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Shelburne planners seek longer wind moratorium

Hopes to develop  better bylaw

SHELBURNE — Instead of seeking a zoning bylaw for small-scale wind turbines at the May 7 annual town meeting, the Planning Board will ask for a one-year extension of the town’s wind turbine moratorium to give the Wind Advisory Committee more time to develop a better bylaw.

At a public hearing attended by only three residents, Planning Board members explained that the advisory committee could use more time to come up with a bylaw with clearly defined parameters for “small scale” and “on-premises” windmills.

Last year’s annual town meeting voters backed an outright ban on commercial-scale windmills and wind farms, such as the eight-turbine farm that had been proposed for Mount Massaemet in Shelburne Center. But they also placed a year-long moratorium on small-scale projects.

If approved, an extended moratorium will be in place until the 2014 annual town meeting.

The Wind Advisory Committee was to disband after this year’s annual town meeting, but the Planning Board has authorized that committee to continue until the end of July.

Medical marijuana

The board also considered asking residents to approve a one-year moratorium on siting a medical marijuana treatment center within town but decided not to submit the article for the annual town meeting warrant.

Members agreed that how such a medical treatment center would operate falls more under the authority of the Board of Health.

Planning Board Clerk Elizabeth Kidder said that the state has come out with a 45-page draft regulation, establishing guidelines for medical marijuana treatment centers and is still reviewing it, and accepting public comment.

The board agreed it might be best to see the final state regulations before the town considers any kind of siting regulations.

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Here is the reality behind "green" wind turbines. Wind energy is a business with a product to sell, turbines. In order to sell this product it has to be promoted. In doing so it has relied upon a very deceptive game plan. Here is a look at some of these tactics: (1)The industry is saturated with 30 years of rigged studies, (2) Wind energy is supported by agency collusion, (3) Wind energy has created a world wide genocide to bats and birds but this has been kept hidden by rigging studies and avoiding others, (4) Wind turbines will cause the extinction of rare species but this fact has never been revealed to the public, (5 ) wind energy destroys property values from industrial squalor but the industry hides this fact with rigged appraisals, (6) Wind creates the permanent destruction of habitat, and ecosystems, (9) Turbines cause personal agony for close inhabitants but this again is hidden with rigged studies, (10) wind is robbing taxpayers, creating huge debt, and driving up energy costs, (11) has a mortality footprint of thousands of miles for all migrating bird and bat species but the public had to hear this from people like me instead of from the agencies entrusted to protect these species, (12) wind energy is clearly supported by media manipulation, and (13) wind is being sold to Americans by our trusted leaders and conservation groups which are nothing more than industry mouthpieces. It is long overdue for some accountability.

For those that believe in wind energy and the proliferation of industrial wind turbines, I always hear the same arguments used to rally the ignorant. "Wind is the future", "it is green", "we will be fixing climate change", "we are backed with peer reviewed studies", "it is a citizens duty to address this noble cause", "wind creates badly needed jobs", "it will get us off our dependence on Middle Eastern oil", and when addressing the terrible impacts from these projects.......... we represent the "greater good". All of the people that make these claims might as well say that wind energy will cure warts, because it is all lies anyway. Wind energy actually solves none of the problems it is supposed to address. It does create some jobs but there would be far more jobs if society would concentrate on real solutions. Another point to never forget is that the titans of industry behind wind energy are lifetimes away from being altruistic. One of their commandments is to create as few jobs as possible so they can keep more for themselves. Automation, killing employee benefits, and outsourcing are perfect examples of this behavior.

Get your moratorium and then get to work on your state's renewable energy mandates. The renewable mandates are the wind industry's trump card and every state should dump these mandates. They guarantee that there will be a demand for these useless behemoths and that the taxpayers will pay through the nose. In return the folks behind these turbines not only get to sell them to your communities but they will also get a cut from the energy produced (Production tax credits). Any reasonable person should be able to see the stupidity behind this crooked arrangement.

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