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Letter: Budget suggestions

I am not familiar with this AP writer Christopher S. Rugaber, who included the Q&A section about the debt ceiling in this morning’s Recorder, but he must be the same type who is advising our president and congress on how to solve the crisis. Apparently, idiocy is now the mode of business for lot of them. The government can’t figure out how to trim the budget? Well I have a few ideas for them.

Holding or not paying Social Security checks on Nov. 1 is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Hold back aid payments to Egypt and Pakistan, and we’ll have enough to pay our elders who pay the taxes that are funding the idiocy in these countries.

Next, not paying death benefits to military families is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Get our men and women OUT OF THESE HELLHOLES and put them on duty patrolling our borders. This will keep the terrorists and illegals out, thus eliminating a few other expensive headaches.

Closing our National Parks and monuments is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Hold back the “nation building” funds for Yemen and all the other idiocracies around the world that we pay to NOT attack us.

FIRE the entire White House staff. Let Michelle and the girls do their own cooking, cleaning, dog walking and laundry, like the rest of us working mothers have to do. Only have the staff available for state dinners for national interest — no more Hollywood stars and musicians to entertain the select group of Obama friends.

Taking out a loan to make payments on another loan is not a way to run a home, let alone a government. We need to send ALL our ideas to our clueless congressmen/women, since they appear to be unable to come up with anything intelligent or sensible on their own.


Turners Falls

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