Letter: Selectmen’s letter

Referring to a letter “Our Findings” in The Recorder on April 16, by Hawley Selectmen Phillip Keenan and John Sears, I and I’m guessing the rest of the taxpayers of Hawley were amazed by the citation accorded to administrative assistant Ms. Virginia Gabert by the Board of Selectmen .

As a result of a hearing conducted in executive session by Keenan (who himself was implicated with Ms. Gabert for conduct not appropriate to the best interests of the town) and Sears, Ms. Gabert was not only cleared of any wrongdoing, but additionally was cited by the two for “extraordinary” performance in a severe financial liability to the town.

Sears and Keenan praised Ms. Gabert for saving the town from financial disaster in the course of difficult negotiations with the D.E.P., ET&L Corporation and the selectmen.

As the citizens of Hawley were not allowed the opportunity to consent or object to this settlement in the context of an open meeting as prescribed by law and as this settlement soars in the vicinity of $200,000 debt to the town, I am curious as to what, within the purview of her authority, was done by Ms. Gabert that “was extraordinary and saved the town from financial disaster” as alleged by Sears and Keenan.

Surely, the selectmen will have no objection to being a little more transparent and providing the supporting who, what, when, where and how evidence that is so pathetically absent from this letter.

The taxpayers of Hawley deserve better than the black hole of vagueness and ambiguities thus far provided. If the selectmen are unable to provide the details, it would perhaps have been better if they had not subjected Ms. Gabert to the inherent humiliation of their errant and unethical “our findings” stratagem in the first place.



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