Letter: Reasons for hope

Why I believe there is hope in America — three reasons are:

First, Americans are fiercely patriotic to certain ideals — liberty, justice and opportunity for all. We tend to be extremely diverse, perhaps too much so, how we apply the concepts of liberty as individuals and to citizens as is the essential role of government. Is “freedom” freedom from responsibility — no! Is freedom, lack of concern for well-being of our neighbor? No, in fact, we are steadily learning how well dependent we are on others in a global world.

Second, I am hopeful because the growing global economy is a direct result of nations adapting U.S. civil liberties and economic policies around the globe. Freedom from government tyranny and freedom to develop socially and economically viable relationships with others, creates whole communities of social and economic well-being. That community feeling seems fleeting in America these days. Giant government bureaucracy and high taxation always dull people’s spirits. Economic decline seems inevitable under such fiscally irresponsible policies. However, it pleases me to see how well developing countries are making progress in the cause of liberty and freedom.

Third, that said, recovering from the economic crisis is in one way dependent on the U.S. relationship with the Chinese.

My reason for hope is that two great nations may create a win/win economic relationship with neither monopolizing power. A relationship which benefits both parties. But, in order to do so, every diligence must be made to secure our existing institutions — our laws, our constitution, our national heritage — and continue to uphold them around the globe. The future of our economy and the well-being of nations rests on our ability to make right the financial calamity America released around the globe with its irresponsible fiscal policies. For the sake of liberty and freedom around the globe, let’s do it!




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