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Letter: Presidential disgrace

“Obama himself flew to Connecticut for a new gun-control speech, and he was bringing relatives of Newtown shooting victims back to Washington on Air Force One to lobby members of Congress,” quoted from The Recorder April 9/Obama’s agenda on line this week — Julie Pace AP.

Keep in mind this president has repeatedly told the American people: “this is not about politics.” What a lie!

Obama’s gun-control antics have nothing to do with public safety or “the right thing to do.”Gun control is an old political football that appears upon the horizon every time there’s a Democrat in the White House. None of Obama’s new gun laws would have prevented the shooting at Sandy Hook. What a waste of effort!

Obama has converted national grief into national anger against those pesky Americans he believes “cling to their guns and religion.” Taking parents and relatives of the dead and making political hay of them: offering a presidential junket to Washington if they “get on board.” What a disgrace!



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