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Letter: Missing the big picture

The Evil Republicans are trying to starve kids! Now, the Evil Republicans are taking heat for pulling the “SNAP” (Food Stamp) program from the USDA Farm Bill. They want to starve wimmin and children! That has been the tone of an editorial, political cartoons and letters in this publication.

Every Saturday and Sunday, I try to watch Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC, but rarely get past 5-10 minutes. She spins issues so hard I’m surprised she’s not dizzy. Anyway, when the Republicans were filibustering to get the SNAP program removed from the Farm Bill, she had her roundtable of Yes People, and they had a person who was there representing the farmers. He was an officer in a Black Farmers organization, a local legislator and a spokeman for the farmers’ organization.

So, she started leading him with loaded questions in an effort to get him to say the Republicans were nasty, nasty people for removing Food Stamps from the Farm Bill, and he started replying that the Farm Bill, every year, is held up in Congress because of the bickering over the Food Stamp program. So, she tries to lead him to where she wants him and again he replies that FARMERS rely on the Farm Bill, and every year the payments, especially the payments to small minority farmers are held up because the Food Stamp rider slows the process down.

Harris-Perry then turns to her panel and gets them to agree with her idealism, and then turns back to the farmer. AGAIN he says that the Food Stamp rider is delaying the payment small farmers need to run their businesses, and that the Food Stamp program should NOT be part of the Farm Bill because it causes a deadlock in Congress ...

Of course, she either totally missed or totally IGNORED the point that the farmer was trying to make — that the FARM BILL should be the FARM BILL and that Food Stamps SHOULD be removed to aid struggling farmers! I really wish there were an actual news source, SOMEWHERE, that reported the whole story without slanting it one way or another just to give “them” a black eye.


Turners Falls

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