the reason why We are srambling for money is the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act that passed in 2008 is not being implemented or enforced. Insurance co need to fully comply with the 2008 law ...(full comment)

Addiction recovery advocates rally for systemic changes

The DPU seems to believe, like other gas investment entities, that saying something is "open and transparent" is good enough, rather than actually demonstrating that something is "open and transparent". To date the DPU has made a number of unsubstantiated statements and issued policy that seems like a forgone conclusion with little actual public discussion, demonstrated facts, or even any deliberation. ...(full comment)

DPU allows long-term contracts between utilities, pipelines

Here's an example of what an outdoor wood boiler looks like in our residential neighborhood. I don't know about over eager regulators, but try living next to an over eager wood burner. It's enough to make you choke, literally. https://www.youtube.com/user/GoReps ...(full comment)

Editorial: Lighting a fire over wood stoves

For eight years Deerfield Attractions.com in the form of Deerfield resident Max Hartshorne, has been the single volunteer who created, promoted and organized the Deerfield Tag Sale day, with help from Pat Krol in the Deerfield town office. This year, our sponsor declined to participate, and I was traveling out of town. I am glad that the town stepped up to help publicize the event and that the Recorder shared the locations of the tag sales. This event was started to simply give people a coordinated way to all share the benefit of mutual promotion. It's nice to see that it happened while I am here in France and not in Deerfield putting up posters and getting publicity for Tag Sale Day. ...(full comment)

Deerfield townwide tag sale won’t take ‘no’ for an answer

I read and enjoy your column every week. In noting the recent comment regarding slow play at Hickory Ridge Golf Club, it seems they don't know "hit when ready." It is not a matter of playing fast, but playing ready golf. At the Country Club of Greenfield, our "Morning Crew" of 12 to 20 weekday regulars manage to traverse the course in less than 4 hours and sometimes 3.5 hours or less. Of course there are occasions when a group may finish quite a bit after the others and they will get chided by everyone waiting in the Terrazza lounge so we can settle up birdies and winners. Play ready golf: don't get out of the cart without a club - guess or take 2, you might be right; don't fiddle around putting your head cover on the driver get back in the cart, you'll be back there getting another club shortly; study your upcoming putt while the others are putting. Gee, seems simple doesn't it. Thanks for your insight and of course the humor. ...(full comment)

KeepingScore: Sports pourri

Go Henry and Jo Marlene and Bears and Blueberries! ...(full comment)

Bears, bears, bears everywheres

Instead of the public good, following their research, and internal discussions of their moral obligation, Exxon and fossil fuels spent enormous money funding a campaign of denial and outright lies to deceive the public. They are slowly dismantling public health laws and environmental protections for the majority of citizens of this nation. ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Continuing to feel the heat

Exxon Mobil conducted their own research affirming all of this prior to 1982. There are documents online from their own records. If they knew this, so did our national leadership; most especially the military industrial complex, fossil fuels, and their purchased administrations at the Federal level. In some states, legislators remain"forbidden" to use the words "climate change". Forget the term "climate denial". That is a lie: this is climate opportunism, where hate speech is being used to divide us, while hoarders syphon off the wealth and assets of this nation to insure their own survival, while destroying the rest of humanity's ability to live. We have known about solar, geothermal and other means of generating power and electricity since the time of the lightbulb . . . and could have deployed this to our advantage, but greed insists that we remain dependent on fossil fuel heroin. Our current DPU, FERC, and the greedy folks who will profit from destroying our state are NOT denying climate change: they are scrambling to line their own pockets while denying life to future generations. This means genocide on a widespread scale. At this point, there is NO excuse or moral reasoning that justifies what is being done on only the thinnest and most cynical pretext of "public good". ...(full comment)

Gran/My Turn: Continuing to feel the heat

it's about time they got him good going task force! Another 1 bites the DuSt ...(full comment)

Turners Falls man connected with June shooting arraigned on drug, firearm charges

it's about time they got him!!! good job task force ...(full comment)

Turners Falls man connected with June shooting arraigned on drug, firearm charges

Leverett, recognized that it needed to take the initiative and build and own its own network and could not wait for "pie in the sky by and by" promises of "Wired West". Shutesbury officials on the other hand drank the Wired West Kool-aid and are therefore Shutesbury is still without high speed internet and likely will stay that way for some time. ...(full comment)

Leverett lights up townwide broadband

Solyndra is one of many in the waste of taxpayer money. How about the battery storage system that failed, the electric car, the money that went to many other failed companies. If the company or idea had potential private equity companies would invest (think shark tank). The taxpayer is on the hook for so many things. Most government workers or teachers retirement is invested in the stock market and it is based on return of investment that has been underwater for the last 7 years. Who makes up the loss and shortfall? YOU the taxpayer! So what services are you willing to give up so that they will get their money. There will be more cities and counties filing for bankruptcy as taxpayers voice the displeasure. ...(full comment)

Letter: Behind these ‘taxpayers’

Thank you Robert and Shyone for taking the time to comment. The column took me three weeks to write, so it's nice to hear it was appreciated. You may find interesting a paragraph I had to cut due to length. It appeared as the second-to-last paragraph. "For Ratzinger the doctrine of Original Sin helps illuminate the nature of the feminine, and here too the idea of woman as the 'other' is subtly present. According to this doctrine, all newborns bear an inherited guilt dating from the Creation as emblem of humanity's sinfulness and need for redemption. One might think such an onerous burden would have arisen from mankind's first murder, the killing of Abel by Cain. But no; it arose from Eve's partaking of the forbidden fruit of knowledge. In Catholic theological scales, female disobedience outweighs male homicide in its cosmic significance." ...(full comment)

Reid/My Turn: The Church’s paternalism toward women