Letter: Visions for Greenfield

Greening Greenfield is hosting our second annual public Forum “Creating Greenfield’s Future: Visions for 2050” on April 6 at GCC’s main campus dining commons from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Why 2050? That is the year designated by international agreement and signed by two mayors of the city of Greenfield to be the year by when the planet needs to reduce its energy use by 80 percent to avoid irreversible climate change.

Our work as an organization has been to further this goal. At this forum, we plan to join into a dialogue to discuss your and others’ ideas for our future. We welcome all. We need your voice and your commitment to helping make Greenfield a happy, sustainable place to live … a place that future generations will be proud to call home.

As a member of Greening Greenfield, I am often surprised to learn that some people assume that events like this are just an opportunity to just say “No” to change or new ideas. It is just the opposite. We hope to promote informed public dialogue with all voices represented. Our mission has always been to raise new possibilities for a sustainable future and bring them to reality.

The members of Greening Greenfield are a diverse group who hold differing views. The discussion of these differences can bring about new ideas and solutions to problems that we face as a community.

Through “Creating Greenfield’s Future: Visions for 2050,” we seek to examine our community and region’s sustainability over time. To find the best answers to the questions before us, we hope to draw upon YOUR input, ideas and vision.

So please plan to attend our Forum on April 6. Register today at www.greeninggreenfield.org. For more information, you can call 773-0228.



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