Letter: Our beacon dims

Up until about 5 years ago, there was a beacon of light shining from the United States of America giving hope to thousands of people around the world. Many came to enjoy the openness that our nation afforded to them. From the first settlers up to about 5 years ago, people from all over this globe came to enjoy the freedoms that your nation had to offer.

Since this present administration came to power, many of our freedoms expressed in our Constitution, that has been in effect for nearly 240 years, have been eroded. The main infraction is the intrusion of our privacy by monitoring all of our conversations, claiming that it is needed for homeland security. This is the president’s way of evading what the Constitution guarantees us.

The unlawful snooping on our people and those nation’s leaders has dimmed the beacon of hope that shone so brightly around the world.

Some people came to flee from tyrants, while some came to better themselves. My great-grandfather, Bernard Cowan, paid for a bond to come from Scotland. Not only did he pay the bond off, he bought a 100-acre farm in Ashfield. He was very active in the politics of Ashfield.

Write to those people who are supposed to represent you in Congress asking the present administration to cease and desist from snooping into our private affairs.



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