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Letter: Hearing his message

Like most homeowners in Greenfield, my husband and I are proud of our home and try to keep it and our yard attractive. As residents of Greenfield, we feel similarly about our town’s front yard, the Town Common.

As such, I guess it was not surprising that the mayor’s office received complaints about Doug Wight’s demonstration on the Town Common, which, by means, made the common look a bit less than well-manicured to visitors and residents alike.

I do hope that there were at least as many calls to the mayor’s office praising Doug’s dedication to the planet and our environment.

Through his heroic 30-plus-day fast, Wight was hoping to call our attention to climate change. His question to all of us was: “What can each of us do to stop (or, at least, slow) global warming?” It is a reasonable question since over 95 percent of climate scientists agree that most of our weather and climate changes have their root in human behavior and are already having a terrible impact on weather, the oceans, farming communities, water supplies, air quality and almost everything else we need for survival.

Hopefully, on Aug. 25, Doug will be allowed to hold the event that will culminate and celebrate the many contacts he made during his month on the common. I am looking forward to learning what new ways folks have come up with us to be able to make our children’s and grandchildren’s world a little safer for longer.

This is the year during which Greenfield is working on its plan for sustainability for the next 10 years. Doug Wight’s fast, an endeavor few of us would dream of undertaking, should have us all thinking about how climate change and our use of the planet’s resources really do matter. And, while Doug could be encouraged to more closely follow the limitations imposed by the town’s permitting rules in future, his feat and his dedication should not go unheralded.



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