Letter: Through liberal glasses

According to Tim Blagg, all the Obamacare snafus (resulting from forcing millions of taxpayers to sign up or be penalized, who actually think the Affordable Care Act is both affordable and caring) are merely derivatives of big government doing what it does best, It is the “screaming Republicans” that are causing all the fuss. President Obama himself said these same Republicans were “holding our country hostage” because they asked for a one-year delay. Well, aren’t we glad that didn’t happen!

If the AFA was named Romneycare, Tim Blagg and his ilk would be calling for Romney’s head on a platter and those screaming Republicans apprehended — which Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton should have been — and would have been if her name was Laura Bush.

Tim Blagg, like his liberal Recorder buddies, pass the sins of their favorite villains onto real Americans that desire a continual land of the free and a small and affordable government.



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