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Letter: Culleny all wrong

I have never met Jim Culleny but I am sure he is a heck of a nice guy with a pretty wife, 21∕2 great kids and a super dog, beyond that he write like the average liberal. Three hundred words isn’t enough to show everything that is wrong with his column of April 9. Let’s focus on capitalism. Every time a politician passes another do-nothing piece of “feel good” legislation, the cost of (whatever) goes up, quality goes down, industry gets the blame and the working class pays the bill. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone that it was our capitalist economy that allowed us to fight a war on two fronts while supplying much of what the allies needed to with that war. It has also made us the world’s janitor, when ever someone at the U.N. learns of a disaster, the bulk of the bill goes to the U.S. while the more “modern” countries complain that the U.S. isn’t doing enough. Next time disaster strikes, send the tab to one of those successful socialist countries like Russia, China, Greece or Cambodia. Capitalism and motivation made America strong, we could use more of both.



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