Letter: TV ads make me ill

Most of you have viewed the television pitch for prescription drugs. AndroGel, Chantix Toviaz, Xarelto ... along with an overabundance of other “life changing,” would-be remedies.

Next time one of these ads annoyingly appears on your screen, pay attention to the time it takes to present the beneficial aspects of the drug versus the potential corollary affect these concoctions may have on your well being ... or not-so-well being.

Typically, a 60-second ad — in the initial 15 or 20 seconds —will concisely inform you of the benefits you may reap from using any given product. Consequently, the remaining 45 to 40 seconds will inform you of the risk ... or latent ill-effects the product may present.

Now, if your fortunate ... or unfortunate enough to be prescribed any of these products, or a combinations thereof, it may behoove you to read and thoroughly understand the fine print on the multi-folded, 6-by-7-inch prospectus that’s inserted in the products’ container.

I realize that these informational slips are for the edification of the user, or would-be user. However, with all those mentioned budding side-effects ... thank you for enlightening us ... I’ll take two aspirinand see ya in the mornin’.



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