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Letter: Fixing what ails us

A prescription for what ails the country:

First, the problems — lack of living wage jobs, huge disparity in wealth. The top 5 percent have 60 percent of the nation’s wealth, the bottom 50 percent have 3 percent; corrupt politicians are bought by corporations, who take the money people pay for goods and services and use it to bribe politicians, with a Congress and Supreme Court complicit in this corruption.

The solution — A Newer Deal. A fair living minimum wage, no income tax for any individual making under $50,000 per year or couple under $100,000. Medicare for everyone. A 5 percent yearly wealth tax on any total individual net worth over $250,000. A pollution tax on all emissions into the atmosphere — especially on carbon dioxide that will raise fossil fuel cost above the nonpolluting methods of solar, wind, sustainable fuels/biomass and nuclear, and make fossil fuels pay their real cost to people’s health and for its destruction of the planet.

That ought to do it, bring things back into balance in five or 10 years.



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