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Letter: Mileage tax

It seems that our Massachusetts representative, Denise Andrews, has cosponsored a Bill H3142 that will set up an EMERGENCY pilot program to assess a mileage tax on us lowly taxpayers. I ,for one, am very upset that they would attempt to raise taxes at all given the economic climate. This tax is insidious as they know that they would never get away with raising the gasoline tax, so they will slip this in the back door. Please call Ms. Andrews at 617-722-2460 or email her at Denise.Andrews@mahouse.gov. If the tax is 2 percent and you drive 15,000 miles a year ... it will cost you an extra $300 a year. Can we all afford this on top of soaring gas prices? Shame on us if we allow it ... please contact her ASAP.

This would fund the transportation pet projects of something called “Agenda 21” in our state. This part of “Sustainable Development” will change our lives forever, by forcing us to use our vehicles less. The progressive end game is to do away with personal property rights and cars altogether, and force us into public transportation. We must take a stand and educate ourselves.



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