Main St. ATM: Automated Tiff Machine

Lawyer wants Florence Bank machine reviewed

Recorder/File Photo
Florence Savings Bank ATM at Main Street and Bank Row.

Recorder/File Photo Florence Savings Bank ATM at Main Street and Bank Row.

GREENFIELD — The Florence Savings Bank automatic teller machine on the corner of Bank Row and Main Street that has a local lawyer saying he believes it does not meet town regulations and is a “crass” addition to the corner of a busy intersection will be reviewed by two town boards tonight.

The town’s Planning Board, along with Greenfield Redevelopment Authority, will conduct an administrative site plan review of the ATM, which is located outside of Greenfield Coffee.

The review will not include a public hearing. The meeting was called so that the two boards can discuss the matter and decide together what, if anything, needs to be done. The Planning Board is involved because of the site plan review and the GRA is involved because the ATM is located in the town’s Urban Renewal District.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 in the meeting room at 114 Main St.

John Stobierski of Greenfield’s Stobierski and Stobierski, who has practiced law statewide for more than two decades, said an ATM of that size with a large awning does not belong in that location, and he’s hoping the town will do something about it.

The ATM is located across the street from Greenfield Savings Bank’s main branch. Stobierski’s wife, Pamela Stobierski, is on GSB’s board of directors.

Stobierski said the reason he objects to the ATM is not because it is a Florence Savings Bank ATM, but because it’s wrong and it never went through any type of town permitting process.

“The ATM was just plunked down on the sidewalk and that was that — it hangs over into a public way,” he said.

Stobierski said he doesn’t believe it is in accordance with Greenfield zoning ordinances or building codes.

Planning Board Chairwoman Roxann Wedegartner said her board did a site plan review and believed it was OK to place the ATM there.

Stobierski said he is concerned that other building owners will place similar items along Main Street if the “large, distracting machine” is allowed to stay, especially with the awning.

Tonight’s meeting will be open to the public.

It looks fine......its not in the way........This guy just likes to hear himself talk. Bad rep= desperate ways to get your name out there....... This was a stupid way. #getalife

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