Letter: Today’s bullying

In response to a letter written by Mr. Brad Brigham of Colrain (March 20):

Dear Mr. Brigham, while I agree with some of your views on bullying being a part of growing up in society that a young man or woman might not be able to avoid outside of a schoolyard confrontation: I do take serious issue with bullying when it drives a young person to isolation, emotional damage or to even more tragic result — suicide.

Today’s bullying consists not merely of locker-room taunts and school-corridor high jinks; but of grotesque entries on the Internet that amount to cruel invasions of a young person’s privacy.

Adolescence can be a miserable time for a child who is making the abrupt transitions into adulthood. Social acceptance by friends is critically important to any youth who doesn’t fit the molds created in our “tribe” to signify success, coolness, physical strength or ravishing beauty. I have both bullied others and have been bullied as a young person. Somehow a parent, brother, or clergyman conveyed the message to me when “Enough was Enough!”

Be an example to children, above all.



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