Letter: Where is the outrage?

Reports out of Nairobi indicate that the bodies of non-Muslim men were found, castrated and with their eyes gouged out and hung on hooks, and the bodies of non-Muslim children were found thrown into a restaurant cooler with knives still stuck in their little bodies.

The Vatican estimates that 100,000 Christians were murdered for their faith in 2012. Eighty-plus were killed in a church bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan on the weekend of the 22nd of September this year alone.

I wonder what sort of ‘peaceful organization’ would want to kill so many Christians? Could it be ... B’nai Brith? ... NASA? ... Buddhist Monks? Or perhaps it was Tea Party Extremists?

Unless the “Muslim community” starts to react in real outrage to these atrocities perpetrated in their name, I’ll have to assume that everything is OK with them as long as it’s being done to those who have NOT come into “Islam,” or SUBMITTED.

The Coptic Christians in Egypt and the Sudan have repeatedly appealed to the United States for help, as they are being murdered routinely; however, the “little man” in Washington is too busy choking the economic life out of our country to be bothered with anything like such a righteous cause.

To quote the ‘tragically hip’ crowd: “Where’s the outrage!”

There is none, because there simply is none.



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