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Letter: Ainsworth’s biased view

I am writing to express my extreme frustrations regarding the articles written over the years by Chip Ainsworth about coach Perry Messer and the Pioneer basketball program. It seems to me that Mr. Ainsworth has something personal against Perry and how he coached and taught his athletes. The most recent article in print The Recorder on Nov. 9 brings Perry into the public eye yet again with a negative tone. What is irritating to me is that Mr. Ainsworth seeks out sources and quotes that put Perry’s coaching style into question and attack his leadership and guidance. Case in point, Pioneer’s principal Mr. Bill Wehrli was quoted saying that “back in the day athletes were accorded special status. Now we want our athletes to be good citizens, to step in when somebody’s mean in the hallway and say ‘we don’t do that here.’” As a “back in the day athlete,” I find this statement to be completely false and inappropriate. To insinuate that athletes that played for Perry were accorded special status and were not good citizens is such an untruth and angers me and the majority of athletes that played for Perry.

I would love to see an article written by Mr. Ainsworth about how Perry taught life lessons to his athletes, or an article about how Perry taught the value of hard work to his athletes, or an article about how Perry taught his athletes to handle the constant berating from opposing fans.

Never have I seen a quote in any of Mr. Ainsworth’s articles about how much of a role model Perry was, and still is, for his athletes. With that said, I invite Mr. Ainsworth to contact me any day of the week and twice on Sundays to shed a positive light on coach Perry Messer.



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