Letter: Keep your dog safe

It’s that time of year again when the daytime temp is what we consider cool BUT inside your car is a different story. At 72 degrees outside in the sun a car can heat up to 116 degrees in about 20 minutes. Leaving the windows cracked makes little or no difference. It’s still hot in your oven when your crack the door. Leaving water in the car does not alter the inside temperature.

Please DO NOT leave your dog in your car for any reason. Better yet, do your dog a favor, and leave him/her at home. They’ll thank you when you get home. A dog’s normal body temp is around 101. That can escalate in a matter of minutes to 106 or above in a hot car. That can cause, brain damage, heart problems and DEATH.

What you might intend as “just running into the store for a minute” can change quickly. You run into someone and chat, the cash register is not working, you get the idea. If you see a dog (or any animal) in a car, take down the plate number, the make and model, where it is parked and CALL 911. Immediately! You just might be saving an animal’s life.

Please leave your dog at home. Thank you. Woof! (dog thank you)



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