Letter: Change in Erving

So yet another change has come to Erving Fire Department.

Was this change for the benefit of the town or the people who were elected to run the town? That question remains unanswered.

Selectmen dropped the ball on this whole mess.

Most of news and updates on the issue of the fire chief were found out by the firefighters through a social network and not directly from selectmen. That is not a good way to deal with town employees.

The way this all went down was BAD town politics. I believe it could have been handled in a much better fashion.

When a department has problems, it is up to any boss in a business to bring those workers together and work out the differences, so that the department can run smooth and the issues can be addressed and resolved. Most of what went on in this department was back-door accusations ... it was shameful.

The job of fire chief requires a lot of different skills; not only do you have to know how to handle the chaos on scene, but you need to have the respect of your subordinates and be able to run two fire houses, be on call 24/7, especially at the most inopportune times, and do the paperwork that is required.

When a person decides to become a firefighter, most choose it to help out their community and the people around them, and to do the job — not for prestige or position within the force, but for the fulfillment you get from knowing you have helped people in a bad situation.

I understand the stress this situation has caused everyone on the department. To those that feel the need to leave this department because of this situation, remember you live in this town. When you abandon the department, you’re leaving yourself without a full department should you need them in a fire.

I hope our town does not suffer because of this change.

The new chief will have some VERY big shoes to fill, and respect to gain. I wish him luck.

I thank Bud Meattey for his years of service and dedication to this town, you have served us well and I wish you nothing but good things moving forward.



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