Not exactly an abominable snowfall, but a tasty visual treat nonetheless! ...(full comment)

Winter storm Juno: A Robot’s Tale

Waste of town monies that could be much better utilized. Why in the world would the town demoloish an existing downtown location behind the town hall and throw money at leasing a space that has been determined uninhabitable due to structural breakdown. #Gimme-A-Break ...(full comment)

Greenfield considers small police substation

When is Kobe Steakhouse really going to open? The sign still says "coming soon" and it's almost February. ...(full comment)

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse to open on Mohawk Trail

I am part of the group which is hoping to see established by the town a ban on plastic bags which are non-bio-degradable. What occurred over the petition is unfortunate. We hope to have a petition approved so that a ban on plastic bags will be enforced in a timely fashion. ...(full comment)

Plastic ban proposal causes tension between petitioners, Greenfield officials

I thought Park Villa and Redbrook were "owned" by the Montague Housing Authority---and managed by Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Were Martin and Pyers in the Affordable Housing industry as well as regional development? If someone wanted to review the funding for those two housing developments, i.e., public records...where might they be, with the Department of Housing and Community Development now? Or was Federal funding involved (HUD)? ...(full comment)

Economic development director on paid administrative leave

This letter from Berkshire Gas doesn't seem credible. And in the Boston Globe this morning, there is further substantiation of the leak issue: ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas: Necessary information

Berkshire Gas is well aware of the substantial harm to conservation and private land, and the toll this will take on small towns, and private homeowners in Massachusetts. They are making huge case based on thin evidence, never mind forcing hundreds of citizens in Massachusetts to live in 1000 ft. blast zones, with chemicals leaking into water and soil, and billions of feet of volatile unconventional gas under high pressure in the least safe pipeline flowing adjacent to, or under live, high voltage electricity cables- all day, every day. The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline is 84% over even the questionably high capacity of the state's study. That gas is for export: none of it will benefit this region, but may line the pockets of Berkshire gas. Berkshire gas clearly cares more about being part of the feeding frenzy for export dolllars than the community and state it purports to serve. Ms. Eisemen is a scholarly and articulate woman who is advocating for a just and humane concern. ...(full comment)

Berkshire Gas: Necessary information

We've already experienced the kind of legal shenanigans Kinder Morgan and their assigns are going to engage in. A recent letter from Mass Audubon, describes towns and municipalities receiving requests, with deadlines, that ask town officials and employees to violate laws around disclosure of private, and national security information, to provide information to a private corporation. The possibility of entrapment and compromised information is manifold, and frankly, disgusting. At the moment, it sure doesn't feel like there is any real "equal protection under the law". ...(full comment)

Kulik: AG Healey should represent Mass. with FERC

An executive involved in regional power planning said that "low prices would send the wrong message about the need for a pipeline". Our state is being massively manipulated by the gas industry in the name of a highly profitable, overbuilt export pipeline (s). We all subsidize this industry through disproportionally high taxes, and their greed and avarice are out of control. A lot of gas investments difficulties are in junk bonds, overwhelming debt (even with huge subsidies we all pay) and CEOs with bloated salaries, even as they cut jobs for average folks. There is also considerably less recoverable unconventional gas than investor hype would have us believe, and wells experience a sharp decline in production quite quickly. They have to drill new ones at the rate of thousands just to stay even. Right now, they have overproduced, and are pressuring Congress to allow exports: more and more and more. None of these exports will benefit the U.S.: they will only enrich the .01% and cause devastating economic problems for U.S. businesses. ...(full comment)

Billing error shocks Greenfield residents

Co location means an additional easement of over 100 ft., blasting in many cases near private wells a reservoirs, and positioning the cheapest possible pipeline with the flimsiest possible construction in the electro magnetic fields near DIRECT, LIVE CURRENT, HIGH VOLTAGE electricity cables. This is insanity, especially since proximity to electricity is well known to corrode pipelines, and these pipelines are known to be less stable. All this so Kinder Morgan can fill their tankers from Nova Scotia LNG ports on our dime. This will NEVER result in lower energy prices but it will a. successfully over ride environmental law in a state's constitution b. set a precident for exporting U.S. resources and making us compete with world markets for resources we pay to subsidize. This is assinine. ...(full comment)

Anti-pipeline groups hit the Statehouse

manganese is an ionic, dissolved contaminant, not a solid, and thus cannot be removed via filtration. it may be removed by ion exchange across an anionic resin bed, or precipitated out with hydroxide and ferric chloride; the latter method being more for wastewater treatment. i would be curious to hear if the town plans to install a high gpd ion exchange system, and whether they will be tempted outsource it... ...(full comment)

Whately proposes filtration to handle manganese in drinking water

Thank you for your coverage of this important event. Something not covered in your article is that the issue is not limited to the NED pipeline project. Another more pressing concern is that Kinder Morgan's "CT Expansion" (so named because it is intended to deliver gas to Connecticut) is slated to plow through Spectacle Pond Farm. These PERMANENTLY CONSERVED lands located in Sandisfield, MA contain many rare species including one of the few remaining stands of old growth eastern hemlock. According to KM, Article 97 land transfer will be sought this session for the project with the hope of beginning work by fall of this year. Urge your legislators to vote NO on Article 97 land transfers for the purposes of pipeline construction! ...(full comment)

Anti-pipeline groups hit the Statehouse

We have known for decades that developing renewable energy and deploying it is a way off of the gerbil wheel, and would enhance economic prosperity for more people. But oil and gas have grossly enriched people who want to keep us dependent on destructive fuel, even if results in war, genocide and destruction of habitat. Greed is a cancer, and we are beginning to see it play out in Massachusetts with the proposed export pipeline, and what will be the loss of biological integrity for a significant portion of the state. ...(full comment)

Blagg: Cheap gas has hefty price