Letter: Explaining my vote

I’m a progressive Democrat and always have been. And I’ve been closely following our special Massachusetts Senate race to hear both candidates. I realize that an uncommitted voter might infer that my vote for Ed Markey would be virtually a foregone conclusion. But I should be able to explain my vote to anyone, and explain why my vote is not merely a knee-jerk party line reflex.

Though there are many issues of importance, as a woman, I’m particularly concerned about congressional decisions that would affect the status and well-being of all women. I marched for the Equal Rights Amendment and our right to choose back in the 1970s. And I want the daughters and granddaughters of my generation to not be cheated out of the advances that my peers fought so long to achieve. On this, Mr. Markey’s positions are clear and steadfast: he has long been a proponent of women’s reproductive freedoms, and equal treatment in both pay and health care delivery. He has the support of NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and every group which advocates for women.

On the other hand, Mr. Gomez has tried to come down on EVERY side of the issue of women’s choice. Given that he is a Republican, it’s not surprising that he’s “personally pro-life,” that he would have “no litmus test” for the next nominee for SCOTUS, and that a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for the termination of a pregnancy is not unreasonable. However, his other statements, both contrary and disturbing, call his beliefs and integrity into question. When he says that he would not “change any laws” and that Roe v. Wade is “settled law,” he’s speaking “electionese.” That is, Mr. Gomez is attempting to soften the hard edges of the right-wing’s agenda to an ideological blur.

I know that we can count on Ed Markey as our next senator to not only champion the choices and health care of women, but also to work in concert with Senator Elizabeth Warren, and to be a voice for the hard-working families of Massachusetts. I’m proud to give him my vote.



So then your liberal democrat vote IS a foregone conclusion.

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